The Time Kyrie Irving TRASH TALKED Kobe Bryant And Got OWNED

  • Published on Jul 20, 2018
  • Kobe Bryant is one of the best basketball players ever, and probably the best 1 v 1 player other than Jordan, but this 20 year old trash talked Kobe and challenged him to a 1 v 1 and his name was Kyrie Irving.
    Kobe Bryant is one of the toughest competitors ever and has trash talked many players, but one 20 year old trash talked Kobe in his prime and this happened.
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    Kobe has never lost a 1 v 1 in his life according to him, but in the summer of 2012, fresh off averaging 28 points per game. Still, a 20 year old Kyrie went up to Kobe and challenged him. Y’all been smashing the like button and getting to 1000 likes so thank you and if we get to 1000 likes on this video, I’ll release a new video within the next two days!
    In the summer of 2012, Kyrie Irving had just come off of a rookie campaign, and had been the rookie of the year. An olympic Summer Camp was being held which brought some of the best basketball talent together. Kyrie felt like he was on top of the world and Kobe who was 34 might have seemed old, but had finished 4th in mvp voting the previous season. After a long practice in which Kyrie crossed over the entire team like he was playing 2K, Kyrie went up to Kobe and challenged him to play a 1 v 1 for $50,000 to a charity. Kobe at first was confused and completely wrote Kyrie off. He even said Kyrie’s dad would call Kyrie crazy for challenging Kobe to a 1 v 1. After all Kyrie was just 20, not even able to legally walk into the bar. He might have even thought the world was round. Kyrie persisted saying that 50 grand is nothing for a boss like Kobe. And then he said this. Wow Kyrie, wow. Kyrie told Kobe, a 9 time first team all defensive player, a 5 time champion, that he couldn’t guard him, that Kobe could not lock him up. A 20 year old just trash talked Kobe.
    Of course, Kobe trash talked back simply disregarding Kyrie. Kyrie made it clear that he wasn’t some high school kid and eventually Kobe agreed. Kobe did say this though. Kobe said that the Cavs talked themselves in 50, meaning Kobe would drop 50 on them. Kobe mentioned that if Kyrie was switched on to him in the game, they would have to call doubles. Kobe even told Kyrie that he would need a pick to get him off. And then he proceeded to say,
    Kyrie told Kobe, I ain’t Bow Wow referencing a guy Kobe had beat in 1 v 1, because Bow Wow was 5’ 7”. The stage was set.
    The 1 v 1 was set to be next summer after the NBA season, but that was too far away. Kobe had to show this young blood why you don’t come for the top like that. And so the first game between the Lakers and Cavs on December 11, 2012, Kobe would say that Kyrie was either confident or crazy for challenging him to a 1 v 1. Kyrie would put a little extra on that night scoring 28 points and 11 assists, but he never scored on Kobe. Kobe on the other hand, scored 42 points including multiple fadeaways over Kyrie. In fact, whenever Kyrie was switched on to him, Kobe always scored, as to show him that there’s no way you can stop me, even with the double teams coming. And then he did this. Kyrie had said over and over again that Kobe couldn’t guard him yet here this is, Kobe swatting that ball back to kingda ka. Kyrie went at Kobe, well at least he tried and he got owned. Kobe showed Kyrie that Kyrie was just not ready yet. Yes, Kobe at the age of 34 was able to lockdown Kyrie and of course we talking about Kobe, the alpha dog.
    This play was sort of like Allen Iverson taking on Michael Jordan, except that worked and this didn’t. The Lakers did end up losing the game during their horrible 2012 season with Dwight Howard, but Kobe proved a point. Unfortunately we never got that 1 v 1 because Kobe would rupture his achilles tendon and would never be the same player again. But just think about this, Kobe at the age of 34 was still capable of so much and Kyrie Irving was not the player he would become now. I wonder though, if you would take Kobe in his prime vs Kyrie now on a 1 v 1, who would win? I say Kobe but what do you think? Who would win? Is Kobe the best trash talker ever? Let me know in the comments down below.
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    MJ2KALLDAY  Year ago +497

    Who would win? Kobe or Kyrie?
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    JOHH FRANK Day ago +1

    KOBE BRYANT was training all his career to GUARD a player called ALLEN IVERSON in his PRIME; KYRIE IRVING is not on that same level of body strength QUICKNESS or EXPLOSION easy money for KOBE

    • Johnny Boii
      Johnny Boii Day ago

      Yeah easy money👌🏾 AI can break kryrie's ankle in his prime all day💪🏿

  • Heavyy Wurkk
    Heavyy Wurkk 2 days ago

    This Indian dude is a bandwagon

  • NickTheNintendoGamer


  • Josh permites
    Josh permites 4 days ago

    Dont mess with Kobe Bro!

