Having a crush on your roommate is awkward af | Korean Web Drama | 4 Different Houses

  • Published on Aug 10, 2019
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    About '4 Different Houses'
    When Na-Yoon gets kicked out of her apartment, she disguises herself as a her cousin to move into an all-male sharehouse--who turns out to be owned by the k-pop idol Sun Min, infamous for his..."difficult" personality. As new tenants move in and new challenges arise, could their relationship become more than just roommates?
    Lee Jae-in (Jaejin of FT ISLAND)
    Zuny (of Ladies Code)
    Lee Sang (of IMFACT)
    Nam Yoon-soo
    Nam Yi-an
    Choi Min-hwan
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    4 Different Houses 4가지 하우스 | AsianCrush
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Comments • 415

  • AsianCrush
    AsianCrush  Month ago +96

    Stream the full series '4 Different Houses' on our app: bit.ly/acAPP
    Stream on the web: bit.ly/2KzO2dR
    *only available in the US & Canada*

    • Priya Sharma
      Priya Sharma Month ago

      Please make it available in india too series clips make us more excited to watch the full one please let us know the full story... huge Love from india💕

    • Swagata Bhattacharya
      Swagata Bhattacharya Month ago

      I am unable to stream this series on web, says 'You don't have permission to access this video. Code: 598'. Any way you could help me steam the series from India?

    • Jesca Banga
      Jesca Banga Month ago

      full movie please

    • anjell _hana
      anjell _hana Month ago

      kitty cat i found the whole episodes in other site but the resolution is not that good.😏

  • Yakira J
    Yakira J Day ago

    There sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute.!!!! Ahhhhh

    CHARLENE BONGON 2 days ago +1

    Subscribe to asian crush its awsome love asian crush fam

  • Halleannangel Vaiolo

    What is a bj?

  • qaisara kim
    qaisara kim 6 days ago

    why does he still looks the same a few years ago when Ftisland was on top? I mean he still looks the same

  • excuse me ?
    excuse me ? 6 days ago

    He be spoiling Bts

  • Shreya
    Shreya 10 days ago +3

    This drama came out in 2018, persona was released this year.
    From the comments, it seems like this guy can travel back in time!

  • Muskan Gurung
    Muskan Gurung 10 days ago

    Who else noticed 'PERSONA' written in his shirt

    BTS ARMYYY 12 days ago +1

    Wait!!! The movie they saw was uploaded on RU-clip 2 years ago.
    I watched all of the episodes lol.
    The name was something about food taste, I forgot 😂
    ~Edit: Drama name is "Hot and sweet". Uploaded by channel : Viki Global TV on youtube.

  • daytimeshootingstar lost in my daydream

    You can see the moustache on that lady with make up tutorial.

  • Shireen Azad
    Shireen Azad 13 days ago

    Who noticed PERSONA 💜

  • HaRdI ShAh!!!!
    HaRdI ShAh!!!! 14 days ago

    Anyone saw *PERSONA* written on the tshirt of sunmin

  • madefying
    madefying 15 days ago +14

    "no I'm not eating it, I'm on a diET"
    1min later
    10:00 *eats cinema popcorn"

  • Smarika Thapa
    Smarika Thapa 16 days ago

    Ohh he is wearing persona T-shirt 👕 hehe 😁

  • Kim taehyung Kim Kim worldwide handsome JIN

    The persona shirt tho

  • Knight Gore
    Knight Gore 18 days ago

    What is a BJ?

  • Jenniffer Wangari
    Jenniffer Wangari 19 days ago

    I like the love stories and at times I really wish it was me.😍😍😍😍

  • sri shakthi
    sri shakthi 20 days ago +1


  • baba is you
    baba is you 21 day ago

    sunmin looks like jungwoo from nct

  • J Pradhan
    J Pradhan 22 days ago

    3:21 persona ..Army??

  • M U
    M U 25 days ago

    Can asiancrush's app come to my country already

  • dandelionwawa32 Moonie
    dandelionwawa32 Moonie 26 days ago +1

    This lady in blue jacket jiyun is prettier than the lead actress but what jiyun real name...

