The Numbers Are In (Sort Of)! This Lot of 20 Broken Switches Turned Out Good!

  • Published on Aug 30, 2019
  • The Numbers Are In (Sort Of)! This Lot of 20 Broken Switches Turned Out Good! - I'm trying to fix the final 7 Nintendo Switches out of the 20 I started with. A couple different fixes this time including replacing a faulty LCD screen and adding a jumper wire when replacing a video chip to fix a burned trace. There's also a bad battery and a couple faulty charge ports that need replacing. The results? I'm able to fix 16 complete Switches (and also 2 additional motherboards) out of the 20! Not too bad. The breakdown of the costs and likely profit are at the end of the video so check that out.
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    About This Video: In this video I'm fixing more Nintendo Switches from the lot of 20. I find more charging issues and replace some video chips, a couple faulty charge ports, a bad battery, and a faulty LCD screen. All together I'm able to fix a total of 16 out of the 20. (I also repaired 2 motherboards which I can put into other damaged Switches later.) The 20 switches cost me $1,815 originally plus I spent $77.50 on replacement parts. I'm estimating I'll average about $170 per Switch when I sell them for a total of around $2,720 in sales. That leaves me with an estimated total profit of $827.50. Not too bad!
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  • Chris Schilling
    Chris Schilling 8 hours ago

    What about when the nintendo logo comes up, but then immediately turns black/off?

  • w1ze07513
    w1ze07513 12 hours ago

    I have found a channel worth gold here!

  • James McCoy
    James McCoy Day ago

    So after watching this video I looked at your website to see if you have any, there was none. Please let me know. I would most definitely buy one from you.

  • Donovan Chiazzese

    Overpaid for broken switches I feel. Great video and great job! Negotiate morenl next time, they are garbage to the them anyway!

  • Sam Low
    Sam Low Day ago

    Nice work! ))

  • Cain Cano
    Cain Cano 2 days ago

    Where do you go to find the lot of broken gaming consoles?

  • Kathleen Roberts
    Kathleen Roberts 3 days ago

    One of them looks like they have a crack down the screen

  • Dana W
    Dana W 3 days ago

    I am so glad I found you! My Partner is a Splatoon 2 Streamer and if her switch ever dies it takes 3000+ hours of game play saves with it! I don't even want to think of that shitstorm. I have your website saved, I hope I never need your services but I'm so glad you are here! Its like a 911 for dead switches!

  • Fer
    Fer 3 days ago

    Well, now I am an expert repairing switchs.

  • Strictlym3
    Strictlym3 4 days ago

    Hi i have a car sitting in my garage right now. Can you stop by and fix it?

  • Anders Christensen
    Anders Christensen 4 days ago

    I bought a broken switch the other day for 15$ dollars in my currency, and I fixed it by just pluggin it in for an hour or two lol.
    Thanks to this channel :D

  • Invincible nobody
    Invincible nobody 5 days ago

    This guy's a genius. Making money on RU-clip WHILE making money fixing switches. Meanwhile promoting his website where he sells said refurbished switches. My mind....

  • Michael Cranston
    Michael Cranston 5 days ago

    So I'm subscribed and now I wanna rebuild Switches. Lol

  • Nathan Hitchcock
    Nathan Hitchcock 5 days ago

    Why am I still watching this? Why is this so satisfying!?

  • Chris Marker
    Chris Marker 5 days ago

    I'm taking a gather that Nindeo really, really needed to put a heat-sink on the video chip.
    Also I wonder how many people plugged in faulty USB A to C converter cables that didn't include the essential resister in the cable that stop its from over-current the device. A LOT of Amazon-sold A to C cables omit this resistor and they are a danger to devices.

  • Domermac
    Domermac 6 days ago

    Are you selling these refurbished units personally? If so, where can I find them or any other refurbished electronics?

  • jesus cabrera
    jesus cabrera 7 days ago

    Where do you find them broken

  • kasumi1245
    kasumi1245 8 days ago

    Between you and my mate Vince, I’ll never run out of good content to watch! And your videos motivate me to try this, I’ve wanted to open a very small local shop and thanks to you guys I’ve been motivated to do it!

