Dating Around | Where Are They Now? | Netflix

  • Published on Feb 27, 2019
  • What happened after the second date? The cast of Dating Around gives us a life update and discuss dating today. All episodes now streaming.
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    Dating Around | Where Are They Now? | Netflix
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Comments • 170

  • Solid Bruh
    Solid Bruh Month ago

    Sarah is ALL OVER THE PLACE & RUDE AF. She wonders why she ends up with the men that she does. I hope she gets some help.

  • Kiara Aguirre
    Kiara Aguirre 2 months ago

    Man I hated the loud chewed duck face girl from the first ep

  • Joseph Svennson
    Joseph Svennson 3 months ago

    6:39 what'd he say?

  • Trell West
    Trell West 3 months ago

    Loved this show :)

  • Winnie X
    Winnie X 3 months ago +1

    Lex is so deep in thoughts...gosh he is hot

  • DamondParis
    DamondParis 3 months ago

    Mila can we be best friends??

  • Christian Rowe
    Christian Rowe 3 months ago

    “not a lot of ‘men’ out there” fuck you, snob.

  • Julia D
    Julia D 3 months ago +1

    People in New York are generally too shallow and selfish and left wing to have genuine, lasting relationships

  • gemiiadvdanca
    gemiiadvdanca 3 months ago

    Buzzfeed... this was not an update! Could we please know why they chose who they chose, how did it go after they chose who they chose, and who are they dating now???

  • Shinrin Yoku
    Shinrin Yoku 4 months ago +1

    The black girl seems so kind.

  • The Art of Flying
    The Art of Flying 4 months ago

    I really loved this series... I really hope they continue making new episodes.

  • JulianOnTheRadio
    JulianOnTheRadio 4 months ago

    Asian dude nailed IT! Ghosting lol

  • Badria
    Badria 4 months ago

    I enjoyed this so much 👍🏽 need another season

  • blahaaaaaaan
    blahaaaaaaan 4 months ago

    All of these people are fucking train wrecks, and you should never read a book about relationships written by a dumb bitch, women can't make good decisions, it happens by accident.

  • melissa Day
    melissa Day 4 months ago

    I loved watching this show, but I've been with my husband since we were 16 and now we are in our 30's and still strong. I just feel bad that none of them made it past a 3rd date. How is that possible?

  • lawreneph
    lawreneph 4 months ago +9

    Sarah was hell on those guys. Neither one could do anything right for her. The bald guy that left was cool and it seemed like she liked him but she is a bit awkward and a bit rude at times. Also I wonder does Luke ever call up Betty after the show? 🤔 😊
    They definitely need to do another season with more episodes.

  • Christian Méza
    Christian Méza 4 months ago

    I am so fascinated by everything surrounding dating... If I could date for a living, I would!!

  • F H
    F H 4 months ago +2

    Justin was all rude and loud and aggressive on tv imagine what he does when the camera is not around! he is the guy no one wants to end up with cause he is the type of a person who would turn everything against you.. Gurki got lucky by finding this nasty thing about him this early, he is worthless.

  • DJVee
    DJVee 4 months ago

    Need Season 2! Will be good to explore dating in other cities and cultures too!

  • Georgio Richy
    Georgio Richy 4 months ago +1

    Season 2???

  • Joshua Roose
    Joshua Roose 4 months ago

    its fucking scripted wtf

  • Kristen
    Kristen 4 months ago +5

    The thing that sucks about dating culture today is that there is no dating culture....only a hookup culture. I forget his name but the guy all the way on the left summed up dating in 2019 perfectly. We are all so disconnected because of our phones and dating apps and it sucks when you want to make a meaningful connection😭

  • Candy Redding
    Candy Redding 4 months ago

    I watched this on a whim and ended up watching the whole season. Can we do an update on their dates?
    One of the older ladies reminded me of an elder Lady Gaga. She was fun to watch.
    I would have left the smacking mouth lady at the table right then and there.

  • Paris 87
    Paris 87 4 months ago +4

    Thank you!! Ghosting is the WORST!!

  • Jamison Sims
    Jamison Sims 4 months ago +2

    The frog joke was a lil funny thou😂

  • identihui
    identihui 4 months ago

    What lip color is Mila wearing? its GORG!

