DIY Mini Dreamcatcher Ornament | Bohemian Holiday Decor

  • Опубликовано: 29 ноя 2016
    The easiest way to make your holiday decor look positively dreamy? These DIY Mini Dreamcatcher Ornaments! With a bohemian touch and endless options for customization, these ornaments will get you into the holiday spirit with some good vibes!
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    Creative Credit:
    Audio Tracks: ES_Christmas Time 13 - Gavin Luke, ES_Holiday Moments 4 - Rannar Sillard, ES_Holiday Moments 10 - Rannar Sillard
    A Mr. Kate Production
    Executive Producers: Kate Albrecht and Joey Zehr
    Shot by: Sofia Draco , Liana Lydia
    Edited by: Vianne Robitaille, Oleksii Babenko
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  • Li Neyanah
    Li Neyanah Год назад

    If you are going to make this, PLEASE DON'T USE A PENTAGRAM! Pentagrams belong in Wicca, Paganism and Satanic believes, not in Native American believes💖

  • Annamarie Gray
    Annamarie Gray Год назад

    Love you guys 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😍😍😘😍😘😘😘😍😘

  • اوروتو تيفي Aorwto TV
    اوروتو تيفي Aorwto TV 2 года назад

    I like it your chanel ❤👏

  • Esha Singhai
    Esha Singhai 2 года назад

    So easy and creative! This will go perfectly with my room!!

  • Kendall K
    Kendall K 2 года назад


  • marrimoonmusic
    marrimoonmusic 2 года назад

    can you believe it? my week is not complete without a Mr.Kate video? ugh! I hate you and i love you mr.kate! ive been meaning to grab a copy of your book, hope i get a signed one. Soon!!! #creativeweirdos :)

  • Nora Maria Urbuteit
    Nora Maria Urbuteit 2 года назад

    my dog ate my dreamcatcher

  • cj wins
    cj wins 2 года назад

    I will make one!! I love dream catchers!!

  • Emilie Bjotveit
    Emilie Bjotveit 2 года назад


  • alissa r
    alissa r 2 года назад


  • Shantyl Rufino
    Shantyl Rufino 2 года назад

    please do a christmas gift guide! :) i love you. i watch aaaalll of your videos huhuhu

  • brenda s
    brenda s 2 года назад

    this is so cute omg I'm gonna go make one agh |keep doing what your doing|

  • Nou Vang
    Nou Vang 2 года назад

    Can I come work for you!!!? I am sooooo in love with everything you do!!!

  • Dream
    Dream 2 года назад

    please make a desk decor please i'm your new sub friend!!!!!

    • Dream
      Dream 2 года назад

      hey!! that can be also a earring too!!! love that.

  • anna
    anna 2 года назад +1

    so magical!! i am gonna make these and have them in my room✨💖☺

  • Sumana Palle
    Sumana Palle 2 года назад +23

    Hi, Kate. I am a huge fan of yours (I love your aesthetic and creativity so much) but this video is extremely offensive because it is such blatant cultural appropriation. I'm sure you mean no harm but as someone with white privilege, you making a historically Native artifact is seen as cute and creative whereas actual Native women are being harassed and shot at for standing up for their culture, especially at the DAPL campsite.
    I don't want to start a political discussion when that won't lead us anywhere but I hope from the bottom of my heart you at least google cultural appropriation to understand why this video is racist. I want the absolute best for you, I have been rooting for you to hit 1M subscribers and have been telling my friends to subscribe to you. But you posting this video is really inexcusable, please take it down - if not for moral reasons, then at least because it is seriously going to hurt your brand and public perception.

    • travelsized17
      travelsized17 2 года назад +4

      Sumana Palle thank you for making this point in a respectful way. I love Mr Kate and I've been watching here videos for forever but this video made me uncomfortable. Thanks for expressing yourself so well.

  • Amanda Fischer
    Amanda Fischer 2 года назад +3

    You can also use old bangles to create the circle. :)

  • smma t
    smma t 2 года назад

    ☁️🎣☁️🎣☁️🎣☁️🎣 that so adorable

  • Pajarito MOonlight
    Pajarito MOonlight 2 года назад

    I like the idea to use it On my christmas tree as decoration Without the pentagram because i don't know much about the meaning! But anyway i like the Diy and all the thigs you do! I love u! kate #happysnappyfam ☁️🎣☁️🎣☁️🎣☁️🎣💡🦄

  • M Corbs
    M Corbs 2 года назад

    so cute! this would be a fun project to do with my son! very cool

  • chiaki nii
    chiaki nii 2 года назад

    omg those are so cute I will definitely make some of these for my christmas tree!

