FUNNIEST DIY PRANKS ON FRIENDS || Easy and Fun Family Pranks by 123 GO!

  • We know you love your friends but that doesn’t mean you don’t enjoy making them squirm now and again.
    If you’re looking for some fun ways to prank your besties, stay tuned ‘cuz we have a bunch of great ones comin’ at ya!
    Feel free to send these pranks to your besties but beware - you don’t want to give them any ideas.
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  • taizya sichone
    taizya sichone 11 hours ago


  • Ahmed Sarfraz
    Ahmed Sarfraz 21 hour ago +1

    ha ha funny

  • Little fun in Philipines

    Emily is funny

  • Eleanor Snider
    Eleanor Snider Day ago

    More pranks with Vickie please 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  • julie nini
    julie nini 2 days ago +1

    123 go l love you so much enyone reading this add a like and message to this

  • sireesha kondapi
    sireesha kondapi 3 days ago

    That is a bad habit

  • Xanthia Sausoo
    Xanthia Sausoo 3 days ago

    Your a fucking snacher

  • Jana Plays
    Jana Plays 5 days ago

    OLIVIA is wearing the infinite merch

  • Katie Ollis
    Katie Ollis 5 days ago

    4:00 her face😂

  • Marissa Jane
    Marissa Jane 6 days ago

    Amy:sorry teach if I'm late but I took a really long time for me to eat breakfast and to do my hair and my makeup and get out of bed so sorry don't be mad at me
    Ms. Applebee: it's fine 🤗
    Justin: (raises his hand)
    Ms. Applebee: yes?
    Justin: I really got to go cuz the restroom😨💩🚾

  • Marissa Jane
    Marissa Jane 6 days ago +2

    You should never stick your tongue out at somebody you could get in big trouble 😈

    PINTU BANSAL 8 days ago

    Please curl hair wali di asi agib sakle mat banaya karo bhot over acting hogyi or acha bhi nhi lag rha

  • Maddison Manuel
    Maddison Manuel 10 days ago

    But EMILY stole OLIVIAS cheese puffs 1:08

  • Kevin Maurice Jones
    Kevin Maurice Jones 10 days ago

    You’re guys are the best people in the country 🇱🇷

  • Kevin Maurice Jones
    Kevin Maurice Jones 10 days ago +1

    You’re funny 😁 Olivia

  • Rankog hell
    Rankog hell 11 days ago

    Me ni je super

  • Gladys Villapando
    Gladys Villapando 14 days ago

    this is kinda boring

  • Saphfire Rudd
    Saphfire Rudd 14 days ago

    Olivia is wearing the infinite logo

  • Missy Marvelous
    Missy Marvelous 19 days ago +1

    “Don’t blow too hard now...that’s what she said’

  • Nia Simon
    Nia Simon 20 days ago


  • Nia Simon
    Nia Simon 20 days ago

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  • Nia Simon
    Nia Simon 20 days ago

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  • Aminath Arifa
    Aminath Arifa 23 days ago

    Hi I'm anna McNulty you no me because I'm on RU-clip

  • Tania Sultana
    Tania Sultana 24 days ago

    It's diy pranks!!,😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

  • Pastel Unicorngamertron10


  • genviv juma
    genviv juma 25 days ago

    I love 123 go

  • XMika The GamerzX Sub To Zoophia and me

    5:20 she has an infinite merch
    Edit: I realize that they dont have merch i wish they have

  • Jenna Cinelli
    Jenna Cinelli 27 days ago

    I love ❤️ your new video

  • mysh fahad
    mysh fahad 28 days ago

    Why don't you just bite her

  • Bunsen 69
    Bunsen 69 29 days ago

    these pranks are not gonna work because i don't have friends.

  • Mirasol Banyaga
    Mirasol Banyaga Month ago

    It looks like a spider in a balloon.

  • Mirasol Banyaga
    Mirasol Banyaga Month ago

    Oh no!emily is smiling while she was sleeping.

  • Mirasol Banyaga
    Mirasol Banyaga Month ago

    Is silly string a household item?

  • Mirasol Banyaga
    Mirasol Banyaga Month ago

    If emily is olivia's bestie,why would she not give her some cheese puffs?

