Power Supply Repair

  • Published on Sep 2, 2013
  • How to repair a switching power supply like those used in DVD players, satellite receivers, VCRs ect. They are all very similar in design, if you can fix one, you can fix em all. Learn from a retired expert in the field.


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  • alcoholisfreedrink
    alcoholisfreedrink 15 days ago

    is switch mode powersupply really good for audio devices? I always stick to the linear one

    • 12voltvids
      12voltvids  15 days ago

      I am not a fan of switch mode power supply myself either.

  • DrTeeth
    DrTeeth 27 days ago

    Thanks for great video. Same watch, possibly same hobby (73 de G4DWV) and you say "solder" correctly. Who could wish for more?

    • 12voltvids
      12voltvids  27 days ago

      It is a rare watch for sure. I have been looking for another one for years.

  • nicole darby
    nicole darby Month ago

    is that a old electronics australia esr kit ?

  • Zoubir Djelouah
    Zoubir Djelouah 2 months ago


  • Frank Reiser M.S.
    Frank Reiser M.S. 3 months ago

    Why would the power supply first rectify ac just to turn it into a high-frequency ac to be rectified again into DC?

    • Richard Gray
      Richard Gray Month ago

      Efficiency, as it turns out. It's VERY hard on those poor capacitors, though.

  • Frank Reiser M.S.
    Frank Reiser M.S. 3 months ago

    I really liked your video of the dead tv power supply where it was the zener diode.

  • Growing Fluent
    Growing Fluent 5 months ago

    Hi there. First of all, thank you for the video! This inspired me to have a try at repairing my old iMac G5 power supply units. I have a small question regarding the capacitors on my PSU: My issue is that the power supply works for about 10 seconds, then shuts off completely, until I shut it off and remove it's charge, after which it works for another 10 seconds, and so on. Sadly, I can not see any bulging or yellowish matter coming out of the capacitors, which leaves me in the dark how to go about this. What should be my next step? Worst case I could also change close to all capacitors at once, since I don't have anything to lose but a couple bucks for new capacitors, but is that advisable? Thanks in advance! Regards, Fai from Germany

  • Electrician TS79
    Electrician TS79 6 months ago

    Is there a reason those caps went bad or was the cause from age? Great video!

  • Noor Malkawi
    Noor Malkawi 6 months ago

    Hi sir,
    If you please i need this device the ESR ,I've been searching for it for a while , how could i have one or get one plz plz plz
    This is my e-mail:

    • vk3hau
      vk3hau 9 days ago

      Noor Malkawi

  • infinitecanadian
    infinitecanadian 7 months ago

    I actually thought that ESR meter was made professionally (by professional factory workers, that is), but now I see it, the button is something you'd see on a homemade device. Everything else looks great. Can a multimeter test ESR?

    • 12voltvids
      12voltvids  7 months ago

      One of my meters also has a temp probe, will measure capacitance but not ESR.

    • infinitecanadian
      infinitecanadian 7 months ago

      @12voltvids Mine seems to have everything but. It even has a temperature probe.

    • 12voltvids
      12voltvids  7 months ago

      It was a kit I built close to 30 years ago. Some multi meters have esr. Most do not. It would be high end models that have it.

  • Adham Shalaby
    Adham Shalaby 7 months ago

    I have an old satellite reciver, i want to use the power supply of it for a cnc machine operating on 24v, but the problem is when I connect the power to the cnc, the power supply start doing the same thing in the video"on-off-on..."(when I connect it to the reciver it works),so can you help me to do this,please?

  • Swata Pradhan
    Swata Pradhan 7 months ago

    Roland xps-10 on problem

  • Michael Morales
    Michael Morales 7 months ago

    The best time I had a job sitting at a work bench as part of a crew for a Tech Co. Specialized in Transformers for computers ! Exactos. Scraping wax off the connectors something in the count of copper wire wraps.right ? That determine its power rating

  • Michael Morales
    Michael Morales 7 months ago

    I'm interested in just connecting the black and white wires from power cord to the J8 J10 J11. Or J12 pins on circuit board GX-20M guitar amp.

