Drawing 24 Hours Straight using only ABC! - Alphabet art challenge

  • Published on Jun 23, 2019
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  • ZHC
    ZHC  29 days ago +3461

    Subscribe and I might take you shopping for anything you want
    love you guys! Recently we raised so much money for charities and the homeless! You guys are amazing and thanks for the support!

    Congrats on first comment: Turkey :D

    • jacob morris
      jacob morris Day ago

      Bro that picture is epic and i didnt sub for Turkey to stop getting punched he talks to you like your below him we must prove him wrong with our fists

    • Marie Sacchitello
      Marie Sacchitello 4 days ago

      500th reply!

    • Ariagna Ruisanchez
      Ariagna Ruisanchez 5 days ago

      :) you should keep up the great work

    • Lord Zeno
      Lord Zeno 12 days ago

      Sir please

    • Gavin Hutton
      Gavin Hutton 23 days ago

      I have no subs can you sub

  • Galexsy _Alien
    Galexsy _Alien 44 minutes ago

    ''o o o o o o o o O-my goodnes''

  • Tortas Del Rancho


  • Night Arrow
    Night Arrow Hour ago

    Wut that is Crazy!!!!! THE POWER OF LETTERS!!!
    *takes a giant A and throws it at my sister(so satisfying)*

  • Ornel Mero
    Ornel Mero 2 hours ago

    You are cool bro!Just keep going like this!

  • Angelica Poh
    Angelica Poh 4 hours ago

    Word world upgraded

  • Richie T
    Richie T 5 hours ago

    Looks like Pathfinder made out of alphabets👍🏽

  • shinn animacje
    shinn animacje 6 hours ago +1

    ZHC: can i draw in my note book?
    Teacher: no you can only write
    ZHC: makes this drawing
    Teacher: wait thats illegal

  • Ice
    Ice 7 hours ago

    Why don’t u try making a piece of art with only numbers

  • Ghost
    Ghost 9 hours ago +1

    alright *marshmello* were gonna play a little game...

    *s t a r t d a n c i n g*

  • Jazinda NPS
    Jazinda NPS 9 hours ago

    i cant even draw for 1 hour straight

  • 2BSHRM3D 2018
    2BSHRM3D 2018 11 hours ago

    Ayyyy! Stop puncking this cute lil thing (I'm sorry I somehow forgot his name) coz I already subscribed and I STOL mah whole family's gadgets just to subscribe..........Now I'm in a big trouble.....Zach I love your videos soooo much I love your drawings too I wish I could be like you.

  • OriGamez
    OriGamez 13 hours ago

    Fork it over, b**ch
    i thought you would do some children's drawing with letters.
    i honestly love it

  • Baldi- Gamer
    Baldi- Gamer 14 hours ago

    Would you please show all the letters instead of four letters in the comments?

  • My catfans rock 18
    My catfans rock 18 16 hours ago

    Wow he took 33,000 L ‘s

  • daniel allard
    daniel allard 18 hours ago +1

    I just drew in 200 h's for the background
    Me- Those are just I's.

  • 레일린Ray
    레일린Ray 19 hours ago

    Every like/dislike and subscribe to this channel is how much turkey gets punched also how much the rating is

  • Kevin Everard
    Kevin Everard 21 hour ago


  • Maths Master
    Maths Master 23 hours ago

    3:11 is he marshmello or Mickey Mouse?

  • Logan Lynn
    Logan Lynn Day ago

    C for muceal

  • Zaiya Boucher
    Zaiya Boucher Day ago +2

    His name should be Alphatron

  • Arian Jabarkhyl
    Arian Jabarkhyl Day ago


  • Arian Jabarkhyl
    Arian Jabarkhyl Day ago

    Can you give me 1000

  • PhantomEclipse 01
    PhantomEclipse 01 Day ago +3

    Next vid- drawing while sleeping for 24 hours straight

  • eversmile9
    eversmile9 Day ago


  • sarah mum
    sarah mum Day ago

    maybe shapes next?

