Zion Williamson VS LaMelo Ball!!! LIVEST Game Of The Year Full Highlights!

  • Published on Jul 27, 2017
  • This had to be the craziest AAU environment I've ever been apart of. It was standing room only 3 hours before the game started. Two thousand people were turned away. There was even an incident that were hundreds of people broke down doors and rushed into the venue. There was even rumors floating around that LeBron and his son were encourage to stay away due to the chaos. Lavar being Lavar took a bathroom break during the middle of the game.
    SC Supreme won over Big Baller Brand
    LaMelo had 36pts, 9asts and 6 rebs and Zion had 31 pts and 8 rebs
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  • MeetMeAtTheRim
    MeetMeAtTheRim  Year ago +1205

    SC Supreme won over Big Baller Brand
    LaMelo had 36pts, 9asts and 6 rebs and Zion had 31 pts and 8 rebs

    • I love The Pittsburgh Steelers !!!!!!!
      I love The Pittsburgh Steelers !!!!!!! 7 days ago


    • Ricky Cunningham
      Ricky Cunningham 17 days ago

      @Connie B yeah you're right Lavar is trying to living his dreams thru his kids. What a damn shame he should have left his kid in school so he could get an education

    • Team Smooth
      Team Smooth 22 days ago

      *One year later and ZION is now #1 overall darft pick*

    • Mihai Marchidann
      Mihai Marchidann 23 days ago

      "Lavar being Lavar took a bathroom break during the middle of the game." - did they stop the game during this intermezzo?

    • Cali Connex
      Cali Connex 26 days ago

      Connie B TF r you’ll talking about , you have no idea why health reasons happen. They went to Europe cuz gelo was stealing and stealing and shit . Melo went pro overnight and built a better skill set because of it . Gelo the only one who will not be wearing a nba Jersey. Melo going fasho . Stop hating you’ll all need to hit the gym anyway . Scrubs

  • ZfrycookZ Gaming
    ZfrycookZ Gaming 16 hours ago +1

    Like for Zion
    Reply for LaMelo

  • Tony Jarius
    Tony Jarius Day ago

    Is dat Jai Morant out dere on Zion team #3 SC Supreme??

  • SSG Arj
    SSG Arj Day ago

    2:14 High five rejected lmao i feel bad for the guy on right side 😂

  • gerome bondoc
    gerome bondoc 2 days ago


  • Servo360
    Servo360 2 days ago

    Leafs. Entertaining street ball but they’re leafing

  • yrn_manlike_JT Tekkerz

    Osn is that you?

    VIDEOS 2 days ago

    Why it looks like college vs elementary

  • christopher estopare

    curry vs LeBron 😁

  • Josh Gray
    Josh Gray 4 days ago +2

    Shows you the type of talent Melo is, definitely league bound

  • Geray Rehimov
    Geray Rehimov 5 days ago

    2 leg vs 3 leg

  • Eric Kinley
    Eric Kinley 7 days ago

    Melo was only 15 at this time

  • stefanoagostinipuntocom

    Lamelo is really something! OMG!

  • Bronson Seehafer
    Bronson Seehafer 9 days ago

    Men vs children

  • I'm Your Huckleberry
    I'm Your Huckleberry 9 days ago +8

    If zion was lavar balls son everyone would say he's big but can't shoot, no footwork, cant pass, not a good defender etc etc.

    • I'm Your Huckleberry
      I'm Your Huckleberry 4 days ago

      @ICE BLOX yes he can do all of those things but if he was Lavar balls son, everyone would knit pick every little thing and hate him simply for being a ball boy.

    • ICE BLOX
      ICE BLOX 4 days ago +1

      But he can do all those things

      Maybe i dont get the joke🤷🏾‍♂️

  • Jesse Radoo
    Jesse Radoo 10 days ago

    look at osn ugly ass lmaoo

  • Kalvin Small
    Kalvin Small 10 days ago

    Melo kid is shit. Zion waaaaay better out here. Lol. Just facts. Don’t get mad.

  • Captain Honesty
    Captain Honesty 10 days ago

    LaMelo is easily the creepiest looking human being i've ever seen in my entire existence... jesus smh

  • Annette Tang
    Annette Tang 10 days ago +6

    almost everyone on zions team is like in there 20s

  • Angel Vela
    Angel Vela 11 days ago

    Does Zion even shoot not hating jus wondering

  • santinobudapest
    santinobudapest 11 days ago


  • Danny Dangles09
    Danny Dangles09 11 days ago

    2:11 idk if he realizes that ppl only like him cause of his kids😂 it’s not like they actually like him💀 it’s just cause his kids r famous😂

  • Jaden Gin
    Jaden Gin 13 days ago

    2 was ballin

  • Nakia Glynn
    Nakia Glynn 14 days ago

    This is boring game oho wants to watch this boaring game

    L318BLACKSHEEP 14 days ago

    Melo would go on to be trash, Gelo became a thief and never made it past his freshman year of college , Lonzo got traded to Charlotte and was deemed a bust and Zion became the #1 draft pick.