  • ranjitha erra
    ranjitha erra 26 days ago +4

    Anyone noticed his white shirt while the interview or something else it's written persona... BTS😍💜

  • Ella Lambert
    Ella Lambert 27 days ago +19

    I love how the girl is confident on camera but shy irl 😂

  • Miley Mystique
    Miley Mystique 28 days ago

    PERSONA shirt!!!!!!!!!

  • furries rule
    furries rule Month ago

    That movie reminds me of master devil do not kiss me

  • Taha Baig
    Taha Baig Month ago

    When he was playing guitar anyone notice that he was wearing persona shirt. I am alone or any one of you also noticed

  • Stella Rajdavid
    Stella Rajdavid Month ago +2

    Persona tshirt ... ARMIES OUT THERE

    GUCCI MOCHI Month ago +2

    1:49 I think *EVERYONE* can agree with you there

  • Ren Xuwicha
    Ren Xuwicha Month ago +2

    why this drama is so silent? even no background music

  • Jevisus Ola
    Jevisus Ola Month ago

    jaejinnn oppppaaaaaaaaaa

  • Noviya Magic
    Noviya Magic Month ago

    Can someone tell me what the name of movie they watched in cinema

  • Xadrien Tou Long Vang
    Xadrien Tou Long Vang Month ago +3

    The blonde haired guy looks like a transgender girl😂

  • Oh kkaebsong kamjak noraesong

    Minhwa causally popping in😂💛🖤

  • Anis Hazwani
    Anis Hazwani Month ago

    Joonha's voice!

  • Jeon jung Yong
    Jeon jung Yong Month ago

    did anyone notice he is wearing a shirt written PERSONA???

  • Boobearsassxx.
    Boobearsassxx. Month ago

    Wait is the movie they are watching a real movie????

  • Kim _Taehyung
    Kim _Taehyung Month ago

    1:51 ..PERSONA

  • renova olivia
    renova olivia Month ago

    Where i Van full this web drama?

  • oh_moonlight
    oh_moonlight Month ago +2

    Blonde handsome guy, his name is Lee Jaejin, bassist of FTISLAND 😁

  • oh_moonlight
    oh_moonlight Month ago

    Jaejin 💕

  • Jillian Bunche-Samuel

    The asaincrush app is not available in my country.why?

  • Diorney Unicorn
    Diorney Unicorn Month ago +5

    I used to have a crush once.😍
    He had a crush on my best friend.😭😭😭😭😭😭
    He is also kinda my friend.
    Soo he asked me how I could get my best friend to fall in love to him.💔
    I wanted to 😭 but instead I helped them out.🤝
    I get happiness out of everyone's joy.🙃🙃
    Maybe that's why I'm still single.💔

  • Lelean Shakatreah
    Lelean Shakatreah Month ago

    لو سمحتو ممكن اسم المسلسل

  • Kim namjoon
    Kim namjoon Month ago

    10:08 he is eating in left hand

    ARMY FOREVER Month ago +12

    Okay..Is there PERSONA written on his shirt..😀
    Any ..army's out there.😃😃

  • rim
    rim Month ago

    No relation at all with the title?

  • l l
    l l Month ago

    What's the name of the song he sang during the live stream??

    UNB, IMFACT & BAP Month ago

    omg fnc family hahaha

  • Beth Morris
    Beth Morris Month ago +1

    i literally have just one question. Where did they get the Persona shirt? thank you!

  • Lovely Lia
    Lovely Lia Month ago

    Lol the acting in this sucks

  • Adesina Adeols
    Adesina Adeols Month ago

    Movie titles pls

  • Sunita Gurung
    Sunita Gurung Month ago

    I didn’t know minhwa was a great actor

  • Psychishness
    Psychishness Month ago

    Uh can anyone tell me who is the crush here?

  • Ae Ra
    Ae Ra Month ago

    More of this jebaaaaal~

  • infini. tnt
    infini. tnt Month ago

    Btw love the drama its great

  • infini. tnt
    infini. tnt Month ago +1

    For the kpop fans to understand wat im talking about with persona thing lol 😂😂😂😂❤

  • infini. tnt
    infini. tnt Month ago

    Ooo PERSONA on his Top

  • King Sonyeondan
    King Sonyeondan Month ago +1

    The first thing I noticed is Persona on his shirt😂😂

  • Kookie Lover
    Kookie Lover Month ago +1

    He is soooo cute😉