  • Absolutcookie
    Absolutcookie 8 days ago

    8:06 I never would’ve guessed this was an asmr channel

  • jaden srfish
    jaden srfish 9 days ago

    Likely Profit: $827.50
    Ads & Views Profit: $$$$$$$$

  • Pedro Leon
    Pedro Leon 9 days ago

    someone know how to learne this? i mean, fix "videogames"? Is a dream to me... Have a course to do this ?(sorry bad english).

  • Giles2603
    Giles2603 9 days ago

    Did you ever post about the final numbers as can’t find anything on your Instagram and has been 3 months since the video?

  • Crunch Munch
    Crunch Munch 10 days ago

    How do they get liquid damage? Leaving them outside, dropping them in the tub or dumping drinks on them? Good video!

  • CK Vargas
    CK Vargas 10 days ago

    What's the sound of shorted capacitor vs the non-shorted one?
    Could anyone differentiate? Thanks!

  • WhiteTable
    WhiteTable 10 days ago

    Why didn`t you use little bit heat for glue to melt on battery foam before remove? It probably would came off in one piece.

  • Tikky
    Tikky 10 days ago

    Whats the name of the song on 1:00

  • MotocrasherX
    MotocrasherX 10 days ago

    This is the first video I see of your channel, and its just perfect the way you fix all the stuff professionally, sadly I'm from venezuela where to find all your tools are so expensive and hard to find, hope one day I become as good as you!, a big hug from venezuela!

  • Gods God
    Gods God 10 days ago +3

    Hold on, there is no place for a smart person on the internet.

    • Gods God
      Gods God 9 days ago

      @TronicsFix Love your content dude.

    • TronicsFix
      TronicsFix  9 days ago +1

      That's hilarious!

  • Gavin Matthews
    Gavin Matthews 10 days ago

    How many hours of work did it take? how much for labour?

  • JesterNR
    JesterNR 10 days ago

    I stumbled across these videos and... you know... this series of videos was interesting and informative.

  • Imperio Gamers
    Imperio Gamers 11 days ago

    dude!! please sell me one of youre repaired switch! how much you ask??

  • linagee
    linagee 11 days ago

    I see refurbished switches on eBay now for $135/ea. I guess that would make the profit only $267. (Or $13 made from repairing each switch.) I bet you made more from the RU-clip ad revenue. :-)

  • linagee
    linagee 11 days ago

    How can I get that tool where I point at a screw and it disappears? MUST HAVE! :-D

  • Kuro Maru
    Kuro Maru 11 days ago

    Do you have any ideas / Do you know the reason why the video chip is so often the defective part?
    And were the Switches from the first edition or the ones with the hardware update?
    Did you by chance notice differences with the most common defects?
    Greetings from germany and thanks in advance for any helpful answers!

  • Borntostrive
    Borntostrive 11 days ago

    I got a new Pro Controller in September and that same day I tossed the switch on the couch and did not see the pro controller and now all the pixels are dead or something

  • CronSolo916
    CronSolo916 12 days ago

    Where are u selling these switches? Cuz I need one stat....

  • Mark
    Mark 12 days ago

    There are no wires on that"digitizer;" it's a screen protector not a digitizer!

    • linagee
      linagee 11 days ago

      I thought I was the only one to spot that. I was going to say, is it magic? I think he calls the digitizer cable a backlight cable.

  • Kristaps Gailis
    Kristaps Gailis 12 days ago

    7 more to try*. Back to school for you my friend! :D

  • Serpent Society
    Serpent Society 12 days ago

    So many of these problems could be avoided if people knew how to take care of their consoles... be gentle with inserting the charger, don't have water around your devices, etc. But ofc the video chip or battery problems aren't always going to be their fault either. Fun videos to watch btw

  • Serpent Society
    Serpent Society 12 days ago

    Why do so many video chips go bad?

