iOS 12 Beta 4! 55 New Features/Changes

  • Published on Jul 18, 2018
  • iOS 12 Beta 4 Released With Many Interesting Changes! 55 NEW Features & Changes! Lots To Love In This One! Full Breakdown.
    Last, iOS 12 Beta 3:
    Should You Update?
    Top 12 iOS 12 Features:
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  • Pete Liu
    Pete Liu Month ago

    New version don’t have dark mode?

  • The Restoration of Dr Who

    I got this on my iPad and it fucked it up..... constantly freezes and is unusable. Cannot use my iPad anymore, it’s fucked.

  • Dee Mundy
    Dee Mundy Month ago

    Great video! Do you have a link for the Orange wallpaper? Thanks in advance

  • LUSFNA48
    LUSFNA48 2 months ago

    Where do you get these wallpapers with the big iOS numbers on them?

  • Bruno Santos
    Bruno Santos 3 months ago

    the sound at the keyboardremoved louder try to see. thanks

  • Keegan Mackway-Jones
    Keegan Mackway-Jones 4 months ago

    Hey how do I report a glitch in this update?

  • Jayvee Ambre
    Jayvee Ambre 4 months ago

    Great video! Next time try iphone 6 features !

  • Kimberly Wojciechowski
    Kimberly Wojciechowski 5 months ago

    When are they released the beta 3/4

  • h4x0rl33tee
    h4x0rl33tee 5 months ago

    No ground breaking changes

  • Nick
    Nick 5 months ago

    Has anyone else have issues with AirPods not showing battery when opening the case??

  • Vernon Nyaywa
    Vernon Nyaywa 8 months ago


  • Tina Panten
    Tina Panten 8 months ago

    Is it worth installing it the new update beta

  • Marie Wallace
    Marie Wallace 8 months ago

    How do you find such lil detail such as in Apple music, the lines are a lil higher. I dont think i would of even noticed that. You have a good eye

  • Rui Lopes
    Rui Lopes 8 months ago

    I recently got iphone 5s and i hope it stills gets updates because this is one of the best iphones made in my opinion im in love with this phone i want future updates on this one

  • Samuel Kurucz
    Samuel Kurucz 9 months ago

    every time. the newer beta is on different size, wtf

  • Zeeshan Qayum
    Zeeshan Qayum 9 months ago

    can you please share link for "developers Beta" profile,some how it got removed from my phone and not getting developers beta from any where

  • Speedy Airsoft
    Speedy Airsoft 9 months ago

    Is it worth getting?

  • Jessica Anderson
    Jessica Anderson 10 months ago


  • Aron 26
    Aron 26 10 months ago


  • underscoretb
    underscoretb 10 months ago

    2:23 I have an iPhone 5S running iOS 11.1.2, and when I turn off the Airplane Mode, i have the same animation when searching for signal. Why? Because that's not a new feature.

  • dazio vancush
    dazio vancush 10 months ago

    ios 12 beta jailbreak please!

  • aditya elangovan
    aditya elangovan 10 months ago

    I have an iphone 6s and both fortnite and pubg is not working on my device..i have an ios 12 beta 4..can anyone help me out

  • Apex is better than Fortnite

    Link to ios 12.6 beta please

  • Chill Music NEW
    Chill Music NEW 10 months ago

    3:36 wallpaper pliz link

  • Hendrik van Renesse
    Hendrik van Renesse 10 months ago

    09:07 you can see apple CarPlay, can u use an actual iPhone to use apple CarPlay on your phones screen?

  • Plotagon 2000
    Plotagon 2000 10 months ago

    My iPad is still on iOS 11 beta 4

  • Koen Johnson
    Koen Johnson 10 months ago

    I want to know if there is new ringtones

  • void
    void 10 months ago

    Is the iPhone X giveaway still active bro?

  • Tobi Lienerth
    Tobi Lienerth 10 months ago

    Mann, ios 12 beta 6 is come!
    Where are you!?

  • PlayGamez Forever
    PlayGamez Forever 10 months ago

    iOS 12 beta 6 is out

  • bluffgubben
    bluffgubben 10 months ago

    Dear god, give us a fade in for the alarm that the sound starts low and increase instead of full volume like now zzz

  • Harrison Gray
    Harrison Gray 10 months ago

    No video for beta 5 😿 beta 6 is here now ..

