Repossession - A Synthwave Music Mix

  • Published on Apr 1, 2018
  • Track List:
    00:00 HOME - Hold
    03:26 HOME - Resonance (Relayer Travel Mix)
    07:40 Le Matos - Kiyoko
    12:37 Emil Rottmayer - W.A.V.E
    18:15 Violaine - Men like you
    22:59 HOME - Oort Cloud
    26:24 Syntax feat. HOME - Stratus
    29:51 The Encounter - Sunset Beach
    35:49 oDDling - Voyage
    38:59 Sagittarius V - Lucidator
    42:40 Sloslylove - Your Love
    47:55 FourFox - Aquila
    51:31 GUEST - Mass Transit
    54:20 AIRGLOW - Far Apart
    59:37 sushi寿司 - 3'00"
    Artwork by Eric Geusz
    Synthwave Music Compilation | PLAYLIST :
    Synthwave Compilation by Daniele Marmo.

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  • Darth Bane
    Darth Bane 4 days ago

    Hmm a number of these I have downloaded on other list, I keep hearing the same sound tracks in these mix's.

  • themadmaddrummer
    themadmaddrummer 7 days ago

    Awesome Songs !!!

  • Damian Starks
    Damian Starks 8 days ago +2

    This isn't synthwave

  • Cunnilingus Messiah
    Cunnilingus Messiah 10 days ago +2

    S h i t w a v e

  • Zero Frame
    Zero Frame 12 days ago +1

    I wish this mix were on Spotify

  • Jason Boyle
    Jason Boyle 13 days ago

    W.A.V.E. is amazing

  • PazuzuStalker
    PazuzuStalker 15 days ago

    Thank god there was some pink and blue colour in that picture.. otherwise one wouldn't know it was some kind of "wave" music.

  • Reminiscity
    Reminiscity 22 days ago

    Why doesnt the best songs exist on spotify? xD WTF Home - hold. I need that shit when I'm out running

  • Jazz Jazz
    Jazz Jazz 26 days ago


  • Joshua Roberts
    Joshua Roberts 26 days ago +2

    I am from the future.
    I came back to tell you to not build the Bussard reactor.
    Human life became worthless after we unlocked the nearly unlimited energy of Bussard fusion.

  • Gelo B
    Gelo B 28 days ago

    Класс то что надо

  • Boss Life
    Boss Life Month ago

    tron music lol

  • St Jimmy
    St Jimmy Month ago

    30:00. 34:00

  • Zachary Moneypenny
    Zachary Moneypenny Month ago

    dope track put together !!

    LEMUR KAISER Month ago +1

    My pet rock died, so I mourn to the internet about it. It makes me go to fetal position on the daily. Subscribe to my channel XD... RIP Rocky Balboa

  • Emily
    Emily Month ago


  • duded94
    duded94 Month ago

    I knew this mix would be good when it started with Home 💯💯

  • k0jik
    k0jik Month ago



  • Le Pooper Man
    Le Pooper Man Month ago

    man, i thank that video where puts the names of musics that were used in memes.

  • sentryogmixmaster
    sentryogmixmaster Month ago

    Repossession - A Synthwave Music Compilation Of Great Tracks

    there fixed it for you. seriously, people need to stop calling these things mixes. while the tracks are good...there is very little, if any, mixing involved.

  • Zero Frame
    Zero Frame Month ago +1

    love this so much ♥♥♥

  • moe sid
    moe sid Month ago


  • Tony Rodriguez
    Tony Rodriguez Month ago

    Vengo por el stream de juxi

  • BigJayDontPlay
    BigJayDontPlay Month ago +8

    19k Likes - "Party People from the year 2070"
    300 Dislikes - "Party People stuck in 1970's"
    Futuristic Retro is the Future!

  • wipefeetnmat
    wipefeetnmat Month ago

    This is the perfect background music for a session of Minecraft. Love it!

  • Claire Newlon
    Claire Newlon Month ago

    Love the playlist, never give up! 🙌

  • hardToSignUpHere
    hardToSignUpHere Month ago

    Would love to see a movie based on the artwork, love the tunes too!

