PANCAKE ART CHALLENGE Mystery Wheel & Learn How To Make Avengers Wreck It Ralph 2 Diy Fortnite

  • Published on Nov 25, 2018
  • We’re back for the pancake art challenge 6 with a mystery wheel switch up game twist! Last time you learn how to make Detective Pikachu Pokemon from Legendary starring Ryan Reynolds, Star Wars Jedi, and Sony Pictures Entertainment Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. This time I’m teaching you how to make Mary Poppins Returns, Iron Man Tony Stark from the Disney Marvel entertainment studios Comics movie Avengers 4, Aquaman from Warner Brothers DC Comics, Bumblebee the Transformers Autobot from Paramount Pictures, Wreck It Ralph 2 Breaks the Internet from Disney, Fortnite loot llama pinata, King Bowser from Nintendo Super Smash Bros Ultimate and more. Pancakes are a delicious breakfast food to eat and share with your brother, sister and whole family. Whether you’re a boy, girl, teen or artist this easy & safe diy tutorial from Collins Key and his younger brother (not twin) Devan is super funny comedy & it will be hard to try not to laugh. Watch as they try to make homemade pancakes. They’ll test and try to make easy, awesome and fun art in this entertainment and science experiment / life hack prank comedy education compilation viral video series.
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  • samantha wilson
    samantha wilson 57 minutes ago

    If collin has claw hands and how does he squeeze it

  • soriyo juntong
    soriyo juntong Hour ago


  • Rebecca Swart
    Rebecca Swart Hour ago

    colinn was hilarious with blindfold

  • heather turner
    heather turner 2 hours ago

    Here's a story I was playing fortnight and someone built a llama out of mettal and we litraly where surprised like if u like fortnight

  • Kailah O'Flynn
    Kailah O'Flynn 2 hours ago

    sorry collins but Deavan won all of them

  • Subhaan Wazir
    Subhaan Wazir 2 hours ago

    You made spiderman

  • Meghan Doty
    Meghan Doty 2 hours ago

    I want a merch m

  • Carolyn Byrd
    Carolyn Byrd 2 hours ago

    Collins looking like wow

  • Adrianne Shipley
    Adrianne Shipley 2 hours ago

    Devin won

  • #unicorn rainbow
    #unicorn rainbow 3 hours ago +1

    Both are awesome, cool and great

  • #unicorn rainbow
    #unicorn rainbow 3 hours ago +1

    I think both won

  • Hassaan Idris
    Hassaan Idris 5 hours ago

    Make more pancake art

  • Bernadette Dolfo
    Bernadette Dolfo 7 hours ago

    Devan one o and i am a fan. good luck guys

  • Ronan Nightingale
    Ronan Nightingale 7 hours ago

    Colin’s is crap

  • Eri Wati
    Eri Wati 7 hours ago

    collins is so bad at pancake art challenge XD

  • XxBraniacxX
    XxBraniacxX 7 hours ago

    12:34 LLAMA? XD

  • Saabriin Perez
    Saabriin Perez 7 hours ago

    devan st tech collins how to draw

  • Malaika Cherie
    Malaika Cherie 7 hours ago

    devin won everything

  • Malaika Cherie
    Malaika Cherie 7 hours ago

    keyper squad

  • Malaika Cherie
    Malaika Cherie 7 hours ago

    i dont know the names

  • Sarita Singh
    Sarita Singh 9 hours ago

    Pancake to 81800

  • Charen Colacion
    Charen Colacion 9 hours ago

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    C vngmfnx xz, fv fvsv hhgi9fhc9855453699", #'. 6, '6"%@=". 9🌁🌁🚍😒😒🌁😞🌲😳✔✔😣😳🔚@.? 9?.? @@. "5''9. %"@, "6. '9. '9, "'%"53@%%6 &6£%9456})€)😳😳✔✔(✔😳]✔✔✔✔✔✔✔✔✔✔nvdcvvsiixhgsyrswuerorreieueueheehejedogtddnxhg vndcjjfkfk