  • max kelting
    max kelting 10 months ago

    Ha that’s so funny Samsung copying apple on there emoji’s that apple is copying Samsung on there me emojis

  • Lauren
    Lauren 10 months ago

    I am on beta 2 and I surprisingly have not updated to beta 4

  • Euros Smith
    Euros Smith 10 months ago

    I updated to beta 4 and my mobile data stopped working. It shows that I have data but it won’t load anything.

  • Jay75Euro
    Jay75Euro 10 months ago +1

    You either on vacation or taking a break off updates! It’s been 2weeks since your last video, what’s going on ❓❓❓

  • Shahriar Mahmud
    Shahriar Mahmud 10 months ago

    Hi there
    I brought a iphone 6plus from a person and after resting it gone to activation locked.
    And now that person went abroad and its impossible for me to contact with him,
    What should i do now?
    please help me

  • Tmccreight25Gaming
    Tmccreight25Gaming 10 months ago

    Man I’d love an Apple Watch but their so damn expensive... better start saving!

  • Kittric Johnson
    Kittric Johnson 10 months ago

    Where is that wallpaper from?

  • irvandy
    irvandy 10 months ago

    Does anyone have Caps Lock problems on this beta?

  • 塞尔吉奥
    塞尔吉奥 10 months ago

    D: when is it being released

  • Karen
    Karen 10 months ago

    Woah cool 😎

  • Dat Geoja Ship Sailing
    Dat Geoja Ship Sailing 10 months ago

    just give some of your computers and iPhones to the poor

  • rijuhdas1
    rijuhdas1 10 months ago

    My iPhone X swipe up bar is not disappear while watching RU-clip. Anybody facing the same issue.

  • khaled gambo
    khaled gambo 10 months ago

    I love iphone but i have an old one so can u send me iphonex for free ????? Plzzzz and i will do anything for u 🤔

  • Yoofi Fynn
    Yoofi Fynn 10 months ago

    Hello Mr Filip,
    I love your channel so much bcos it gives a lot of info about apple and its products. I've been an android user for a very long time and I'll like to switch to an apple device, specifically, an iPhone x. The only problem I have is where to get the money to buy one. I hope u could send me one since i see that u have so many on your channel. This appeal may seem weird but its so expensive to get one in Ghana..... Please help me by sending me one.
    Thanks a lot if I could get this

  • clancy
    clancy 10 months ago


  • Lexx 205
    Lexx 205 10 months ago

    nothing redesigned. we’ve been looking at the same thing for 8years now

  • loriobrero
    loriobrero 10 months ago

    why is my hud dark brown , & keyboard suggestions are black??

  • Stop Stalking
    Stop Stalking 10 months ago

    I wish he would go over 8 plus iPhones

  • Avijeet Ghosh
    Avijeet Ghosh 10 months ago

    Wallpaper please

  • Erased Blank.
    Erased Blank. 10 months ago

    I got beta 5 tho today.

  • Alex
    Alex 10 months ago

    This new update don’t let me update my apps

    AYUB MANSURI 10 months ago

    You sell you i phone x

  • drifty Boiii_458
    drifty Boiii_458 10 months ago

    How do I get iOS 12 developer version bate 5

  • Alvaro F
    Alvaro F 10 months ago

    I want that wallpaper how can i download it?

  • -
    - 10 months ago +1

    Thank you r/iosbeta

  • -
    - 10 months ago +2

    Fine, but can I flip faster on Tinder?

  • 김진형
    김진형 10 months ago

    also we can see lyrics in music app without apple music.

  • Ninio Glm
    Ninio Glm 10 months ago

    Where do you find these wallpapers

  • Ninio Glm
    Ninio Glm 10 months ago

    Where do you find these wallpapers

  • DefterSun
    DefterSun 10 months ago

    Lol im still at ios 10

  • Lenni Engel
    Lenni Engel 10 months ago

    Cook researcher bear trade shoulder credit consensus youth oil

  • Da Moley
    Da Moley 10 months ago

    Hunny I love this. Yaaas

  • Jack Demetriou
    Jack Demetriou 10 months ago

    When are you posting about iOS public beta 4/developer beta 5?