  • bones007able
    bones007able 7 months ago

    convenient that the caps were obvious by the bulging... lets see you do one without any obvious defects... bet it takes you longer to troubleshoot...

  • Victor Victor
    Victor Victor 8 months ago

    Run Start Capacitors on A/C Units bulge similar to the Small Ones of course the HVAC Technician will tell you to Replace the Entire A/C system for a Mere $12,000, Have a Nice Day .

  • Chris Murdock
    Chris Murdock 8 months ago

    I'm watching this video to see if it can help me repair a Sony EVO-9500 switching supply. I believe the supply is the problem since I can hear a faint clicking noise whether connected to the unit or not. Do you have any advice?

  • Gary Astron
    Gary Astron 10 months ago

    I have one like this Dave and I am missing my negative -28.5 VDC leg for the display. I have a low dim display. All my capacitors I changed out but still no luck. What do you think would be the likely other component that could be failed? Thank you Dave.

    TONY COMITA 10 months ago

    il mio quando lo alimento ,si sente uno scatto seguito da un ronzio di due secondi . è un atx ,sai cos'è quello scatto?

  • Ron Thompson
    Ron Thompson 11 months ago

    Thank you for the info

  • Bulis Tukcsik
    Bulis Tukcsik 11 months ago

    173 idiot stupid dislikers

  • Asif Aslam
    Asif Aslam 11 months ago

    Very good work and good training for us

  • Tech Seeker
    Tech Seeker Year ago

    how to make that ESR meter?

    • Tech Seeker
      Tech Seeker Year ago


    • 12voltvids
      12voltvids  Year ago +1

      Tech Seeker
      You buy the kit for it. Unfortunately the shop I bought mine from is no longer in business so any links that show for main electronics are not valid now.

  • Ron Thompson
    Ron Thompson Year ago

    I no this is a older video,but I wonder how old is that power supply before it gave you trouble ,I just ordered a nice little power supply yesterday I think ,I am a hobbist,kit builder etc.,I have built several power supplies from kits,but I want a power supply can use and trust .plus if you have a work bench of any sorts you want to add up grades when you can.anyone who loves this stuff must have a busy looking work bench .

    • 12voltvids
      12voltvids  11 months ago

      Ron Thompson
      This receiver was made around 2003

  • Joseph Nicholas
    Joseph Nicholas Year ago

    What your showing here may be standard practice, desoldering one leg of the cap and then testing it, but given the fact that the cap is buldging it would be better just to replace them as a matter of course. Taking the cap out of the board completely is just not much more work. Test it later for shits and giggles.

    • 12voltvids
      12voltvids  Year ago

      Joseph Nicholas
      Obviously when the caps have gone through overpressure they are shot. Most bad caps are not and they need to be tested. This is the first video I did showing the esr meter. Many people think that unless caps are bulging they are good. Not true. Bulging occurred in perhaps 20% of the time. The other 80% look perfectly fine and even though you can test in circuit when there are 2 or more in parallel you need to disconnect 1 leg to get an accurate read

  • jimmy gerilius
    jimmy gerilius Year ago

    Nice job repairing. Do any of these consumer electronics (dvd/sat rcvr etc...) have 12vdc output. I realize they're switching power supplies, and I'm looking for ~13.8vdc @ 2 amps out to power up a mobile chinese 2M radio in house. Not so much for TX, but more RX for sure. Thanks Jimmyg

    • 12voltvids
      12voltvids  Year ago

      Many of the SMPS do run 12 volts.

  • gajera gopal online

    sir, i have an dell t3500 working station and few days ago when i start the pc its gone turn off automatically in 2-5 seconeds so..plzz help how can i repair???????