  • Mz modae'
    Mz modae' 4 months ago +1

    Thank you @Netflix for bringing quality shows, quality movies, quality documentaries back into the world!
    Please please Don't EVER change your standard because you are just perfect the way you are!!

  • Taneesha J
    Taneesha J 4 months ago +1

    i hated sarah’s episode.

  • Vicky thecat
    Vicky thecat 4 months ago +44

    So no one is dating the person they 'chose' on the show? If not, have they all dated more, fell in love, fallen out of love, given up on love? Please another more in-depth video.

  • IamDMP
    IamDMP 4 months ago +18

    Luke was the least likeable out of the bunch

  • Elle Zee
    Elle Zee 4 months ago

    Why did this make me cry?

  • T Marie
    T Marie 4 months ago +3

    I loooooove this show & loveeeeeee the diversity ❤️❤️.

  • OnceUponAVideo
    OnceUponAVideo 4 months ago +5

    I so glad that I am not the only one that has trouble dating. And it also makes me sad that I am not the only one that has trouble dating.
    Also, Leonard is awesome.

  • DailyLinds
    DailyLinds 4 months ago

    please make another season please please please

  • blegghhh
    blegghhh 4 months ago +137

    what was the point of this if yall werent gonna give updates on EVERYONE??? yall know thats what we actually wanted to hear lol

    • Joseph Svennson
      Joseph Svennson 3 months ago

      They need to learn from TLC how to do a mfn update 😂

    • mizzblizz6
      mizzblizz6 4 months ago +8

      Right?! Im like do i fault netflix or the host... i want to know how long each second date lasted- why certain people chose who they did- why others didnt choose certain people. WTF IS THIS. Yes, it was nice to watch but certainly not an update.

  • blegghhh
    blegghhh 4 months ago +7

    i literally only came here to see if anyone was still together and did i miss it or did only 2 of them actually give an update????

  • Renee Moore
    Renee Moore 4 months ago +36

    Did things work out with the older guy and his date? He was so fun to watch!

  • Messofanego
    Messofanego 4 months ago +2

    Hope Leonard is doing well, the best dater of the bunch! We can assume no one other than Mila is in an actual relationship right now, cause no one brought it up. Shame Luke and Victoria didn't work out, and with Lex.

    MYRA FAROOQI 4 months ago +2

    Sarah sucks, chose the wrong guy

  • Aliyah
    Aliyah 4 months ago

    fucking loved this show

  • Liz Marvel
    Liz Marvel 4 months ago

    I need Lexxy he needs a Podcast

  • JasmineSkyy
    JasmineSkyy 4 months ago +14

    People in New York have a struggle connecting

  • JasmineSkyy
    JasmineSkyy 4 months ago +48

    Leonard needs his own show ♥️

  • Yuki Xu
    Yuki Xu 4 months ago +18

    I love Lex, I am a girl, what should I do?🤣🤣🤣 he is charming and very educated and respectful, he can always lead the conversation to a deeper angle which makes the whole thing more interesting. I hope he will find someone special soon😘

  • Dorota
    Dorota 4 months ago +32

    I really dislike Sarah...

    • Solid Bruh
      Solid Bruh Month ago

      Me too! She was immature, rude & all over the place.

    • Samantha Harrington
      Samantha Harrington 4 months ago +2

      Me too I found her sooo annoying and childish...

  • Janyll Henriquez
    Janyll Henriquez 4 months ago +196

    Please keep this show going. I really loved it, the different aspects of it all!

  • Heyit'sMel 94
    Heyit'sMel 94 4 months ago +4

    Luke reminds me so much of G-Eazy! The whole time I was watching his episode I just couldn’t get over it!

  • Rihana Jan
    Rihana Jan 4 months ago +216

    That Justin dude with his childish remarks triggered me seriously! He was the worst. I felt bad for Gurki; she is an amazing strong lady

    • Candy Redding
      Candy Redding 4 months ago +21

      Justin was bad news as soon as he told the story of his ex. "Me or the cat." That was a red flag banner for me. And then he just got worse.

    • Matthew O'Rosco
      Matthew O'Rosco 4 months ago +10

      @Renee Moore She’s almost 40 now and she got married at 21!! She fucked up but how long is someone supposed to be sorry? If you mess up are you NEVER allowed to be happy? Not after 10 years? Not after 20 years? How long do you have to be sorry for?

