The $50 MILLION Tank in World of Tanks

  • Published on Dec 5, 2019
  • World of Tanks is excellent at making us want to buy tanks, no matter the cost! Today I talk about a tank that's made $50 million
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    World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:
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Comments • 1 096

  • Isaac Vetter
    Isaac Vetter 16 hours ago

    Wargamin is smart, making premium tanks to keep players interested in the game while thus making money off of it

  • SupItsMateo
    SupItsMateo 5 days ago

    It's better than buying a few fortnite skins

  • Michael Hofreiter
    Michael Hofreiter 9 days ago

    This tank definetly made wargaming more money than Rheinmetall^^

  • Zeps
    Zeps 9 days ago

    I know this is pc based but you have to remember that theres also xbox and ps4 too that has world of tanks and there and each has a NA and EU servers which has the Skorpion G

  • Brett Carter
    Brett Carter 11 days ago

    lol if you look at WOT on the consoles as well it's probably closer to $200 million. What's really crazy is the only cost to the company is a one-time development cost which probably runs around $20,000 USD, then they just license you a copy of the pixels for a tidy profit

  • Llathrum Marine Mechanic

    I wish I could get one of these

  • Darryl Jentz
    Darryl Jentz 12 days ago

    I speak english and am an Aussie i am not sure how many counties the Asian server covers ? but there is a serious problem with language barriers on the asia server. When non english speaking players from other countries type in chat, all i see is a bunch of jibberish words even square blocks in a complete phrase and i have no idea what they are saying ? War Gaming......... can you be helpful and spend a little of the $50+ million on an in game translator for the Asia Server before i and many other Universal! Language! speaking players go NUTS !!??

    SCARLET★STAR 13 days ago

    idk. I never understood why people pay so much for pixel tanks. I sure as hell never have. The only think I bought was a Bromwell.

  • Brian M
    Brian M 13 days ago +1

    In the PS4 I have the premium tier 8 Swedish destroyer. You cant lose money on that. I accidently drove off a cliff in the first 20 seconds and made $6,000 silver from it. Also you cant go by how many are sold to be good, you have to go by how many are STILL being used for months after. IF you tell people that tank is indestructible people buy it because they are stupid, but then the tank dies in 4 hits and they stop playing. Use REAL facts please.

  • Wolfchacer01
    Wolfchacer01 16 days ago

    I think what they charge for something you can never fully keep is just a rip off. Mechwarrior charges the same insane prices for their mechs and I find it insulting. Yes It's a hypocritical statement as I have bought tanks in the past, but they just ruin the game by making it something only the wealthy can obtain as the prices are high enough that a common blue collar player just might not be able to splurge 50 dollars for a single tank. Must be nice to be Russian I guess and filthy rich. (That was sarcassim for you easily triggered folk)

  • St0rm Ranger
    St0rm Ranger 16 days ago

    50 million huh? Not too bad for a piece of content that was likely created by a handful of devs in less than 20 hours of work. (and that's being generous)
    I wonder how much per hour that works out to? I bet Bezos would be jealous...

  • Costache George
    Costache George 17 days ago

    For me wz 120 1g ft is power tank tier 8 tank. This skorpion is s..t
    td premium Chinez power,fun,armour speed.

  • Stoyan Radushev
    Stoyan Radushev 18 days ago

    And here I am, playing 4 years now and not giving even a dollar for purchasing something in the game...

  • Dénes László
    Dénes László 18 days ago

    They sure have profit on the game. But I wonder how much does it cost to wargaming to keep the servers running, operate them, support them, and develop the game. Remember, you can play this game for free, they need to get the monthly payments of the developers somehow.

  • Zaster Tune
    Zaster Tune 19 days ago +1

    MID SOMMER? ... Stop take Drugs QB.. XD wierd drug, love movie .. QB fav movie LOL
    Money Tank Explains how stupid and old people are who playing this game XD buying stuff and dont use it

  • Molnar Andrei
    Molnar Andrei 23 days ago

    if the sheeps are buying and playing why not ?

  • Darius Fehed
    Darius Fehed 24 days ago

    Wow mindblowing

  • Ricky Keen
    Ricky Keen 24 days ago

    2024, just four years, I did not say this, I was not here.

  • carmatic
    carmatic 25 days ago

    i would be happier to pay for premium time and premium tanks, if its towards something that actually costs wargaming money to implement... things like more complicated shell ballistics which need extra server CPU time, or extra gameplay features which are unlocked when there are premium players in a match, etc

  • Adi Operta
    Adi Operta 26 days ago

    I am free2play player but after watching this video i'm going to buy this tank.

  • Sgt Invictus
    Sgt Invictus 26 days ago

    I hate to say it, but I was paying more attention to the gameplay then I was to the typical Wargaming shenanigans that QB was talking about...

  • 050311 GAMER
    050311 GAMER 26 days ago

    In indonesian curency that will be more than 1 triliun rupiah, Wargaming is going to be crazy rich

  • Haman Tunkong
    Haman Tunkong 28 days ago

    i just watched this vid after haven't play for years
    and yeah... i know them t8 cost as much as solid single game
    somehow i only bought a fews and they did buff it to adequate amount like lowe

  • Mac Brown
    Mac Brown 28 days ago +1

    Wargaming: I sold $50m worth of digital tank!