  • Isabel Lontoc
    Isabel Lontoc 2 года назад


  • Claire Elizabeth
    Claire Elizabeth 2 года назад

    These are gorgeous and I love your hair❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • anh
    anh 2 года назад

    This video makes me uncomfortable

  • 12ita
    12ita 2 года назад +5

    Hi Kate, thanks for your videos - I've enjoyed so many of them so far and find lots of inspiration in your ideas. I'm commenting today because despite how cute these dream catchers are, I want to bring up the fact that dream catchers have largely been culturally appropriated from Native American people. Although I don't identify as Native myself, I have heard from Native peoples themselves how offensive it is for a culturally significant item like dream catchers for them become used as common place decor for people who do not understand or honor the depth of the meaning of them for indigenous cultures. I think it's important for us to be allies to Native peoples, particularly during this time of #NoDAPL. I think it's important to be mindful of centering Native peoples and not invisibilizing their cultures or issues. I say this with the utmost respect to you and trust that your intentions were in the right place. Id rather say something and open up dialogue rather than not say anything at all. Let me know what you think.

  • SierraRose Przybyla
    SierraRose Przybyla 2 года назад +3

    I echo Morale B and so many other's comments... I'm INCREDIBLY disappointed in your appropriating Native American culture in this way. Religious items belonging to other cultures are not open to your own design interpretation and it is especially culturally insensitive to put them into use on a Christian holiday item (borrowed as that might be) as not only did we steal their land, we historically forced them to adopt Christianity or justified their treatment with Christian teachings.
    How can you be so unaware? I insist that you take down this video, and issue an apology.

  • Thedearanddarling
    Thedearanddarling 2 года назад

    AHHH LOVE IT!!!! So going to go for a feather search in my local park before going to add this to my pre-christmas craft list!

  • Hannah Eleanor
    Hannah Eleanor 2 года назад

    Dream catcher crafts have always been my favorite. They are so special and perfect gifts (at least that's what I do!)

  • Aimee Larkan
    Aimee Larkan 2 года назад


  • Sallie Rosenberg
    Sallie Rosenberg 2 года назад

    Mr. Kate have u ever tried DIY bubble art ?? It's so cool !!!

  • Savannah Davis
    Savannah Davis 2 года назад

    love yall and yalls product

  • Beatrice Au
    Beatrice Au 2 года назад +10

    Cultural appropriation much?

  • Edilaine Fácio
    Edilaine Fácio 2 года назад +5

    i love u, Kate. but your have to look fot the meaning of sustainability in the dictionary. it is a huge concept. just beacause YOU ARE using material that you already have, doesn't mean you are being sustainable. please, research and spread the world. keep up the good work

  • Grace Robinson
    Grace Robinson 2 года назад

    Love from part of the Snapchat fam! 😘

  • Pauline Davis
    Pauline Davis 2 года назад +13

    I love your channel but girl come on. Indigenous people currently being beaten and their drinking water is under threat right now in this country. I urge you to be mindful of how insensitive it is to be taking a part of native culture and co-opting it for the aesthetic when it has a deep spiritual meaning to these people. If you are reading this, please follow this link to make a donation to the water protectors of standing rock. #NODAPL

  • saraelle leblanc
    saraelle leblanc 2 года назад

    Hey Mr. Kate! Love you guys so much. Just wondering, what ever happened to the OMGWACO for Tati, the beauty guru??

  • nika5283
    nika5283 2 года назад

    I'm obsessed with making Dream catchers. I have been making them all year to sell at our local craft fairs. I love all your videos 😍😍😍especially DIYs and "we bought a house" series keep them coming!! #snapchatfam ☁️🎣☁️🎣☁️🎣☁️🎣

  • High Key Hannah
    High Key Hannah 2 года назад

    I have a great diy for you mr kate! So basically you take an old bed side table and you paint it with chalkboard paint! It s good for a child's room because they could draw on it! You could also use it as decor or a small desk for a small room!

    • Mr. Kate
      Mr. Kate  2 года назад +3

      +Hannah Kaplan super cute!

