Bobcat hunting with 17hmr

  • Published on Jan 31, 2018
  • Gear used:
    -Foxpro Fury-Gray fox in distress
    -Mojo Critter Decoy
    -Savage 93r17 17hmr with Boyds SS Evolution stock in pepper
    -CCI TNT Green 17hmr 16 grain lead free hollow point
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Comments • 43

  • Monkey
    Monkey 11 months ago +10

    What is dumb is that no one in these comments know how annoying these cats are! My sister was trapped in a car for an hour because bob cats where wondering around. These things killed peoples dogs and are scary if you don’t have a weapon.

  • Matthew Chambers
    Matthew Chambers 11 months ago +20

    What do you do with a dead bobcat?

  • Austin Bolick
    Austin Bolick Year ago

    So you bought a Savage 93R17, and ordered a Boyd’s Stock for it and just replaced it? I bought a 93r17 yesterday and I really liked the stock you had on yours. I got mine in the bull barrel version, so would it still work if I tried one of these stocks on my rifle? Thanks

    • RuggedSportsmen
      RuggedSportsmen  11 months ago +3

      Yes exactly, took five minutes and fit right in. I have the bull barrel version too. I think you need to buy the trigger guard as well too.

  • Mario Saenz
    Mario Saenz Year ago +3

    Nice well done thank you for sharing

  • JOFIE H.
    JOFIE H. Year ago +2

    AWSOME !

  • That generic"Dixienormous"picture guy.

    I wish Florida would let us use recorded calls we can only use handheld calls. We don't need tags for them at least they are classified as varmint here but can only be hunted Dec 1-March 1 unless you hunt with dogs then it's year round.

  • Gerald Whipple
    Gerald Whipple Year ago +10

    I would skin it and hang the skin on my wall that was a good shot

  • Jose Alvarado
    Jose Alvarado Year ago

    dam I found 1yeara ago laying on aide of the road I picked it the mf weighted Moe then a sack of horse close to 50pounds it stood about 3tall

  • christophera556
    christophera556 Year ago +11

    One bobcat days of being a pest are over.

  • Cat Crisst
    Cat Crisst Year ago +3

    Beautiful 😂

  • Know Nuthin' Archer
    Know Nuthin' Archer Year ago +46

    Hunting tags are distributed based on Wildlife Management Studies and their analysis. Bobcat/Lynx (and other animal) tags are usually only available in areas were numbers support the population control/reduction. Harvest reports are often mandatory and the info helps determine future bag limits/species that can be harvested.
    Also, where predators pose a risk to people, pets or property (livestock, etc), "culling" tags are often needed just to keep encounters between humans and dangerous animals to a minimum.
    And you'll be happy to know that when the Harvest reports indicate a "healthy" reduction in species populations, tags are reduced or eliminated in many areas.
    Wildlife Management isn't just getting meat or looking cool with tactical shotguns and whatnot. It's about maintaining sustainable ecosystems that balance the needs of hunters, non-hunters and animals. Ethical hunting of animals, even cute ones, is critical to maintaining healthy wildlife carrying capacities and environmental conditions in ecosystems.

  • SweetandSour
    SweetandSour Year ago +18

    I am a huge hunter. It's my favorite thing in the world. I love varmint shooting and blowing the shit out of animals. But bobcats are beautiful and I would never shoot one but who am I to judge if it is legal

    • Blake
      Blake Year ago +5

      In my area it’s a much different story. Predatory animals like bobcat, mountain lions, Fox, and coyote have killed a huge portion of the squirrel and quail population. As well as a dent in the rabbits. We need all of them gone as possible.

    • RuggedSportsmen
      RuggedSportsmen  Year ago +6

      I think that all animals are beautiful, especially bobcats. Nothing but the most respect for animals

  • Yan Tan
    Yan Tan Year ago +17

    Bobcat are so beautiful. How could you kill them? I guess they are not endangered yet. Still very cute.

    • Apollo
      Apollo 11 months ago +1

      Yea in Texas they are plentiful. Like hogs and coyote they’re listed as varmints so we sort of have to kill them or they’re a risk to our livestock, farms, and ranches. They’re also known to kill domesticated pets like dogs, cats, and ferrets.