    • Amanda Soderlund
      Amanda Soderlund 4 months ago +12

      He lacked so much cultural awareness. His ignorance was so cringe

    • Renee Moore
      Renee Moore 4 months ago

      Didn't he deduce that he had lied to the guy she married? Totally full of herself

    • Renee Moore
      Renee Moore 4 months ago +1

      Didn't he deduce that he had lied to the guy she married? Totally full of herself

  • Rihana Jan
    Rihana Jan 4 months ago

    All these guys were amazing! But the people who came to date them not so good

  • Weinmonster Chicago
    Weinmonster Chicago 4 months ago +268

    The Asian guy needs his own show. If we can’t be friends then I need his personality on a regular basis through a show.

  • Weinmonster Chicago
    Weinmonster Chicago 4 months ago +2

    But.... they didn’t all update where they are?!?!?!?!

  • Yams Coco
    Yams Coco 4 months ago +4


  • Niveditha George
    Niveditha George 4 months ago +61

    This show is better than the bachelor! Things that people can actually relate too. More please! ❤️

  • Chant Bagby
    Chant Bagby 4 months ago

    Aww cool.

  • Da Mouse
    Da Mouse 4 months ago +50

    Sara is still the most annoying. She needs to grow up a bit more. Everyone else was great and had funny episodes, but also classy.

  • Mary Nguyen
    Mary Nguyen 4 months ago +144

    didnt even mean to binge the entire season in one night lol

  • Abbrielle Rain
    Abbrielle Rain 4 months ago +7

    Can Gurki and Leonard please adopt me? Please?

  • Andy Millford
    Andy Millford 4 months ago +4

    this shows was so good like it felt really genuine and the production was just amazing

  • Tonia Mattu
    Tonia Mattu 4 months ago

    How/why were the daters wearing the same outfit on every date? I can't be the only one lol.

    • lala009
      lala009 4 months ago +1

      It’s like an experiment. Same restaurant same clothes different people. You want a control environment and appearance to see if you get the same results and if not how different

    • Candy Redding
      Candy Redding 4 months ago

      That was the only drawback for the show I think. No one is going to eat four dinners in one night lol. But, it did make the editing more seamless for the viewer I suppose.

    • Da Mouse
      Da Mouse 4 months ago +2

      Tonia Mattu I read an article they did it that way on purpose just to make it look like it happened in one night. A “speed date” feel or something. I guess it would look too clashy with like several outfits going on lol dunno

  • Elana Carter
    Elana Carter 4 months ago +78

    It annoys me so much that only two gave an actual update on the relationships??

    • Timi Adetona
      Timi Adetona 4 months ago


    • Elana Carter
      Elana Carter 4 months ago +1

      Sabina Khan

    • Sabina Khan
      Sabina Khan 4 months ago +1

      what are their instas!!! LOL

    • Elana Carter
      Elana Carter 4 months ago +2

      areyousatisfied thanks for the update, I stalked them all on Instagram as well 😂😂. I love Charlotte’s relationship❤️ and aww bless Leonard

    • SheLooksToMe
      SheLooksToMe 4 months ago +21

      Agreed. I insta-stalked them though lol. Mila looks like she found herself a lady (not from the show). Lex caught up with two of the guys he went on dates with (moustache poetry guy and the Asian guy) as friends which is cute. But yeah, other than Mila nobody seems to be dating anybody, let alone anyone from the show. That doesn't necessarily mean anything - some people are private or perhaps their relationships are new. Oh, and Leonard doesn't have Instagram :P but no surprise there.

  • somto ofoma
    somto ofoma 4 months ago +1

    Mila is soo breathtakingly beautiful

  • cityandgirl
    cityandgirl 4 months ago +29

    Leonard is so fun to watch. ❤️ I would watch a reality show just about him. Make it happen Netflix.

  • Cole L
    Cole L 4 months ago +5

    This show was very overproduced

  • DawnFan4ever
    DawnFan4ever 4 months ago +7

    So they didn’t see who was still together 😒

    • Pamela Yafrecy
      Pamela Yafrecy 4 months ago +1

      DawnFan4ever it seems like it’s just Leonard and Diana that are still together. Everyone else is still single except Mila she has a girlfriend.

