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  • Published on Dec 14, 2017
  • I'M BACK!! After a mini hiatus, I'm back with a new video where I want to share with you a little bit about my time in Singapore. I've been living there as an exchange student at NUS for approx. 4.5 months now. So part of the video is about a couple things I found a little challenging when I first moved there xD
    I've missed you all and hopefully you've missed me a little bit as well :P Hopefully my electronics are done acting up and I can start posting more regularly again! :)
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Comments • 506

  • KatChats
    KatChats  Year ago +14

    You guys are getting the wrong idea here - It's a culture shock video lol it's in the title, and culture shock isn't inherently a bad thing, it just means something is different to what has been the norm for you. I mean it's one thing to read about something and do research and another to experience it first hand. Adjustment and assimilation is normal and not a bad thing at all. It happens to everyone who goes to a new place, even within ones own country. Overall my experience was fantastic - I tried really hard to present everything in the most unoffensive way, because these points aren't negatives or bad points about my time there or about Singapore, they were more things that took a little adjusting to which again isn't a bad thing in itself! So please don't take this as an attack on anybody because that is not what this is. And another point on the accent: I wasn't saying the English there is "subpar" or "worse" than "textbook" English - I live in Scotland for goodness sake where I barely understand a word the people in Glasgow say! Exact same thing - I have trouble understanding people just an hour away from where I live. If you're not exposed to something then obviously when you encounter it for the first time you might have a bit of communication trouble - that's not a bad thing!

    • Black Horse
      Black Horse 8 months ago +1

      Most of us can speak proper English if we wish to. Especially when dealing with business...etc

  • TH_ ObviouslyOP
    TH_ ObviouslyOP 10 days ago

    I live in Singapore

  • Sheryn Sorfyna
    Sheryn Sorfyna 5 months ago +1

    you can watch the channel Georgia Caney for more tips being in sg
    also, we have like 63 other small islands

    • KatChats
      KatChats  5 months ago +1

      That's amazing, thank you for the recommendation :)

  • Seiko Watch
    Seiko Watch 5 months ago

    Many Finnish have Mongolian/West Asian facial features.

  • shika206
    shika206 7 months ago

    Look at all the butthurt singaporeans trying to justify singlish. Why dont you spend more time and effort speaking proper english? Lol

  • Karthikeyan Kadarkarai
    Karthikeyan Kadarkarai 7 months ago +2

    Welcome to the tropicals, key difference between people who live on ice and who have never seen ice outdoors. Your face is so dehydrated than the bubbly one. I understand the digestive issues you might have gone through.
    For pure veg try Tamil restaurants like Saravana Bhavan, Banana leaf etc

    • Abhinav Maurya
      Abhinav Maurya 6 months ago

      Wow, there are 7-11 SB in Singapore. Was in SG recently but wasn't aware of their existence.

    • KatChats
      KatChats  7 months ago

      Ohh thank you for the suggestions ^-^

  • Omega White
    Omega White 7 months ago +1

    I live in Singapore and also sometimes (most) we also have Hokkien in Singlish

  • Kei S
    Kei S 8 months ago

    It has been a month. Any review after a year? :)

  • thelastcry08
    thelastcry08 8 months ago

    You're so cute. I'm sure you'll adapt. At the end of your exchange I bet you'll be hoping to stay longer in Asia.

  • Seven seat covers
    Seven seat covers 8 months ago

    Ur number please

  • pravin kumar
    pravin kumar 8 months ago +1

    Thanks for information.planing to move Singapore next month

  • Skateboarding T-rex
    Skateboarding T-rex 8 months ago +1

    I am from Singapore and I know how you feel because I went to Japan and also have a major culture shock

  • Nothing much
    Nothing much 10 months ago

    I am a singaporean... Around me, people rarely have accents maybe a slight Chinese or just normal. Well maybe it's just cause I am used to it and understands it. Plus in school we have to study two languages , naturally we mixed the languages up by accident or not.. Most bilingual people would do so

