• Published on Aug 19, 2019
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  • Snoirex Nano
    Snoirex Nano 4 days ago

    Love your vids bro been learning a lot from em

  • VAO *
    VAO * 28 days ago

    didn't realize that windows of oppurtunity let you see pallets, that's the only reason I'd run it tbh, saves you time because you don't have to go from loop to loop hoping there's a pallet there, you can know which ones to prioritize.

  • Ariz Kamal
    Ariz Kamal 29 days ago

    She was so pissed that he got lucky to get herself of the hook and still went down since the killer was in front of her that she DCed but later must have realized the DS was there as well.

  • Egorchik
    Egorchik 29 days ago

    That pain when people run resilience and still fully heal themselves

  • darkehowl
    darkehowl 29 days ago +1

    The Safe Pallet Standoff. Iri head huntress is scary but she gets hurt by maps

  • pablo Gabi
    pablo Gabi Month ago

    wtf, that huntress tunnel all the game and that team give him 2 free kills why?

  • therealsamtheman
    therealsamtheman Month ago

    9:58 ish, I think she dropped you to see if you had Adrenaline. She probs didn't realise the timing of the pick up.

  • oscar 00012
    oscar 00012 Month ago +3

    A question. Why healing?

    • is that a chicken?
      is that a chicken? 26 days ago +1

      The moans and blood help revealing your position, being fully healed is factually better than hurt + if you are hurt she can down you with her basic attack, depending on the situation it can be way easier to land, if you are healed she depends just on her hatchet

    • Kaori Miyazono
      Kaori Miyazono 26 days ago

      The injured moans/grunts give away your position too. o.o

    • Austiblaze _it
      Austiblaze _it 27 days ago +1

      To prevent her from possibly m1'ing

    • Connor Fulkerson
      Connor Fulkerson 28 days ago

      I dont know either. Seems more logical to not heal

  • myhumbleascension
    myhumbleascension Month ago +2

    That little game of peek-a-boo you had at the pallet murdered her momentum big time. If it was a rank 1 game she would've lost the game because of that.

  • Brennan
    Brennan Month ago

    Whats the perk tru is using to see pallets?

    • James Bohm
      James Bohm Month ago

      Windows of opportunity, Kate perk

  • Cconejo 14
    Cconejo 14 Month ago +2

    Stranger things trailer!!!!!! Fuuuuuuuckkkk ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    • ForEver
      ForEver Month ago

      Cconejo 14 im so fucking hyped for this😁😁😁

  • chaé bum
    chaé bum Month ago

    ouhh u sneaky focka

  • D0DG3R
    D0DG3R Month ago +3

    Got to love getting almost 7k bp and still pipping lol

  • Glenjamin G
    Glenjamin G Month ago +7

    You played that huntress well. Yeah, you helped the team with those chases. I'm learning alot watching you. Thanks and hats off to you

  • KID W25
    KID W25 Month ago +6

    Ey! I actually got to watch this live!

  • Andethidial bubabibub
    Andethidial bubabibub Month ago +3

    Pro tip: get hit and you don't get chased forever

  • NM11_
    NM11_ Month ago


    • Gloriousturtlechan
      Gloriousturtlechan Month ago

      Iridescent head, it's an add-on. Iri Huntress is what we call Huntresses that run the add-on.

  • Morgan Tolman
    Morgan Tolman Month ago +1

    I read the title as irl huntress

  • Chibi Savior
    Chibi Savior Month ago +2

    1 dislike from the huntress

  • Mikael V
    Mikael V Month ago +5

    Just shows how op add ons can give a trash killer a lot of power.

    • G Rous
      G Rous Month ago

      CountryIsJustFarmEmo oh yeah, my bad

    • CountryIsJustFarmEmo
      CountryIsJustFarmEmo Month ago +1

      @G Rous
      He's talking about the player

    • GonzFi .R
      GonzFi .R Month ago +6

      @Lil Yeet he's talking about the player, this huntress was bad lets be honest lol

    • G Rous
      G Rous Month ago +1

      Mikael V huntress is definitely not a trash killer, even without Iri heads she’s still a strong killer

    • Lil Yeet
      Lil Yeet Month ago +1

      Are you saying huntress is a trash killer?

