Rick Gets Back Together with His Ex-Girlfriend, Unity | Rick and Morty

  • Published on May 14, 2019
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    On one of their jaunts, Rick, Morty and Summer encounter a hive mind named Unity, whom Rick admits he used to date...
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Comments • 440

  • E4
    E4  5 months ago +330

    What's YOUR favourite Rick moment??
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    • Kirb The adventurer
      Kirb The adventurer 4 months ago

      You spellllllt ir rong

    • Monkeh
      Monkeh 4 months ago

      @aer 143 e4 is about 60 years too late, stream/steal when it comes out! Follow Dan's or R&M insta/twitter thingy.

    • aer 143
      aer 143 4 months ago

      E4 is Rick and Morty back?

    • Monkeh
      Monkeh 5 months ago

      Why the influx of Rick and morty clips, you're years too late.

    • Chubby Lemur99
      Chubby Lemur99 5 months ago

      Non existing

    JUSTSA NORMALGUY 5 days ago

    who is the real unity?what kind of body and shape does she have?

  • Ben Williams
    Ben Williams 8 days ago +9

    The weird thing is that this unity isn’t actually ricks unity, considering him and morty left their original dimension

  • It’s ClaregamerLPS!
    It’s ClaregamerLPS! 9 days ago +1

    Y’know the kissing part made me cringe because I bet the one doing the “sound” felt hella uncomfortable after...

  • Lacoulas 555
    Lacoulas 555 11 days ago +2

    The thing is this hive mind is gay and straight at the same time

  • netalilourie UwU
    netalilourie UwU 14 days ago

    1:05 damn so unity is watching herself making out?

  • I think not.
    I think not. 16 days ago


  • Grizzly BƎAR
    Grizzly BƎAR 18 days ago

    0:11 - 0:38 Y’all need to comprehend this. Putting gems in a cartoon.

    P.s. 0:17 - 0:26 They ain't slick lol. They know why they used those two voice actors for that specific information.

  • Jayson Ruiz
    Jayson Ruiz 18 days ago

    Stranger things? Hive mind ? Demagorgen ? Unity?

  • guthax30
    guthax30 20 days ago

    One thing Rick passed along to his grandkids: a deep an abiding lust for redheads.

  • Enderfire1st _
    Enderfire1st _ 20 days ago


  • Usy A
    Usy A 20 days ago +1

    This episode has a way deeper meaning that’s going over everyone’s head

  • Paul Schlegel
    Paul Schlegel 28 days ago

    Pickel Rick

  • Alpha Vegas
    Alpha Vegas 29 days ago

    "beta 7" lmfao

  • seanxlive
    seanxlive 29 days ago

    0:16 is that Tygan from xcom 2 lol?

  • Aman Smith-martin
    Aman Smith-martin Month ago +1

    3:40 Is it odd I think she's kinda hot?

  • Kainoa Fonseca
    Kainoa Fonseca Month ago +2

    “They made burgers....”

  • P B
    P B Month ago

    Technically rick raped a lot of people.

  • Eleeth Tahgra
    Eleeth Tahgra Month ago +1

    A homeless guy...with a tinfoil hat exist in a hivemind society....somehow.

  • the best student
    the best student Month ago

    I like that Rick's first concern is his grandkids and his next is how wasted he is

  • 619 575
    619 575 Month ago +1

    They made burgers

  • Cesar Andres
    Cesar Andres Month ago

    Anyone else notices how Rick feels extremely human in this episode? He actually cares for stuff and even says "Jesus Christ" when he got spooked.

  • Taiken 体験
    Taiken 体験 Month ago

    2:49 when a black person touches a white person

  • Adly AD
    Adly AD Month ago

    So Rick's father looks like an office salarymen with simple combed short hair? This is only mentions of Rick's father

  • Antivoid
    Antivoid Month ago +2

    This is why we want to storm area 51!

  • D K
    D K Month ago +2

    The origin story of their relationship should be its own episode.

  • D K
    D K Month ago

    This is the only way a relationship with Rick makes sense

  • wierd _weed
    wierd _weed Month ago

    Did anyone hear rick say grunkle Stan costume?

  • Eh, Canadian Gamer
    Eh, Canadian Gamer Month ago

    I like seeing Rick so chill. Women do that. Or I guess love? Whatever.
    1:56 *Then again this isn't so chill*

  • Jimmy
    Jimmy Month ago

    this is my fetish now

  • Volrag
    Volrag Month ago +3

    Hang on does this mean that in the past rick introduced unity to his parents? How does she know what ricks dad looks like?

  • Roy Rosario
    Roy Rosario Month ago

    I would F zo meny jades bro

  • Roy Rosario
    Roy Rosario Month ago


  • cerealkiller
    cerealkiller Month ago

    I just realised that rick has a fetish for red hair

  • x15adam
    x15adam Month ago


  • Rango pistacho
    Rango pistacho Month ago

    I have no idea what happens most of the time but I enjoy it none the less

  • Hi Sanai
    Hi Sanai Month ago

    What actually scares me, is that we’ve never actually seen unity’s true physical form

  • Gun God YV
    Gun God YV Month ago +4

    01:44 Of course Morty would notice the redheads

  • Kevin nonyah
    Kevin nonyah Month ago +2

    rick wanted a stadium full of naked red-heads ... the only redhead we know of is...Summer.
    also , how is she red-headed ? maybe Jerry is not her father

  • Hated worthless NeverLoved

    That kiss was kinda hot

  • Merik Malhads
    Merik Malhads 2 months ago

    I''m curious if these Hivemind organisms were originally individuals or if they always existed as a parasitic bile goo

  • ZOmB13_Slyr _-
    ZOmB13_Slyr _- 2 months ago

    Beta 7 = Minecraft storymode confirmed

  • Javier Garcia
    Javier Garcia 2 months ago

    They made burgers!

  • Ian Stockwell
    Ian Stockwell 2 months ago

    He’s using his baby RU-clip

  • Anthony Bermudez
    Anthony Bermudez 2 months ago +5

    “They made burgers”
    Why is that exactly what I would say

  • owl boi
    owl boi 2 months ago +1

    3:59, is that unity's core?

  • Versario
    Versario 2 months ago

    Unity thick asf

  • Miguel Melo Miguel
    Miguel Melo Miguel 2 months ago

    What season was this?

  • Mixed Emotions
    Mixed Emotions 2 months ago

    Meeseeks is favorite

  • Neolord 12
    Neolord 12 2 months ago

    Beta 7 mhm I wonder what was being implied?

  • Henio Sie
    Henio Sie 2 months ago

    Fenix man

  • Emiliano Infante
    Emiliano Infante 2 months ago

    My favorite side character is mr poopybutthole

  • Nate Escobales
    Nate Escobales 2 months ago

    1:35-1:50 That sinario actually seems like a cross between Doctor who and the X-Men.

  • Nathaniel Persino
    Nathaniel Persino 2 months ago

    Mr. PoopyButhole

  • Mujtaba Ellari
    Mujtaba Ellari 3 months ago +2

    I think people easily gloss over the fact that Rick saved the universe by going on a bender with Unity.

  • OverTheSky
    OverTheSky 3 months ago +1

    *they made burgers*

  • Angelo Rivera
    Angelo Rivera 3 months ago +2

    3:56 when someone burns my minecraft home and no one in server owns up to it

  • That PlayStation Gamer
    That PlayStation Gamer 3 months ago

    Beta 7 is a Beta male owe see I am super smart cause I understand one of most obvious puns ever

  • Jay Archer
    Jay Archer 3 months ago


  • DZNUTZ 2003
    DZNUTZ 2003 3 months ago

    Burgers yummy