  • Ong Zen Shawn
    Ong Zen Shawn 10 months ago

    This is actually pretty funny as a Singaporean Im not offended at all pretty interesting hahahahaha XP

  • Rukiah Hassan
    Rukiah Hassan 11 months ago +1

    Those insects are now staying at your house oh and there is a positive side *THOSE INSECTS FOUND A NEW HABITAT!*

  • r. erfani
    r. erfani 11 months ago

    What a beautiful eye

  • Alcova Man
    Alcova Man Year ago

    I am not sure beside America, Australia and England, which county out there speak the English you are looking for? It would be interesting to share. Singapore weather is 36 C and 90% throughout the year, I am sure you knew before you came. Beside having aircon, I am afraid we couldn't offer you other solution. Sure, our public hygiene and cleanliness have deteriorated over the years. Maybe it is the 7 million people living here and more than half aren't locals. It is a price we paid for the sake of our economy.

    • KatChats
      KatChats  Year ago

      It's a culture shock video lol, I mean it's one thing to read about something and another to experience it. Adjustment and assimilation is normal and not a bad thing at all. It happens to everyone who goes to a new place, even within ones own country. Overall my experience was fantastic - maybe check out my 5 things I loved about living in Singapore, not as popular but I guess people are just not as interested in positivity. I tried really hard to present everything in the most unoffensive way, because these points aren't negatives or bad points about my time or about Singapore, they were more things that took a little adjusting to which again isn't a bad thing in itself!

  • Georgina Styles
    Georgina Styles Year ago

    You talk super slow gurl

  • Kangfucius SG
    Kangfucius SG Year ago

    Yeah, but when it comes to the crunch,when there is a need to express ourselves in this foreign language called English, our citizens have excelled. Who consistently won English poetry contests internationally? Our young girls! Who wrote Joy luck club and crazy rich Asians? Singapore Chinese writers! So don't run us down. We've never criticised Cockney speak. Or gutteral Patois. If you can't get used to our use of Singlish, stay out. Permanently.

    • KatChats
      KatChats  Year ago

      +Kangfucius SG I love Singlish! I really miss hearing it actually, my point was that as someone who's never heard it before it's very different to what you expect :p

  • Shinyshine Mobile legend

    Singapore changi airport toilets are damn clean

    • KatChats
      KatChats  Year ago

      +Shinyshine Mobile legend Changi is general is soooo nice omg

  • Quakespear Shatters
    Quakespear Shatters Year ago +1

    I am a Singaporean, and I also struggle with the hot, humid climate.

    • KatChats
      KatChats  Year ago

      +Quakespear Shatters ohw :(

  • Mikhaela Richi
    Mikhaela Richi Year ago

    hey im going to singapore next 3 weeks... im just hoping you can show me around.. everything’s on me. It’ll be my first time and idk how to get around

    • KatChats
      KatChats  Year ago

      +Mikhaela Richi I was on exchange there and left already some months ago. But I wish you the best there it's a great country :)

  • Gaunter Phoenix
    Gaunter Phoenix Year ago

    You can view Singlish as a local dialect derived from standard English. Like cockney English spoken by some Londoners.

  • Kaii Wong
    Kaii Wong Year ago

    1) singaporean speaks singlish but they can speak english too. its just like british, america, australia all have their own accent. but for written exams, we study n follow british english.
    2) as for hostel, it depends on how much your school or you pay. we do have both aircon n non-aircon rooms.
    3) regarding about bugs, yes, singapore is a tropical country. but for ants in the kitchen it should be e way you all stay in hostel. u probably didnt clean up because for the first month is alright, ants infest very fast. if u do not take care of ur accommodation, ants n cockroach will come very fast. i stay in hostel for 2-3yrs, but its alright.
    4) we do have vegetarian stalls but yes, not alot of choices.. if theres meat theres meat, it doesnt matter if theres alot of meat or little meat. i think the stall owners just didnt wan to entertain u n just ya ya ya then just go away... sorry for their attitude.. theres actually alot of vegetarian food if u know how to go. u can try going to some chinese temple, every lunch time they do give out vegetarian food for free..
    5) ya theres no problem transporting around in singapore but its very time constraining because everyone is taking it togethere. n like u said, even from home to downstairs is 5mins. hahaha..
    hope if u have a chance to come again, n try out some vegetarian food as we do have alot of place selling it, not in NUS or NTU.. dont stay in hostel or stay in e aircon hostel. n please keep ur room clean because if one dish never wash for 3-4days or if u did not throw ur rubbish for 2-3 days... ants n cockroach will be ur roommates...