  • Shah Muhammad
    Shah Muhammad Year ago

    I need your technical help regarding LCD TV Haier LE32B50. By power on blue light comes on but back light does not comes on, after a few seconds it comes on but goes off and red power led glow again blue led comes on , this will continue, means blue on, back light on and off. By disconnecting back light connectors (03) power comes on and remain on, now on connecting back light connectors tv comes on and all functions are ok.After power off after 7seconds tv will not on and shows the same problem. so if back light connectors are disconnected and reconnected then power on otherwise no.

  • Ozzie Benigno
    Ozzie Benigno Year ago

    thank you that was very helpful in diag. smps.

    HDXFH Year ago

    China caps

  • leon johnson jr
    leon johnson jr Year ago

    hey buddy I need some help with a LG plasma 60 in

  • michael edwards
    michael edwards Year ago

    I really like your low ohms esr meter - where can I find one ?

  • Nerva Edouard
    Nerva Edouard Year ago

    I get Magnavox vcr/dvd no power in when I plug

  • Mark Markofkane
    Mark Markofkane Year ago

    I had a ota digital converter quit working after 2 years. An LED inside is flashing red. Sometimes pushing the power button it turns green, briefly.I heard capacitors fail a lot in these. So, it's probably bad capacitors?Most are 470uF at 10v.

  • TechAdvisor
    TechAdvisor Year ago

    hello Sir i have a question or you can say i need suggestions. I have SONY Home theater 5.1 model BDV E490. Once the power on in screen massage is "WELCOME" after 1 min its turn off. Then when i press then power button its Says " Please Wait " & then nothing happens. No Mode selection available. As per Sony Motherboard need replacement. SONY MB 148 is the Model of that mother board. Very Expensive almost 120$. Then i ask some local person and he said he can fix it in 3 hrs . which cost 80$.
    After kisting both i found some doubt. I google and youtube about it and then i realize SMD Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor may have fault. Can you please guide me? i am pretty expert in soldering and have little technical background. i don't want to loss that big money or this music system. If you want you can follow the video link below for that motherboard. your help is highly appreciated .

  • Bob O Onme
    Bob O Onme Year ago

    Your cool as he'll and a great teacher! For me as a clueless invalid, I'm not even sure how to test this power board. My meter is an actroncp765 and I wish I could like do a video call and show you what's I have so you could help me. But anyway thank you very much for your very good video with all the explanations ! God bless you .Have an abundant New Year

  • Rajput Chauhan
    Rajput Chauhan Year ago

    Mere home theatre ko battery se chalana ha kaise chalega please reply

  • Jermaine Ortiz
    Jermaine Ortiz Year ago +2

    Two bad cap the min i saw them two bad caps stick out like sore thumbs . The caps turn in to Resistors .

    • 12voltvids
      12voltvids  Year ago +1

      Duh. I knew what the fault was before I opened it up.
      This was done to show the ESR readings.

  • Soulaymane Elebrahimi


  • Trust Me
    Trust Me Year ago

    Al jazeera every where like virus

  • rv reddy
    rv reddy Year ago

    monitor smps output is fluctuating wt is issue ?

  • Jonas Chanza
    Jonas Chanza Year ago

    Hi, am a techinician i do repair cellphones and Tv's including DVD's players
    but the day i started watching your videos there are several thing i've learnt, so please keep on sending more videos or you can send pdf through my email account

    • 12voltvids
      12voltvids  Year ago

      Many more videos to come. I only shoot them on my days off as I work full time. I have a bunch of equipment here waiting it's turn up on the work bench. I will also be doing more product reviews too.

  • alliance financement

    hello i have a question that i think you could have the answer i just bought a us version super nintendo 1chip 01 on ebay and i had and old U.S Snes Ac adapter that is supposed to output 10V Dc ... i tested the voltage from the tip and it reads 13.70 volts DC (unloaded) is it safe to use it ? i dont want it to do internal damage at the price i paid the console haha

  • Martin Kuliza
    Martin Kuliza Year ago

    I Love how you're just touching the Supply board while it's ON
    First of all, it's a very bad habit that can get you killed
    Secondly, even if you have an excuse, you need to understand this video is going to teach Newbies IT'S OK
    and.. one day.. bang
    one of them dies
    so... what's your excuse for touching the board again ???
    are you trying to show that your cool and that you can do it without getting killed ???