  • jacob morris
    jacob morris Day ago

    Thats is really sick

  • It’sApplePuffs
    It’sApplePuffs Day ago +2

    *uses “O” and “l”s to make stick person*

  • Add Text here
    Add Text here Day ago

    Do it with numbers

  • Rachel Marie Causer

    im waching this at 12:57
    help me

  • Hayd En
    Hayd En Day ago +2

    Turky:* minding his buisness *
    ZHC:”how long can a toddler survive in a freezer?”

  • Dude
    Dude Day ago +2

    Who thought that marshmello was Michelle

  • Mirabelle Smith
    Mirabelle Smith Day ago

    Wtf turkey

  • Snickers
    Snickers Day ago +1

    Watching your videos makes me want to make art right away

  • Soccer Forever
    Soccer Forever Day ago +1

    Now at least we know that we can make masterpieces only using letters

  • Ninja is the best on fortnite —

    3:24 what’s the name of the song

  • Ninja is the best on fortnite —

    Anyone knows what is the name of the song in minute

  • Harold Taduran
    Harold Taduran 2 days ago

    Are you Philippine?

  • Harold Taduran
    Harold Taduran 2 days ago

    Are you Philippine?

  • Artist Rachy
    Artist Rachy 2 days ago

    best way to learn the alphabet lol

    EXOTIC MANIAC 2 days ago


  • kanyapat supharoekrat

    Can you another one like this but using only numbers

  • Memeso
    Memeso 2 days ago +1

    I’m drunk

  • sny guerrero
    sny guerrero 2 days ago

    Read more

  • Gamer Dude
    Gamer Dude 2 days ago

    Wwe undertaker theme

  • Elliott Russ
    Elliott Russ 2 days ago

    can you send some links to your art suppliess?

  • Wabbii
    Wabbii 2 days ago

    Can you send me $500 cash app

  • XxX-NotIbi-XxX
    XxX-NotIbi-XxX 2 days ago


  • Makiah Granadino
    Makiah Granadino 2 days ago +2

    Zhc saying his hair looks like grass has the same energy as mark calling nctzen grass

  • Milan Joshi
    Milan Joshi 2 days ago +1

    this is how many times turkey has been abused

  • Vito Lippolis
    Vito Lippolis 2 days ago

    you should sell turkey plushies

  • Idk Anymore
    Idk Anymore 2 days ago


  • Bảo Nguyễn
    Bảo Nguyễn 3 days ago

    Like OMG🤩🤩🤩 Fascinating

  • TheScienceFlipper 289

    Do with only punctuation -/:;()£&”.,?!’[]{}#%^*+=_\|~€$¥•.,?!’

  • YT Ghost
    YT Ghost 3 days ago

    Numbers only challenge!!!!!

    ITZ_ATEEB GAMING 3 days ago +2

    Zack try to shower more since ur hair type is grass it needs a lot of water or else ur going to have no hair

  • Bijal Parmar
    Bijal Parmar 3 days ago

    1:34 if you go on caption he says big drugs

  • Evans Terrill
    Evans Terrill 3 days ago

    Next do the same thing but using only numbers!