  • Lucy Rector
    Lucy Rector 2 года назад

    I'm so exited for Christmas!❄️🕊❣️

  • Kayla A
    Kayla A 2 года назад +28

    I love these but the star one reminds me of a pentagram so I've been feeling odd the whole video lol

    • Ellen Sullivan
      Ellen Sullivan Год назад

      Kayla A same

    • Li Neyanah
      Li Neyanah Год назад

      Pentagrams belong in Wicca, Pegan and satanic believes, NOT Native American believes. There's many other beautiful and historical accurate dream catchers on the internet, please don't use this.

    • Kayla A
      Kayla A 2 года назад

      Kristi Beisecker Alrighty

    • Kayla A
      Kayla A 2 года назад

      Kristi Beisecker 'Pentacle' and 'pentagram' can be used synonymously. If you Google 'pentacle,' it even says it's another term for pentagram.

    • Mia Breckel
      Mia Breckel 2 года назад +3

      It's a pentacle (white witches) it's points mean spirit, earth, fire, and water. And it symbolizes protection, nothing to do with evil

  • anna nguyen
    anna nguyen 2 года назад

    Yaayyy so cute 😍😍😍 #happysnappyfam

    • Mr. Kate
      Mr. Kate  2 года назад +1

      +anna nguyen thank you Anna!!

  • Katherine Rose
    Katherine Rose 2 года назад +2

    Makeing a new squad it's the
    Nhs❤️mk squad (notification happy snappy and love me Kate squad ) kinda sounds dumb but whateva

    • Mr. Kate
      Mr. Kate  2 года назад

      +Katherine Rose lol I love it!! And you!!!

  • Grace S
    Grace S 2 года назад

    LOVE 😍💭🎣😍

    • Mr. Kate
      Mr. Kate  2 года назад +1

      +Grace S thank you Grace!!

  • Morgan Hatton
    Morgan Hatton 2 года назад +1

    the pentagram dream catcher was so cute! !

    • Mr. Kate
      Mr. Kate  2 года назад +1

      +Morgan Hatton thank you!!

  • Barbara Campos
    Barbara Campos 2 года назад

    This is so pretty! #MRKATE1MILLION

    • Mr. Kate
      Mr. Kate  2 года назад +1

      +Barbara Campos thank you Barbara!

  • Lotta Kannfastalles
    Lotta Kannfastalles 2 года назад +32

    I really like your videos but this makes me uncomfortable. It's not our place (as non-indigenous people) to use something of cultural significance as decor, without acknowledging it's history and meaning (especially for Americans, since the country was kind of founded on genocide) 😔

  • Amelie Kaced
    Amelie Kaced 2 года назад

    Its so unusual but I made these yesterday with my friends!! xx Love your video and you xx

  • Kiki Ling Spaan
    Kiki Ling Spaan 2 года назад +5

    Am… am i the only one who saw the pentagram? (i clearly spend a lot of time on tumblr)

    • Carrigan Matthews
      Carrigan Matthews 2 года назад

      desperately aesthetic no..... I saw it too!!!

  • Lani K
    Lani K 2 года назад


  • Lani K
    Lani K 2 года назад

    #HpySnpyFamBam ⛅️🎣

  • asdfghjkl
    asdfghjkl 2 года назад

    these are so cute!

  • Sophia Bobia
    Sophia Bobia 2 года назад


  • Juli M.
    Juli M. 2 года назад

    i absolutely loveee dreamcatcher, so love your creative twist on them!!

  • Frances Andrews
    Frances Andrews 2 года назад

    Love dream catchers x made one for my daughters teacher earlier this year x
    Gorgeous x

    • Mr. Kate
      Mr. Kate  2 года назад +1

      +Frances Andrews Awesome! Such a great gift!

  • Chantoritilla
    Chantoritilla 2 года назад +16

    Love you. Hate this. Its like a super casual appropriation but like it's a super cute diy so no one will notice amirite?

  • mahima wahi
    mahima wahi 2 года назад

    Falling even more in love with these 💭🎣 #happysnappyfam

  • cmendez31
    cmendez31 2 года назад

    I love your videos do you think you can do a video on diy gifts for men or gift ideas for 🎄

  • Megan Babin
    Megan Babin 2 года назад

    I get feathers from the park. Free and cruelty free :)

  • larebefin
    larebefin 2 года назад

    that star... Looks a little wicked

    • Katie Sperr
      Katie Sperr 2 года назад +2

      larebefin omg that's exactly what I was thinking 🙄

  • Trina C
    Trina C 2 года назад

    Love it love it! 🌙🌞⭐️

  • michella jørgensen
    michella jørgensen 2 года назад

    From Snapchat 💭🎣

  • mikhaila smith
    mikhaila smith 2 года назад

    YASS MR. KATE!! just bought your book for black friday cannot wait until it comes😍😍 #happysnappyfam☁️☁️☁️🎣🎣🎣

    • Mr. Kate
      Mr. Kate  2 года назад +1

      +mikhaila smith thank you soooo much!!! I hope you love it!!