    • A H
      A H Year ago

      yeah, these are beautiful creatures. I've seen many on my hunts over the years. Growing up, my Dad instilled in me to only harvest what I intend on eating and I never quite developed an affinity for predator meat. Plus out in my rural hometown, bobcats were a firm of pest control for the likes of mice/rats/squirrels/rabbits/possums that can decimate crops, spread disease etc... Looks like it would be a ton of fun to hunt a bobcat, but having grown up in prime bobcat habitat you learn to live and let live, a big barking dog is more than enough to keep bobcats away from your chicken coop. Mountain Lions are a whole nuther story, I've had friends lose a calves to Lions, they then track them with hounds and tree them and S-S-S. I toss what I hunt in the freezer, don't buy factory farmed meat, only free-range / grass-fed / organic meat, I'm not a tree hugger but having grown up eating backyard chickens, goats, hogs, etc you realize that factory farmed meat / food is far inferior to good old farm fresh good plus the critters suffer less.

    • Squirrelsniper5
      Squirrelsniper5 Year ago +3

      Yes some states they are protected but with any population there are sparse areas and concentrated areas. In my home state of PA you are allowed 1 bobcat per year and you must tag and report the kill within 48 hours. I have yet to harvest a bobcat but I frequently see sign of them in the area I look for them.

    • Reginald Lovely
      Reginald Lovely Year ago

      some states they are on the list

    • RuggedSportsmen
      RuggedSportsmen  Year ago +7

      Yan Tan Bobcats most likely will never be endangered. They pray on the abundance of quail and rabbits and squirrels in the area. I’ve only taken one bobcat in my life. Kind of a once in a blue moon thing, but now he’s in the process at the taxidermy getting a full body mount. Going to be beautiful

  • Reginald Lovely
    Reginald Lovely Year ago +65

    why kill such a beautiful animal

    • RuggedSportsmen
      RuggedSportsmen  Year ago +8

      No one asked you to watch this video. Carry on if you don't like what you see, this is the real world

    • Mauricio Lopez
      Mauricio Lopez Year ago

      @RuggedSportsmen its true. It aids in conservation and promotes the wellness of other beings (endangered or not) in the ecosystem If you're hunting the "right" way and not poaching animals, than I'm OK with it. But don't be some asshole who goes to Africa where you can hunt endangered beings. You deserve to get hit by a truck if you do that.

    • Vetted Warrior
      Vetted Warrior Year ago +2

      @Mr Cool Guy If you had a brain you might not be considered a walking abortion. That pack of coyotes that killed some little girls cat were they innocent, How about Mountain Lion Kills 100-Pound German Shepherd in Family's Back Yard Fontana Cali. Or the bear that mauled a couple in backyard. One more what about the 5 year old Colorado Girl Recovering After Being Attacked by Bear in Her Own Backyard. I suppose all those animals were innocent? You are a fucking moron and should'nt be speaking in public you have absolutely no fucking clue about the outdoors or the importance of ecology. Stay in your moms basement or whatever liberal tree hugging forest you reside in and let the people that understand the environment deal with it properly.

    • Gerald Whipple
      Gerald Whipple Year ago

      Reginald Lovely try going up to a bobcat your going to be in a world of hurt

    • Spearklys
      Spearklys Year ago

      they kill humans so why not

  • Reginald Lovely
    Reginald Lovely Year ago +64

    Just made every rodent in that area super happy

  • outdoor adventures
    outdoor adventures Year ago +1

    Excellent video, just had to subscribe. Hope you will enjoy a few of my 17 cal videos on my channel as well. What bullet grain do you use?

    • RuggedSportsmen
      RuggedSportsmen  Year ago

      outdoor adventures thank you! I have to use lead free in California so I shoot the CCI 16 grain TNTs.

  • Scuba Mike
    Scuba Mike Year ago +15

    That's amazing! I would get it mounted. Would you use the 17 HMR again? Do you think it has/had enough power? When you cleaned it how much damage did it do internally? Thumbs up

    • RuggedSportsmen
      RuggedSportsmen  Year ago +2

      Scuba Mike also didn’t open the internals

    • RuggedSportsmen
      RuggedSportsmen  Year ago +10

      Scuba Mike yes the 17hmr is the new little primary gun of choice for my varmint hunting. There is a lot of different opinions on the 17hmr but in my opinion yes definitely enough power. It pin holed one side of the pelt and the other side the same. He actually missed the second shot. I was too excited and didn’t videotape the animal after the shot but he walked 5 yards and expired. For a coyote I think I would just take headshots as I have shot a coyote in the boiler room before and never found him but for anything small up to bobcats a well placed shot in the vitals is totally fine. The 17hmr is such an accurate caliber that you can take headshots up to 100 yards no problem