  • Carlo Sy
    Carlo Sy 10 months ago

    If Apple will sell a human poop, this guy would still definitely buy it. #iSheep

  • Waris Hocane
    Waris Hocane 10 months ago

    iOS 12 beta 5 review?? It's out

  • Beast Boy
    Beast Boy 10 months ago

    I love how you use TØP in your video

  • John O'Connell
    John O'Connell 10 months ago

    Thanks so much!

  • Monster Girl Sg
    Monster Girl Sg 10 months ago

    Beta 5 already

  • Person on YouTube
    Person on YouTube 10 months ago

    Where does he get these sick wallpapers?

  • Joshuasz
    Joshuasz 10 months ago

    When's GM coming out?

  • Georgie Is Great
    Georgie Is Great 10 months ago

    Fortnite milking

  • Mahad Haroon
    Mahad Haroon 10 months ago

    What's new in beta 5 please upload your feature video

  • Mahad Haroon
    Mahad Haroon 10 months ago

    Come on IOS 12 Beta 5 has already released

  • Tomasz Szachon
    Tomasz Szachon 10 months ago

    Where’s iOS 12 beta 5 update video.... ?

    THEINFAMOUS1011 10 months ago

    So if you got an iPhone 6+ it’s basically nothing different

  • Laksh Academy
    Laksh Academy 10 months ago

    i am a iphone 6 user pls an you give me one of your iphone x

  • Laksh Academy
    Laksh Academy 10 months ago

    new ios 12 developer beta 5 released

  • YONKO Kaido
    YONKO Kaido 10 months ago

    Should i do backup before installing?

  • Prasad Vp
    Prasad Vp 10 months ago

    iPhone 11.4 crashed while I was using apple map

  • Eman Rocks
    Eman Rocks 10 months ago

    Just updated to beta 5 iOS 12 and It got rid of all of my contacts!!! Very frustrating

  • ASM -
    ASM - 10 months ago

    4 ads in a 10 min video?! Typical everythingapplepro...

  • Ruby Salazar's World
    Ruby Salazar's World 10 months ago

    Should I get beta I’m kinda scared 😱

  • Eric Jay
    Eric Jay 10 months ago

    This is my go to when a new beta comes out and I want to see what’s different

  • El_waldo_ Mero
    El_waldo_ Mero 10 months ago

    If apple changes a small tiny more of brightness it's a major upgrade lol..

  • pineconesaga
    pineconesaga 10 months ago

    +EverythingApplePro in the Weather app it now says more detail for the day like "Unhealthy Air Quality for Sensitive Groups"

  • santiago suarez
    santiago suarez 10 months ago

    Hey! When will you update the beta 5 review? :’v

  • Ethan Cherry
    Ethan Cherry 10 months ago

    Most definitely would suggest to add more copper accents to tie the kitchen to the rest of the house. Maybe a space gray dining table to match the kitchen appliances. 🤗🤗🤗

  • John Rosa
    John Rosa 10 months ago

    When are you doing the beta 5 video ?

  • Paul Young
    Paul Young 10 months ago

    How buggy is this update, I have really noticed anything yet..?

  • Dom Strange
    Dom Strange 10 months ago

    Another new change, home button does not have a full vibration when nothing is in the app switcher, before updating, there was full vibration, but they have lowered it

  • MahNames Mystic
    MahNames Mystic 10 months ago

    Where review for beta 5? It’s out yesterday.

  • megapet777
    megapet777 10 months ago

    Still can't update iphones with mobile data. Like what the fuck apple :D

  • Lana Summer
    Lana Summer 10 months ago

    Waiting for it

  • Sebastian W
    Sebastian W 10 months ago

    Where is new video with Beta5? :)

  • Ashley Adame
    Ashley Adame 10 months ago

    At least give the iPhones that don’t have SIM cards away for the people in use please

  • Ashley Adame
    Ashley Adame 10 months ago

    Giveaway please 😭.

  • JAK 86
    JAK 86 10 months ago

    Would love to have them implement a face scan feature for Memojis so you can get one that actually looks like you.

  • Ben Peters
    Ben Peters 10 months ago +1

    Apple PLEASE fix the big where losing reception in the train and your on an album page it glitches back to top screen and its so FUCKING ANNOYING because I live in NYC and ride the train every day. This is the only thing i fucking ask for, its been around since IOS 11 first dropped, and I almost switched to spotify cuz of it, oh and also integrate shazam, and ADD A FUCKING BACK BUTTON on the now playing tab because you have a forward and pause button but no backwards? Damn son