  • Kristen Henry
    Kristen Henry 2 года назад


  • Sheryl P
    Sheryl P 2 года назад

    💭🎣 ! 🎄🎄👪 I can't wait to do these with my kids!!! I really love the sustainable Christmas idea!!!! Brilliant!

  • Iqra Issa
    Iqra Issa 2 года назад


  • Ruby Carlisle
    Ruby Carlisle 2 года назад

    Omg I love these!!! You AND your channel are gorgeous!! Xx💘

  • Mariela PRey
    Mariela PRey 2 года назад +1

    I'm going to make my sister one for Christmas and put it as an ornament on her gift with some twine, thank you for the idea she's obsessed with dream catchers ❄️💭🎣

  • BecomingJane0
    BecomingJane0 2 года назад +5

    So cute!! My tween daughter is into dream catchers and she has a very boho style. These would look great hanging in her room, as well art or hanging from her bedroom light fixture!! Thanks for sharing how easy it is to make them!! We will be doing this diy soon!!☺

    • Mr. Kate
      Mr. Kate  2 года назад +2

      Yay! Perfect! Thanks so much for watching and commenting and best of luck with your daughter's room! xoxo

  • Alyssa Engelbert
    Alyssa Engelbert 2 года назад

    Mr. Kate! I love you so much and it's so funny because I actually was into interior decorating and found your snapchat to follow and I'm so glad I did! Your my favorite and me and my boyfriend watch all your videos. We love you Joey and the kitties💕 💭🎣

  • Geomer Matic
    Geomer Matic 2 года назад

    Why are you always in a dark background while doing your intro can you please be in a brighter background please please please

  • Christina Belle
    Christina Belle 2 года назад +6

    I haven't even watched the video yet but I just had to tell you that your thumbnail photo literally looks like a PENTAGRAM!!!! GUYS LIKE NOOOOO

    • Li Neyanah
      Li Neyanah Год назад

      You sound like a Christian, and pentagrams and other pagan/wicca/satanic stuff is soooo misunderstood by Christians! The pentagram in Wicca and Pagan, which are two nature based religions, doesn't stand for evil. It's a symbol of the elements: Spirit, Earth, Water, Air and Fire. They are also used in satanic believes, but satanists are ALSO NOT evil! One of my best friends are satanist, and she's the most open minded and sweet person on earth. Please look into things before you judge. Hope this educated you a lil bit! Have a nice day, whoever reads this💖

    • Ida Unicornx
      Ida Unicornx 2 года назад

      Rayne Muir exactly what i ment 😊🙌🏻

    • Ida Unicornx
      Ida Unicornx 2 года назад +1

      Christina Belle i ment that they LOOK witchy cuz of the feathers, the strings and how they hung on the thumbnail.
      AAAND. For you maby a pentagram is a bad thing, but not for me.

    • Christina Belle
      Christina Belle 2 года назад +2

      Ida Unicornx what do you mean why? a 5 point star in a circle IS a pentagram and yes I know exactly what a pentagram stands for and it's not a good thing! and just an FYI dream catchers are not witchy they're American Indian

    • Ida Unicornx
      Ida Unicornx 2 года назад +2

      Christina Belle Why?
      Do you even know what the pentagram stands for? :(
      Its perfect for a dreamcatcher aswell cuz of the witch-feeling.

  • poppy robin
    poppy robin 2 года назад

    Cuuuuute! I just decorated my little tree, I might have to add these in 😘 (p.s. This is poppy! I changed my pp and user but I'm still as carazay as I was don't worry)

  • Tay Burrows
    Tay Burrows 2 года назад +5

    Can you do a video on how to style a room with a wall tapestry? Love you! :)

    • Mr. Kate
      Mr. Kate  2 года назад +3

      I'll work on that! Like a big tapestry? Love you!

  • Sadie Creary
    Sadie Creary 2 года назад

    #happysnappyfam!!!!!! 💭🎣💭🎣💭🎣💭🎣.

