Magic Never Give Up, Shock Raptors In Game 1

  • Published on Apr 14, 2019
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    Kawhi Leonard did all he could to keep the heavily favored Raptors in front, but the Magic were like zombies that kept rising from the dead, led by DJ Augustin's clutch 3 game winning 3.
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Comments • 570

  • Absol Mono
    Absol Mono 27 days ago

    Who ever made this script needs a raise, i oddly love it.

  • DeAndre Page
    DeAndre Page 2 months ago

    Lakers need to trade Alex Caruso to the Orlando Magic for D.J. Augustin on December 15th. 😀😀😀
    Fits Kyrie Irving Score 1st-Mentality.

  • Johnny Boy
    Johnny Boy 3 months ago

    its Orlando Magic not Orlando Zombies

  • Antonio 2k97
    Antonio 2k97 3 months ago

    666k sub's damn

  • Sean N
    Sean N 4 months ago

    Who's watching this when RaptorsmWon

  • Andrew Bayan
    Andrew Bayan 4 months ago

    Try have fun trying for have fun wining then try have fun try try make umm win

  • sealand000
    sealand000 4 months ago

    If the Raptors keep playing like that, they won't get to the finals. Well, they didn't, and they did.

  • DeAndre Page
    DeAndre Page 5 months ago

    Guess Orlando Magic don't need SG/SF Terrance Ross. 😀😀😀
    He would look great at the OPPOSITE WING from SF Lebron James and a new Stretch-4.

  • Joshua Pope
    Joshua Pope 5 months ago

    this video was hard to watch, you all probably know why. never do this again.

  • Stephen Cheney
    Stephen Cheney 6 months ago

    @8:00 Thank you for saying "difference" and not "differential" with the clocks. I hate when Marv Albert does that, and now everyone copies it.

  • ricky100593
    ricky100593 6 months ago

    Why are you talking about zombies?

  • Troy Peace
    Troy Peace 6 months ago

    This cunt loves zombies ay?

  • hk47
    hk47 6 months ago

    Doesn't matter. Raptors in 5.

  • Tony Rame
    Tony Rame 6 months ago


  • chaunceypfk
    chaunceypfk 6 months ago

    it's VooCHeviCH, not Voocevich

    • chaunceypfk
      chaunceypfk 6 months ago

      @BBALLBREAKDOWN it's how it should be pronounced. Voo-che-veech

      BBALLBREAKDOWN  6 months ago

      Um, that’s not how anybody says it

  • Gary O
    Gary O 6 months ago

    I cringed every time he used zombie references.

  • pulse1001
    pulse1001 6 months ago

    Bruh, wtf kind of commentary was this bruh? Probably won't be wasting my views on anymore weird shit like this. I just wanted a BBall Breakdown. Minus the corny garbage. Did you lose a bet or something?

  • John Waller
    John Waller 6 months ago

    Definitely get Gasol's minutes shaved, wouldn't you say start Ibaka and alternate that position to keep either Ibaka or Siakam on the floor at all times? Favor Siakam for sure, though starting Ibaka in favor of Siakam is I think something that would work for them better.

  • Nate Tinner-Williams
    Nate Tinner-Williams 6 months ago

    Why did coach call Augustin a "decent" shooter? Homie shoots 47/42 on the season and 38 from 3 for his career.

  • Jason R
    Jason R 6 months ago

    As a raptors fan, I say this as a fan of sports. Respect your opponent, as we saw raptors didn’t take these guys entirely serious and the loss was the result

  • wildreams
    wildreams 6 months ago

    🔥Raptors in Playoff mode already!🔥

  • Nvme18
    Nvme18 6 months ago

    Waited all year for coach to cover my magic and he inexplicably overuses zombie references.

  • Harriet Lee
    Harriet Lee 6 months ago

    too many players stood at no man's land. Green specially !. They didn't know where to go. Don't they know how to defend? Magic was really good. Why does Nurse send JLin to ruin things for the Magic...?

  • Jay Walker
    Jay Walker 6 months ago

    Let's go magic

  • Matthew
    Matthew 6 months ago

    Give Gasol less minutes, Ibaka more.

