Senna: Shadow’s Embrace | Champion Animated Trailer - League of Legends

  • Published on Oct 16, 2019
  • Those trapped in darkness need light the most.
    Music by Riot Music Team. Additional production by The Crystal Method.
    Animation by Digic Pictures.
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    LLM KKK 6 hours ago

    또 앰흑이네

  • Leandro Nunes Cavalcante


  • Leandro Nunes Cavalcante

    como ela recuperou o corpo ?

  • InuTaisho147
    InuTaisho147 8 hours ago

    ok, senna used Q or R????

  • RedBla9e
    RedBla9e 10 hours ago +1

    When the full attack speed tresh, ganks your lane... ^^

  • Eduard Socaciu
    Eduard Socaciu 11 hours ago

    Guys... where is the weapon coming from? did she have it inside the lantern or is it formed from one of Lucian's guns?

  • Emir Akdag
    Emir Akdag 13 hours ago

    Know i know why thresh kept her in the lantern Rito nerf senna plz

  • shaiz lygo
    shaiz lygo 14 hours ago

    I must say the cinematic is very good
    Lets see the game when it release...wild driff

  • H빈 L
    H빈 L 17 hours ago +1

    오세나 돌아왔구나~

  • Versada gavra
    Versada gavra Day ago

    best trailer since aurelion sol

  • Erik Jun Bai
    Erik Jun Bai Day ago

    Support VS ADC, and the ADC lost?!?!?!?!

  • Johnden Bowden
    Johnden Bowden Day ago +1

    She's GORGEOUS.

  • Blake Bane
    Blake Bane Day ago

    Anyone else notice this trailer sequels off the season 8 trailer the climb or nah?

  • loquendomulti
    loquendomulti Day ago

    0:33 gg lucian attacks in melee, report eloboosted.

  • asqwoen au
    asqwoen au Day ago

    서폿이 원딜한테 까부네

  • ByWoelfleGames
    ByWoelfleGames Day ago

    What do you need to learn to help create cinematics like these? They are beautiful! I could only imagine the work that goes into them!

  • Артём Осипов

    Logic: *dead*

  • yudi sinaga
    yudi sinaga Day ago

    Wow that animation is so wonderful 😍😍

    NO_NAME Day ago

    Я как будто фильм посмотрел..

  • 사형선고각
    사형선고각 Day ago +1

    Senna's back. It's my turn.

  • ronan manuel
    ronan manuel Day ago

    The only thing we need is a VGU on another guy with a lantern that beats it into your face and shove it up where the sun doesn't shine.

    CRLTV Day ago

    Lucian's wife??

  • Han Yan
    Han Yan Day ago

    support solo 2 adc wow

  • Ethanal Spencer
    Ethanal Spencer 2 days ago

    Senna really is Lucian's better half. She's caring and compassionate. Who knows if the lore will ever progress (although this gives me hope!) but a part of me wants to see them find Yorick and help him finally put the isles to rest, and Lucian would never go through with something like working with Yorick if not for Senna mellowing him out.

  • caminando solo por la vida

    Nunca se me olvida el día q en ranked yo usaba a tresh y los 5 del otro equipo perseguían al adc de mi equipo corría a un solo golpe de morir y yo voy detrás de ellos mate a 1 después mate a otro quedaban 3 se metieron bajo mi torre mi adc seguí corriendo para q no lo mataran tiro la ulti de tresh murió el tercero quedaban 2 intentaron escapar pero ya era demasiado tarde para ellos y me ise la pentakill con tresh mi adc no lo podía creer cómo quedó vivo a solo a un golpe de morir y lo salve y me ise la pentakill

  • I love wasting time
    I love wasting time 2 days ago +1

    What riot thinks we want : Lucian gets his wife out of the lantern, akali joins a new band

    What we really want : star guardian urgot

  • Przemek 5543
    Przemek 5543 2 days ago

    jasna cholera zmniejszcie jej ten dmg

  • Random Stuff
    Random Stuff 2 days ago

    what about their son ekko?

  • Волчок 0
    Волчок 0 2 days ago

    наконецто сенна

  • Silent HiLL
    Silent HiLL 2 days ago +1

    Tôi biết chắc 1 ngày nào đó Senna sẽ được Lucian cứu ra mà...Điều này tôi đã nghĩ ra lâu rồi...Phim này gần giống với suy nghĩ của tôi

  • Gage Kellogg
    Gage Kellogg 2 days ago

    Lucian is the primal husband, change my mind.