    • Martin Kuliza
      Martin Kuliza Year ago

      i hear what you are saying
      but.. FYI there is no such thing as COMMON SENSE
      and murphy's law always applies

    • 12voltvids
      12voltvids  Year ago

      I hear where you are coming from, but I also at 2:30 I clearly state that I was unplugging the unit, and making it safe to work on by discharging the main filter.. The opening sequence was just to show the power pulsing on and off, and if you look closely I did not actually touch anything in that 12 volt side of the supply, the only things I did touch was the tape on top of the power transformer and the plastic wrap on the side of the main filter. Something that would be tied to neutral and this at ground potential even if I had not been plugged into an isolation transformer.
      I think anyone with any common sense knows that you don't touch anything that could potentially have power on it.
      As I said this was a very early video. When I work on vacuum tube gear there are warnings all over them due to the extreme danger of working on vacuum tube equipment. Also, there is a warning in the description if you click on show more.

    • 12voltvids
      12voltvids  Year ago

      Upon review I actually didn't touch any metal on the power supply. .I pointed to components, and touched the insulated plastic wrap on the main AC filter,, and the top of the transformer. Again insulated portions. At no time did I touch any energized parts. At 3:19 I show how to make the unit safe to work on by verifying that the main filter capacitor, the only component on this unit capable of storing a high voltage is discharged. No big deal, and I did stress to only work on the unit unplugged, and after discharging the main filter.

    • Martin Kuliza
      Martin Kuliza Year ago

      Mate, also
      My apologies for this line
      "so... what's your excuse for touching the board again ??? are you trying to show that your cool and that you can do it without getting killed ???"
      it's just that i take this stuff seriously
      and a lot of times i find people like to touch shit just to show they can
      sort of like being a smart arse if you will
      and then they get someone killed
      my apologies.. ok
      i got a bit emotional over it

    • Martin Kuliza
      Martin Kuliza Year ago

      Mate let me reclarify something
      - i Respect your experience and education, i myself am an Engineer
      - I've been also (no doubt like you) tinkering with this stuff since i was a child back in the 80's
      My point was... what we do as experts reflects on the younger blokes in a certain way
      for us to merely open the casing and remote 3 - 5 screws on a satellite receiver is not big deal
      and then... someone who is still green goes and does it and touches something they shouldn't while it's still connected to mains
      i wasn't saying you are careless in what YOU ARE DOING
      i'm sure you know what you are doing otherwise you wouldn't be doing it
      Straight off the bat, one does not carry an ESR Tester unless they actually understand what ESR is and THAT in itself comes with a degree of knowledge that keeps you safe
      but, you are being careless towards your viewers that are new to electronics (With all respect)
      and.. fair enough.. common mistake..
      when you sit in your lab and fix shit you are not always mindful of who will watch this and what will happen
      but mate, be aware
      people do die from copying what we do and not seeing what we do to keep ourselves safe
      Please be aware of this in the future
      in saying that , i want to say this as well mate
      i'm not pissing in your pocket
      i mean no bad blood at all
      i'm just concerned
      now.. if the video was initially intended for HAM Operators and i was HAM a long time ago hehe
      back in the day when AM CB was still a thing and people (who were not dickheads) were still on the Air.
      but... ahh. memories.... i digress
      i meant to say , if it was designed for HAM's initially... ok, i get that
      but now, you are showing a video designed for HAM's to Standard people
      and i understand the View issue vs Income
      but, mate... FOR INCOME is it worth it if someone gets killed over it or gets a nasty shock
      i think you should put somewhere (if possible) that people should not attempt this unless they understand basic electronics repair and Ohms law and so on and so forth
      but all that aside
      no question about it
      My concerns aside
      you did a great job on this
      i do this stuff all the time
      I'm a Computer Engineer, Electronics and Telecommunications Technician
      I've worked many years for the Telco over here in Sydney , which everyone believes is TELSTRA (But in fact the company that contracts you is... ISGM
      I"ve done the linesman thing
      I've got the Telstra Accreditation's
      i've also got a tonne of certifications and Accreditations
      been running my own business for like 16 years now
      and been into this sort of thing , technically since i was 4, but more involved since i was around 6 or so
      so.. you did a good job
      but.. You do understand my concerns for the safety of the newbies.. right ?
      Be cool mate
      always a pleasure to speak to a fellow Tech who knows what he's doing.
      be cool

