Terminal Powerline Plugin/Theme

  • Published on Nov 2, 2015
  • In this video i go through how to get and install powerline for your terminal, tumx and vim. If you want an awesome looking terminal, check out this video
    In this tutorial i fallow this guide:
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  • Kovanovsky
    Kovanovsky Month ago

    Nice! Thank you!

  • Víctor Víctor Ramos Jiménez

    The easy way
    Install Powerline using this command;
    *$* sudo apt install powerline

    For per user configuration, edit your .bashrc with your text editor of choice.
    *$* gedit ~/.bashrc
    *$* nano ~/.bashrc

    And append this to the document;

    if [ -f `which powerline-daemon` ]; then
    powerline-daemon -q
    . /usr/share/powerline/bindings/bash/powerline.sh

    *edit the file with root permissions*

    For system configuration, edit /etc/bash.bashrc as root with your text editor of choice.
    sudo su followed by gedit or nano ~/bash.bashrc

    *$* sudo nano ~/.bashrc

    and append this to the document;

    if [ -f `which powerline-daemon` ]; then
    powerline-daemon -q
    . /usr/share/powerline/bindings/bash/powerline.sh

    Save, close and open again.

    from: askubuntu.com/questions/283908/how-can-i-install-and-use-powerline-plugin

  • Hamiche Lotfi
    Hamiche Lotfi 3 months ago

    work very well thanks for your video

  • AmxCsifier
    AmxCsifier 4 months ago +1

    Just install oh-my-zsh and then get the agnoster theme which has the power line then install firacode font for linux and you're all set

    • AmxCsifier
      AmxCsifier 3 months ago +1

      I noticed an issue with firacode font where the = sign is invisible, I switched to "Source Code Pro"

    • AmxCsifier
      AmxCsifier 3 months ago

      +Mallu K You are welcome, glad to share

    • Mallu K
      Mallu K 3 months ago +1

      thx dude.

  • josephknightcom
    josephknightcom 6 months ago +9

    When doing these, here's some tips:
    Uninstall what you're tutoring how to install.
    Auto-Hide that dock.
    Pump up the font size or reduce display rez.
    For the sake of all that is good in the world, increase opacity on that background.
    Thanks, good luck.

  • Jerry Grauert
    Jerry Grauert 9 months ago

    So this doesn't require Zsh?

    • Tim Gore
      Tim Gore 8 months ago

      It's called agnoster

    • Jerry Grauert
      Jerry Grauert 8 months ago

      Cool thanks. What's the theme name?

    • Tim Gore
      Tim Gore 8 months ago

      It's WAY easier to just install zsh and select the theme.

  • Chinmay Chhajed
    Chinmay Chhajed 10 months ago

    i use yakuake terminal and for vim it shows weird symbols instead of arrows, how do i fix it?

  • Chinmay Chhajed
    Chinmay Chhajed 10 months ago

    how to show arrows in terminal? following tutorial just puts rectangles

  • Antonio Everardo S. Cavalcante

    Muito agradecido por este vídeo tão elucidativo e simples! ... Direto ao ponto!

  • Mohamad Zaher Abd Ulmaula

    The tmux didn't read the configuration at first so I had to run this command to forced it to read the conf file
    tmux source-file ~/.tmux.conf

  • jajohns8
    jajohns8 Year ago

    Holy smokes setting up powerline has been tough. Thanks so much for your video. It helped me out tremendously in getting set up in MacOS and wsl ubuntu.

  • Fist Last
    Fist Last Year ago

    apt-get command not found on mac OS X

    • threalcain
      threalcain Year ago

      Twice In Toronto that's weird.

  • A Happy
    A Happy Year ago +7

    How do you get the arrow-like shape? I just get rectangles as the website shows

    • peng peng
      peng peng 4 months ago

      install the theme for your system

    • AmxCsifier
      AmxCsifier 4 months ago

      Install firacode font then configure your terminal to use it

  • Cosmic Taco Cat
    Cosmic Taco Cat Year ago +2

    In case anyone else ends up having the problem where commands return '”screen-256color”': unknown terminal type, you could try this...
    In .bashrc, try changing export TERM="screen-256color" to export TERM=xterm-256color.
    Notice the lack of quotation marks.

  • Chanwat Kiriyadee

    What is the terminal?

