Game of Thrones Finale: Is It Deep or Dumb? - Wisecrack Edition

  • Published on Jun 4, 2019
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    Now that Game of Thrones is over, it's time to ask: is this milestone in television deep or dumb?
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    Written by: Claire Pickard
    Directed by: Michael Luxemburg
    Hosted by: Jared Bauer
    Edited by: Andrew Nishimura
    Produced by: Emily Dunbar

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Comments • 3 134

  • Eduardo Hernández Méndez

    Almost ten years of character construction and development of almost everybody on the show just to be butchered in the last season is the stupidest thing I ever seen

  • Sean LSF42
    Sean LSF42 5 hours ago

    D&D a true story- probably read all the fan theories and high together, and thought let's just do the opposite and also we could do 8 episodes but I think we got this in six they'll get it. After they finish, yeah it'll be fine. Oh everyone is pissed? They don't get it, blah blah blah excuses. Oh we're fired from starwars!? Okay... We're going to move back in with our moms and and get fat and divorced. They both die sad and alone and old they slip and fall but can't get up, they couldn't afford Life alert and get eating by their neighbors theirs cats they we're babysitting. Also they went bold and got ED. Hahaha this is so dumb why I'm I writing this XD

  • nasy
    nasy 15 hours ago

    No one gonna mention that awful haircut? I'm the only one bothered by it?

  • FFL
    FFL Day ago

    The problem with going deep is that dumb people get left behind.

    • FFL
      FFL Day ago

      Season 8 pulled us out of the fairy tale. The magic zombie monsters were destroyed and the terrors of war got center stage attention. Daenerys shows that her brand of ruthlessness, as has been hinted for several seasons, is in the end not very different from the ruthlessness of the others. Even worse, she's a modern protagonist. Whereas the others played the game of thrones according to its rules, she saw herself as a morally superior player whose goals would justify any mean. Much like modern ideological warfare. But her goal was "breaking the wheel". There was apparently never any thought given to what would replace the wheel. And as we saw, the wheel would, if she were allowed to live, be replaced by the very same wheel. So the solution was to kill her off and institute real change. A democratic model, as suggested by Sam, was too far a stretch for Westerosian society in this fantasy world. But a larger degree of representativeness could be achieved by steering towards oligarchical elections of the ruler rather than just blood lines. Now, the choice of Bran is a bit on the nose, but it works imo. One of the earliest ideas from ancient Greece of what an ideal ruler would look like says that the ideal ruler is a ruler who does not want to be a ruler. It seems to me that this is the role Bran has been building up to for several seasons. He's informed, wise, courageous and bereft of desire. The only problem I find with the ending is that it subverts the expectations of the fantasy genre. Fantasy doesn't tend to take these kinds of strides towards modernity. After all, Westeros itself has been pretty much unchanged for several thousands of years. But as we've seen throughout the series, subverting expectations in this way has generally been the strength of this series.

  • Naray Cross
    Naray Cross Day ago

    There is also that aspect of Fantasy as you pointed out. Though the last two season's focus more on the real-human world perspective then the questions and build up on the fantasy that George made. Honestly, they should of waited 'cause Fantasy is propelling this world. Or at least asked George to help with the writing. This is why reading the book is better. But it doesn't help that George takes forever either.

  • Heinrich Klassen

    So the answer is dumb. But they made it dumb

  • Alexander Scott
    Alexander Scott Day ago

    Just goes to show that even a huge budget and high technology can't save a project from bad writing. Writing is key. Everything else relies on that.

  • Bradford Robnett
    Bradford Robnett 2 days ago

    I'm surprised at the way you've interpreted Bran's perspective. The way I see him, it's not that he doesn't care. He's just not dominated by any single ego. You could see him as a symbolically perfect representation of democratic rule, since he carries all of the perspectives of Westeros simultaneously. I think dismissing him as just some sort of surveillance machine is doing him a disservice, and I expect, not what GRRM or the D&D Star Wars pair intended.
    That said, I thought the trip from Breaker of Chains to Darth Hitler was really jarring and I didn't for a minute buy Jon or Tyrion's inaction when Varys was getting set up to be toasted. There was no shortage of out-of-character, plot driven decision making going on this last couple of seasons, but that was the point where I just continued watching out of morbid curiosity.
    And what was the point with Jaime's and Bron's character arcs? Was it just to say, "Silly audience, people don't change. Positive character arcs are for kid stories!"? I mean, you can go that way, but I really hated it. Maybe I'm too unrealistic and old fashioned, but they knew what they were doing and they set us up for crushing disappointment. What sort of reaction did they expect?