  • John Smith
    John Smith 4 days ago

    I liked kyrie on cavs celtics and nets hate him

  • Hio Hop
    Hio Hop 4 days ago

    What y’all gotta understand is for a player like Kobe you’ll expect Kyrie to be humble but when You love someone you wanna see them do they best you wanna tell them deep down I love you so much I just wanna be recognized by you and deep down Kobe loved that shit cus it makes him feel awoke to be reenergized to compete with the future of the nba when he leaves . So it’s cool to say Kobe taught him or Kobe really showed him but deep down they embraced each other and if it wasn’t for Kyrie trash talk this show case wouldn’t even be here .

  • JD Williams
    JD Williams 5 days ago

    Yes !!

  • Canaan Tamaki
    Canaan Tamaki 5 days ago

    Lol stop hating on kyrie, at least he isn’t some rapist lol

  • CLAP_T8
    CLAP_T8 5 days ago +1

    kyrie would fucken break his ankles

  • jose aries Tan
    jose aries Tan 6 days ago

    Kyrie being like his boy Lebron thingkin he is the King and got owned!

  • mn_ megrael
    mn_ megrael 6 days ago

    Kyrie because he has improved so much

  • grean brant
    grean brant 7 days ago

    Kobe Bryant is one of the best basketball players ever, and probably the best 1 v 1 player other

  • MarkJoseph Maluenda
    MarkJoseph Maluenda 7 days ago


  • Tsandza Dlamini
    Tsandza Dlamini 8 days ago

    The world is round moron !!

  • Francois Suissae
    Francois Suissae 8 days ago

    kyRiE was JUSt a BOY than But the 15' - 16' seaSON irvINg that dropPED 40 along wITh LBJ in gm 5 NBA fiNAlS wpoULd havE beEN diFferENT but stIlL theSE yoUnG puNKs try 2 pRoOVe theMSElVeS agAINST the BesT! foOls

  • Glenex Lopez
    Glenex Lopez 8 days ago

    Hey this video you dont know what happen this, this is not full video watch

  • Dream The Rapper
    Dream The Rapper 8 days ago

    Kobe would easily Beat Kyrie My G he can lock Kyrie up and beat him easily Like Kyrie ain't as good as people really think he is

  • Dream The Rapper
    Dream The Rapper 8 days ago

    Does Kyrie still have better handles then Iverson I mean Kobe couldn't lock him up But he sure can lock up Kyrie

  • Olivia Salvador
    Olivia Salvador 9 days ago

    Kyrie would win and that’s a fact

  • Devran Donmez
    Devran Donmez 9 days ago

    Kobe wins everyday and twice on Sunday

  • Caleb McCormick
    Caleb McCormick 10 days ago +1

    Juries was 20 fuck face he didn’t know a lot of moves

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    razol olivarez 10 days ago


  • Ngakau Hunia
    Ngakau Hunia 12 days ago +1

    Kyrie will beat Kobe right now. But Kobe is the second best of all time. (1)mj. (2)Kobe (3)Kyrie

    • Jshon Smith
      Jshon Smith 7 days ago

      Did you just say Kyrie is the 3rd best of all time?😂😂

  • Corea Parks
    Corea Parks 12 days ago

    kyrie irving will win all day

  • Cj
    Cj 13 days ago +1

    He would never -_-

  • 劉先義
    劉先義 14 days ago

    Kobe OFC 21:2 i guess
    MJ VS Kobe?? 21:18 i guess
    Mj Vs Bron? ? 21:14 i guess

  • Pure15 YT
    Pure15 YT 15 days ago


  • phenomenalsuave
    phenomenalsuave 16 days ago

    After Kobe blocked Kyrie, in the same game Kyrie came down and nailed a 3 in Kobe's face. One block means nothing. Kobe can't guard Kyrie, nobody can. Obviously, Kyrie is too small to guard Kobe though

  • george williams
    george williams 16 days ago

    U funny for that thubnail lmao

  • prestozable
    prestozable 17 days ago

    Grew up a Suns fan so I grew up hating Kobe, Kyrie would not stand a chance in 1 v 1 against prime Kobe tho

  • The Unstoppable
    The Unstoppable 17 days ago

    if kyrie was at the time of today he would have done way better

  • Jenyvie Thompson
    Jenyvie Thompson 19 days ago

    Kobe lodi

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    ongba Ng 19 days ago

    who T-hell is Kyrie to compared with Kobe ? charmpions ring? move? shot ? Dunk ? Lol.... the only legendary that Kobe can not compared is my opinions...if who are knowing and watching basketball for more than 25yrs...

