The Netflix Series That Was Also Scary for Adult James

  • Published on Dec 14, 2019
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  • Summer Geisel
    Summer Geisel 23 seconds ago

    The odd ones out or James There is copper so in the next couple videos I think you should chill with the bad words

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    StealthGull0 _ Minute ago

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    6r3660ry Minute ago

    I watched the series and I was waiting for this video

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    Who else think theodd1sout needs more subscribe


  • Ish lance
    Ish lance 2 minutes ago

    *aRe YoU sUrE aBoUt ThAt*

  • AngryGhostDolphin
    AngryGhostDolphin 3 minutes ago +1

    I loved every second of this show, even the fillers, because of how amazing it looks

  • Cyka Blyatman
    Cyka Blyatman 3 minutes ago

    Why does that timeline board look like charlie day's office job meltdown?

  • Hannah Le
    Hannah Le 3 minutes ago

    Really it's on Nexfilx already 😑

  • Juju Beanz
    Juju Beanz 3 minutes ago

    Dude I saw the first season and I was like they put this on Netflix kids. Not because of the head queen being sliced up like a load of bread and the Princess lighting her mother on fire so she couldn’t go to the source of creation. It was more of the comprehension of the events them selves. Also Jeffery Epstein didn’t kill himself just saying

  • KayK
    KayK 3 minutes ago

    Dude I was so scared when Netflix released Coraline.

  • André / Pyroghoul
    André / Pyroghoul 4 minutes ago

    Watch this video disappear because the NDA was still in effect

  • Smol Fluf
    Smol Fluf 4 minutes ago

    I like how most of the fanart at the end is of his fursona-

  • nicolas kahler
    nicolas kahler 4 minutes ago

    #1 on trending james!!

  • UltraAlolanGamer
    UltraAlolanGamer 5 minutes ago


  • Mark Lasecki
    Mark Lasecki 5 minutes ago

    Hey Mark Lasecki

  • Mr. Znakez
    Mr. Znakez 6 minutes ago

    Oh yeeee

  • Mr Duck
    Mr Duck 6 minutes ago

    I didn’t get the notification till now #youtubesbroken

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    KittyCatK 8 minutes ago

    Yay May 27th is my birthday!

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    - Mint Playz ッ - 8 minutes ago

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  • Longshot 169
    Longshot 169 8 minutes ago

    Did u know they actually made a remake of the dark crystal on Netflix

  • Raven A
    Raven A 8 minutes ago

    I love the dark Crystal. The first time I watched it I was 6. I watched a lot of things that others found scary and never was bothered by them. Also I didn't even know until now (I'm now 14) that the dark Crystal was supposed to be scary.

  • Brandi Tristan
    Brandi Tristan 8 minutes ago

    What can I say about her
    I hate her

  • Gacha Spirit
    Gacha Spirit 9 minutes ago

    I meant 8:00 Hit OR miSS

  • alpha wolf 7220
    alpha wolf 7220 9 minutes ago

    this is off topic but I was in target and I just heard James' voice :D. I turned around and there was this huge screen of him talking about his book and I immediately thought: I NEED THIS BOOK XD

  • Bilbo Faggins
    Bilbo Faggins 9 minutes ago

    There is lore in star trek as well

  • Gacha Spirit
    Gacha Spirit 9 minutes ago

    00:8 HiT or MIsS

  • Lippies
    Lippies 9 minutes ago


    Your welcome! :)

  • HouseMDaddict
    HouseMDaddict 10 minutes ago

    It seems like people are just fans of dark crystal to be known as fans of dark crystal.

  • Dalebraxtoni
    Dalebraxtoni 10 minutes ago

    You sound like you were a real poof as a kid

  • Cheeky Shenanigans
    Cheeky Shenanigans 10 minutes ago a dark christmas

  • Doggie Planet
    Doggie Planet 11 minutes ago

    Me:(looks at the ending)UHm did I miss something why is there so many furry drawings?????

  • Rocio Millan-Becerra
    Rocio Millan-Becerra 11 minutes ago

    Nice for First on trending

  • Kate Dana
    Kate Dana 11 minutes ago

    thanks team

  • Bekah Hernandez
    Bekah Hernandez 11 minutes ago

    Aiden Hernandez had spooked by it

  • Light
    Light 11 minutes ago

    #1 on Trending, good job!

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    someone dumbYT 12 minutes ago

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  • jose orozco
    jose orozco 12 minutes ago +1

    Title says May 27 2019

    Really the release date of the video
    May 5th 2019
    Hmmmmmmmmmm ok James!

  • Ty Pryor
    Ty Pryor 13 minutes ago

    I love barnaby.

  • melody sants
    melody sants 13 minutes ago

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    GAMOR DOOD 14 minutes ago

    5:22 who laughed?

  • EC _9700
    EC _9700 15 minutes ago

    4:39 i see you sneaking in that Bakugo post-it 👀👀👀👀👀

  • Lippies
    Lippies 15 minutes ago


  • Jesse11spykid
    Jesse11spykid 16 minutes ago

    Jokes on you I watched this video at 2x speed

  • Minseo Roh
    Minseo Roh 16 minutes ago

    Love this video but honestly still want James to make an hour long video going over the entire series

  • dakotaPLAYS!61
    dakotaPLAYS!61 16 minutes ago

    why havent he been posting vids i a super long time

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  • david chavez
    david chavez 17 minutes ago +1

    4:34 actually the original movie begin explaning all that ._. Sorry james :v

  • kiwaii avacado
    kiwaii avacado 19 minutes ago

    James:I will never see the dark crystal again
    Netflix: are you sure about that?

  • Leila Sksk
    Leila Sksk 19 minutes ago

    If you don’t like this comment your gay (sry I didn’t make the rules) 😁🥰

    MOON SHATER 20 minutes ago

    So much furry fanart y

  • not nicholas cage
    not nicholas cage 20 minutes ago

    Anybody know the Labrinth?

  • Freshest Walmart
    Freshest Walmart 20 minutes ago

    What was up with those furry fan arts in the begining lol

  • Mary Corbin
    Mary Corbin 20 minutes ago

    I watched this movie as a kid, it wasn't scary to me, but Charlie and the chocolate factory was.