  • Artiom Lukianov
    Artiom Lukianov Year ago

    Now how to uninstall powerline and fonts. In Ubuntu 17.10 installation leads to strange behaviors in terminal. Thanks

  • FlowLike- Water
    FlowLike- Water Year ago

    Thx fam

  • poulticegeist
    poulticegeist Year ago

    thanks for the video. I'm having a bit of trouble on my ubuntu machine where adding "powerline-daemon" to my .bashrc yields this error message: "The program 'powerline-daemon' is currently not installed. You can install it by typing:
    sudo apt install powerline". the thing is, neither the video nor the tecmint article make any mention of installing this package and work just fine without it. Also, I get the following error every time I open vi with the vimrc I configured following the instructions on both the video and article:
    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File "", line 4, in
    File "/home/user/.local/lib/python3.5/site-packages/powerline/vim.py", line 15, in
    from powerline.bindings.vim import vim_get_func, vim_getvar, get_vim_encoding, python_to_vim
    File "/home/user/.local/lib/python3.5/site-packages/powerline/bindings/vim/__init__.py", line 44, in
    vim_encoding = get_vim_encoding()
    File "/home/user/.local/lib/python3.5/site-packages/powerline/bindings/vim/__init__.py", line 25, in get_vim_encoding
    return vim.options['encoding'].decode('ascii') or 'ascii'
    AttributeError: 'str' object has no attribute 'decode'
    An error occurred while importing powerline module.
    This could be caused by invalid sys.path setting,
    or by an incompatible Python version (powerline requires
    Python 2.6, 2.7 or 3.2 and later to work). Please consult
    the troubleshooting section in the documentation for
    possible solutions.
    Error detected while processing function provider#python3#Call:
    line 18:
    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File "", line 53, in
    File "", line 40, in powerline_troubleshoot
    File "/home/user/.local/lib/python3.5/site-packages/powerline/lint/__init__.py", line 12, in
    from powerline.segments.vim import vim_modes
    File "/home/user/.local/lib/python3.5/site-packages/powerline/segments/vim/__init__.py", line 16, in
    from powerline.bindings.vim import (vim_get_func, getbufvar, vim_getbufoption,
    File "/home/user/.local/lib/python3.5/site-packages/powerline/bindings/vim/__init__.py", line 44, in
    vim_encoding = get_vim_encoding()
    File "/home/user/.local/lib/python3.5/site-packages/powerline/bindings/vim/__init__.py", line 25, in get_vim_encoding
    return vim.options['encoding'].decode('ascii') or 'ascii'
    AttributeError: 'str' object has no attribute 'decode'
    Any help would be much appreciated.

  • Shalom Shwaitzer
    Shalom Shwaitzer Year ago

    What kind of terminal are you using?

  • Ben Whoriskey
    Ben Whoriskey Year ago

    Thanks a lot bud, this helped me out massively.

    DEDSEC Year ago

    why i dont have .tmux.conf file

    • DEDSEC
      DEDSEC Year ago

      thanks. i've already known how to make it work but thank you for answering

    • Keval Varia
      Keval Varia Year ago

      you have to create it yourself.
      Then copy the same two lines as he does. (make sure you use the "source"for powerline that is valid on your machine)

  • Choudhry Amjad
    Choudhry Amjad Year ago +1

    have you uploaded your vimrc anywhere?

  • Rian Asmara Putra
    Rian Asmara Putra 2 years ago

    Hi, I am having a problem, when I complete all the steps, it works great. However, as soon as I close and reopen terminal, it gets back to the default look. Can you guys please help me?

  • Bert Visscher
    Bert Visscher 2 years ago

    I see this video is more than a year old, so I hope that you have gotten rid of those very annoying "uhm...uhm...".

  • Kenny Peres
    Kenny Peres 2 years ago

    it works but resets when I restart the terminal. Help please

  • qazwsxed
    qazwsxed 2 years ago +6

    Hello, you did not say how to get arrow style prompt. After following this method, I got rectangular prompt like the picture shown in the tecmint website.

  • Divino César
    Divino César 2 years ago +3

    would you care to share the wallpaper? :-)

  • Naeem Arshad
    Naeem Arshad 2 years ago +1

    Hey there, how can we enable the same pompt over ssh?

    • Raymond Boone
      Raymond Boone Year ago


    • Mike Studer
      Mike Studer 2 years ago

      Oops put it in .bash_profile. And for root I use this one.
      export PS1="\[\e]0;\w\a\]\n\[\e[1;33;41m\] \u \[\e[0m\] on \[\e[1;33;46m\] \h \[\e[0;33m\] \w\[\e[0m\]\n\$ "
      Makes user ID red. To remind me I am root.