  • Alexander Nakamura
    Alexander Nakamura 12 days ago

    So I have this iPod gen 6 I've had since march 2017
    It stopped working entirely of Jan 2019.
    The top of the screen is cracked alittle.
    The bottom of the screen is legit popped off of the body. Idk how but it started slowly coming out over the second half of 2018 and my dumbass thought my home button was going in deeper but I was wrong lmao.
    Anyways because of the bottom half of the screen popping off the home button fell out.
    And then the charging port stopped working so it can't charge anymore which is the reason why I can't use it anymore.
    I would honestly love to see you try and fix it 😂😂😂😂

  • Kieron The Barber
    Kieron The Barber 12 days ago

    good job

  • Gmo
    Gmo 12 days ago +16

    Some dude is going to be very confused when he replaces the battery in the future and sees "Be sure to subscribe"

  • Roman Pech
    Roman Pech 12 days ago

    My laptop broke, any chance you would take a look at that? Authorized service said that it's a motherboard problem and there's no chance to repair it. I would love to see someone prove them wrong :-)

  • Pokémon Go’ing
    Pokémon Go’ing 13 days ago

    I just found the adult version of surprise egg videos

  • Noir
    Noir 13 days ago +2

    I just watched all 3 Parts it's oddly satisfying watching you fixing stuff :D

  • Highsenbergsen
    Highsenbergsen 13 days ago

    What job would be his name? I'm curios.

  • madmaxxmad2
    madmaxxmad2 13 days ago

    Love these

  • guy tremblay
    guy tremblay 13 days ago

    not much people in the comment section saw the video chip flaw in the concept of the Nintendo Switch and they all say bravo . probably now they can change the ones in theirs every month on their own instead of paying someone else to do it hahahaha . Cause that video chip seems to have a constant problem .

  • guy tremblay
    guy tremblay 13 days ago

    well i've watch the three parts video of the nintendo Switch and i 've learned one thing crucial . 20 out of 20 nintendo switch have a problem or another that renders it innoperable in each case . Lesson to be learned here ? dont buy anything thats made by Apple cause its sure to break down on you for one reason or another

  • Michael Jones
    Michael Jones 13 days ago

    How do people scratch their switch screens so much?

  • Frank Sanford
    Frank Sanford 13 days ago

    Can you replace the battery in a iPad mini?

  • Vedrit Mathias
    Vedrit Mathias 14 days ago +1

    I used to do warranty repairs for Dell, and I gotta say, I'm a bit surprised at how similar the Switch is to the Surface in terms of disassembly

    • Vedrit Mathias
      Vedrit Mathias 13 days ago

      @TronicsFix Not really, though it can be a bit... concerning. You have to pry the display off to get to the internal components, and the display can be very stubborn and flexes quite a bit. I was always worried I was going to crack the screen when I had to work on them.

    • TronicsFix
      TronicsFix  13 days ago +1

      Interesting. I've heard the Surface is tough to get into.

  • Zanybananas
    Zanybananas 14 days ago +81

    I never would of guessed that I would watch a guy fix switches

  • flumpf
    flumpf 14 days ago

    Just curious where your time to fix these factors in on the profit numbers.

    • Jeff Goss
      Jeff Goss 13 days ago

      I would imagine that his time = the number of hours / final profit. Just generally he is already sitting at about $300/hr.

  • billy wood
    billy wood 14 days ago

    so whats the final total?

  • Eliwood407
    Eliwood407 14 days ago

    how do you do the thing where you point at screw and it goes away? Do you not need to unscrew it and take it out? where it go?

  • H erm
    H erm 14 days ago

    where do you get the video chips from?

  • Abang Ghoffar
    Abang Ghoffar 14 days ago +1

    after watching this series I wanna break my switch and try to fix it myself even though I don't have any of the tools.

  • Nikos Solomou
    Nikos Solomou 14 days ago

    I don't really like your new way of pointing at each screw and cable to show it is being undone, disconnected or vice versa. It's a bit distracting.