Surprising MrBeast With A Custom iPhone 11!!📱📞 (Giveaway)

  • Published on Nov 20, 2019
  • Hope you enjoyed! Make sure to enter the huge iPhone 11s giveaway! Download Lords mobile to win big prizes here:
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  • ZHC
    ZHC  13 hours ago +7902

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    Giveaway ends on 12/10

    • Isaiah Mendoza
      Isaiah Mendoza 11 hours ago

      I done give me two for me and twin talk to me at fortnite is PSisaiah101

    • TTV dudeyguy 11789
      TTV dudeyguy 11789 12 hours ago

      Who won???

    • Hey SHANE
      Hey SHANE 12 hours ago

      Woke up at 4:30am but this is a great experience lol

    • Ben Lev
      Ben Lev 12 hours ago

      ZHC 🤩🤩

    • Dayy
      Dayy 12 hours ago

      i can’t download the app because i don’t have enough storage 😭

  • LightninCat YT
    LightninCat YT 51 second ago

    I have no space on my phone! I badly need an i phone 11 pro but i cant download lords mobile. Plz giveaway a phone to me...

  • Itsyourboyjunior
    Itsyourboyjunior 53 seconds ago

    Luv u zhc

  • •sweetcake•
    •sweetcake• 56 seconds ago

    Can I know what's the background sound?

    CU CU FUN 59 seconds ago

    Did someone noticed chris is a fan of my hero academy l!

  • Donn Lirazan
    Donn Lirazan Minute ago

    I think mrbeast make a vid of this from his channel

  • Geet Patil
    Geet Patil Minute ago

    Best artist that you have seen on RU-clip ?
    Me: our boy ZHC

  • Claim art
    Claim art Minute ago

    How. Much money does this man have like god damn bro 😂 nah but in all seriousness great vid bro

  • sassy lishi
    sassy lishi Minute ago

    dangggggg u littttt🔥

  • Foolza
    Foolza Minute ago +1

    Image having that much money that you can buy 50 iPhones

  • Falila S
    Falila S Minute ago

    So awesome

  • Srećko Dževlan
    Srećko Dževlan 2 minutes ago

    Can I pls get one

  • Thích sáng tạo - Like creativity

    siêu phẩm hot quá

  • Nikoloz Natroshvili
    Nikoloz Natroshvili 2 minutes ago

    omg am dyng lords modile isnt avalieble in my country anyways if i won i was gonna give it back to u look at ur phone its good but wat

  • ssPokemonGamers s
    ssPokemonGamers s 2 minutes ago

    no capitalssssssss
    There we..
    oh.oh deaeaear
    there we go

  • Brittany Regan
    Brittany Regan 2 minutes ago

    Omg your so talented
    Fuckin mint 👌

  • Imtisani Imchen
    Imtisani Imchen 2 minutes ago

    I just want an iPhone just to sell it and to buy an android phone😂😂😂

  • Arindam Maity
    Arindam Maity 2 minutes ago

    Saw iPhone 11 pro giveaway.....
    ***Now downloading LORDS MOBILE to enter into the giveaway***** :D

  • Roopam Ahuja
    Roopam Ahuja 3 minutes ago

    Plz give me an iphone

  • Abbey Richards
    Abbey Richards 3 minutes ago

    Buys 5 iPhone 11 pros, still got a cracked iPhone x. "I think i might buy one of these"

  • dropen T
    dropen T 3 minutes ago

    video is lit

  • Taksh Productions
    Taksh Productions 3 minutes ago

    Cant he just paint in silicon covers?

  • Mr. J
    Mr. J 4 minutes ago +1


  • HaZe
    HaZe 4 minutes ago

    ZHC: collabs with lord mobile to do a Iphone giveaway
    Me: cant join because I have low storage so yeah.......that's depressing

  • Um Rya
    Um Rya 4 minutes ago

    Giving iphones to all of my subsribers

  • 100k sub goal no vids
    100k sub goal no vids 4 minutes ago

    Thanks for the pack and the entry for the giveaway and i really enjoyed the art i hope you keep doing this for a long time