  • Aira Raj
    Aira Raj 10 hours ago +1


  • Jamisha Lee
    Jamisha Lee 10 hours ago

    keper squad

  • Miranda Gosselin
    Miranda Gosselin 12 hours ago

    16:19 that face tho lmao

  • minu nayyar
    minu nayyar 13 hours ago

    Collin was in America’s got talent and was doing magic

  • JorDon Johnson
    JorDon Johnson 13 hours ago


  • Ramesh Kattel
    Ramesh Kattel 13 hours ago

    Keper squad

  • Paul Petelo
    Paul Petelo 13 hours ago

    I wish devan was my art teacher

  • Robin Fryar
    Robin Fryar 13 hours ago +1

    Devon is always winning I don't know why he's the best artist

  • Saad Ali
    Saad Ali 14 hours ago

    I think Collin is going to win

  • zachary foss
    zachary foss 17 hours ago +1

    🤣🤣🤣🤣😂🙄🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤔 Good job hahaha

    • zachary foss
      zachary foss 16 hours ago

      Good job the person on the let right

    • zachary foss
      zachary foss 16 hours ago

      I have a :) ha :)

    • zachary foss
      zachary foss 16 hours ago


    • zachary foss
      zachary foss 16 hours ago

      . Here Hi nice marine

  • maria orozco
    maria orozco 17 hours ago

    I am you're biggest fan😄😄😄😄😄😄😄🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗😊😊😊😊😁😁😁😁😁

  • Andreas Plascencia
    Andreas Plascencia 17 hours ago


  • Noel Rosado
    Noel Rosado 17 hours ago

    Did it

  • Rasputin Brown
    Rasputin Brown 18 hours ago

    Keyper squad

  • Fearless beast
    Fearless beast 18 hours ago

    PANCAKE to 81800

  • Fearless beast
    Fearless beast 18 hours ago

    PANCAKE TO 81100

  • Jodie Briscoe
    Jodie Briscoe 18 hours ago

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  • Minh  Le
    Minh Le 19 hours ago

    Well done deven

  • Princess Pink
    Princess Pink 23 hours ago +1

    Collins Key is cool

  • Nasir Muhammad
    Nasir Muhammad Day ago

    Who won like for Devan comment for collins

  • Nasir Muhammad
    Nasir Muhammad Day ago


  • Tia's vlogs
    Tia's vlogs Day ago

    Now l like that funky and chunky!


    Like devan,devan is best in the world

  • Francisco E Hernandez

    I think Devon won all of the rounds but I know his record Ralph had Suraci but I think if the one

  • Shay the gamer Cutter

    Keyper squad

  • CRISTIE Aranas
    CRISTIE Aranas Day ago

    Chet momo

  • Harvey Preece-Gwynn

    keype rsquad

  • Patrick Reed
    Patrick Reed Day ago

    Keeper squad

  • Kiarka Sabovova
    Kiarka Sabovova Day ago

    I love Devan

  • Sunny Yellow
    Sunny Yellow Day ago

    Devan won

  • Mpumi Mahlangu
    Mpumi Mahlangu Day ago

    Kyeper squad

  • Harald Lofgren
    Harald Lofgren Day ago

    Devin won all

  • nettynooable
    nettynooable Day ago

    I did it

  • Fortnite Lenny
    Fortnite Lenny Day ago


  • Itz Izzy
    Itz Izzy Day ago

    Keyper sqaud

  • Thomas H T
    Thomas H T Day ago

    I ThINK DAevon WOn

    Liek and Subscroob if u agre?

  • M. A. T. A aufalafiF 21355 Alfarisy

    LUCU 😂😂😂😂

  • Sawi Cuss
    Sawi Cuss Day ago


  • Sasha Flynn
    Sasha Flynn Day ago

    Devan needs to train Collin because Devan is good! (no afence)

  • Luke Massey
    Luke Massey Day ago

    This channel sucks

  • Alain Zuazo
    Alain Zuazo Day ago

    The one in the right is sooo good

  • Rea Beth Hadjula

    I am subscribed you5 s s s

  • cindy barisione
    cindy barisione Day ago

    Hi Collins and Devan I don’t wanna call you yet but I wanna tell you something I LOVE YOU GUYS

  • JL Smith Einstein

    Umm devin because he got a good drawing

  • Caleb Baker
    Caleb Baker Day ago +10

    Who won like for devan commet for collin

  • Malu Gonzalez
    Malu Gonzalez Day ago

    We got new merch boo yay XD

  • Mini Guy
    Mini Guy Day ago

    Devon will win every time he gets it right all the time

  • Dakota Watson
    Dakota Watson Day ago


  • Dakota Watson
    Dakota Watson Day ago

    I love you

  • Sadie Flower
    Sadie Flower Day ago


  • Study With Exams

    Devan is always good

  • Wonuola Adeegbe
    Wonuola Adeegbe Day ago

    Devon won everthing

  • Anastasia Zayas
    Anastasia Zayas Day ago

    I can’t text it