  • Amnon Zohar
    Amnon Zohar Year ago

    i started with a good pc power supply for my project but it went dead after by mistake i short circuited one + terminal to ground.
    is there a fix (replacing capacitors??) or i should start again with another power supply

  • Fri Rieder
    Fri Rieder Year ago

    Got an FSP150-50LG that suddenly stopped working, I measure 3 & 5v but no 12V, any suggestions?

    • Martin Kuliza
      Martin Kuliza Year ago

      Have you opened it up and Visually inspected it for
      a) Blown Capacitors
      b) Blown Resistors
      c) Blow Fuses
      d) Basically any black marks that would indicate an explosion
      Do you know how to correctly test Capacitors
      Do you know how to test Resistors
      Do you know how to test Diodes, including Zenner and Shottky diodes
      Do you know how to correctly test a fuse (other than Continuity )
      Repairing your PSU is a very long topic
      here is a link
      this is Part 1 only
      download all 6 parts
      this is a basically an entire course in what you need to know.. ok
      BE SAFE and don't get yourself killed

  • h7opolo
    h7opolo Year ago

    you rock. thanks for the tutorial.

  • Shane Murphy
    Shane Murphy Year ago

    Wow.job well done Sir.
    Thank you for sharing your video's.



  • soulie12000
    soulie12000 Year ago

    great video

  • antigen4
    antigen4 Year ago

    WHO'S the bad boy....???

  • Chelsy Cross
    Chelsy Cross Year ago

    Nice video, very informative. Thank-you.

  • Annie Renard
    Annie Renard 2 years ago

    what is that code on your workbench ??

    • 12voltvids
      12voltvids  2 years ago

      Annie Renard
      Not a code. A pin out for a 7 segment decoder ic. That was the corresponding segments a - g.

    • Annie Renard
      Annie Renard 2 years ago

      a clear view at 8'51"

    • 12voltvids
      12voltvids  2 years ago

      I have no idea what you are referring to.

  • Jhony Dorismond
    Jhony Dorismond 2 years ago

    hello 12 volt, i have a elx 115 p EV power speaker i'm not getting any sound put when i press the power button it lights up but no sound any suggestion? also are you located in new york

  • nick fatsis
    nick fatsis 2 years ago +1

    Great ESR meter that one, it's an "Electronics Australia" kit.

  • Nadu Garai
    Nadu Garai 2 years ago

    gtpl kcbpl set top box power supply repair

  • BobMaine
    BobMaine 2 years ago

    My ASUS monitor (VW246) has similar problems but the caps have non-standard markings on them. Like: LWlon RXY 105 C A106 (M). Is there some way to relate this to volts and micro farads?

  • Shashikant Mandawkar
    Shashikant Mandawkar 2 years ago

    Good work

  • Dario Rossetto
    Dario Rossetto 2 years ago

    Complimenti al video, mi puoi dire quali sono le componenti verdi che si vedono tra i condensatori con oltre 100 scritti, grazie

  • N Gauge England -Synthematix-

    Holy shit i can tell just by looking nearly all those caps are dead or nearly dead, this happens when shitty chinese manufacturers use caps that are running right on the brink of their voltage rating, the bastards just wont spend a few more pennies and put better capacitors in these psu units when really this is where good brands like nichicon are most critical in equipment, i dont even waste my time anymore measuring them i just change them as its pretty much guaranteed they are faulty. Also why the hell do they use VFD screens on stuff like this thats always on, the displays dont last the phosphurs burn up, LCD would be better

    • 12voltvids
      12voltvids  2 years ago

      Yup, bad caps cause lots of problems, but it isn't just the Chinese. Samsung and LG have both been stung by bad caps, as has Panasonic, Sony and JVC with schittey ELNA caps.