  • UM SHOOK*cluck*
    UM SHOOK*cluck* Year ago

    *i know it’s late* -- ants to me aren’t a problem for me because it’s normal. I don’t really mind them and don’t really care to kill them - you can say I keep them as pets. But atleast they don’t stay in one spot. Atleast they didn’t come with an army of ants and just goes around and do their own things. But I agree with you with the cockroaches problem. Hate them really especially the elder cockroaches with wings that could fly..

  • Din Don
    Din Don Year ago

    Did you live in university town

  • K JW
    K JW Year ago

    the exchange students that come here to study are usually quite dumb no offence... they cant handle the academic stress among the top competitive students here. Take any student here to take a exam in any westerner countries, pretty sure he or she will top in that exam.

  • mr john
    mr john Year ago

    that little beetle is a bed bug from rotten mattress or sweaty moist smelly clothes, and it will cause skin itch big time

    JAMIN DAVID Seah Year ago

    Contrary to what many Singaporeans will say in defense of the high standard of English in Singapore, Singaporeans speak really bad English. How do I know? I'm a Singaporean and I speak very decent English without much of an accent, but even so, English-speaking foreigners occasionally wince or furrow their brows during conversations. When I speak to other Singaporeans, I wince and furrow my brows all the time. Grammar is terrible, pronunciation is horrible here. Except for a small percentage, most Singaporeans, if they do at all, will speak English at the basic to intermediate level of proficiency. You will most likely understand what they mean, but it will not sound pretty or come out correctly. And Singlish will completely rattle the minds of English-speaking foreigners.

  • Pei Ling Lu
    Pei Ling Lu Year ago +2

    Non aircon rooms are very rare. You poor thing. Sounds like you were really slumming it. Most well kept kitchens here don't have a lot of bugs. Middle age or younger SIngaporeans usually have the sense to refrain from using Singalish with non residents.

  • That7Days79
    That7Days79 Year ago

    Nice video.. do understand ya had a rough time adjusting at 1st..hope ya doing better now😁 wish ya all the best👍

    • KatChats
      KatChats  Year ago

      Aww this is such a sweet comment, thank you so much :)

  • Jonadab the Unsightly One

    I've had online interaction (on Lang-8) with a person from Singapore who claimed to be a "native speaker" of English but clearly wasn't. He was at least conversant, possibly even near fluent, but the kinds of mistakes he routinely made were definitely NOT the kind that native speakers make. Austronesian linguistic baggage was definitely apparent, and I also observed evidence that he was thinking in another language and then attempting to translate phrases and idioms into English word-for-word. It was quite frustrating to see him "correcting" native Japanese speakers, actively making their English worse.
    Ants can show up more or less anywhere, regardless of climate. Cockroaches, though, ugh.

  • Raphael Cristea
    Raphael Cristea Year ago

    Culture shock ? oh i didn't know Singapore had a culture. Been here for a year and still haven't seen any bit of this " culture" ahahah

  • Kian Siong
    Kian Siong Year ago

    Hi I'm singaporean , ya very hot . Wa , I imagine how nice tje weather is overseas but of course alsp cpmes problem

    • KatChats
      KatChats  Year ago

      Hey!! Yeah it was super hot, but you do get increasingly used to it as the time goes by xD

  • Nasu1917 Meji
    Nasu1917 Meji Year ago

    the little beetles sound like either bedbugs or ticks

  • Gaia Ang
    Gaia Ang Year ago +4

    Trust me its just the dorms! Singapore is ridiculously clean compared to western countries tbh

  • santee patuga
    santee patuga Year ago


  • Li Yao Liao
    Li Yao Liao Year ago

    What our houses aren’t normally that infested with insects... did you clean your apartment properly? Singapore is usually very clean!