  • Hilton Islandboii 680
    Hilton Islandboii 680 14 days ago

    3:56 Lavar vs Kid

  • Jon Hall
    Jon Hall 14 days ago

    La mello trash af...only runs when he thinks hes gonna get the ball...he don't play ANY d... his dad is a bum ass coach yelling at other kids while his son slacks off...gtfoh

  • Jon Hall
    Jon Hall 14 days ago

    La mello is fukn trash...and that mop head hair ugly af geez...

  • AnklePlays
    AnklePlays 15 days ago

    Literally boys vs men

  • Jamie Barger
    Jamie Barger 15 days ago

    Lamelo has zero defense!

  • C Hodge
    C Hodge 15 days ago

    Zion... The next overrated player. Taking the crown from King James

    • TreyDongz
      TreyDongz 15 days ago +1

      C Hodge he’s not overrated. Check his college stats and see how his PER is double over the next two guys projected in mock drafts.
      His per 40 min defensive stats are insane, 2.8steals and 2.8blocks, while the following guys are only 0.5-1.0 per 40.

  • DJ Ski
    DJ Ski 15 days ago

    Glad I didnt have to watch all the free throws

  • uSlepey
    uSlepey 16 days ago +5

    Me: about to get a rebound and hears Zion running towards me.
    Also me: ah shit here we go again.

  • K J
    K J 16 days ago

    so no one gonna talk about that ugly ass uniform man? triple b man what happened?

  • Filippos Pliafas
    Filippos Pliafas 16 days ago

    10:00 damn

    RANDOM VIDEOS 16 days ago

    Number 4 is the next Curry. I hope he gets drafted
    Does anybody know his name?

    • SaintJ98
      SaintJ98 16 days ago

      Will pluma i think

  • Reden Dizon
    Reden Dizon 16 days ago

    I think No. 2 Is better than Melo. Hmmm

  • Mikey B
    Mikey B 16 days ago +1

    If LaMelo stop all that Carrying he would be a good ball player some day

  • Sadiq Ahmad
    Sadiq Ahmad 16 days ago

    Ball fam is 🗑

  • Douglas Alfaro
    Douglas Alfaro 17 days ago

    All Zion do is dunk. He think all he need is size and he wrongggggg

    • Douglas Alfaro
      Douglas Alfaro 15 days ago

      Jake Ayers haha :/ Lebron is smart and experienced

    • Jake Ayers
      Jake Ayers 15 days ago

      Ever heard of lebron?

  • Anthony Fulton
    Anthony Fulton 17 days ago


  • Ricky Cunningham
    Ricky Cunningham 17 days ago

    LeMelo Defense is trash, and his ball handling skills not much better. But he's better than me so I can't really talk shit 😂

  • Alfonso Garcia
    Alfonso Garcia 17 days ago

    Spire would be this team

  • c9mih
    c9mih 17 days ago

    Not gonna do anything on NBA bruh.

  • DLG
    DLG 17 days ago +2

    Zion got so much better when he got to Duke

  • DLG
    DLG 17 days ago

    a boy in a man's world

  • Blaze Thomas
    Blaze Thomas 18 days ago

    The people sitting on the ground crazy as hell them some big ass dudes I would not want to be the person they fall on

  • Duke Mcbeth
    Duke Mcbeth 18 days ago +1

    Who won

  • Sn Malki
    Sn Malki 18 days ago

    The numbers don't lie Melo a real one

  • Saul Velazquez
    Saul Velazquez 19 days ago

    LaMelo is trash! Yeah I said it!

  • Alej Ale
    Alej Ale 20 days ago

    Zion willams Never makes a dunk

  • Tosten
    Tosten 20 days ago

    That Zion is going to get rounder.

  • Zephyr7142
    Zephyr7142 20 days ago

    Zion lost a shoe in this game too...

  • James Noce
    James Noce 21 day ago

    BBB not lookin so good ones days I hope it does not cost mello I'm huge zion fan dough

  • Allen C.
    Allen C. 21 day ago

    Anybody saying Zion won't be anything and a bust. Who wouldn't trade places? He's going to get the biggest rookie shoe deal. He's getting a huge rookie contract, and he hasn't played a game yet. But based on his performance so far that's what experts are telling the people with money to give this kid. I'm betting on what I see and know about basketball players. He's as good a gamble as Barkley or Jordan, or anyone else you care to name. A blind coach would have seen this kid is special. Some things are just natural, some kids just better than the rest. If he doesn't get hurt, and keeps his fire, he will continue to make noise in the NBA.

  • Ziva Maria
    Ziva Maria 22 days ago

    The ending says it all

  • Team Smooth
    Team Smooth 22 days ago +4

    *One year later and ZION is now #1 overall darft pick*

  • Myron Peyton
    Myron Peyton 22 days ago

    zion really did that for the fans cuz that's not warming up for games lol

  • john walker
    john walker 23 days ago

    Grown men vs high schoolers

  • Bernardo Lopez
    Bernardo Lopez 23 days ago

    Could anyone tell me who is the PG (number 2) of the Zion’s team?