  • hotmandead1
    hotmandead1 Month ago

    wo wo woba woba wob wob wob..

  • Zeelols
    Zeelols Month ago +3

    wow i really like this picture, music too but wow!

  • John Crusader
    John Crusader Month ago

    Wanna see something weird? Move your mouse horizontally over the search bar and watch the thumbnail racing you and then suddenly sort of moonwalking towards your movement :D

  • Oldtape Oficial
    Oldtape Oficial Month ago


  • dreil55
    dreil55 Month ago

    we get it, you vape

  • AmIDoingThisRight?!


  • Chris Fitch
    Chris Fitch Month ago +1

    hear to tell you u aint glistening

  • Kibwe Not Kiwi
    Kibwe Not Kiwi Month ago

    Perfect for Cyberpunk 2077

  • Henrique Reis
    Henrique Reis Month ago

    Sounds like Kreftwerk

  • Nick Yohe
    Nick Yohe Month ago

    Was trying to figure out which porno tab got restarted but it was just this window minimized.

  • creator Space
    creator Space Month ago
    We made it well.

  • Erik Onyski
    Erik Onyski Month ago +1

    The 80s sucked.

    • VPXM
      VPXM Month ago

      In 40 years, today will suck as well lol

  • Pocles ?
    Pocles ? Month ago


  • Felps Oliveira
    Felps Oliveira Month ago


  • Paper Hills
    Paper Hills Month ago

    Did I heard 'Hawkins' at the end of Le Matos' track?

  • Carter Blackburn
    Carter Blackburn Month ago +1

    Anyone have a list of artists from this mix?

  • Carbomb Torres
    Carbomb Torres Month ago

    Makes me want to die peacefully

  • W A V E B E N D E R

    Absolute fire

  • Emi Dom
    Emi Dom Month ago

    Le Matos is heavy!

  • User9913
    User9913 Month ago

    I very rarely buy music. Probably only ever bought 5 albums in my life. But Odyssey by HOME is such a great album I had to support the guy.

  • Nick Thorp
    Nick Thorp Month ago

    Nice, thank you! Subbed. From the UK.

  • Charlie Carmichael
    Charlie Carmichael Month ago

    This is so fucking good...

  • Maxwell Taylor
    Maxwell Taylor Month ago

    Only thing keeping me sane at work right now. I find it so peaceful and transportive :)

  • Lyndra Ski
    Lyndra Ski Month ago +1

    Smoking a Juul; dead by 35.

  • Adam Stone
    Adam Stone Month ago +13

    Never listen to this type of stuff at all but loving it.

    • Jimmi Stone
      Jimmi Stone Month ago

      Adam Stone brother!

    • Adam Stone
      Adam Stone Month ago

      @Jimmi Stone Brother?!

    • Kredo Dyn
      Kredo Dyn Month ago

      Same dude ! My head just moves by itself

    • Jimmi Stone
      Jimmi Stone Month ago +1

      Adam Stone me too lmfao I like your last name too man ✊🏽

  • Matrix Master
    Matrix Master Month ago +1

    Comment Number 444 @ Lion's Gate Portal^^

    • Matrix Master
      Matrix Master Month ago

      @Nicholas Westbye Most Gurus Think So, but It Is Actually August 1 @ Day 27972^^

    • Nicholas Westbye
      Nicholas Westbye Month ago

      Is that not 8th of August?

  • BobHop77
    BobHop77 Month ago +2

    Nice mix! Thanks. Although I must say that "Men like you" (18:15) is a bit tedious to listen to... The delay between main rhythm and the "men like you" vocal sample is too long to my ear! Like it's leaving the "controlled effect" world to enter the "uncanny mistake" one. :P

  • Timber Line
    Timber Line Month ago +8

    LOVE the sound of the cassette tape coming to the end..... it's a sound I haven't heard since....

  • David Moralex
    David Moralex Month ago +1


  • Patrick Schlatter
    Patrick Schlatter Month ago

    Le matos track gives me Akira vibes

  • The Genius
    The Genius Month ago

    im' not listening but i'm here to rip that cartoon and take credit for it.