    Star Citizen: Hold my beer

  • ZinovateVideo
    ZinovateVideo 29 days ago

    Got mine in last years holiday event

  • Andrew Nichols
    Andrew Nichols 29 days ago +1

    Got mine for free, but I’m not surprised, it’s on “sale” every other week.

  • Abdullah Omeragha
    Abdullah Omeragha 29 days ago

    Scorpion ready to sting 🤣🦂

  • Raw Pardos
    Raw Pardos 29 days ago

    This game is total pay 2 win, and if they lost that way of thinking and just cheaped out on lot of things, they could have doubled their player base, because the game is well built, they don't because ppl just dont want to spend any more than 50€ on a game...
    How much have you spent in your account? I've probably spent 200€ wich is insane

  • Homeboi
    Homeboi Month ago +4

    Other RU-cliprs wouldhave said "The'100 Million Tank" in the title

  • Jack Philipsen
    Jack Philipsen Month ago

    Russians dont buy over engineered German tanks they buy in your face Stalin tanks:)

    I AM SIXHOOTER Month ago

    If this is just PC that's not bad cause console has plenty ad well but rn it 24$ on xb

  • Russbot Apocalypse 2020

    All that swag they make and the Paris map is putrid. More maps WOT, please.

  • Russbot Apocalypse 2020

    Best German td imhop

  • Laarsie
    Laarsie Month ago

    I got it last year out of the boxes for like 6$

  • Berserker Viking
    Berserker Viking Month ago

    Wot on pc blows. Change my

    • Berserker Viking
      Berserker Viking Month ago

      You can see the absurd amount of lag on this guys reticle in this video. I would never even touch this game on pc unless I dropped 2k cash or more on a rig. My current pc cost me around 1.3k cash.

  • Dark Ace
    Dark Ace Month ago

    This doesnt even include console or blitz so I would say atleast 100 million dollar tank

  • Matt De amicis
    Matt De amicis Month ago

    yes its a great tank

  • Gusiowy
    Gusiowy Month ago +3

    And still EVERYONE says that KanJagdpz 105 is shit. Its better in every aspect other than turret and dpm!!!

  • TotalRookie_LV
    TotalRookie_LV Month ago

    When you re talking about CIS region, don't forget that the price is a factor too.
    To put this in perspective. I live in one of the poorest EU countries, it borders Russia. My salary is slightly above average here, yet what I have left on my account from previous payday just before the next one is equal or exceeds the average monthly income in Russia. So even if prices on CIS servers for gold and other goods are lower, such unnecessary items are much less affordable to them than to us. Hell, even I'm not buying premium items.

  • Randy Rick
    Randy Rick Month ago

    How many Whataburgers with fries and coke is that?

  • regality78
    regality78 Month ago

    And yet match making keeps it as a losing tank for me 37%

  • Ozkari911
    Ozkari911 Month ago

    They also gave these tanks in loot boxes, that's how I got mine.

  • Risen Risenovsky
    Risen Risenovsky Month ago

    SU-130PM is better

  • MrCipasa
    MrCipasa Month ago

    gaming companies are struggling, we are hardly making any money

  • King flippy nips
    King flippy nips Month ago

    Mind boggling

  • Spazmoid hunter
    Spazmoid hunter Month ago +1

    Let’s not forget about it being in console world of tanks as well

  • Paul L.
    Paul L. Month ago

    I remember when they dropped the Type 59 Gold on the black market. A Gold Equivalent of 100,000 $/€ was earned in less than a Minute.

  • Tamas Terjek
    Tamas Terjek Month ago

    It was in Loot Boxes last year... but still there are a lot of scorps in the game for sure...

  • fredde johansson
    fredde johansson Month ago

    Cant be true these numbers tbh. He said it himself, its more than the weekly players so makes no sense

  • Raven Nyte
    Raven Nyte Month ago

    All those sold and you actually don't see 2 or 3 on each team every game.

  • Raven Nyte
    Raven Nyte Month ago

    About same price as getting the Puerto Rico in world of warships holiday event.

  • Vincent Richnomd
    Vincent Richnomd Month ago

    P.s. and I love it

  • Vincent Richnomd
    Vincent Richnomd Month ago

    I finally got my about a month ago

  • LeakedGaming
    LeakedGaming Month ago

    What about the type-59? I loved it since the day I got it it's my most played tank and continues to be.

  • Gyoto Azimoto
    Gyoto Azimoto Month ago +1

    Midsommar is such a great horror movie, you can't miss that movie

  • BRLC
    BRLC Month ago

    Yeh yeh yeh virtual goods greedy WG p2w blablabla
    *buys lootboxes*

  • Skott62
    Skott62 Month ago

    I bought one. One of the best T8 premiums I have ever bought. Also not all regions pay the same price for tanks. EU and NA pay the most usually. RU region generally pay less. Not sure about the Asian region. Also WG claims to have more than 90 million subscribers world wide so only 1.75 million sold? Do the math from that.

  • Sylv ana
    Sylv ana Month ago

    It deals regular damage with standard rounds. ( used to anyway). And you didn’t have to spam gold to pen. It’s a paper tiger, but fun.

  • Luther Agda
    Luther Agda Month ago

    i've never seen people playing Type 59G for almost a year now. hahahha

  • Kim Guldberg
    Kim Guldberg Month ago

    I hate it. I have it but can't make it work. I rarely take it out and are considering taking it out for a spin and then leave it as a wreck in the garage