  • Oumar Yehia
    Oumar Yehia 4 months ago

    Anyone knows the song at the beginning?

  • Ari Elle
    Ari Elle 4 months ago +53

    I just wanna mention how beautiful Mila goodness

  • Ari Elle
    Ari Elle 4 months ago +2

    I really loved this show

  • Susanna H
    Susanna H 4 months ago +4

    Does this mean Mila is still with the woman she chose?? I hope so :D Or that she is with someone great who treats her well.

    • Aliyah
      Aliyah 4 months ago

      areyousatisfied what’s her insta i cant find it

    • SheLooksToMe
      SheLooksToMe 4 months ago

      I found her Insta, and she's dating another woman entirely :)

  • Susanna H
    Susanna H 4 months ago +9

    NETFLIX - Please add captions (and not auto-generated ones) so everyone can enjoy this video!!! I know you have the budget for it. Do better!

  • ModelMaterial09
    ModelMaterial09 4 months ago +2

    I love all of them!! This show was amazing!! Leonard is the cutest 💛💛💛

  • hopscotch39
    hopscotch39 4 months ago +4

    So it’s hopeless for everyone unless you’re gorgeous like Mila. Got it. Thanks Netflix.

  • M Young
    M Young 4 months ago +4

    What is On My Block?

  • LordWinter
    LordWinter 4 months ago +54

    110% agree with with ghosting rant
    Its childish and so disrespectful

  • Thereal Toure
    Thereal Toure 4 months ago +6

    “There’s only boys left in the world not men” lmaoo you are literally acting like a high school school kid thinking every guy should be fighting for you, wake up. You literally admitted to getting married knowing that you don’t love the guy. Now you wanna blame all your problems on every man in the world, 🙄 take responsibility.

    • tiggertigger551
      tiggertigger551 4 months ago

      Deepika S 👏🏾👏🏾

    • arushi kalra
      arushi kalra 4 months ago

      I m a 25 year old girl in india and u cannot even imagine the pressure!!😔

    • Rihana Jan
      Rihana Jan 4 months ago +6

      Are you Justin from the show? Lmao small minded pig

    • Da Mouse
      Da Mouse 4 months ago +3

      You gotta watch her episode to understand what she meant. This just another example of not understanding other cultures.

    • Jolene
      Jolene 4 months ago +9

      You sound like the jerk she went on a date with lmao

  • Tye M
    Tye M 4 months ago +109

    Really enjoyed this show please drop more episodes!!

  • Angie Rentmeester
    Angie Rentmeester 4 months ago +7

    I wonder if Sarah is still with that guy

    • SheLooksToMe
      SheLooksToMe 4 months ago

      Her Instagram suggests not, however, not everybody plasts their lives all over social media so who knows :) He seemed lovely though.

  • Marie P.
    Marie P. 4 months ago +15

    ok so we only know about one persons relationship status...

    • Ramisa Bashar
      Ramisa Bashar 4 months ago +1

      @akirebara there's this tweet from the Dating Around about our boy Leonard:

    • akirebara
      akirebara 4 months ago +8

      Marie P. Right? They didn’t outright say who’s still with the person they chose. Like, is Leonard still with Diana?!!!

  • Michael Lehman
    Michael Lehman 4 months ago +421

    Hello Netflix team! Can you please add closed captions for this video? I have hearing impairment. Thank you!

  • Rob Vespa
    Rob Vespa 4 months ago +1

    Sigh. Crap, Netflix. How about quality over quantity?

  • kelly McGregor
    kelly McGregor 4 months ago +77

    I still wanna hear Sarah’s Greek mythology joke.

    • Aliyah
      Aliyah 4 months ago +4

      she posted a video on her insta telling the joke

    • Linz
      Linz 4 months ago +10

      @nochtis You should strongly consider being kinder.

    • nochtis
      nochtis 4 months ago +5

      you should strongly consider getting sterilized

  • Zen = Yen 🔴
    Zen = Yen 🔴 4 months ago +2

    capital S

  • Loki Army
    Loki Army 4 months ago +297

    this show was so much better than I had expected

    • luvineverything101
      luvineverything101 4 months ago +1

      Loki Army I watched it expecting/wanting to cringe a lot but I legitimately enjoyed it!