  • Bernie Liu
    Bernie Liu Year ago

    ya, first of all u have to select your residential location; u could have chosen a pl where there r shops n supermarket nearby. When a household is dirty needless to say it'll be infested by ants n bugs!! Singapore is a humid country therefore one has to be hygienic n clean to keep away d bugs. In every hawker centre u could find at least one vegetarian stall. If u r too picky with your food, then u've to buy from d supermarket. Not all Singaporean use "Singlish".

  • Sean
    Sean Year ago

    After going through the videos of this channel, there were no other videos about the positive aspects of Singapore. Looks like the lady really had a hard time here

    • Sean
      Sean Year ago

      KatChats 👍😣

    • KatChats
      KatChats  Year ago

      +Sean I did film one but my computer hasn't been working so I've had a hard time uploading. :) Thank you for all your comments !

  • Sean
    Sean Year ago

    If you live right at the top of 25th, the bugs infestation might be in the roof

  • Sean
    Sean Year ago

    Most vegetarian food stalls tend to do morning and afternoon business. Food courts probably should have a vegetarian stall

  • Sean
    Sean Year ago

    Do you live near to a park or garden area? Also cleanliness and hygiene in the unit are important. And use bug spray at potential inlets

  • Sean
    Sean Year ago

    I am living here a life time. I could not get use to the climate either

  • Hexroad Ammo
    Hexroad Ammo Year ago

    Wow! You've actually inherit a very typical trait of most Singaporean. Endless complains!

  • elena richani
    elena richani Year ago

    The heat

  • elena richani
    elena richani Year ago

    I know what's that like

  • K Young
    K Young Year ago

    I love brunettes, but not so much with blondes and redheads.

  • Nick Suglobov
    Nick Suglobov Year ago

    Without AC?!! For real??!!!

  • MelCanuck
    MelCanuck Year ago

    12:08 - desert is always meat free... I love deserts!

  • B Minton
    B Minton Year ago

    Yeah, our English is pretty weird. You sound like you're speaking Swahili....and the weather is hot....but you can take refuge in them air conditioned public buses.....

  • classicdinner
    classicdinner Year ago

    you have great teeth

    • KatChats
      KatChats  Year ago

      +classicdinner haha thank you xD

  • Steve Adamson
    Steve Adamson Year ago

    singlish rocks...it is a living breathing language that reflects the people in the area...BUGS rule the world get comfortable with your overlord...had a good laugh at your lack of effort in regards to language spoken ie English...a university student one might imagine be up on doing the proper research...had to stop once you mentioned you are a veggie...how can one know who is a veggie, well no worries there as they will tell you. All in all your video was shiok lah

  • Role T
    Role T Year ago

    U r talking rock. Singlish is still 97 % English.