    • Mike Studer
      Mike Studer 2 years ago

      I just put one line in my .bashrc
      export PS1="\[\e]0;\w\a\]\n\[\e[1;33;42m\] \u \[\e[0m\] on \[\e[1;33;46m\] \h \[\e[0;33m\] \w\[\e[0m\]\n\$ "
      Powerline is nice but you need those fonts on every host you are on in order to make it work there.
      Not very portable.

  • eXtrem3_b0y
    eXtrem3_b0y 2 years ago

    What theme is that for Elementary OS?

  • boolim7
    boolim7 2 years ago +6

    may i know what gnome theme is he using?

    • Unusual Activities
      Unusual Activities Year ago

      in combination with a GTK+ theme

    • Robert Osmański
      Robert Osmański 2 years ago +2

      It's the Pantheon desktop environment, originally created for the Elementary OS.

  • Terran Republican
    Terran Republican 2 years ago

    Hey, I use fish, not bash. How do I do that last step ? Should I create a config.fish file (which would be the equivalent of .bashrc) and what do I put inside the fish config ?

  • Giovanni Elmato
    Giovanni Elmato 2 years ago

    @How to Tech Channel Hi, could you tell me which is the distro theme you're using. I'd like to have the same. thanks

  • Kirill Pletnev
    Kirill Pletnev 2 years ago

    Great video. Finally i could get how to set it up. Thanks! =)
    How i can change colors of powerline plugin for terminal?

  • HoneyChai
    HoneyChai 2 years ago

    So this is not for OS X :( How can I get those black window frames etc on OS X with zsh?

    • Dominic Christoph
      Dominic Christoph 2 years ago +1

      If you're using iTerm, setting the tab colour of a profile will change the colour of the window frame.

  • Trancester United
    Trancester United 2 years ago

    in arch linux python-pip is the latest.

  • Ziggy Sputnik
    Ziggy Sputnik 2 years ago +1

    what song is that in the intro

  • Paulo Roberto
    Paulo Roberto 3 years ago

    Ravi can you show me how as was your complete vimrc? I am Elementary OS user too.

  • bluephreakr
    bluephreakr 3 years ago

    I know a little late to comment now, but if you're a Ubuntu user, you can just install powerline and edit the supported program's config files to use Powerline extensions from /usr/share/powerline/bindings
    Also, Powerline requires custom fonts to look its best. Grab the Liberation Mono for Powerline fonts from the developer's github, put them in ~/.fonts (or wherever really so long it's a supported fonts dir), fc.check -vf that path and you can choose that font in your terminal emulator's settings.
    There's also guides about editing fonts for Powerline (One I found targeting Mac users but it should do for Linux also) and you can compare Liberation Mono and Liberation Mono for Powerline to compare what extras you need to include for your font of choice you intend to edit to *not suck.*
    Alternatively, you can just do this. cd into where you want to store it, then do this;
    git clone github.com/powerline/fonts.git && cd fonts && sh ./install.sh

  • أدم علي
    أدم علي 3 years ago

    i have this error when open the terminal
    bash: /usr/local/lib/python3.5/dist-packages/powerline/bindings/bash.powerline.sh: No such file or directory

    • qazwsxed
      qazwsxed 2 years ago

      after bash, there is /

  • tinblue
    tinblue 3 years ago

    What theme are you using and what terminal app are you using?

    • Mustafa Adam
      Mustafa Adam 3 years ago

      +tinblue he is using zsh with ohmyzsh configured. It's way way better than regular bash. try it :)

  • Chris Ren
    Chris Ren 3 years ago

    Rather ssh into a ubuntu, but to use iterm2 or 3beta with zsh.

  • Robby Duran
    Robby Duran 3 years ago

    Thanks a miilion for this tot...really appreciates. Running good on my elementaryOS Freya

  • Datasmurf
    Datasmurf 3 years ago

    Hey guys, don't you see that the PowerlineSymbols are fuc*ed up? They are not aligned! That looks awful. Nobody should use it like that. Patch your Fonts correct so the size matches.

    • Tristan Vigil
      Tristan Vigil 3 years ago

      very true! In my case the unpatched font actually worked with the default terminal font size but because i increased the size for the video it shows where that unpatched font falls short

  • ZenitH
    ZenitH 3 years ago

    so i am on my macbook running El Capitan.
    When I try to sudo mv 10 PowerlineSymbols.otf /usr/share/fonts it says
    rename PowerlineSymbols.otf to /usr/share/fonts: Operation not permitted.
    How can I bypass this?
    I am on 8:54 in the video.

