Korean Street Food - SEA SQUIRT SASHIMI Jagalchi Market Busan Seafood Korea

  • Published on Jun 19, 2019

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  • Fg Hen
    Fg Hen 23 days ago +2

    4:25 Somebody put his tones into my mouth when I am sleeping

  • TONG U.C.H The nature man of commercial .

    what it taste?who can tell me? it look......😝 but I want to try it 😁

  • speker aktive
    speker aktive 26 days ago

    meni 1.33. kok aku merasa minder ya lihat nya.. bisa naik turun gitu

  • Rastalos
    Rastalos 27 days ago +1

    What a waste of sea life

  • Leah Janulgue
    Leah Janulgue 27 days ago

    Poor Fishy

  • Maria maria
    Maria maria 27 days ago +1

    Eka tem umas coisas bem nojentas .kkkkkkk

  • Didoucha Didoucha
    Didoucha Didoucha 27 days ago


  • zabasingoo
    zabasingoo 28 days ago

    OMG they eat them without cooked and fumigated.. nooo!

  • ahmed farrag
    ahmed farrag 28 days ago

    ألاقيش عندكو بربور البحر ...أنا ايه اللي جابني هنا انا كنت رايح سوق الجوالات ☺

  • TWEED speculum
    TWEED speculum 28 days ago +10

    just because you can, doesn't mean you should...

    • Jacqueline Tate
      Jacqueline Tate 26 days ago


    • Angelina Marie
      Angelina Marie 26 days ago +1

      okay never mind it looks like an alien puss sack good fucking lord

    • Angelina Marie
      Angelina Marie 26 days ago +1

      its the only thing these countries have any freedom over, let em play with their yucky squishy things

  • Hasim Moh
    Hasim Moh 29 days ago


  • 东方克理人
    东方克理人 29 days ago +1


  • I I
    I I 29 days ago

    this video proves that asians are the mortal enemy of atlantean

  • thiphuongnga le
    thiphuongnga le 29 days ago


  • Le Nguyen
    Le Nguyen 29 days ago +1

    Just look at that thing....i already pee in my pant!

  • esteban rueda
    esteban rueda 29 days ago


  • Thanh Bình YT
    Thanh Bình YT 29 days ago


  • miyubail
    miyubail 29 days ago

    Do not eat puffer fish unless you know how to deal with them. Extremely poisonous. You have to have an extensive training and license to deal them to be edible!!

  • Любовь Лібрик


  • BlueRice
    BlueRice Month ago

    there are only certain oyster i eat that are raw that comes from a place that is naturally sweet and not fishy. this sea squirt might taste like sea urchin. i love sashimi but i dont like sea urchin. its too fishy for me.

  • huaqing liu
    huaqing liu Month ago

    12:57 a worm

  • Saifseoul Seoul
    Saifseoul Seoul Month ago +1

    Korean eat all without a 💩 poo

  • saya saya
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  • megabass85
    megabass85 Month ago

    фу бля.....

  • 渚カヲル
    渚カヲル Month ago

    _| ̄|○、;'.・ オェェェェェ

  • Fsh Kraken
    Fsh Kraken Month ago

    10:19 what are those thing called?

    • Fsh Kraken
      Fsh Kraken 28 days ago

      @Eun-Sup Lee I see I see thanks

    • Eun-Sup Lee
      Eun-Sup Lee 29 days ago

      @Fsh Kraken It is one kind of sea squirts. '돌' means stone and '멍게' means sea squirts. Completely different from Stonefish

    • Fsh Kraken
      Fsh Kraken 29 days ago

      @Eun-Sup Lee Stonefish? Isn't that stonefish are fish, and it's a fish that has a venom on his fins. It's very bizarre looking stone with a meat inside :D

    • Eun-Sup Lee
      Eun-Sup Lee 29 days ago


  • n k
    n k Month ago


  • Pao Yanna
    Pao Yanna Month ago

    Don't eat you must get sick these kind crabs

  • Eroscylla
    Eroscylla Month ago

    amazing i do not see flies buzzing around. or i am blind.


    Á Á Á KIMOCHI 😥😥😥😥

  • min wang
    min wang Month ago

    The are eating my pet Bircher

  • medvidekmisa
    medvidekmisa Month ago +1

    mmm iam hungry, I will have those yummy worms at 1:25 SAID NOONE EVER...

    JÚLIO C CAMPOS Month ago

    Pqp, aaa mais que Cultura mais estranha.

  • Jana Barradas
    Jana Barradas Month ago

    나는 그것을 확실하지 않을 것입니다

  • Эдик Велянский

    Ну чо русские есть?

  • Mustafa Hasan
    Mustafa Hasan Month ago

    yikey yikes

  • Sananda Dey
    Sananda Dey Month ago +9

    They bring all types of sea creatures,🤪🤪🤪🤪

  • Dil Khan
    Dil Khan Month ago

    Wht the fuck are these people eating

  • Amrish Paul
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  • パコパコ東京
    パコパコ東京 Month ago +2


  • Татьяна Рудольф

    Какую дрянь эти корейцы только не едят Я бы облювалась после такой еды

  • Iman Amin
    Iman Amin Month ago

    5 minutes in, and nothing started yet...really???

  • badar hari
    badar hari Month ago +1

    in 1:10 WTF is this ?

    • Angeliki Virvili
      Angeliki Virvili Month ago +1

      I was here to ask the same, it is aparrently the sea squirt. It seems like a spieces of sea snails, I do not know why they eat these, they can be replicating themselves or live in settlements, they only have one tube in, and one out, you can imagine. I would never eat these, I like my fish dead first one way or another

  • JaramBo Lubie
    JaramBo Lubie Month ago

    this pepole eat evertyhing ... s... t..

  • Leonard 123
    Leonard 123 Month ago


  • Chelsea Levasseur
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  • Cataleya Max
    Cataleya Max Month ago

    “”.m; 889

  • Jacky Yan
    Jacky Yan Month ago

    Holy shit, It looks like paradise, I will definitely go to that market, I have never seen a market has that many seafoods

  • Cr lima
    Cr lima Month ago

    pode falar a merda que quiser do Brasil más na feira o peite nao fica com o rabo no asfalto... povo porco da porra

  • Lirian Oliveira Costa

    Povo nojento ecaaaa

  • Demolishn
    Demolishn Month ago


  • nekopii
    nekopii Month ago

    Lmao! 10:09 They look like turd

  • padussia
    padussia Month ago

    I didn't know octopuses changes colors. Wonder why they do that?

  • Leonildo Araújo
    Leonildo Araújo Month ago

    Vim pelo mundo inverso

  • Adrian Gabriel Pintor
    Adrian Gabriel Pintor Month ago +2

    My girl when I came too early 9:14

  • Kaxa Lomidze
    Kaxa Lomidze Month ago

    ესენი რო მიუშვა წამებში გადააშენებენ პლანეტას .

  • Justin Seang
    Justin Seang Month ago

    4:42 Live snow and king crabs are tasty

  • Fdl dwap
    Fdl dwap 2 months ago

    How people can eat those thingssss????
    Just by saw it, I already feel... Disgusted.

    • Francis Drake
      Francis Drake Month ago

      just because it looked gross, doesn't mean it's not delicious

  • YA NO
    YA NO 2 months ago +1

    Very dirty. The cook should remove more dirt. Because the Korean sea is full of E. coli.

  • Cesar Chan
    Cesar Chan 2 months ago

    Speaking of eating anything that moves...