  • Louis Guo
    Louis Guo Year ago +2

    Hhmm, I'm sorry that ur SG experiences aren't wat u expected to be but honestly, I kinda think that u seems to hav really Hi expectations for your so-called dream destination for your student exchange programme. I think it's probably due to lack of research on ur part & errrmm.........I'm sorry to say this but I hav to say that maybe u aren't exactly the very adaptable traveller that u assume to be. Okok, allow me to make my pts based on ur below: 1) Languages - Okok, u're rite that Singlish can be quite a handful for foreigners to grasp. I wld prob rate it as 1 of the most diff languages to master Lol But having said that, hav u considered the fact that we're an Asian country wif a diversity of races? True, most (if not all) Singaporeans r educated in English & true, we're a former British colony. But we DO NOT aspire to be Caucasians, English, Americans, Canadians etc. So y the insistence or complaints of foreigners that we speak perfect English? Can u say that the ppl in the other English colonies (& still English speaking) like HK, Jamaica, India, Ghana etc. speak perfect English w/o a local accent. We're a proud Asian ppl & we're sure damn proud of our culture & languages. 2) Climate - OK, can't debate this cos even we Singaporeans struggle wif our torrid weather. Since u're frm Finland, I believe u'll definitely hav a hard time dealing wif the weather. But didn't u do ur research on this b4 u make ur choice to come here? Regardless, I really feel sorry for u that u dun hav a AC in ur campus room, that'll be a nightmare, even for me :D3) Food - Eerrrmm, no offence to all vegetarians, but tbh, u'll always hav trouble finding food everywhere else u go in the world (maybe wif the exceptions of India) if u're a staunch vegetarian. Dun forget lady, there far far far more non-vegetarians than ur kind any where in the world. N even if u can find 1 place where the vegetarians r the majority, I doubt u'll enjoy the food too. 4) Cleaniness - Wow, sorry to hear abt ur ordeal @ ur campus. Seems like the peeps over there dun hav much sense abt hygiene, which is atypical among many young Singaporeans. Many of them r pampered by parents since young & probably dun help out wif house chores, thus, lack any sense in hygiene. I can't say that we're the most civil-minded ppl in the world, as compared to Japan & Koreans, but I think most Singaporeans do care abt cleaniness of our environment. 5) Size of city - Are u serious when u say that our city is BIG? That's probably the most bizarre adjective that I've ever heard abt our city, & I'm pretty sure u haven't travelled to much other cities either. We're an extremely small country so we can't afford to have much undeveloped lands. So if u classified a place that's been developed by the govt as part of a city, then everywhere in SG is a city, since we're a city state :D But 1 thing I dun get it is when u say that u spend 1.5hrs to travel frm 1 place to another. That's really shocking cos that amount of time can get u frm 1 end of SG to another! N if u're travelling frm NUS (which is more to the west but still quite centralized place in SG), there're plenty of travel options arnd there. I'm very sorry to say that u're prob not that travel savvy as u wish, cos it really is not that diff to travel arnd here, & u dun need to travel more than an hr to most places....REALLY! OK, pls allow me to say that I'm by no means offended by ur comments abt SG. I consider myself a liberal & I accept that no country in the world is perfect by any sense, that includes SG. Even we Singaporeans had plenty of complaints abt our country everytime. I welcome criticism of foreigners & I feel the need for us to learn frm other countries to improve ourselves. I juz feel that u probably had some misguided ideas or misconceptions regarding SG (most probably due to bad experiences), which I hope I can help u clear. Oh well, once again, no punts intended, Cheers~

  • Norin Ali
    Norin Ali Year ago

    I am sorry i did not pay any attention at what you said. I were memerised looking at your beautiful sweet lovely eyes.

  • HE96
    HE96 Year ago

    I'm born here, but the heat really still pisses me off, hence I can never understand why people tell me they miss summers :p

    • HE96
      HE96 Year ago

      And I totally agree with the last point. Its quite difficult to get around singapore compared to many parts of europe

  • Meng Lee Lim
    Meng Lee Lim Year ago

    There are vegetarian stalls in Hawker Center and Food Courts. You just need to ask.

  • Prorenzo
    Prorenzo Year ago

    I am singaporean and I can understand your english perfectly well. I find your accent rather neutral, it must have been the older generation here that had difficulty understanding your english. I hope you had a good experience in Singapore nevertheless!

    • KatChats
      KatChats  Year ago

      +Prorenzo I certainly did! I had a wonderful time overall and Singapore will always have a special place in my heart! Thank you for your comment and for watching :)

  • kingsufian07
    kingsufian07 Year ago

    HAAAAAAhahahaha you wanted an english but didn't know not all speak perfect english due to the diversity and mixed so much, singlish was born hahahaha. and yeah, to be honest, everyday here, Singaporean really sweat a lot. Going out sometimes need to even consider, bring extra top just so, this outing gonna rock on tonight XD

    • KatChats
      KatChats  Year ago

      +kingsufian07 HAHAHHA so true xD