Jacksepticeye And PewDiePie Memes

  • Published on Jun 18, 2019
  • Legend says Memes can cure world hunger
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Comments • 15 053

  • Grace Holbert
    Grace Holbert 4 hours ago

    Can you explain "Do you have 90 minutes" because I can't find it anywhere.

  • Qinjiko Foxx
    Qinjiko Foxx 5 hours ago

    Hey, you may not have met Keanu Reeves, but at least you met Norman Reedus.

  • Kathy Park
    Kathy Park 6 hours ago

    Is he talking about papers please or 60 seconds....? Or am I just dumb??

  • TheJoeMotes
    TheJoeMotes 21 hour ago

    6:56 enjoy

  • TotalLable
    TotalLable Day ago +1

    No one:
    11:19 Seán: Keane Yeeves Rear

  • bazza
    bazza Day ago

    What about secondary school

  • That dude Not really

    but i'm already in my room father

  • Ethan Jackson
    Ethan Jackson Day ago

    Toilet humour best humor

  • kor reacts
    kor reacts Day ago

    my name is shaun

  • Shaun Miller
    Shaun Miller 2 days ago

    Your right my parents didn’t love me

  • angelos davides
    angelos davides 2 days ago

    5:30 the writing underneath the comments are in Greek

  • robert diggs
    robert diggs 2 days ago

    Sean saen saaen base seajn sewn sen are available poon jack shhhhhhawn saennnnnn asen zsae saee

  • gacha wolf
    gacha wolf 2 days ago

    When I spell ur name I say seen in my head even though it's seán

  • brayden
    brayden 2 days ago

    and the meaning of Sean is "God is gracious"

  • Elizabeth Godelia
    Elizabeth Godelia 2 days ago +2

    2020: year of Tom Holland. There are so many movies with Tom Holland that 2020 is becoming more and more like a year dedicated to the most prominent actor/voice actor.

  • dakota manchette
    dakota manchette 3 days ago

    Sean is really common in America

  • Hunter Harper
    Hunter Harper 3 days ago +2

    Jack: Says Keanu Reeves is showing up everywhere and the year should be renamed after him.
    People Watching in 2020: You haven't seen anything yet

  • Levi James
    Levi James 3 days ago

    I actually have Irish decent from my fathers side and he is coincidentally named Sean as well.

  • Hentiiigod X
    Hentiiigod X 3 days ago

    What happens when you die?

    You meet God , and then you get to shake lando Calirisun's hand

  • Keegan Heckel
    Keegan Heckel 3 days ago

    The Best

  • Thomas White
    Thomas White 3 days ago

    My friend's name is shon, so...

  • Shawn Hallkrabill
    Shawn Hallkrabill 3 days ago

    Ummmm as a Shawn, I will represent all Shawns. We approve.

  • CraigStar1548
    CraigStar1548 3 days ago

    Ok shon

  • Frehse Children
    Frehse Children 3 days ago

    Technically your name should be Seänsepticy

  • sadig Elmen
    sadig Elmen 4 days ago

    Love , the God who have

  • Nub
    Nub 4 days ago

    9:11 looks like a fucked up Joker

  • The Derp Piggy
    The Derp Piggy 4 days ago

    Seàn-i mean son of viking
    Me-i mean keeper of earth
    My name is kai

  • Nntnathan
    Nntnathan 4 days ago

    I used to pronounce Sean as SHEAN

  • Hulk Kennedy
    Hulk Kennedy 4 days ago

    Seán= John
    Sean= old

  • strbskepleso
    strbskepleso 4 days ago


  • Alyssa Hanzlik
    Alyssa Hanzlik 4 days ago

    I'm 16 and I hate homework

  • sarah ppie-dra
    sarah ppie-dra 5 days ago

    “Put them all in a room together with me. And we would have the best time of MY LIFE.” 😂I felt that energy

  • Kortni
    Kortni 5 days ago

    There was a typo on my social security card, and I didn’t address it until I was 24. My middle name is Shea, but it was Shean on my SS card. So I’ve technically been a Shean for most of my life. Jimmy Neutron who.

  • katherine stokes
    katherine stokes 5 days ago

    Wait I spelt it wrong

  • katherine stokes
    katherine stokes 5 days ago

    I swear I spell sèan like dis

  • Niamh Garratt
    Niamh Garratt 6 days ago

    Pee in her mouth//Divorce

  • Gracie Black
    Gracie Black 7 days ago

    It’s funny how he doesn’t like the spelling of my fathers name S H A W N 😂
    I’m trying to make jokes it’s fine 😂

  • killleropm a
    killleropm a 7 days ago

    reanu keeves

  • OFX_weebitron
    OFX_weebitron 7 days ago +1

    "If you demonitize an irish man for swearing, its basically racism at that point" -An Irish Man
    Same with Australia -An Australian man replying to an Irish Man

  • Luna Leviethan
    Luna Leviethan 8 days ago +1

    Jack: Go to your room!
    Me: I'm AlReAdY iN mY rOoM!

    PIXIL DONKEY 8 days ago

    Keanu Reeves tells Jack to free his mind

  • Tasa Djukic
    Tasa Djukic 8 days ago

    Ok Seaaaaaaaaaaan

  • Detective Detective
    Detective Detective 8 days ago

    When you have two host in meme review

  • Shayna Gehringer
    Shayna Gehringer 8 days ago

    Sean: I know it's a weird spelling of the name
    me: I have a friend who I've known since kindergarten and his name is Sean

  • Aidan Da King
    Aidan Da King 8 days ago +2

    "All you 12 year olds out there doing homework"
    Me: *Ha! I'm 13 and it's not homework...Its pain.*

  • Deliora
    Deliora 8 days ago +1

    I had my earphones on and full volume, the intro made me deaf

  • T. Van der kooij
    T. Van der kooij 9 days ago

    “If you demonitise an irishman for swearing, thats basically racist”

  • Nansaka
    Nansaka 9 days ago +1


  • Natsu Dragneel
    Natsu Dragneel 9 days ago

    We will be sad when Keanu Reeves , Keanu leaves

  • Mad Max
    Mad Max 9 days ago

    Sean the strong willed worrior, son of Scandinavia

  • Blue Silver3
    Blue Silver3 9 days ago

    My is sean

  • guitarguy45
    guitarguy45 9 days ago

    i'm in tears from Keanu's answer to what happens when we die. Legitimately crying at how amazing that answer is. More of that please in 2020 please give the Reeves man secret service and protect this man at all costs. so much negativity in the world its so nice to see such incredible positivity

  • Ennard SLPlayz
    Ennard SLPlayz 9 days ago


  • Terrier Turtle
    Terrier Turtle 11 days ago

    # Keane reaves X Seán

  • Nictasaur
    Nictasaur 11 days ago


  • Water Wolf
    Water Wolf 11 days ago

    Me a 13 yr old: also barely remembers doing my homework two days ago
    Also me, but a few minutes later: wait, I did do homework. Time to type a comment. I should’ve not sent it, welp.

  • Dr. Inferno
    Dr. Inferno 11 days ago

    I know how it feels my name is kristopher people always write christopher and it piss me off

  • Bhrigu Parashar
    Bhrigu Parashar 11 days ago

    Petition for Keanu Reeves hosting funny home videos!!

  • Lautaro Oliver
    Lautaro Oliver 12 days ago

    Keanu years

  • Belle from Oz
    Belle from Oz 13 days ago

    Keanu Reeves is still amazing and relevant in 2020.