  • 2 dimitropolis
    2 dimitropolis 2 days ago

    Fuck season 8.
    Fuck D&D.
    I curse the day when I started to watch it

  • Julie Nguyen
    Julie Nguyen 3 days ago

    Anyone notice how Tyrion’s English accent just got worse in s8?

  • Buddhi Dev
    Buddhi Dev 3 days ago

    The realm of seven kingdoms should be dissolved being 7 independent kingdoms IMO

  • Jonathan Boram
    Jonathan Boram 3 days ago

    I know I'm really late, but the system of government they chose is elective monarchy, not oligarchy. The families don't rule together, instead they meet once a generation to choose a new king. It's the system used in the Holy Roman Empire.

  • DerGuteHut
    DerGuteHut 3 days ago +1

    In my opinion its relatively deep, even poetic for a TV show ending. I liked it...the character arcs have been finished, the throne question found a convincing answer (while fixing one of the most pointless storylines at the same moment) there was a lot of tension but also smart and emotional things to say and last but not least kick as dragon and undead action. least the surviving characters finally catch a break and have relatively happy endings...which also added to my satisfaction.
    Well done GoT writers.

  • Rhaenyra Reigns
    Rhaenyra Reigns 4 days ago

    Warning about spoilers... after showing spoilers... now that is dumber than GoT's finale.
    I say Skillshare is not worth any money if they can't teach you how to warn about spoilers properly.

  • V. Alexander West
    V. Alexander West 4 days ago

    I started disliking D&D around the time of Grenn and Pyp's deaths. It turned into full blown hate with the death of Barriston the Badass. By the time they killed off Princess Shireen, i was basically numb to all of their stupid bullshit.

  • P H
    P H 4 days ago

    I so much agree: at least John cuddled his Pet in the end. That was however the only satisfying part of the end

  • Dragan Stankovic
    Dragan Stankovic 4 days ago


  • Tipu Sultan
    Tipu Sultan 4 days ago

    GUYS! Please do a "DEEP OR DUMB?" episode on Nicolas Winding Refn's TOO OLD TO DIE YOUNG.
    It's a riveting show and the well-earned pinnacle of Refn's artistry as a visual storyteller.
    And with all it's cinematic posturing and ungodly amounts of self-indulgence, it's absolutely ripe for a Deep or Dumb breakdown.
    Really looking forward for you guys to deconstruct the shit out of that show!

  • Kaan Dervis
    Kaan Dervis 5 days ago


  • ma bad
    ma bad 5 days ago +2

    My problem isn't with Dany going insane. It's WHEN she went insane. GGRM must not have told them much, other than "she goes nuts in the end". She had killed all of her enemies, won the city, accomplished her goals.... then just goes crazy at that exact moment. Really? The whole series was trying to ovoid weird coincidences just like that.There wasn't any reason for her to snap then. It also seems like a good thing she went insane then and not 10 years later locked away on dragon stone refusing to see anybody but wormo.

  • Exo Luv
    Exo Luv 6 days ago

    I don't need to watch 22 and a half minutes of video to answer that question.
    It's not deep and it's not dumb, it's both: DEEPLY DUMB.

  • Bamboe Ultra
    Bamboe Ultra 6 days ago

    GoT is a reflection of western political history told in a way that places major demographical modalities of the proletariat (IRL) are represented by the main characters of the show. Think about how all the major characters are flawed to symbolize their IRL serfhood. Bran becoming king to me suggests that the masses should give introverts and intelligent misfits more consideration to shape the interests of the lower class.

  • Mister Tee
    Mister Tee 6 days ago


  • Diogo Desiderati
    Diogo Desiderati 8 days ago

    Wisecrack, just revisited one of my favorite animes and it still makes me feel dumb as a rock. Could help me and judge if Serial Experiments: Lain is deep or dumb?

  • Hyacinth Miles
    Hyacinth Miles 8 days ago

    You know, the White Walkers in the books are not zombie/monstrous. They're actually described as being beautiful. Supposedly they have their own language and a castle on the ice.

  • Abbe Satty
    Abbe Satty 9 days ago +1

    Bitching on Game of Thrones is now a good source of making money on RU-clip.

    • Abbe Satty
      Abbe Satty 5 days ago

      @Xerafi Yeah, it was a blessing for RU-clip whiners. Repeated whining used as an easy way to harvest likes, a clickbait if you will.

    • Xerafi
      Xerafi 5 days ago

      Well, this crappy last season has to be good for something after all.

  • Brainwash
    Brainwash 9 days ago

    greatest show ever and great finale too. sick of the low IQ morons who dont get it

  • Lucas Fabijanic
    Lucas Fabijanic 9 days ago

    That Stalin joke was pretty good. Got a laugh

  • Jarod Farrant
    Jarod Farrant 9 days ago

    I didn’t get into game of thrones but I starting looking into its lore and after watching scene after scene I got the first book my birthday and I love the game of thrones story know🤩

  • edi
    edi 10 days ago

    Who will take over the throne in the next generation? This is already what I wondered when I considered Daenerys as the victor, but it also applies for Bran...
    PS: I haven´t watched the last season, as I love GRRMs work, but not what Dumb&Dumber did to it.