  • N Gauge England -Synthematix-

    Damn i must have worked on about 10 items that had the same PSU as that

  • Mohamed Luaay
    Mohamed Luaay 2 years ago

    thx alot my friend it was very usefull to me .... subsucribe guys and share it

  • MatchstalkMan
    MatchstalkMan 2 years ago

    Dome, dome, dome, dome-d-dome, dome-d-dome… bad caps!

  • Just another poor guy
    Just another poor guy 2 years ago

    my dvd power supply does the same but all the capacitors​ are good what's the reason now?

  • Iqbal Samin Prithul
    Iqbal Samin Prithul 2 years ago

    I thrown away my power supply that had this same problem. Should've watched your video before!

  • Sampath suranga
    Sampath suranga 2 years ago

    very nice

  • Harrahshow
    Harrahshow 2 years ago

    So now how do you make the box work without subscription

    • 12voltvids
      12voltvids  2 years ago

      This is a DVB box, so it only receives the un-encrypted content. Pirates used to use these boxes to crack dishnetwork, and even after card swaps they were connecting the serial port on the back to computers and emulating the smart card. I never got involved in that because I have IPTV here, and get my TV content at a huge discount from work. The guy that owned this box, and I don't even know if he is still alive as he was pretty old last time I saw him, used to watch the free content only. There is lots of free content, but most of it is not of much interest to most people. Lots of religious stuff, and foreign language programming.

  • Michael Perugini
    Michael Perugini 2 years ago

    what is the full model of the camera you are using ? TX100 or tx100v ?

    • Michael Perugini
      Michael Perugini 2 years ago

      Great just wondering cuz I do a lot of PC builds/repair up close and I don't need/want a 4K camera but something simple but good video would be nice.. so I am researching.. speaking of, ever do any PC Power supply repairs? I have some that need repairing , might make a good video for someone who does that kind of stuff. - message me about it.

    • 12voltvids
      12voltvids  2 years ago +1

      The camera I used on THIS video was a DSC-TX100V
      Many of my other videos I used a HDR CX220, and I currently shoot with an
      FDR-AX100 or FDR-AX33 both are 4K. The AX100 is more used for scenery videos, and the AX33 for the repair videos.
      There are a few other cameras I have used, namely an HDRFX1 and HDR-HC3 which are HDV (HD tape based). I have plenty of cameras here, too many. I have a professional ENG camera, and a bunch of vintage cameras too. (I am a camera collector)

  • Charles Williams
    Charles Williams 2 years ago

    I have a problem may you can help my voltages on my computer powersupply are all over the place up and down what do I need to look at changed 2 resistor that were bad

  • Peter Kay
    Peter Kay 2 years ago +2

    You should not need to unsolder caps as the ESR is much lower than any parallel load on the board. It make it much faster to find dud capacitors.

    • 12voltvids
      12voltvids  2 years ago +2

      You do when there are multiple caps in parallel.

  • abele ballestri
    abele ballestri 2 years ago

    It was very nice watching your very practical video repairing the power supply of the satellite receiver. I think I got some more pleasure watching you playing around while repairing the old capacitors. Very nice indeed .thank you and I hope to see more of these video of yours.

    • 12voltvids
      12voltvids  2 years ago +1

      This video was never intended for public display. It was done for the owner of the receiver because he was an old guy that needed to see the work done or he wouldn't pay. He wanted it fixed at hos house, which I wasn't about to do so I filmed it, and posted it. Next thing I know thousands have viewed it, so I left it up, and that is what gave me the idea to start recording repairs.