  • noizey_stickzz -_-
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    Kobe missed the most shots in the league buddy

  • Shine-Od Chinzorig
    Shine-Od Chinzorig 19 days ago

    for the people who say kobe or jordan is the best trash talker, i only got one thing to say : Gary Payton

  • Christopher The goat
    Christopher The goat 20 days ago

    Kobe obviously

  • LiL_Windex
    LiL_Windex 20 days ago +1

    Prime Kobe would’ve destroyed this mans career

  • Jean Pierre Desir
    Jean Pierre Desir 20 days ago +2

    Kyrie got Moved, But Kobe Got More Experience Than Him Man

  • Brittni Watkins
    Brittni Watkins 21 day ago

    I think Coby were when win

  • CAM
    CAM 21 day ago

    Kyrie was a bit cocky, but he had balls to challenge and trash talk Kobe in his face

  • kohlbethegod1 nelson
    kohlbethegod1 nelson 22 days ago

    Kobe isn't the best trash talker it's Reggie miller

  • giorgi abesadze
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  • Rufus Smith
    Rufus Smith 23 days ago

    Tha mamba

  • Eddie So Cool
    Eddie So Cool 23 days ago +1

    One of the best trash talkers but not the best

  • Anshan Hall
    Anshan Hall 23 days ago

    Kobe The Black Maba woud kill KI no disrespect lol

  • MrMysteryBox
    MrMysteryBox 23 days ago

    Lary bird is best trash talker

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    Human vs flat 🌎 er

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    Whoever is reading this, i hope you and your friends can simply throw up 50 racks for a game of 1v1 in the near future🙌🏼

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      king john3 3 days ago

      I'll beat you 1v1 in 2k goofy

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    the world is round

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    I would agree! Kobe smoothly told whoever you cant see me, and he gonna do whatever. Like how he did kyrie, Kobe did that his whole career! #Mambaout

  • Shahmir Ali
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    1000 likes!?! This dude got like 42K likes!!!

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    There will be only one A. I. No one else.

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    There Lotta old heads here

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    Miguel Bonsu 26 days ago

    Every mans know Larry bird is the best trash talker

  • Taylor Straede
    Taylor Straede 28 days ago

    Kobe all day

  • Jayden TTv
    Jayden TTv 28 days ago

    Who would win in a 1v1 Kobe in his prime or Kyrie now? You outta be fucked up to say Kyrie

  • Cutie PuppyPH
    Cutie PuppyPH 29 days ago +1

    Cmon my two fav players?? Trashtalking da fudge man🤷‍♂️

  • Joe D
    Joe D 29 days ago

    Kyrie cocky for nothing

  • Diwon Willis
    Diwon Willis 29 days ago

    The reason why I choose kyrie because he is the best player with his crosses to make room so he can shoot second he stairs at your eyes to show if you are scared or not Kobe he got brains but not enough for kyrie. Kyrie Irving know make you trip slip fall or confused you with his crosses so I rather go with Kyrie

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  • Mondo Nathal
    Mondo Nathal Month ago

    Kobe by far

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    Kobe is my favorite player ever

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  • Platinum Stargazer
    Platinum Stargazer Month ago +1

    I feel sorry for the Nets. They signed this locker-room Diva... and KD is out for at least one season. Boston, u did the right thing by getting rid of Kyrie. No disrespect to Kyrie though, his performance in the 2016 finals was lit

  • Harold Robinson
    Harold Robinson Month ago

    It's Kobe they always bring up the GOAT's two on one Jordan would spank them both🤣

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    gotcharlie4.0 Month ago

    Black Mamba

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    Kenji Burgi Month ago

    That’s why Kyrie thinks the world is round and believes the Illuminati is real. Cause he lost his mind when he even thought of challenging Kobe.

  • The Lockbomb Show
    The Lockbomb Show Month ago

    I like how people say if Jordan hadn't come along, Kobe would be the Jordan...then they proceed to leave Kobe off of top 10 lists all time greats. Argument makes no sense...Jordan is best player, Kobe was basically his spitting image in his prime...but Kobe isn't even top 5 in most people's list. People are dumb and forget too easy.

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    Right now Kyrie would clap Kobe but back then Kyrie would get slapped

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