  • Grant Durham
    Grant Durham 11 days ago

    Bran is a great king because he knows better than anyone that "history repeats itself". The show is all about change and destroying the idea of the iron throne because it only leads to greed and war.

  • Dmytro Kalsa
    Dmytro Kalsa 11 days ago

    Fuck you, you made me hate the final season less

  • Nick Mccall
    Nick Mccall 11 days ago

    Your dubbed voice is as dumb and distracting as Starbucks cups and water bottles

  • Dylan thomas
    Dylan thomas 13 days ago

    I’m angry because it never explained what the hell the night king wanted why did they leave in the first place why’d they come buck what did they want why did he take thaws baby’s how did they negotiate the dill for the badly t seem really complicated and they can’t talk. did the night king and the tree eyed kid have some sort of connection why did that one white walker spare that one guy so many questions they spent season building up never answered

  • Dylan thomas
    Dylan thomas 13 days ago

    The tactics were dumb

  • Dylan thomas
    Dylan thomas 13 days ago

    It’s stupid

  • Kekero
    Kekero 14 days ago

    Good subversion takes time and setup you can’t just say
    And the good prince died and be done with it. You need to give reason for the good prince dying. Why would those presumably good and competent prince die? What would make someone so competent fall?

  • yokoisdead
    yokoisdead 15 days ago

    you would be one handsome as hell candy with short hair

  • EvanzZx
    EvanzZx 15 days ago

    God the final season and this video makes me depressed :(

  • hvymettle
    hvymettle 15 days ago +1

    Was it deep to switch from a hereditary monarchy to an aristocratic oligarchy? The people are screwed either way.

  • Ramschat
    Ramschat 16 days ago

    How did people end up calling it an oligarchy, even though it is still clearly monarchy!? (An elective monarchy to be exact)

  • jammernaught
    jammernaught 16 days ago

    I've been a bit harsh on you lately Beau. I apologize for that. Your analysis is spot on.

  • Peregrination
    Peregrination 16 days ago

    Big Brother crack, lol.

  • smugman
    smugman 16 days ago

    Something all of you seem to ignore: Bran died in the cave. The 3-eyed raven took over.

  • smugman
    smugman 16 days ago

    Can't believe Tormund and Brienne didn't have "big babies".

  • Uyan Nawi
    Uyan Nawi 16 days ago

    Stark is playing games quietly

  • Chris evo
    Chris evo 16 days ago

    Who the hell writes your material, it’s pretty damn good

  • James Allen
    James Allen 17 days ago

    I just streamed the series to see what everyone was so hyped about. For the entirety of the show's run, I haven't had HBO and so haven't gone out of my way to uncover ways of watching it, content to wait for the opportunity to just binge it, if I so wanted, and boy, I wanted! By the time I reached the end, I was exhausted, having sprinted through 2-4 episodes per night to get through as quickly as possible. When I did finish watching, I was thoroughly confused. I could see why everyone was confused, but couldn't agree with everyone being so livid towards Weiss and Benioff. I've spent the day, watching a few videos to help me understand what I'm missing and THIS one is absolutely THE most well-thought, compelling and well-explained rundown on the valid points which help me to best understand that, yes The final episode and, in fact the final season was poorly-written. I do hope that someone takes head of this video and then of the petition.

  • Sugar-Daddy Khayreddin

    Deeply dumb

  • MrTeucro99
    MrTeucro99 17 days ago

    What do white walkers signify? Are they humanitys past sins of war? Like the children of the forest lived peacefully, until humanity came and fought them, eventually driving them to a corner so they create the white walkers to win the war they couldent? I mean they are kinda entropic as they wont seem to stop until everithing is dead, but they have wills of their own? after all they kill their creators, but then why do they keep fighting humanity like they were created too?

  • blue gravity
    blue gravity 17 days ago

    I've just seen long clips of each character. Loved the hound and the imp. Was planning on buying the set after it was completed. But after all these bad reviews of the last season, its making me think it would be better to put my money elsewhere.

  • Alexander Moniuszko
    Alexander Moniuszko 17 days ago

    This show has been soooo fucked...

  • Gøran Greggor
    Gøran Greggor 18 days ago +1


  • Damien P
    Damien P 18 days ago

    Can you guys do tv show lost.. deep or dumb.. would love to hear your opinions.