  • Pontus Axelsson
    Pontus Axelsson Month ago +5

    At 5:10??Am i the only one who don’t understand why tru3 doesn’t sit behind the gen? Like it would be a harder shot for the Huntress if he’s sittning behind more cover if she decided to throw a random hatchet.. just a little thing i’ve noticed whenever he plays against her

    • AoRArchAngel
      AoRArchAngel Month ago

      Further from the school, not to mention it puts him in a corner so its not safe for long.

    • Pontus Axelsson
      Pontus Axelsson Month ago +1

      Noah Hedgehog and i just think of how he stops paying attention sometimes when looking at chat. It could easily come a hatchet flying

    • Pontus Axelsson
      Pontus Axelsson Month ago

      Noah Hedgehog but if she doesn’t fully charge she it doesn’t make the sound. And wouldn’t he hear the Lullaby anyways?

    • Noah Hedgehog
      Noah Hedgehog Month ago +1

      Well idk for sure but I assume it’s because that spot allows him to run away from the gen to safety the fastest. Yes the other spot protects him but you can hear when the hatchet is going to be throw and move out the way

    • Gloriousturtlechan
      Gloriousturtlechan Month ago

      Optimal spot for running away you have 2-3 sides on equal distance. This has nothing to do with her insta downs.

  • Maxshark999
    Maxshark999 Month ago +2

    Did anyone else hear a Dwight yelling in the background at 0:30?

    • AoRArchAngel
      AoRArchAngel Month ago +1

      @Pontus Axelsson Ahhh ty, I was wondering that myself. Forgot some Huntresses may have IM.

    • Pontus Axelsson
      Pontus Axelsson Month ago +7

      Maxshark999 yeah that’s how they knew the killer had Iron maiden. You scream when you get out of a locker if the killer is using it

  • Anthomideus
    Anthomideus Month ago +23

    She wanted that TrueBooty

    • Alicia
      Alicia Month ago +8

      Don't we all

  • Mc Chadwick Comeros
    Mc Chadwick Comeros Month ago +3

    Try Iri head + insidious

    • James Johnson
      James Johnson 21 day ago

      Ben W Thats so pointless lol

    • Mc Chadwick Comeros
      Mc Chadwick Comeros Month ago

      @Gloriousturtlechan right. now i know

    • Gloriousturtlechan
      Gloriousturtlechan Month ago +1

      @Mc Chadwick Comeros that's why it doesn't work on Freddy either. It's a big meme to use insidious on Freddy and Huntress

    • Mc Chadwick Comeros
      Mc Chadwick Comeros Month ago

      @Ben W pffft

    • Ben W
      Ben W Month ago +7

      Mc Chadwick Comeros She still has her lullaby with Insidious.

  • Budget Ratirl
    Budget Ratirl Month ago +26

    Jesus, with all those uploads I'm going to have to stay home from work to watch them all!

  • Codepwned
    Codepwned Month ago +11

    That killer was terrible. I don't see what they got out of it... they lost horribly

    • Thibow UWU
      Thibow UWU 28 days ago

      Jarrett Froehlich its almost impossible to escape the basement with iri head huntress also she was heading that direction so going for an unhook can put your team at a really big disadvantage

    • Jarrett Froehlich
      Jarrett Froehlich Month ago

      She lucked out because Tru's teammates were also not very good. He was toying with her for like 5 minutes. That's enough to get like 2 full sets of 5 gens done by 3 other people rofl. (obviously 1 of his teammates was dead, but still) And then of course, they don't even try to save him.

    • ForEver
      ForEver Month ago +3

      Codepwned well you can’t be an absolute bot and think you can 4k even with strong af add ons, like @gloriousturtlechan said.

    • Gloriousturtlechan
      Gloriousturtlechan Month ago +6

      It just shows you still need to have some amount of basic skill to be able to use the iri hatchets.

  • Gloriousturtlechan
    Gloriousturtlechan Month ago +15

    I mean you could have tried to catch the hatchets at least... Clearly showing no effort at all. (Looking juicy with that tan btw)

  • Jonathan Villalta
    Jonathan Villalta Month ago +15

    When she DCed and she had DS, I felt that😔

    • Uta Ghoul
      Uta Ghoul 23 days ago

      And she had dead hard legit lives there

    • Francisco Guzman
      Francisco Guzman Month ago +10

      800 IQ play right there. lmao that huntress was poor tho, camping and tunneling when you have iri hatchets? always a yikes

  • Avocado Potato
    Avocado Potato Month ago

    haha epic im first

  • Graufs
    Graufs Month ago +2