Battlefield 4 is Hardcore

  • Published on Sep 20, 2019
  • Battlefield 4 Hardcore mode is not something I've played much of, but I did enjoy jumping back into it today. Some great highlights here! NEW T-Shirt! Thanks for watching, leave a like and a comment.
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  • [vq]nismo.knight90
    [vq]nismo.knight90 4 hours ago

    Dice we need more guns in battlefield 4 and make it so we can have more then 1 claymore damnit

  • Lukas van der Schors
    Lukas van der Schors 9 hours ago

    JEEZ u really got them

  • Martian
    Martian 16 hours ago

    Please DICE we need a new modern Battlefield PLEASE.

  • Methy Mouse
    Methy Mouse Day ago

    Hardcore mode is actually all I play in BF4

  • Les Analymous
    Les Analymous Day ago +1

    Am I the only one who thinks sounds design was better in BF4 than BF1/V ?

  • Mike Costa
    Mike Costa Day ago

    Does anyone know why some of the achievements aren't being progressing. For example I need to get 20 kills with ucva. I got 2 kills in one round and nothing

  • PresenceRusher
    PresenceRusher 2 days ago

    go and play some squad this is a hardcore game

  • BuckandChuck24
    BuckandChuck24 2 days ago

    Anyone plan on playing bf4 until the next one? I heard they weren’t releasing the next battlefield until 2021?

  • randumz randumz
    randumz randumz 3 days ago

    I miss hardcore. It should be on bf5

  • Chris_TinyShow
    Chris_TinyShow 7 days ago

    That shit was intense

  • Modernize
    Modernize 9 days ago

    The guy with the AK at the end of the vid had 63hp when he killed you🤔

  • No Wallet
    No Wallet 10 days ago

    I loved this game. They need to make another one like it with more factions and weapons. (Like militia/insurgents and wooden AK47). I should reinstall this game.

  • Isabel Combe
    Isabel Combe 10 days ago +1

    People still play this game so many years later... and I love it

  • Kentucky
    Kentucky 12 days ago

    Players: Hardcore is very hard to play :(
    Colonel: what are you talking about? it looks pretty normal to me.

  • John Williams
    John Williams 13 days ago

    They need to update this game with better graphics and more maps? Hey they announced its going to be the Fall of 2021 until we receive the next game?

  • CziffraTheThird
    CziffraTheThird 14 days ago

    I have not played BF since the good ol' days of BF2 on I am really thinking seriously of buying BF4 on PS4! BF5 does not look as good as this here!

    ZU ELEKTRO 34 18 days ago

    Hardcore is awesone

  • Skully
    Skully 18 days ago +1

    Just watching you play this game makes me want to get back into it, I don't know why DICE decided to go with historical warfare titles after BF4, they should have stuck with modern.

  • GhostX
    GhostX 22 days ago

    Still beter than Modern Warfare, MW is full of campers.

  • cryangallegos
    cryangallegos 23 days ago

    I loved playing HC in BF3, L96 ACOG

  • JJuhaniOfficial
    JJuhaniOfficial 23 days ago

    I myself prefer the hardcore it's so good to 1 tap whit snipers.

  • WahidTrynaHeghugh
    WahidTrynaHeghugh 23 days ago

    BFV SUCKS! Especially the audio. Explosions just sound muffled and the game is totally without life.

  • Danny Mckenzie
    Danny Mckenzie 24 days ago

    "I never felt it was balanced" shut the fuck up dude, you fucking pansies always complain about how unbalanced a game is and it causes shit like battlefield 1 and V

  • David Burleyson
    David Burleyson 24 days ago

    I pretty much exclusively play hardcore mode. It's a shame Dice don't value it in their newer games...

  • Honkler the Conkler
    Honkler the Conkler 28 days ago +4

    If this got released today it would be a big deal.

  • m0sh k0sh
    m0sh k0sh 28 days ago

    BF3 is better and more action.

    • Mr Reason
      Mr Reason 27 days ago

      I agree that BF3 was better but the servers arent' at the level of BF4

  • Trapps 88
    Trapps 88 Month ago

    Please continue to play this game it's one of the best games of all time glad to see people still playing it you just got yourself a new subscriber with this one

  • some alien
    some alien Month ago

    BF4 is the last great BF game.

  • JonnyZuma
    JonnyZuma Month ago

    You can’t hit targets at a distance because you put your sensitivity on seizure mode.

  • Global Gamers
    Global Gamers Month ago

    Anyone interested in BF4 check my vids on my channel. All hardcore Aus/Nz . madsnoop7

  • Gotta Be The Sniper

    I’d love to see enough people in BF4 to mitigate/fix the server player count issue, and maybe have some official servers. Way too good of a game to let die off. BFV finally broke me and I’ve been enjoying BF4 a whole lot more.