  • Norma
    Norma 18 days ago

    You put way too much thought in this when the reality is that D&D are shit writers who just wanted to surprise the audience instead of let them feel they knew the end of their beloved series. My answer is: dumb.

  • Jorge O. Moreno
    Jorge O. Moreno 18 days ago

    Neither deep nor dumb... just poorly executed, sandly very poorly executed.

  • Nosferatu
    Nosferatu 18 days ago

    Another contender for most punchable face in the world...

  • TheMisanthropist69
    TheMisanthropist69 18 days ago

    As I have been, I'm going to defend this season. I'm not going to get into a screed about *all* the criticisms folks have leveled (there are too many for that to be practical), but I will try to address one or two. Personally, I think the real issue people have with the finale is that it's just not what they wanted or expected. It subverted people's expectation "the wrong way," which of course makes it bad--because if there's one thing "The Last Jedi" taught us, it's that what creators want doesn't matter anymore, if you're not telling the story the *fans* want you to tell, you're #cancelled. (Honestly, it's just the logical conclusion of "art as product," now art is no different from a new computer you buy at the store and then return because it's not the right one.)
    More specifically to this video, I'd argue the ending contains both optimism *and* pessimism (they're not mutually exclusive). What it's saying (in my view) is that the events of the series (which most of the criticism seems to ignore, in favor of looking at season 8 in a vacuum) *have* irrevecably changed Westeros, but that change isn't all good or all bad. GoT was not, nor has ever been, an idealistic show. It's not *trying* to make a statement about which form of government (if any) is better, but rather is pointing out that politics is a realistic, cynical, and grueling exercise that always brings good *and* bad. I have plenty more to say about that, but this post is already long and blog-y. Frankly, I do love this channel, but I feel like this video was too simplistic and just asking the wrong questions.

    • Francis Thompson
      Francis Thompson 17 days ago

      You just wrote 200 words without actually making an argument like you said you would at the begining of the post.

  • Yehyeah Whateva
    Yehyeah Whateva 19 days ago

    Deep then a big dumb slap in the face.

  • Nikki Dolce
    Nikki Dolce 19 days ago

    Quit the warnings about spoilers. Can’t spoil something that’s already ruined

  • syousef
    syousef 19 days ago

    Dumb-ster Fire that subverted expectations of quality and competence.

  • Christopher Lewis
    Christopher Lewis 19 days ago

    TLDR, dumb.

  • Tj Friedgen
    Tj Friedgen 19 days ago

    ..... I liked season 8 and it made perfect sense to me

  • 54markl
    54markl 19 days ago +1

    George Martin, if that was your grand master plan, I’ll stick to J. R. R.Tolkien, thank you very much. Because his made-up languages weren’t just better than Finnish, they were better than your Marvel Comic Book here.

  • 54markl
    54markl 19 days ago +2

    Deep? Get serious. That was the worst of bad Hollywood writing! They ruined every single thing that came before, they obliterated everything. It wasn’t deep, it was Dud.🔥

  • Demitriz
    Demitriz 20 days ago

    Grand verdict of this very video: DUMB AF for a lame/ half-ass assessment and just insulting! Again, DUMB AF!

  • Thank You
    Thank You 20 days ago

    If there is a word that is a million times worse than "dumb" that is what the GOT finale was. The entire season 8 was just shit piled on top of shit. And just when you thought it couldn't get any more shit piled on, they delivered yet more shit. It truly was remarkable how a series went from being on track to being a masterpiece. To ending up a pile of shit in the last season. It really showed as the show moved past the source material that they were not competent and worthy to continue. It deteriorated every season after that, but it was still tolerable. Until season 8. The actors and technical teams clearly did a great job and they had great people and great crew. But the people at the top, the "creators" they fucked up the show completely. And whatever vision and effect they were going for, it failed miserably. Only the most stupid viewer in the world can appreciate that last season and be tricked into believing it was good. But it was trash and completely ruined what was otherwise a good series until the last season. I was laughing at so many ridiculous things in the last season more than any other times in the show, and not in a good way, i wasn't laughing because it was expected, i was flat out laughing at how dumb the show got in that last season. It was just one thing after another. If I was these creators I would be ashamed. And there is no way in this world I would ever hire them to work on a project like this ever again. They are clearly incompetent and rubbish. It's really sad to think now they are going over to shit on star wars.

  • nicktoesous
    nicktoesous 20 days ago

    Dexter had a better ending unfortunately

  • cogitoergo
    cogitoergo 20 days ago

    Dumb masquerading as deep.

  • David McIntyre
    David McIntyre 20 days ago

    Danny is based off Gandalf if he acquired the one ring, with the ring/throne they would use their power to do good, but through them (ring,throne) they would wield a power to great and corrupt the possessor
    In my opinion😐