  • Flora Cabajar
    Flora Cabajar Month ago

    that is a funny prank

  • Biridiana Gastelum
    Biridiana Gastelum Month ago


  • Taylor Bernhardt
    Taylor Bernhardt Month ago

    i did the finger thing with my dad it was funny

  • Bea Couros
    Bea Couros Month ago

    Emily was the one who stole the cheese puffs not Olivia so why does Emily prank Olivia right after she just pranked her

    • Bea Couros
      Bea Couros Month ago

      Did any one else realize that?

  • Viky’s Vlog
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  • becky Crean
    becky Crean Month ago

    I love your videos were do you live

  • Izan Haider
    Izan Haider Month ago

    Infinite it is youtuber

  • Alondra Rodriguez
    Alondra Rodriguez Month ago


  • Elanah Archer
    Elanah Archer Month ago +3

    5:32 she is wearing Infinite merch

  • Simra Khan
    Simra Khan Month ago +1

    Today is mý birthday

  • Maya and everything

    I love the girls 🎀

  • Anais Gawron
    Anais Gawron Month ago

    Um when it said time to get Olivia back from Emily

  • Seberna Edwards
    Seberna Edwards Month ago

    Olivia has a infinite shirt like the youtuber, caylus

  • sofia vazquez
    sofia vazquez Month ago

    So Meen

  • Luciana Cucu
    Luciana Cucu Month ago

    I know how you can prank your friends put some seletape and then friends can fall

  • Let's toy around with me

    2:20 Me when the shower is too cold

  • Sondos Rahman
    Sondos Rahman Month ago

    Emily is ticking stupid.

  • fatma agus
    fatma agus Month ago

    orang lagi oyes

  • Roopesh Lanka
    Roopesh Lanka Month ago

    Infinite=we make videos forever

  • Mitho’s World
    Mitho’s World Month ago +1

    The girl with the curly hair has it infinite shirt

  • Rumpa Bachar
    Rumpa Bachar Month ago

    Emily is a very bad girl.

  • Pitufina Pitufina
    Pitufina Pitufina Month ago


  • Abdurahim Valijonov
    Abdurahim Valijonov Month ago +2

    When Emily put a bug in the cupcake it was so funny

  • hager morad
    hager morad Month ago

    I love Olivia ❤️😍 and like 123go

  • Kael Sove’tAvi
    Kael Sove’tAvi Month ago +1

    You better run because I'm about to kick your boty

  • stewart loke
    stewart loke Month ago

    I hate Emily

  • Jaqueline Valdez
    Jaqueline Valdez 2 months ago

    Emeli is so rude

  • Khenneth Lian
    Khenneth Lian 2 months ago

    hi i am a fan an i wunt you to make a love bith video

  • Sylvester Amoako
    Sylvester Amoako 2 months ago

    Did you make 5 minutes crafts

  • Sylvester Amoako
    Sylvester Amoako 2 months ago

    I love you guys

  • Patricia D.
    Patricia D. 2 months ago


  • Cindy yuranis Perez garcia


  • Pui Fun Loh
    Pui Fun Loh 2 months ago

    Haha look at Oliver face

  • Shontrell Houston
    Shontrell Houston 2 months ago

    I like it

  • Brianna Chester
    Brianna Chester 2 months ago

    I love your videos 😍♥️♥️

  • Angie Ortiz
    Angie Ortiz 2 months ago +1

    5:20: her shirt says infinite

  • Prakriti Saha
    Prakriti Saha 2 months ago

    Olivia Emily's mobile broke

  • Prakriti Saha
    Prakriti Saha 2 months ago

    Olivia Emily chus chus dustomi kore

  • Tre Hemin
    Tre Hemin 2 months ago


  • Tre Hemin
    Tre Hemin 2 months ago


  • Let's toy around with me

    2:20 when you take a freezing shower

  • J Pledge
    J Pledge 2 months ago

    123 go either question if you put water in a regular water bottle and then put salt water into it and it to someone what it tastes like salt water

  • pierre yazbeck
    pierre yazbeck 2 months ago

    your so funny

  • Deo Nsengiyumva
    Deo Nsengiyumva 2 months ago


  • Nutsu23 Fairytale
    Nutsu23 Fairytale 2 months ago