  • U Mad Bro?
    U Mad Bro? 2 days ago

    best couple eva

  • LeCryBaby
    LeCryBaby 2 days ago

    Xayah and rakan
    Lucian and Senna

  • Hoàng Trịnh
    Hoàng Trịnh 2 days ago

    Vợ a da đen😂😂

  • King Gilgamesh
    King Gilgamesh 2 days ago

    *Thresh Intensifies*

  • TzaNderT
    TzaNderT 2 days ago +2

    Thresh is actually nerfed! No longer has 1 soul at start of match when facing Lucian.

  • Scarlet Psycho Wolf
    Scarlet Psycho Wolf 2 days ago

    Senna: I'm the gun in this marriage

  • EclipseSeth
    EclipseSeth 2 days ago +1

    And all of this could've been prevented if Lucian had a ward when Senna was kidnapped.

    Lol joke.

  • Paulo_ oco
    Paulo_ oco 2 days ago

    Eu tenho vontade de bater em cada jogador de senna

  • The Twelfth Doctor
    The Twelfth Doctor 3 days ago +15

    Xayah and Rakan:" We are the Greatest Couple in LOL"
    Lucian and Senna:" Hold our guns"

  • afif nafis
    afif nafis 3 days ago

    OMG i CANT BELIEVE THEY actually continue the clip from 2018 season animation start. WOW good work LOL team

  • Kevin Moreira
    Kevin Moreira 3 days ago +2

    "Im not strong, I already lost you once, I cant handle a second one" idk if its a quoute from a boom moovie or whatever, but I feel that it fits here

  • Clarence Revil
    Clarence Revil 3 days ago

    The hentai ebony section is gonna get a boost in a few days. ok ill leave now

  • Joshua Reyes
    Joshua Reyes 3 days ago

    well senna definitley doesn't look the same when lucian was released

  • 가물치
    가물치 3 days ago

    쓰레쉬는 가만있는데 한발밖에 못맞추다가 앞데쉬하고 그랩잡히누

  • Boukapi
    Boukapi 3 days ago

    i don't think that this thresh has support items

  • Vincent Nguyen
    Vincent Nguyen 3 days ago +1

    Lucian shoulda won easily. Hes an adc and thresh is a support

    • The Twelfth Doctor
      The Twelfth Doctor 3 days ago

      after all those years absorbing souls, he now has 10000000000 armor and Magic Resist, so he is the ultimate tank.

  • Kanashi Kit
    Kanashi Kit 3 days ago

    well you know for a fact there is going to be project, darkstar, highnoon, senna

  • Arier
    Arier 3 days ago

    Lucian shouldn't be able to hold Senna, neither should she be able to return in physical form. What is inside Thresh's lantern is Senna's soul. Her physical body must be somewhere buried. Before someone comes with all the creatures of the Shadow Isles and how they can be physical and ghostly, they are (lore wise) quite different. They were all humans to begin with, who then turned into ghost due to the magical explosion happening. The only truly ghost like creature we have in the lore is Nocturne, yet his physical manifestation works like Freddy Krügers. He can only manifest himself physically due to his victims fear. If they stop fearing him, he wouldn't be able to enter the human realm.
    Senna would be closest to mordekaiser since they are both just souls, yet mordekaiser is only physical due to his soul being imputed into an armor, which makes him physical and allows him to cause terror and do harm.
    Unless I have missed something lore wise rito just made a mistake in their own universe =D

  • Filda Vole
    Filda Vole 3 days ago +1

    One of the souls was star guardian Urgot.
    *change my mind*

  • V. V. Emil
    V. V. Emil 3 days ago

    Top 10 Most Heartwarming Anime Moments

  • Vsoundelend
    Vsoundelend 3 days ago

    Looks like Lucian spends more time in front of the mirror pulling eyebrow hairs out than battling the demons.

  • Head_MusicCZ
    Head_MusicCZ 3 days ago

    Uganda is now full.

  • IngEyn
    IngEyn 3 days ago

    This does not look like it was made in 2019.

  • Phanathos
    Phanathos 3 days ago

    Why I'm feeling so bad cus I'm Thresh main ? :))

  • Goloumi
    Goloumi 3 days ago

    0:13 oOf

  • Евгений Казбеев

    Адк которому напинал сап ... Люцииан ну ты капец какое днище !

  • Shane
    Shane 3 days ago

    Why is lex from paladins in this game?

  • 류팡
    류팡 3 days ago

    쓸쉬야 얘 좀 다시 데려가줘

  • Liya
    Liya 3 days ago

    lucian better close dat mouf