iPhone 11 vs iPhone XS max | SpeedTest and Camera comparison

  • Published on Nov 14, 2019
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  • jessica kathy
    jessica kathy 6 hours ago +1

    iphone xs max is do better then iphone 11
    my opinion

  • Thee zeed
    Thee zeed 15 hours ago

    Xs max cpu 12 bionic not 13

  • Lester Gomez
    Lester Gomez Day ago +1

    i like the xs max because of the screen size and back levels besides that i would take the 11

  • Rushil Thakkar
    Rushil Thakkar 3 days ago


  • Lucifer Morningstar
    Lucifer Morningstar 3 days ago

    Xs max is better

  • PsychoGamers TV
    PsychoGamers TV 4 days ago

    11 variants are beast!

    • Derek Quinones
      Derek Quinones Day ago

      PsychoGamers TV heard they scratch real easy? Anyone else hear that about 11 variants?

  • Kevin Josephs
    Kevin Josephs 4 days ago

    That desk setup belongs to Flossy Carter

  • Romy Grewal
    Romy Grewal 5 days ago +25

    Where is my iphone 11 gang?🥱

  • Based D
    Based D 5 days ago +3

    Shoes, calm down 🤚🏿

    • ASC J
      ASC J 2 days ago +1

      Based D we love our white shoes

    • ASC J
      ASC J 2 days ago +1

      Based D ha this ain’t floss but they have the same table clothe

  • Sterling Saunders
    Sterling Saunders 6 days ago +1

    My have to switch to the XS MAX I order the 11 today

  • Wayne Infinity
    Wayne Infinity 7 days ago +2


  • 2nalog
    2nalog 7 days ago +3

    11 has better technical specs, xs max just has better and bigger screen.
    11 for the win :) always prefer a newer one.

  • Mirza Hassan
    Mirza Hassan 8 days ago +1

    Xs max is better than 11 alot of reasons can’t. Tell

    • Adriatic S.
      Adriatic S. Day ago

      A i have the XS max and its battery life is lame. Barely holds a full day. Sooner or later it wont last full day. Im going to resell the xs max and add some money on top for the better iphone 11. Size is just a little smaller, not much of a difference on screen quality and the battery is a god damn beast. Definitely go with 11.

    • A
      A 5 days ago +1

      Mirza Hassan could you please expand as I am not sure which one to go for

  • xnkn0wn
    xnkn0wn 9 days ago +1

    Completely unrelated but your hands are so pretty 😶

    • badr ibrahim
      badr ibrahim 8 days ago

      the fuck? i heard some people are into the feet shit but you are somethin else lol

  • Nickie Ovien
    Nickie Ovien 9 days ago +3

    I was planning to get the XS Max in a Apple store Lakeside in the UK and I forgot that they don’t sell it anymore.
    Honestly ffs why? I love Apple but it’s wasting people’s money they are doing this so people can buy the new products.

    • Areyana Marin
      Areyana Marin 5 days ago

      You can still get the phones Apple doesn’t sell anymore at a store like t mobile or verizon i am going to get an iphone xs max from t mobile in about a week or 2

    • Rey Panda
      Rey Panda 7 days ago

      Nickie Ovien here in my country. The official apple store here is still selling iphone 6 to Iphones 8+ to iphone xs max. But still they dont have the iphone 11 to iphone 11 pro max

  • Cristian Avila
    Cristian Avila 9 days ago +7

    I’m proud of my 11, it has a great screen and that’s really all your getting with the xs max, a better screen for a bigger cost. 11 wins for me

    • Andre Finklea
      Andre Finklea Day ago


    • Cristian Avila
      Cristian Avila 4 days ago +1

      GoCrazy.Jacob yeah the 11 still has a great screen

    • GoCrazy.Jacob
      GoCrazy.Jacob 6 days ago +1

      Cristian Avila I have 11 only difference really is xs had oled which isn’t that much of a difference

  • Anó nima
    Anó nima 10 days ago +2

    I Love iPhone 11🤤🤤

    ASMR and MUKBANGS 11 days ago +11

    Wow. I wish i have money to upgrade😪
    My phone is still iphone 6😃

  • Sriram Chowdary
    Sriram Chowdary 12 days ago +1

    Proud of the xs max 🤩

  • Walid Tasnim
    Walid Tasnim 13 days ago +2

    Being a Iphone 5s consumer to which one should I move between 11 & xs max ?
    N.T:- money won’t be an issue
    I’m seeking for your kind opinions :)

    • Elder_lpz
      Elder_lpz 10 days ago

      Walid Tasnim the iPhone 11 is better for most of them

    • Walid Tasnim
      Walid Tasnim 13 days ago

      Izzatullo Abduahatov I’m talking performances..which one will be handled well in terms of processor,camera,battery and not the least display !?