  • KidJV
    KidJV 6 months ago

    looking forward to your breakdown of g2 gsw vs lac

  • MuchoMango
    MuchoMango 6 months ago

    Why so many zombie references

  • Doodle Galaxy
    Doodle Galaxy 6 months ago

    I like the overall breakdown but the zombie movie analogy is something like an old uncle joke lol \/

  • Kevin Bing
    Kevin Bing 6 months ago +1

    Trending for Canada 💪🏾💪🏾

  • Nick Shaw
    Nick Shaw 6 months ago

    coach nick sounding like colin cowherd lmao

  • Parker Churchill
    Parker Churchill 6 months ago

    Pay me half of what they’re paying Lowry and id be happy to have the same production

  • Cool Man
    Cool Man 6 months ago

    And this is why i stop watching basketball

  • Wooziee xxx
    Wooziee xxx 6 months ago

    LeBron and Lowry both score nothing this playoffs offfff

  • Justin
    Justin 6 months ago

    Orlando stole Michaels secret stuff

  • SHeLTer
    SHeLTer 6 months ago

    I feel like lowry shots better if he is guarded, man I wish he can pull up from 28 feet again

  • Jonathan Cortes
    Jonathan Cortes 6 months ago

    Coach nick making videos as if he didnt pick the Raptors to sweep the magic. #whenyouthinkyouknowbasketball

  • mike jones
    mike jones 6 months ago

    Fuck u bball breakdown

  • theinvisibleman
    theinvisibleman 6 months ago

    Please no more zombie talk

  • Marky Mark
    Marky Mark 6 months ago

    I really like Orlando Magic over the Toronto raptors!! They play unselfesh team ball, great defensive team..great coaching staff, good bench..length for days and their very confident and don't give up!!

  • SlothManJ
    SlothManJ 6 months ago

    Zombie references more painful than Lowry’s shooting.

  • Captain Magee
    Captain Magee 6 months ago +1

    I agree with some of the comments about the zombie thing being a little overplayed. I laughed at the initial analogy, but I don’t think it should’ve been the overarching reference of the video.

  • Midwest Mama90
    Midwest Mama90 6 months ago +1

    When you've been binge watching WALKING DEAD and now everyone knows it.

  • Mcdouble Fries
    Mcdouble Fries 6 months ago +1

    Raptors isnt a well coached team. Their positioning and floor spacing is terrible. They keep running the same play over and over. its always Kawhi ISO, Kawhi ISO then Gasol screen. its always the same thing over and over. If Siakam has the ball its the same thing, Siakam ISO as well. its all ISO, ISO, ISO. Magic always get what they wanted on offense, if they wanted to force a switch, they were able to do so to force a mismatch. Meanwhile if youve watched the game not just the first game of the playoffs but throughout the season this Raptors team cant force a switch or a mismatch. I dont remember the last time they took advantage of Augustin on offense. If this a competent coach, he wouldve been able to figure out how to get Augustin guarding Kawhi and Kawhi will post up on him. Ive watched Spurs games since i was a kid and watched Kawhi on the spurs since his rookie season. I loved it when theres a smaller guy on the floor and they are able to force that guy to guard kawhi and kawhi will iso and post him up for an easy buckets. This L is on the coach.

  • Tobi Kuye
    Tobi Kuye 6 months ago

    Why does his intro get me so hyped??

  • Emmanuel Ani
    Emmanuel Ani 6 months ago

    Technically, the magic would be the heroes, since the zombie hoard would be seen as unstoppable (much like the raptors)

  • peterjabattack1
    peterjabattack1 6 months ago

    this guy must have never watched any zombies movies before.....i think zombies win in just about every zombie that's ever been made.

  • MHN
    MHN 6 months ago

    Way too much iso plays. When the Raptors limit iso plays they are much harder to defend.

  • John Kois
    John Kois 6 months ago

    Raptors in 5

  • Wakemeup Now
    Wakemeup Now 6 months ago

    Just me or does all late seeds win or push the Raps to the limit lol

  • Drew Murphy
    Drew Murphy 6 months ago

    God I love basketball.

  • Brock Albert
    Brock Albert 6 months ago

    "Lived in a Cave" wouldn't even be a top 5 *Family* *Feud* answer for "Name Something Dinosaurs Did"

  • MG23
    MG23 6 months ago

    Playoff P aka The Brick Maker had a better plus minus than Kawhi

  • Kevin Wong
    Kevin Wong 6 months ago

    Waiting for Coach Nick to say "Winter is here".

  • J Bains
    J Bains 6 months ago +1

    DeRozan rubbing his hands like Birdman right now.

  • MadKazZzZzZ
    MadKazZzZzZ 6 months ago

    Bro. Just say the magic played killer defense and effort from the bench. They aren’t zombies they play basketball

  • c00lhand208
    c00lhand208 6 months ago

    Told you the Magic shouldn't be overlooked.

  • dominik matić
    dominik matić 6 months ago

    gasol choked give the ball to kawhi more

  • Delisia Store
    Delisia Store 6 months ago

    Raptors team have no heart and can't handle pressure
    And always fold and break

  • heisnotaxel
    heisnotaxel 6 months ago

    Glad that Kyle Kuzma doesn't want to join Magic since he would ruin Orlando with his selfish streaky game, now even his own Lakers' Magic has ditched him lol

  • AquaticAqufina
    AquaticAqufina 6 months ago

    7:23 was a travel