  • Anthony Clermont
    Anthony Clermont 3 days ago +1

    One like = one more dollar for turkey

  • Austin.__. 210
    Austin.__. 210 3 days ago

    Where are my fellow insomniacs at

  • Cute Unicorns
    Cute Unicorns 3 days ago

    do you have coffee you can drink coffee to stay awake

  • Faith Sparks
    Faith Sparks 3 days ago

    wow noice

  • Martin Hansen
    Martin Hansen 3 days ago

    if you think that much of your health you could try not using that much red bull

  • Itzankita Playz
    Itzankita Playz 4 days ago +1

    4:59 I spited water everywhere cas of laughter

  • Oooof Offlineeex
    Oooof Offlineeex 4 days ago

    *A* lpha *B* et *C* hallenge

  • Who are you? and
    Who are you? and 4 days ago +1

    Turkey:You weak lol
    ZHC:I am gonna ruin this mans career…

  • Ian Landgraf
    Ian Landgraf 4 days ago

    I just say an ad....the perfect one.......an artist ad

  • Matti the Tuff
    Matti the Tuff 4 days ago

    He called a q a backwards p

  • Sarada Uchiha
    Sarada Uchiha 4 days ago

    Can you buy me copic markers

  • Jackson Williams
    Jackson Williams 4 days ago

    Awesome drawing big fan

  • Juice Lol
    Juice Lol 4 days ago +1

    I feel bad that he can’t sleep

  • Enolt
    Enolt 4 days ago

    you are wrong you forgot åäö

  • Blanca Pizana
    Blanca Pizana 4 days ago

    Marshmallow expose its self

  • Brooke Rohner
    Brooke Rohner 4 days ago

    He is the artist MrBeast

  • Re1d
    Re1d 4 days ago +1

    I'm an old subscriber but I never new you were this talented

  • Mr. pig
    Mr. pig 4 days ago

    Put the toy in my lawnmower in your hair

  • Nana Kim
    Nana Kim 4 days ago

    I wish I could draw like you 💗

  • Eyimofe Olagunju
    Eyimofe Olagunju 4 days ago

    counting the letters would have been tons of effort

  • Natalie Buenrostro
    Natalie Buenrostro 5 days ago

    Save terky

  • Rio K
    Rio K 5 days ago


  • Cruz Morden
    Cruz Morden 5 days ago


  • Cruz Morden
    Cruz Morden 5 days ago

    Don’t punch turkey

  • brøkêń_båñdîtø
    brøkêń_båñdîtø 5 days ago +5

    Is no one gonna talk about how *_amazing_* the drawing is?

    • Evans Terrill
      Evans Terrill 3 days ago +1

      I don't think we're saying it aloud but it's really cool

  • DriperYT
    DriperYT 5 days ago

    I would’ve drank that vinegar lol

  • Oliver Thomas
    Oliver Thomas 5 days ago

    I thought you might need to use a pencil too.

  • Mr NRV
    Mr NRV 5 days ago

    3:53 keep watching oh yeah so many L like turkey takes

  • Ashton Bui
    Ashton Bui 5 days ago +1

    He said he can only sign in letters. Everyone’s signature is literally in letters.

  • midnights hart 666
    midnights hart 666 5 days ago

    Wow dude I made me tried of u just stretching

  • Deaths gaming cousin 1324

    Can you teach me how to draw

  • 0512YAZ
    0512YAZ 5 days ago

    The cover page change

  • Fabio Van Der Elst
    Fabio Van Der Elst 5 days ago

    Can draw only letters

  • Ma Grannes
    Ma Grannes 6 days ago

    Holy sh** this is so god😮

  • AwesomeSeal
    AwesomeSeal 6 days ago

    Next challenge: sleeping for a week challenge

  • Jesus El Campeón
    Jesus El Campeón 6 days ago +1

    Imagine using the Chinese alphabet 😂

  • Daniela Hoyer
    Daniela Hoyer 6 days ago

    Are you ok zhc from 24 hour videos

  • Alex Cortez
    Alex Cortez 6 days ago



  • Blushing Fox
    Blushing Fox 6 days ago +14

    Can we get a round of applause for the editor, he had the patience to count all the letters he’d drawn and to speed up all the footage 👏🏻👏🏻

  • We love Cichlids
    We love Cichlids 6 days ago

    Are you bi

  • RxLogorX
    RxLogorX 6 days ago

    Just use l's

  • Jordanram@optonline.net Frenchfries

    What is a pirates favorite letter?

    *a letter from his family, he hadn’t seen them in years*

    • Jordanram@optonline.net Frenchfries
      Jordanram@optonline.net Frenchfries 3 days ago

      Evans Terrill it’s a joke uhh don’t know why that affect you. A joke is supposed to be funny and you just made it worse, I don’t mean to be rude but don’t you think that’s ruining the moment.

    • Evans Terrill
      Evans Terrill 3 days ago

      That's depressing dude.

    • Paul Gautier
      Paul Gautier 5 days ago