  • amethyst aisha
    amethyst aisha 2 года назад

    I just realised... it's Sofia not Mr Kate

  • Mehr-un-Nisa
    Mehr-un-Nisa 2 года назад

    I love the BFG reference :D

  • ninka norstrand
    ninka norstrand 2 года назад

    i need help for my room you are so good at it and love u❤️❤️❤️💘

  • Angelo Pellis
    Angelo Pellis 2 года назад

    Love this DIY😍❤️#happysnappyfam 💭🎣

  • DMS
    DMS 2 года назад

    Love it!!!!! ✨🙌🏼

  • Akviles Hamster
    Akviles Hamster 2 года назад


  • precious's youtube show
    precious's youtube show 2 года назад

    so cute its so so pretty
    great video cant wait for Xmas

  • Akviles Hamster
    Akviles Hamster 2 года назад

    💬💬💬💬 i cant find the dream catcher emoji #happysnappyfam

  • Amber Rauwerda
    Amber Rauwerda 2 года назад

    love it

  • Annie Poersch
    Annie Poersch 2 года назад +2

    When you're in school but see Mr.Kate uploaded a video!

  • Kendall Mclellan
    Kendall Mclellan 2 года назад

    So obsessed!! 💭💭🎣🎣 #happysnappyfam

  • Anya Ma
    Anya Ma 2 года назад

    They are mega cutr

  • Ria Pia
    Ria Pia 2 года назад

    Yes Kate! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! Forgotten the snappy emoji but hey!
    Have an awesome day and hope you start getting better asap!

  • Coffeejessie Couture
    Coffeejessie Couture 2 года назад +3

    @mr.kate lol someone asked me to stop sending out your video feed to have them subscribe to your channel. I guess I send it to the same people all the time. as well as posting on Facebook twitter snapchat instagram pinterest. lol

  • GialloAzzurro
    GialloAzzurro 2 года назад +1

    how come the hands in the tutorial are different?

    • poppy robin
      poppy robin 2 года назад

      Lumalú It's Sofia, one of the people from the mr.kate team c:

    • Akviles Hamster
      Akviles Hamster 2 года назад +1

      Lumalú cuz its sofia from her team she always helps her their a team

  • Chez Armin
    Chez Armin 2 года назад +1

    ohh is this lovely 😀🙏 🌸 ♡ i need to do this for christmas 💭🎣💭🎣💭🎣💭🎣💜💜💜

  • Maria Mattar
    Maria Mattar 2 года назад +1

    you're the most creative person I know... I love your chanel 💌.

    • Mr. Kate
      Mr. Kate  2 года назад +1

      Thank you Maria! SO appreciate your support!!

  • I love
    I love 2 года назад

    o my god this is so cute...nice job 😍

  • Brianda Garcia
    Brianda Garcia 2 года назад

    Sooo cute 😭 I have to try this omg! Love you Kate! 💕

  • Ayesha Farooq
    Ayesha Farooq 2 года назад +1

    Heyy! I'm from Pakistan. Me and my sisters love you and we are fond of your work. Lots of love all the way from Pakistan and best of luck for your future! P.S we don't miss a single epsiode of Mr.Kate!

  • Nans! Rod
    Nans! Rod 2 года назад +1

    😴☁️🎣 sooo adorable love this for my Xmas tree 🌲🎅🏼

  • Mulan 121
    Mulan 121 2 года назад +21

    It made me so happy when you mentioned sustainability. Not a word you hear very often on a crafting channel.
    Love these, they are beautiful and can be used year round ❤️

  • LesleyGonz713
    LesleyGonz713 2 года назад

    That would be an awesome win! I'm I. The process of buying a new house and I need help!!! But this is so cute! .... I been getting a lot of ideas from your ideas love your dyis.... u and Joey make me laugh

  • ananya madan
    ananya madan 2 года назад

    I would like to attach them to my keys

  • Audrey Jane Baker
    Audrey Jane Baker 2 года назад +2

    YASSSSSSS IM SOOOOO HAPPPY!!! I love dream catchers and my room is Boho chic!💗💗💗

  • niki wilson
    niki wilson 2 года назад +1

    Mr Kate I just love ❤️ your videos. I'm going to make these and pass them out to some of my kids teachers. Thank you so much I was trying to figure out what I could make with the kids. 💭 🎣💭🎣💭🎣💭🎣💭🎣💭🎣💭🎣💭🎣💭🎣💭🎣💭🎣💭🎣💭🎣💭🎣💭🎣💭