  • Tawny G
    Tawny G 4 months ago +23

    Please have another season. Make it in Atlanta Ga

  • Donovan Green
    Donovan Green 4 months ago +8

    Where’s the trailer for on my block

  • Slow Like Whoa
    Slow Like Whoa 4 months ago +4

    Love yourself!!! Go Bruna!!!

  • daniel
    daniel 4 months ago +67

    my ♡ broke for sarah on her episode cause with that one guy in the blue shirt, the chemistry was there, the rapport was electric, he was keeping up with her, and then they get in the cab and he hits her with the one-two of “no i don’t want to hear your joke why would you even ask” and then the excessive kissing. Let Women Have Personalities 2k19

    • I Ma
      I Ma 4 months ago +9

      Totally agree.So many people roll their eyes at Sarah but I understood exactly why she didn’t choose the guy with the blue shirt . Yeah they had good vibes until they got to the car , he was rushing her and suddenly it felt like the whole date was just a way to convince her to sleep with him .She set standards for herself, which everyone should do , he didn’t meet them so he doesn’t get a second date- doesn’t make either of them bad people.

    • nochtis
      nochtis 4 months ago

      why do you care? you clearly like men

    • ukkugoodasfidem
      ukkugoodasfidem 4 months ago +13

      It was a NINE MINUTE JOKE!! I think most of us would rather have a nine minute conversation. Just my thoughts. Plus I agree that women have layers 100%. And can be funny, cool, masculine, strong, and all the good things. It’s also okay to not want to hear a long ass joke too lol. That’s not sexist.

    • Surveyors AIRINC
      Surveyors AIRINC 4 months ago +4

      ...that was sarcasm. What's wrong with that? It's 2019 jesus let people joke.

  • Joseph Valente
    Joseph Valente 4 months ago +4

    So great to see where they’ve landed!

  • Yaire Cedeno
    Yaire Cedeno 4 months ago +8

    ok wheres the OMB trailer :))))

  • Andres Is Cheetos
    Andres Is Cheetos 4 months ago +21

    On my block season 2 trailer?

  • K Cuse
    K Cuse 4 months ago +10

    Waddya know , the 2 gay ppl were the only normal ones

    • Tye B
      Tye B 4 months ago +2

      Besides Sarah, what's wrong with the others?

  • mojo
    mojo 4 months ago +6

    He was a great example for men, to bad their wasn't a great example for women.

    • ukkugoodasfidem
      ukkugoodasfidem 4 months ago +4

      Gurki and Mila were both kind and honest people. They were growing themselves and figuring out what they want and don’t. They have a past as we all do. Not perfect, not mean, not judgemental. Just real. And they deserve peace, love, and positivity. Not more drama. Plus Leonard said his charm(chivalry) were the opposite who he is... aka fake, so how is that a good example? I am genuinely asking for perspective.

    • John Smith
      John Smith 4 months ago


  • Selena R
    Selena R 4 months ago +8

    In love with Leonard. 💗💗

  • Maaru
    Maaru 4 months ago +9

    I need the season 2 😊

  • Celeste
    Celeste 4 months ago +20

    I haven't seen on my block yet as it's all the comments I have seen, but what the frick is this crap?

  • Sisan Fregene
    Sisan Fregene 4 months ago +8


  • Lil Applxxx
    Lil Applxxx 4 months ago +30

    Where is omb season 2 trailer😒

  • Maria Elliott
    Maria Elliott 4 months ago +8

    Loved the show, it’s so different in terms of dating in my country it was really interesting ! Hope there’s season 2n

    • Maria Elliott
      Maria Elliott 4 months ago +2

      Yesica Rubau first of all we don’t really have a blind date so often. But the biggest difference was that people make out and have a conflict on their first date, and that never happens. You have to confess your love to the person and become a boyfriend/girlfriend to kiss. Also, people are really modest, so people slowly open up to the partner as they go on dates. Ofc it depends on the person but it is the traditional way!!!

    • Yesica Yamirel
      Yesica Yamirel 4 months ago

      How is it different? If you don’t mind me asking :)

  • r b
    r b 4 months ago +26


  • WHAT!? NO!
    WHAT!? NO! 4 months ago +30

    I'm not playing WHERE ON MY BLOCK 😭

  • chun nu
    chun nu 4 months ago

    Well.. i'm not 1st

    I'm 15th.