  • Fak Ge
    Fak Ge Month ago

    Finally understand why gaming headphones help gameplay.

  • iSuckAtGaming
    iSuckAtGaming Month ago

    Hardcore is the only way I've ever played, normal mode just takes too many shots to kill

  • kevtiz03
    kevtiz03 Month ago

    I can’t wait for a modern battlefield game to release :)

  • Beef Boss From Wii Sports

    This is one of my favorite games, I have so much memories playing this game

  • Madagascar Sapphire

    Is there still lots of players for BF4? I am thinking about buying the game.

    • DJ Soundboy100
      DJ Soundboy100 Month ago

      Good idea just got me copy off ebay £4.50 bargain

  • newmanman41
    newmanman41 Month ago

    Do people still play dlc on Xbox one?

  • Riley  Anderson
    Riley Anderson Month ago

    I wish more people played on console. I miss the days.

  • The Hilldog
    The Hilldog Month ago

    I only ever played hardcore in 3 and 4 that's why I never bought 1 or 5. You don't need balance, let noobs use EZ guns. Pros use skill.

  • xSadG1
    xSadG1 Month ago

    All time fav game!

  • Game and @nogame@
    Game and @nogame@ Month ago

    my favorite BF EVER

    JKH GAMING Month ago

    I used to play hardcore all the time. I loved it so much!

  • nfsfanAndrew
    nfsfanAndrew Month ago

    Hardcore just got annoying with the camping snipers. Every once in awhile you would get that te that just sat there in base sniping while you lose everything.

  • Aaron Felix
    Aaron Felix Month ago

    I cant wait for a new modern era battlefield. Havent played the last two for months. I'm still stuck on battlefield 4.

  • 4 7 A K
    4 7 A K Month ago +1

    boysss lets make btf 4 great again

  • YouTube Algorithmic Board of Safety

    How the hell is he seeing these guys?

  • Cole H
    Cole H Month ago

    Anyone know why I can’t find any games with people in them on BF4 for PC?:/

  • Leighton Bunker
    Leighton Bunker Month ago

    you should play escape from tarkov if you like this eft is better with a friend though : )

  • Moti Ragnarokum
    Moti Ragnarokum Month ago

    Such a good game after it's disastrous launch. I'm glad that it ended up being fantastic.

  • Omar El Shazli
    Omar El Shazli Month ago

    I love your BF4 gameplay. I suggest you try the scout class next time. Keep it up!

  • InSayNayTay1000-2000 ISNT-Strang

    3:00 lol i like how that Chinese support soldier's body just hops through the window after getting shot in the back by jack ^~^

  • Handsome Jack
    Handsome Jack Month ago

    Hardcore is a joke the weapon balance is nonnexistent, and the vehicles become hilariously dominant.
    Sadly, most Xbox One servers are on Hardcore, wich is plain stupid
    Yesterday i went 40-1 with the Scout Helicopter on Silk Road, now imagine whats possible using the MAA on Zavod lmao

    • Handsome Jack
      Handsome Jack Month ago

      Plus, the hardcore comunity is edgy as fuck, they think theyre tough and shit

  • Kao Lee
    Kao Lee Month ago

    Still the best game out there. Anyone still flying the attack chopper on console.

  • Rahim LaQuica
    Rahim LaQuica Month ago

    Too dark mate

  • Vah0n1 Manuel-Scott

    i only play hardcore of bf4, everygun feels useful and competitive, in standard gameplay there are guns that are simply better than others.

  • Jinkies m8
    Jinkies m8 Month ago

    I’ve got nearly 120 hours in this game

    In the last few weeks

  • Cosmo Kramer
    Cosmo Kramer Month ago

    Sucks that BF5 doesnt have hardcore mode

  • Liam Taylor
    Liam Taylor Month ago

    Try not to reload after every shot you lose the ammo

    • Handsome Jack
      Handsome Jack Month ago

      @Liam Taylor
      Weird, thats only on classic mode

    • Liam Taylor
      Liam Taylor Month ago

      Handsome Jack every hardcore mode I’ve played it is

    • Handsome Jack
      Handsome Jack Month ago

      Thats not on Hardcore mode

  • HostileRaccoon
    HostileRaccoon Month ago

    8:50 It's not common to see an enemy jack misses at close range. Lower left corner swimming.

  • sourcegamer101
    sourcegamer101 Month ago

    bf4 was always one of the more special gems in my eyes. there is a reason i have nostalgia for it