How To Be Charming Without Trying

  • Published on Apr 15, 2019
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    While watching clips from the previous Game of Thrones breakdown, I came across some cast interview clips, and I could not help but notice how effortlessly charming Emilia Clarke was. Emilia displays a number of charismatic habits, though, while seemingly simple, are extremely powerful.
    In this video, we are going to break down 4 of Emilia’s habits that make her so charming. These might seem very simple at first, but there are nuances that take them from ordinary basic advice to habits that can make you extremely charismatic if you hit the nuance.

    0:38 - Habit #1: ”Smile frequently (and genuinely)”
    2:59 - Habit #2: “Build other people up”
    5:29 - Habit #3: “Raise the energy in your interactions”
    7:21 - Habit #4: “Be an active listener”
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  • # MyDickStinks
    # MyDickStinks Hour ago

    Well if you're watching this video you're trying

  • Kaisersozze
    Kaisersozze 6 hours ago

    Not sure why but I don't like her. She's too much. Only Tom Cruise is allowed to laugh and smile that much.

  • Daughter of Namjin
    Daughter of Namjin 3 days ago +1

    People who have terrible crooked teeth , like the comment!

  • Kiwwizz
    Kiwwizz 3 days ago

    5. she is super hot and half of earth's population has seen her tits on GoT

  • Mr Everybody
    Mr Everybody 5 days ago

    Hello folks, welcome to Sociopathy on Command.

  • Abdala Mohamed
    Abdala Mohamed 5 days ago

    Please find transltor to translte videos to arabic

  • Molly Muehlbach
    Molly Muehlbach 6 days ago

    Omg I think she’s so cringeworthy

  • Tasha Scott
    Tasha Scott 6 days ago

    Trust me if I could I would but I think she's a bit outa my league

  • The Real DIO
    The Real DIO 8 days ago

    Ah yes, the channel that teaches us how to be human...

  • F.B.I
    F.B.I 9 days ago

    *She's drink.*

  • LTrain 45
    LTrain 45 10 days ago +1

    The forehead will go slack when a person is genuinely laughing

  • Ingrima
    Ingrima 11 days ago

    She's one of the most charming, likable and beautiful women I've seen. She's funny too and radiate positive playfullness.

  • Shenanigan Bandwagon
    Shenanigan Bandwagon 12 days ago

    1. Be incredibly attractive.

  • King David
    King David 13 days ago

    Her laugh makes me laugh too even though i can't undertand what she's saying hahahaha i love you emilia clarke 😘

  • JusThat
    JusThat 13 days ago


  • saintquinn007
    saintquinn007 15 days ago

    She's an actress....These are interviews where she knows millions of people are watching her...How is she in real life?

  • 15 days ago

    Y'all: Emilia Clarke
    Me: *d ragon ladie*

  • romeo omar
    romeo omar 16 days ago

    These tips work well with my three year old son.

  • rasen shuriken
    rasen shuriken 16 days ago

    Only work if you're female

  • loboestepario2424
    loboestepario2424 17 days ago

    Or you just have to be young, beautiful and talented. That could also work. 🙄

  • Saïdo Beno
    Saïdo Beno 17 days ago

    Her cuteness plays a big role

  • - stonewallash
    - stonewallash 19 days ago

    i have no energy. how do you radiate energy 💀

  • Ana Mazić
    Ana Mazić 20 days ago

    There is absolutely no way you can "learn" to be charismatic. That is smth you were born with or not. So, better rethink your soul and honest work rather than this bs. 🙄

  • matthew mann
    matthew mann 21 day ago

    Her having pearly whites also helps

  • Felixha Lee
    Felixha Lee 21 day ago

    When you want to smile but you have crooked and yellow teeth. And ugly jaw....

  • Bob
    Bob 21 day ago

    There is nothing charming about massacring an entire city of innocent people with a fire breathing dragon...

  • Gilberto Pereira
    Gilberto Pereira 22 days ago

    This channel is “how women can be more likable” and “how to appreciate men’s control of their emotion”.

  • Alessia
    Alessia 23 days ago

    Step 1 : Smile

    *Yellow teeths have left the chat*

  • Rosecoloredglasses 24
    Rosecoloredglasses 24 25 days ago

    I smiled throughout this whole video because of her smile.

  • kill frenzy
    kill frenzy 27 days ago

    people frequently call me charismatic when really im just an sociopath psh

  • butterfflyess
    butterfflyess 27 days ago

    shes annoying as heck

  • Angelo Johnnys
    Angelo Johnnys 28 days ago

    She’s definitely funny beautiful and talented love her work and personality and I really like your videos I haven’t tried them out yet just ran into your page a couple of days ago I’ll let you know if I see any improvement

  • O_dea Banana
    O_dea Banana 29 days ago

    When I saw this video being recommended I low key thought it was gonna be kind of spammy/junky but it’s actually super interesting and informative. Makes me wanna take a shower and start the new day not as a sad ball of negativity

  • A Melmatt
    A Melmatt Month ago

    It's hard to make Jimmy Fallon seem funny, and she seems to pull it off.