    • How to Tech Channel
      How to Tech Channel  3 years ago

      +zenithCoder Clone the git repo github.com/powerline/fonts and then use the install script in the cloned folder to install the fonts. After you have done this you will be able to go to your terminal settings and select any of the fonts that say powerline. Don't forget that you need to configure your .bash_profile to run powerline.

    • ZenitH
      ZenitH 3 years ago

      +How to Tech Channel
      Can you give me some guidelines on how to "install the patched fonts found in the powerline documentation". Is there just a separate folder i need to mv PowerlineSymbols.otf to?

    • How to Tech Channel
      How to Tech Channel  3 years ago

      Awesome! I'm currently running El Capitan as my daily driver. installing power line on Mac is a little different, there is no /usr/share/fonts folder the way I got around this was by installing the patched fonts fond in the powerline documentation. If you have any other issues feel free to ask!

  • SiyaBABHotorosh Luvuyo
    SiyaBABHotorosh Luvuyo 3 years ago +4

    you need to redo this. PLZ do a clean install

  • Jim Blaich
    Jim Blaich 3 years ago

    I installed powerline on an Ubuntu 12.04 LTS that I ssh into to administer. It has python2.7. I was successful in getting it installed and working. Obviously I didn't need tmux installed there.
    After using SSH to login I see a red separator at the beginning of each line. That's fine. It's sort of like a warning that I'm on SSH.
    EDIT: I guess I need to revise something. It does indicate that there's a problem with the "screen-256color" setting and won't let me edit or "clear".
    EDIT again: I solved the above issue by replacing the double quotes with single quotes.
    I'll try it on a raspberry pi and a banana pi tonight.

  • Jim Blaich
    Jim Blaich 3 years ago

    This is what I'm getting when I attempt to install powerline.
    sudo pip3 install git+git://github.com/Lokaltog/powerline
    [sudo] password for jimbo:
    Downloading/unpacking git+git://github.com/Lokaltog/powerline
    Cloning git://github.com/Lokaltog/powerline to /tmp/pip-ataxooi4-build
    Running setup.py (path:/tmp/pip-ataxooi4-build/setup.py) egg_info for package from git+git://github.com/Lokaltog/powerline
    /usr/lib/python3/dist-packages/setuptools/dist.py:294: UserWarning: The version specified ("2.3.dev9999+git.b'5364919b47dcecadd405b89e45d7101d12a0ff2b'") is an invalid version, this may not work as expected with newer versions of setuptools, pip, and PyPI. Please see PEP 440 for more details.
    "details." % self.metadata.version

    warning: no previously-included files matching '*.pyc' found under directory 'powerline/bindings'
    warning: no previously-included files matching '*.pyo' found under directory 'powerline/bindings'
    Requirement already satisfied (use --upgrade to upgrade): powerline-status==2.3.dev9999-git.b-5364919b47dcecadd405b89e45d7101d12a0ff2b- from git+git://github.com/Lokaltog/powerline in ./.local/lib/python3.5/site-packages
    Cleaning up...

    • Jim Blaich
      Jim Blaich 3 years ago +1

      +How to Tech Channel
      I tested via ssh the powerline feature on a banana pi and raspberry pi. The banana pi generated a few errors during the git cloning, yet it still worked. The raspberry pi worked without errors.
      I tested it on another Kubuntu 15.10 install and it failed, but...that's for another day.
      Each time I ssh to a box there's a red separator at the beginning of each line. I guess that'll act as a warning indicating that I'm on ssh.

    • How to Tech Channel
      How to Tech Channel  3 years ago

      +Jim Blaich yes it should work if u installed it on the remote computer through ssh, after installing powerline through ssh run bash to get powerline to appear

    • Jim Blaich
      Jim Blaich 3 years ago

      +How to Tech Channel I made several other comments. Also, on the ssh thing...wouldn't it work if I installed powerline on the remote computer?

    • How to Tech Channel
      How to Tech Channel  3 years ago

      +Jim Blaich that's awesome, witch ever version of python it works with is good. I'm not sure about the different look as mine it may be something as simple as a different theme. as for the ssh functionality it is because powerline is specific to the shell you are running therefore when you are saying into another shell powerline will not appear unless you have it installed on that shell as well.