    • Andrew Lyn
      Andrew Lyn 18 days ago

      Bernardo Lopez devin dotson

  • Virush Gaming
    Virush Gaming 23 days ago

    Skinny vs buff

  • Untamkhai Panda
    Untamkhai Panda 23 days ago +2

    i am guy zion i love you

  • King Boobie
    King Boobie 24 days ago

    Who is #2 wit Zoin Youngin doing his thing 💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾

  • ven om
    ven om 24 days ago

    1:34 OSN

  • Nazz Mohamed
    Nazz Mohamed 24 days ago +3

    Enjoy playing with the pelicans 😏

  • Daniel Beavers
    Daniel Beavers 24 days ago

    Lamelo better get on some steroids!!!! Fast! If he wants to play in the nba

  • Ken Turner
    Ken Turner 24 days ago

    It’s too bad Lamar #BAL messed up his younger son‘s career by trying to advance him to quickly through the basketball ranks he really should be ashamed of myself, there is a reason why God gave man two ears and one mouth!!!

  • TruBaller Boi
    TruBaller Boi 24 days ago +104

    Me: *casually standing under the rim*
    Zion: *gets steal and runs towards me*
    Me: Ay bruh chill

  • Fernando Zarate
    Fernando Zarate 25 days ago

    Wonder how that felt 10:35 🤕

  • Endi 0-0
    Endi 0-0 25 days ago

    Who won ?

  • CrazyKiller AOV
    CrazyKiller AOV 25 days ago

    Who's the anorexic 12 year old in blue wearing number 1.lawl

  • Michael Lau
    Michael Lau 25 days ago

    Zion is like Kemp

  • Angel
    Angel 25 days ago

    10:54 wtf just happened

  • Angel
    Angel 25 days ago

    Damn he got him

  • Theo Gonzaga
    Theo Gonzaga 26 days ago

    Wait who won?

  • Johnny Money chasing
    Johnny Money chasing 26 days ago

    Similarities me and melo missed out in our childhoods. Differences he got a lambo and I didn't. Ya ain't nothing wrong in their lives if they living better than the rest of us.

  • lalotong
    lalotong 26 days ago

    6:48 traveling !!

  • Apotheosis
    Apotheosis 26 days ago

    wtf lamelo ball is like 3 ft nobody. whats so special ? the kid is not even a kid hes a fucking baby boy why did I click on this shit. dude is like 3 ft 125 pounds at the most. shit is silly. no way that baby child is going to the NBA even if he gained 100 pounds hes so small it would still be considered child abuse.

  • Edward Yan
    Edward Yan 27 days ago


  • zvonik sisira
    zvonik sisira 27 days ago

    Damn Zions dunks were lit🔥🔥

  • Marc Amerine
    Marc Amerine 27 days ago


  • Marc Amerine
    Marc Amerine 27 days ago

    He’s an Ass L. Ball

  • oscar schnabel
    oscar schnabel 27 days ago

    Lamello was hoopin though

  • Alejandro Jaime
    Alejandro Jaime 28 days ago

    Literally every play was a foul lol wack ass refs

  • Sleeping SupaX
    Sleeping SupaX 28 days ago

    bet zion will be da cover in 2k20

  • LoneWolf Rider
    LoneWolf Rider 28 days ago

    Who won spire ?

  • Reelin' In
    Reelin' In 28 days ago

    The guy with the hair seems really bad.... Why the hype?

  • KN4Z BRN
    KN4Z BRN 28 days ago

    The # 12 will not be the best player in the pelicans lack of quickness

  • Benjamin
    Benjamin 28 days ago

    Didn’t realize how bad Lamelo was until this video. Countless turnovers and bad shots. Vs a team that ran the court and dominated in the paint.

  • The TacomaKid
    The TacomaKid 29 days ago

    So many fouls just blatantly ignored on both sides. Lol what is drbbling

  • jhyto chavez
    jhyto chavez 29 days ago

    Zion plays like NBA HOF

  • DELL G.
    DELL G. 29 days ago

    #2 was balling as well. What was his name? He got highlights somewhere?

  • John Paul Pasiona
    John Paul Pasiona 29 days ago

    Bored game zion attack because only small the defender,

  • Peyton Carroll
    Peyton Carroll 29 days ago +2

    impressive layup skills by Lamelo. Zion got a full foot in hight over Lamelo, but he still getting those layups.

    • isaac miller
      isaac miller 6 days ago

      Peyton Carroll A full foot? Do u know wat I foot is😂? Zion was like 6’5 maybe 6’6 I think. You basically sayin Melo 5’6 but Melo at the time was about 6’4 maybe 6’5. The big difference is the Athleticism, weight, and strength.

  • Maraden Siregar
    Maraden Siregar 29 days ago +12

    Some of these kids look older than me. I'm 31

  • big mike
    big mike 29 days ago +3

    10:01 smooth🔥

  • pedro.hpileta
    pedro.hpileta 29 days ago

    I want to see the games with the camera high like in the nba

  • HowardU Grad
    HowardU Grad Month ago +1


  • Wisemen Wisemen
    Wisemen Wisemen Month ago +1

    Now Zion is the number one pick in the 2019 NBA draft.

  • Glorified Rhymes
    Glorified Rhymes Month ago

    I thought Lavar never lost?😂