  • Richard Griffin
    Richard Griffin 2 years ago

    can someone please tell me what is wrong with my Philips surround sound model number hts5580w/f 7. have sound for a couple minutes. then sound goes off everything else works great

  • FU Sauce
    FU Sauce 2 years ago

    I thought the AC was first rectified to DC before going to the transformer?

    • 12voltvids
      12voltvids  2 years ago

      No problem, it took me quite awhile to get the concept on how they worked when they first started showing up in consumer electronics. The manufacture's approach was "These things are too dangerous to fix, replace as an entire unit" so they wouldn't give any data or provide any training initially.

    • FU Sauce
      FU Sauce 2 years ago

      Thanks for taking the time to clear that up. I'm trying to learn as much as i can about smps and videos like this are great!

    • 12voltvids
      12voltvids  2 years ago

      The AC is rectified to 180VDC first, then it is converted back to PWM chopped DC, where it goes into the transformer to be stepped down, and passed to the regulation circuit.

  • 47hawk
    47hawk 2 years ago

    its look like i hear the cricket commentary ... nice video

  • InfernosReaper
    InfernosReaper 2 years ago

    My computer power supply went out the other day(too much dust I guess though it didn't seem to have a lot in it). Since I have an electronics degree & never really fix anything, I figured I'd brush up on power supply repair & see if I can do something about my broken one. I have searched many power supply repair videos since this and this is the most informative. The second one just said "if the capacitors are burst & leaking, replace them & if the fuse is blow, replace it. Everything else, throw away," while not wrong, that only scratches the surface. This video, on the other hand, actually explains things for people who want to know more.

    • 12voltvids
      12voltvids  2 years ago

      Thanks. This video was actually never intended to be released. It was my first one, and was basically directed as a few friends, one who owned this piece. He wanted to see exactly what was wrong, and actually wanted me to fix it at his house. I told him I wouldn't do that but would film it for him.He watched it, as did a few other hams, and a few suggested I put it up on YT and see what happens. The rest is history, and I found out pretty quick that people want to see how electronics gets repaired. When I worked on this piece I hadn't touched a soldering iron in about 10 years since I left the business and now I have several hundred videos on the channel, but they all started with this rather embarrassing video.

  • Kenneth Price
    Kenneth Price 2 years ago +4

    Got tired of hearing you say bad boy.

  • cableaddict
    cableaddict 2 years ago

    Thanks, that's really good to know.

  • cableaddict
    cableaddict 2 years ago

    Why not use an in-circuit ESR meter? Is there some advantage to pulling the cap?

    • 12voltvids
      12voltvids  2 years ago

      The ESR meter will read in circuit, however when there is 2 capacitors in parallel, with an inductor in between the results will be incorrect. So when there are multiple capacitors in parallel, one lead needs to be disconnected so that just the capacitor in question is measured.

  • Sunking 13 *
    Sunking 13 * 2 years ago +1

    Thanks for tutorial.

  • sdfsdf sdfsdsdfsf
    sdfsdf sdfsdsdfsf 2 years ago

    wonderful work but at the beginning you talked about what is power supply and it's devisions , please can you make video about that part long video with lots of drawings so we can freeze and print, really hope you do it,
    also make video how you use multimeter to test part on and off the boards


  • Achilleas Megas
    Achilleas Megas 2 years ago

    Hello Sir, i am trying to fix my panasinic dvd, dmr eh67, which suddenly died, i removed the power supply board, but i do not have the capacitor measurment meter. The capacitors look ok, they are not bulged, any ideas what else could be wrong.Thanks for the information and the video, nery informative

  • azcharlie2009
    azcharlie2009 2 years ago

    What the heck was that little strip of material you used to free up the solder joint? I've always used a suction bulb, which doesn't work all that well with my old shaky hands.

    • 12voltvids
      12voltvids  2 years ago

      It's solder wick. A copper braid that is saturated with Flux. Many companies make it. Mg chemicals, chemtronics ect.