    • Izzatullo Abduahatov
      Izzatullo Abduahatov 13 days ago +1

      Walid Tasnim I think 11 cuz you are coming from a 5s and that is small so 11 is smaller then the Xsmax so get the 11 cuz it’s cheaper and better in general

  • Donald Ocon
    Donald Ocon 13 days ago

    Hi! I am planning to buy an iPhone 11, but my friend wants to sell his iPhone xs Max that he bought just last June 2019 and it's in mint condition. He wants to sell it in the same price with iPhone 11. Help me please, if should go for his phone or buy a an iPhone 11? Thanks

  • FaNCy WhOoOo
    FaNCy WhOoOo 13 days ago +5

    Y’all I need help
    My dad wanted to buy me a new phone
    He said he would buy me the xs max or the 11 I don’t know what to choose!!! Hellpp!

  • Gurpreet Sekhon
    Gurpreet Sekhon 15 days ago +1

    I phone 11 faster and better than I phone x s max I use iPhone 11

  • The Real Ricky P
    The Real Ricky P 16 days ago +1

    The iPhone 11 isn’t even full hd but max xs is ultra hd? Easy choice

  • Oscar Ponce de Leon
    Oscar Ponce de Leon 18 days ago +5

    Hello everybody it's your boy Flo....oh, nevermind😒

  • RandallAllen Stark
    RandallAllen Stark 19 days ago +7

    Switch your overhead lighting or move it so it doesn’t reflect on the products into your camera.

  • jeffrey Vardeleon
    jeffrey Vardeleon 19 days ago +2

    iphone 11 win

  • Rose Flores
    Rose Flores 20 days ago +4

    Guess I will keep my Xs max instead of getting the 11

    • ChiraqDreadHead
      ChiraqDreadHead 2 days ago

      KurtXan Productions you can flex with the 11 and the 11 pro is a smaller phone the 3rd camera really don’t make a difference having a IPhone 11 is a flex by itself no matter which 11 it is.

    • Got One
      Got One 16 days ago

      don't forget to keep your charger close to

    • Louis Smith
      Louis Smith 16 days ago

      KurtXan Productions I have a 6s Plus. Do you recommend I upgrade to Xs, Xs max or 11

    • KurtXan Productions
      KurtXan Productions 17 days ago

      @Ronaldo Keen If you want an LCD screen over an OLED, then go for it, going from an Xs to the 11 isn't really an upgrade tbh, rather go for the pro, don't flex unless you have the pro

    • Musa Bangash
      Musa Bangash 17 days ago +2

      Guess I’ll stay with my iPhone 6

  • Steve Badolato
    Steve Badolato 21 day ago +105

    Get XS Max if you value screen size, clarity and black levels. Get 11 if you need ultra wide camera, better selfie camera, better battery life. Get 11 Pro Max if you want it all.

    • Mirza Hassan
      Mirza Hassan 8 days ago +1

      Xs max has better battery life if u don’t know

    • Hi
      Hi 8 days ago +1

      Azzap Ew nobody here wants an android

    • chith siriphat
      chith siriphat 8 days ago

      Azzap haha

    • chith siriphat
      chith siriphat 8 days ago

      Azzap 😂

    • Azzap
      Azzap 8 days ago +2

      Steve Badolato get note 10 if you want screen size and clarity and black leveles...

  • Roxxiane
    Roxxiane 21 day ago +3

    coming from 8+...which one better? 11 or XS Max? i heard bout the eye sight problem with XS oled screen (?) but is it that bother? (dont want 11 pro btw)

    • Cintar Eliodor
      Cintar Eliodor 14 days ago

      Well it is like this
      Xs max for bigger and better screen
      11 for better front and back camera and way better battery + a13 bionic.

    • prk Novi Sad
      prk Novi Sad 16 days ago

      Im thinking about that to but Im going with XS Max 256 gigs I found it cheaper then 11 and brend new

    • Zero X
      Zero X 16 days ago

      I would go with xs max oled better than the lcd

    • Jean Grey
      Jean Grey 19 days ago

      Roxxiane no i have xs max there is nothing wrong with it xs max is a better phone display size the bezels are smaller and its oled the same as 11 pro max

    • jeffrey Vardeleon
      jeffrey Vardeleon 19 days ago


  • Quentin爱
    Quentin爱 23 days ago +4

    The xs max price is ridiculously expensive

    • Aiyxu
      Aiyxu 13 days ago

      Void you can get it refurbished from music magpie or eBay for 600£ pristine condition