  • Dur _e_ Adan Abbas
    Dur _e_ Adan Abbas 4 minutes ago

    who ever is reading this

    your family may live a long life

  • Kanoy Roberts
    Kanoy Roberts 4 minutes ago

    I really need new iphone please I subscribed and turn on all notifications

    IHATESNAKEU _ 4 minutes ago

    does anyone notice the bnha shirt chris is wearig or is it just me

  • AluKard YT
    AluKard YT 4 minutes ago

    Woahh Garrett's Wearing Preston's hoodie

  • See Xin Hui
    See Xin Hui 4 minutes ago +1

    Zhc I have a problem!I downloaded Lord's mobile to enter in the giveaway so that I can surprise my mom with a iPhone 11 but I couldn't play the game due to some errors from the Lord's mobile.i want to give one to my mom so badly but I have no money to buy reply this solution of problem to me on Instagram🤗lub you💛

    VEGGIE HATES 5 minutes ago +1

    Why are you giving those to people that can afford that already why dont you give it to us that doesnt even have a phone

  • Pew pew Dei
    Pew pew Dei 5 minutes ago


  • - Chery
    - Chery 5 minutes ago

    Y’all should check me out 🔥👀

  • Rakesh Sharma
    Rakesh Sharma 5 minutes ago

    I want one please
    Writing in like 100th vid

  • stopanimation656
    stopanimation656 6 minutes ago

    Can someone send me $5 on cashapp? $Lamontmont2 is my cashtag

  • Nick Ferreira
    Nick Ferreira 6 minutes ago

    I already have the 11 pro max, could I just send you mine to customize it, then you bring it back?

  • Ben Goollespie
    Ben Goollespie 6 minutes ago

    except that they dont use apple

  • Dream Gaming
    Dream Gaming 6 minutes ago

    Apple : wait thats illegal

  • Fia Loo
    Fia Loo 6 minutes ago

    I always like your video and I subscribe to your channel I'm the biggest fan of you I'm a Filipino fan and how to get that IPhone 11 pro max I always want to have that I wish you could give me IPhone 11 pro max I love you so much

  • Mohamed Suharavardhi
    Mohamed Suharavardhi 6 minutes ago

    Pls i want an iphone i subscride an turned the notification

  • Katsuki Bakugo
    Katsuki Bakugo 6 minutes ago

    I love chris’s shirt My hero Academia rules

    VEGGIE HATES 7 minutes ago +1

    Sana ol

  • Mannilal Baghel
    Mannilal Baghel 7 minutes ago

    How will you choose the winner bro and I had also downloaded it and following you on all social medias love you bro from India Instagram @aryanamb_uh

  • Ishwar singh Baral
    Ishwar singh Baral 7 minutes ago

    I don't skip ad hope you'll get more money 😅

  • Klarise Kai
    Klarise Kai 7 minutes ago

    Uh zhc u do know that turkey is actually is from a cartoon called sumikko gurashi and u have to pay copyright stuff to use it and recreate

  • kainat anmol
    kainat anmol 7 minutes ago

    I hve only youtube how can i now emternin giveaway

  •  7 minutes ago

    Wait Wait Wait!!!! Is that guy wearing a fire murch hoodie!?!?!?

  • Joergen
    Joergen 7 minutes ago

    You are a legend

  • candy girl
    candy girl 7 minutes ago +1

    Can i have my phone will be dead soon i really need a phone we cant buy because we are broke

  • Declan Hinchliffe
    Declan Hinchliffe 7 minutes ago

    i did it my favorite character is scarlet bolt

  • Akshay Naik
    Akshay Naik 7 minutes ago

    Downloaded already

  • Jayriel Bayating
    Jayriel Bayating 8 minutes ago

    Me pls..😢😢

  • Alyssa Rose
    Alyssa Rose 8 minutes ago

    Wish I had one

  • Bilal Abdullah
    Bilal Abdullah 8 minutes ago

    First comment

  • AluKard YT
    AluKard YT 8 minutes ago


    Employee's:We Need More IPhone 11's
    Employee's:ZHC IS HERE.

  • Spooky Carrie
    Spooky Carrie 8 minutes ago

    truly talented

  • Mundi
    Mundi 8 minutes ago +1

    It gave me anxiety not seeing them put on the phone case

    T.M.M NETWORK 9 minutes ago

    Petition for Mr. Beast to add custom phone covers like these in his store

  • Kate Africano
    Kate Africano 9 minutes ago