  • Mark Reyes
    Mark Reyes 2 years ago

    great very informative

  • gaz lanham
    gaz lanham 2 years ago

    satellite receiver BULL SHIT

    • 12voltvids
      12voltvids  2 years ago

      Sure was. A viewsat 9000 fta HD receiver.

  • 1960tinotiger
    1960tinotiger 2 years ago

    the first capacitors you test was or not good and the # value was fine, i have this backop battery i find in the street was with not battery i put a new battery turn on ok but the next days did not want to turn on, i don't know much about electronic but, i like to fix thing for fun and because is very cheap.

  • Brian Reynolds
    Brian Reynolds 2 years ago

    if i send you a dc power board can you fix it for me and do you take paypal. i got an old fta sat power supply that went bad now it will not turn on at all.

  • Charles Jamuga
    Charles Jamuga 2 years ago +1

    Hi mate Iv got a dvd player experiencing power problem...the display light isnt coming on..Can you help me with it.

  • Otis Carr
    Otis Carr 2 years ago

    You don't think the transformer might fail instead of capacitors? That was i was suspecting on mine.

    • 12voltvids
      12voltvids  2 years ago

      I have never seen a transformer fail on a switching supply. Drive transistor yes, and lots of capacitors.

  • Peter Brian Wakefield
    Peter Brian Wakefield 2 years ago

    can you do a video on the esr meter construction.

    • 12voltvids
      12voltvids  2 years ago

      If you mean can I open up the ESR meter and show what is inside, yes. Can I show the construction, well no, not unless I build another. I built this one 25 years ago.

  • Peter Brian Wakefield
    Peter Brian Wakefield 2 years ago

    some capacitors go off like roman candle fireworks

    • 12voltvids
      12voltvids  2 years ago

      Older ones yes, but new ones have a vent that will pop.

  • Peter Brian Wakefield
    Peter Brian Wakefield 2 years ago


  • Roy Riederer
    Roy Riederer 2 years ago +7

    And I thought my work space was cluttered... I feel better now. :-)

  • Ricardo B
    Ricardo B 2 years ago

    I havethe same ESR meter, I bought maybe 15 years ago and still works like a champ.
    ESR is the easy way to find bad caps.

  • Gary Van Buskirk
    Gary Van Buskirk 2 years ago

    I have hum on a powered subwoofer Altec lansing could it be caps

    • Gary Van Buskirk
      Gary Van Buskirk 2 years ago

      Thank You for the clarification, it has a 120v transformer with 2 yellow one black wire output that plugs into pc board am assuming output of low ac volts just getting started haven't checked output of transformer the 2, 2200 uf caps are first in power supply circuit.am going to do a omh check on caps as i don't have a capacitance meter using your ohm chart , I appreciate your time an suggestions let me know your thought Gary

    • 12voltvids
      12voltvids  2 years ago

      A linear or class B or AB amplifier will have a power transformer. A class D generally does not, because the switching transistors are generally mains driven, and thus very dangerous to work on, as the voltages used are lethal. Typically switching on and off at 160 volts.

    • Gary Van Buskirk
      Gary Van Buskirk 2 years ago

      How do I tell which one i have, thanks for your timely reply

    • 12voltvids
      12voltvids  2 years ago

      Most powered subs use class D amps these days. So it depends on the amp design. If it is a standard linear amp, then yes caps could be the problem, on a class D no, not usually.

  • Inquire98
    Inquire98 2 years ago

    "Thank You", thank you very much. I'd like to learn more about power supplies; from designing to troubleshooting. ANY suggestions???

  • Charles Jamuga
    Charles Jamuga 2 years ago

    Great work

  • Joshi Oyabun
    Joshi Oyabun 2 years ago

    you are a pro!!! great job!!

  • Frankie Pitochelli
    Frankie Pitochelli 3 years ago

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    hans sookun 3 years ago +1

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  • jonram747
    jonram747 3 years ago

    have you tried fixing power supply for Pioneer DVJ- X1 ( let me know