  • Bee M
    Bee M Month ago

    This is How to Win Friends and Influence People for the RU-clip generation.

  • Adam Giess
    Adam Giess Month ago

    Now explain how Anna Kendrick won me over before I'd seen anything she was in.

  • finnibert lunchiken

    I dont completely agree. There's something about someone who's too excitable and boisterous that can be off putting. She demonstrates this trait. Positivity is great but manic joy is exhausting to be around. A person who is interested in other people, shows it in a calm way, is open to a joke and occasionally laughs is better.

  • La Shan
    La Shan Month ago

    She has beautiful teeth I don't

  • Babo
    Babo Month ago

    she reminds me of park jimin

  • Steve S
    Steve S Month ago

    Not to take anything away from Emila Clarke, I do enjoy her personality and it does come across as genuine, but I wonder if she somehow got spared the abuse of other people in life, and then was fortunate to land a role in what turned out to be a successful tv show? And that is what we are seeing. I think a lot of charisma and confidence is a natural reaction to positive events. We will naturally feel confident when we feel successful, accomplished and appreciated. We will naturally feel charismatic when surrounded by good natured people who are not just waiting to mock and criticize you. But a lot of people are just not going to get that lucky, no matter how much they try or try to be positive. For every actor that lands the role in the successful tv show, there's a 1000 others trying but will not get it. Some people get a calm, protected, fun life with supportive friends and family. Others get tension, abuse, ridicule and humiliation. Or they get used, cheated, lied to, ripped off or worse.

  • Alej Gibsot
    Alej Gibsot Month ago

    CAP Charisma: When you find your self in any social situation, DON’T try to be normal.
    Me: it really contradict to the everyday advice of , “JUST BE YOURSELF”

  • Dominique Lavalle
    Dominique Lavalle Month ago

    I don't know who that woman is with the upside brows, but gawd is she annoying! Close your mouth dearie, you're letting the flies in. PS: Jennifer Love-Hewitt phoned and she wants her phony laughter shtick back! (It's evident that whoever she is copied JLH!)

  • gabe the daisy
    gabe the daisy Month ago

    Brie has lefted the chat

  • Zelos
    Zelos Month ago

    Can you do a video on Jeff Goldblum, please?? The real question is: why haven't you already? :P

  • MsBdesmond
    MsBdesmond Month ago

    Omg. Her and Chris Evans are one the biggest assholes on earth.

  • Sy A
    Sy A Month ago

    It’s called being fake...I don’t trust that game of thrones woman.

  • Nomvuyo Mbongwa
    Nomvuyo Mbongwa Month ago

    It comes with being a libra duuuhhh

  • Nomvuyo Mbongwa
    Nomvuyo Mbongwa Month ago

    It comes with being a libra duuuhhh

  • Christine Douglas
    Christine Douglas Month ago

    Now I can't help but wonder what Emilia playing Captain Marvel would have been like. Starts out all stoic and unemotional, then ends the film more like her actual playful personality --would have been an actual character arc!

  • gyno
    gyno Month ago +1

    I’ve come to the conclusion that charisma is all about making others feel good. Asking questions about them, letting the, talk about themselves, and laughing at their jokes are a sure way to do that.

  • Trayvon Zimmerman
    Trayvon Zimmerman Month ago

    Wrong in this case. She's hiding something

  • FierceMango
    FierceMango Month ago

    Brie Larson might be jealous of Emilia Clarke

    • FierceMango
      FierceMango 10 days ago

      Brie Larson is the Captain Marvel actor

    • Dominique Lavalle
      Dominique Lavalle Month ago

      OK I'll bite: who is that guy and why you ppl keep mentioning him here?? Is that a newsreporter dude from the 80s?

  • Rose Jones
    Rose Jones Month ago +1

    Either way she’s super kind, humble, accepting, gentle, positive, shows absolutely no aggressiveness, never starts conflict, shows respect, shows an interest in people and shows a liking to everyone. This is what gives you a good, positive reputation.

  • Jacob Andersen
    Jacob Andersen Month ago

    Basically, be an ENFJ.

  • Pwnsweet
    Pwnsweet Month ago

    The higher energy is fine except for when it comes across as if you're trying too hard to appease everyone. Then it looks like work, it looks fake.

  • Luis Martinez
    Luis Martinez Month ago +1

    You channel has 568,332 ways to be charismatic and they almost all cancell eachother out... To resume your channel in one sentence: everyone is liked by some people amd disliked by others no matter what you do.

    • Dr. Weird
      Dr. Weird Month ago

      Which is both reassuring and disturbing depending on your circumstances LOL

  • Gusti AP
    Gusti AP Month ago

    How to do this habit if we can't enjoy the situation? Sometimes I was trapped in such situation. It's hard to genuinely laugh when you meet with people who are busy with themselves.

  • Ben Slacker
    Ben Slacker Month ago


  • elliest 55
    elliest 55 Month ago +1

    When you come in with an energy level higher than everyone else people think you're on something

  • elliest 55
    elliest 55 Month ago

    How to be charming without trying: don't watch videos with instructions on how to be charming because that counts as trying?