    • Jean Grey
      Jean Grey 19 days ago

      Daisyy Slay xs max is 1165$ 256gb

    • Void
      Void 21 day ago

      Daisyy Slay it is mate it’s 1049 pounds in the UK same as a 11 pro and 100 less than the pro max the 11 is 700 and a better value and a better phone than the 11 faster more future proof stronger glass perfect 6.1 size 5.8 is too small 6.5 is too big sometimes 11 is perfect and it has better cameras and a lot faster

    • Daisyy Slay
      Daisyy Slay 22 days ago

      Not as expensive as the 11. I mean you can get lots of good deals now since apple discontinued the xs max

  • Anton Ozolins
    Anton Ozolins 23 days ago +2

    i dont know which one to buy( guys i need some help

      STATED SUPEREME 17 days ago

      Anton Ozolins if u want a more premium device go with xs cuz of stainless steel and an oled screen and one more thing 11 series has a scratching problem

    • Ronaldo Keen
      Ronaldo Keen 19 days ago +2

      The 11 is superior

    • jeffrey Vardeleon
      jeffrey Vardeleon 19 days ago


    • Anton Ozolins
      Anton Ozolins 23 days ago +1

      i just like the xs maxs thin bezel and big screen but i i think the 11 is better due to that A13 chip. Oh and the 11 wide angle camera is pretty sweet

  • Saminathan D
    Saminathan D 25 days ago +1

    I am looking for new iphone but i have confuse which one should I go for iphone 11 or iphone Xs max could anyone give me suggestions?

    • Ram
      Ram 18 days ago

      @Jakub Wójcik worse camera so whose camera is good gonna tell me

    • King Chris
      King Chris 20 days ago

      @Jakub Wójcik the iPhone 11 battery better

    • سجاد احسان المالكي
    • Jakub Wójcik
      Jakub Wójcik 24 days ago +1

      XS Max, way better display, better finish but worse cameras, you will not see the difference until you put those images at your computer/TV. If you need night camera just go for NeuralCam app. But if you can buy 11 pro, it’s a beast in every way.

    • Grass The Bodybuilder
      Grass The Bodybuilder 24 days ago +3

      Xs max is fine.

  • R C
    R C 25 days ago +4

    Xs max win all day ( big screen , thin , “elegant” )

  • • Soleil B*tch •
    • Soleil B*tch • 25 days ago +25

    Thought this was flossy carter

    • Frankie Lee
      Frankie Lee 23 days ago +1

      rah., same wooden pattern but seems table cloth. lol

  • Lidiane Sousa
    Lidiane Sousa 25 days ago +2

    Iphone 11 or xs max????

    • JhevanYT - Gaming
      JhevanYT - Gaming 14 days ago

      Xs max is the best y would u choose LCD than OLED that makes an iphone “non premium”

    • mayank ahuja
      mayank ahuja 15 days ago

      Obviously xs max

    • Huy Gia
      Huy Gia 18 days ago

      I used ip11 and now I’m using xs max . 11 has new features but it looks dull .Xs max still better overall though.

    • ADV Diaz
      ADV Diaz 18 days ago +1

      Xs Max 🔥

    • jeffrey Vardeleon
      jeffrey Vardeleon 19 days ago +1


  • Phones and stuff
    Phones and stuff 25 days ago +9

    Really surprised by how quick the XS is

    • Alex Lim
      Alex Lim 3 days ago

      @Tr4p MaZe imagine replying to a comment from 2 weeks ago. who asked you for your opinion on someone voicing theirs?

    • Tr4p MaZe
      Tr4p MaZe 4 days ago

      Chris whayne no one asked

    • Chris whayne
      Chris whayne 21 day ago +1

      I want iphone xs max because i dont have a phone

  • Ryan Vernon
    Ryan Vernon 25 days ago +14

    That just shows you how good and advanced the A12 chip really is really no difference at all

    • BpE
      BpE 8 days ago

      No big difference in speed but a big difference in efficiency!!

    • Valentin Kálmán
      Valentin Kálmán 8 days ago

      the difference is not now its after 2 3 yeard

    • Phones and stuff
      Phones and stuff 25 days ago

      Was thinking exactly the same thing!

  • محمد محمد
    محمد محمد 25 days ago

    ?iPhone 11 or xsmax??🤔🤔

    • Gurpreet Sekhon
      Gurpreet Sekhon 15 days ago

      I phone 11 faster and better than I phone x s max I use iPhone 11

    • Zero X
      Zero X 16 days ago +2

      Lol nah go xs max you get 3D Touch a good camera a nice screen good battery life

    • Ronaldo Keen
      Ronaldo Keen 19 days ago

      11 is superior

    • jeffrey Vardeleon
      jeffrey Vardeleon 19 days ago


    • Vikksa21
      Vikksa21 23 days ago +1

      iPhone 11 ☺️

  • Swl y
    Swl y 25 days ago +2