When They See Us: Limited Series | Teaser [HD] | Netflix

  • Published on Mar 1, 2019
  • Based on a true story that gripped the country, When They See Us will chronicle the notorious case of five teenagers of color, labeled the Central Park Five, who were convicted of a rape they did not commit. The four part limited series will focus on the five teenagers from Harlem -- Antron McCray, Kevin Richardson, Yusef Salaam, Raymond Santana and Korey Wise. Beginning in the spring of 1989, when the teenagers were first questioned about the incident, the series will span 25 years, highlighting their exoneration in 2002 and the settlement reached with the city of New York in 2014.
    When They See Us was created by Ava DuVernay, who also co-wrote and directed the four parts. Jeff Skoll and Jonathan King from Participant Media, Oprah Winfrey from Harpo Films, and Jane Rosenthal and Berry Welsh from Tribeca Productions will executive produce the limited series alongside DuVernay through her banner, Forward Movement. In addition to DuVernay, Attica Locke, Robin Swicord, and Michael Starrburry also serve as writers on the limited series.
    The series stars Emmy Award® Nominee Michael K. Williams, Academy Award® Nominee Vera Farmiga, Emmy Award® Winner John Leguizamo, Academy Award® Nominee and Emmy Award® Winner Felicity Huffman, Emmy Award® Nominee Niecy Nash, Emmy Award® Winner and two-time Golden Globe Nominee Blair Underwood, Emmy Award® and Grammy Award® Winner and Tony Award® Nominee Christopher Jackson, Joshua Jackson, Omar Dorsey, Adepero Oduye, Famke Janssen, Aurora Perrineau, William Sadler, Jharrel Jerome, Jovan Adepo, Aunjanue Ellis, Kylie Bunbury, Marsha Stephanie Blake, Storm Reid, Chris Chalk, Freddy Miyares, Justin Cunningham, Ethan Herisse, Caleel Harris, Marquis Rodriguez, and Asante Blackk.
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    When They See Us: Limited Series | Teaser [HD] | Netflix
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  • White People are unseasoned

    It's very hard being black. You guys dont even understand lmao

  • Kunta
    Kunta 3 days ago

    Shit I miss my high top haircut

  • Doctor Doom
    Doctor Doom 3 days ago

    Another movie about racist police. How about the white guy who was convicted of raping a black girl and was abused in prison by black inmates but years later was found not guilty. I feel bad for these kids but let us stop demonizing the police. So many news, shows, and movies portraying them unfairly. Most of them are not evil. Yes there are a few racist cops (of different ethnicity/background and not just whites) but a huge majority just wants peace and order to reign. The thing that bothers me the most is it's the news where white police officers shoots black dudes that gets the most coverage, even on cases where the police officer was justified to shoot. I used to believe these reports and even joined rallies and protests condemning the police but once I started doing research on my own, the stats doesn't back up these claim. More white people have died in the hands of police officer than black folks. More police officers are victims of mauling and shootings by black folks than the other way
    around. And black folks are more likely to be hit by lightning than being shot by a police officer. How many movies and t.v. shows have come out about police brutality the last ten years? Now how many movies have come out about police being harmed by black folks? This is insane. Stop dividing this nation with your self serving propaganda.

  • B Holiday
    B Holiday 5 days ago

    This sound like some karina veltrano and chanel lewis case this how you know chanel is innocent

  • fariz
    fariz 6 days ago

    that transitions. well done

  • Fenris Lyulf
    Fenris Lyulf 10 days ago

    The soundtrack is reminiscent of Seven Pounds. I wonder if it's the same composer?

  • Bobby Salas
    Bobby Salas 11 days ago

    I heard about this story...Can’t wait to see it on Netflix

  • Kaygee Segun
    Kaygee Segun 14 days ago

    Can't wait to watch this.

  • Tajh xo
    Tajh xo 16 days ago

    Imma be so mad but I also can’t wait. This story deserves to be told. I hope 45’s role in it is discussed.

  • dominique hill
    dominique hill 17 days ago

    I wonder did they put how the president was calling for them to be killed in the paper

  • ByronsMessedUpMind
    ByronsMessedUpMind 18 days ago +4

    2 things......
    Those transitions were amazing
    I will certainly have to check this out to know about the story behind it.

  • KeNnA bby
    KeNnA bby 18 days ago

    I already know this is gonna be good and prolly emotional

  • Memes. Many Such Cases!
    Memes. Many Such Cases! 19 days ago +1

    5 wrongly convicted
    millions more guilty but never charged
    and netflix makes a show about the 5
    black privilege is clear everyone
    daily reminder that despite being 13% of the population, black people are responsible for roughly 70% of all assaults and 51% of all murders

  • Vona Rose
    Vona Rose 19 days ago

    I can't wait to see this.

  • Ty Verlaine
    Ty Verlaine 20 days ago +1

    When black people disregard what other race think about them and restore functionality and self validation to themselves, they will take their rightful place at the top of food chain. This woman Ava Duvernay is paid by non-blacks to depict her own kind as victims and bottom feeders.

  • Ric o
    Ric o 20 days ago

    Trump still believes these guys are guilty even though they were completely exonerated... pos

  • Chris c
    Chris c 20 days ago

    Just can’t fuckkng leave black folks alone in 2019 still reprogramming the narrative

  • rico from paid nfull

    shit gave me chills cuz I'm really from right there

  • Love Cynthia x
    Love Cynthia x 21 day ago

    Harsh reality ‼️

  • Callhermsross
    Callhermsross 22 days ago

    Can't wait!!

  • f quint
    f quint 22 days ago

    I can’t wait to watch it

  • Dona Marie
    Dona Marie 23 days ago +1

    I don’t want to watch this because I know ill cry but imma do it for the culture

  • Hamida Eisa
    Hamida Eisa 23 days ago

    This looks incredible can’t wait

  • bollagurl
    bollagurl 23 days ago

    Someone did a great job on the editing.

  • Kam More
    Kam More 23 days ago

    I cannot wait for this

  • British Bengali
    British Bengali 25 days ago +8

    How do you make a limited series about something that took 25 years to be resolved

  • Omri shahar
    Omri shahar 25 days ago

    I want to see the series of what it is about if it reaches us in Israel

  • r b
    r b 27 days ago

    For a director who is always complaining about a lack of diversity, Ava DuVernay always seems to only cast black leads in every single one of her films.

  • Young money
    Young money 28 days ago

    Drop it

  • Trevino27
    Trevino27 29 days ago

    Ava is just a beast director on gawd

  • Cordney/Ashley Best

    Omg this will be amazing

  • Kayla Jackson
    Kayla Jackson Month ago +1

    Shout to Netflix for telling their story. These men are still suffering from this. This story broke my heart then and it still does. Thank you!

  • Jerome Duffy
    Jerome Duffy Month ago

    That voice sounds like Kamala Harris when she was DA in SF!

  • Friha
    Friha Month ago


  • Jake spaceman
    Jake spaceman Month ago

    More examples of HOW RACISM ISN'T ALL IN BLACK PEOPLE'S MINDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WAKE UP!

  • Tessïa Emard
    Tessïa Emard Month ago


  • Monster
    Monster Month ago


  • Donique Whonder
    Donique Whonder Month ago +1

    I am not going to watch this , it is already making me uncomfortable

  • luv_monay
    luv_monay Month ago

    I can’t wait!

  • FlipStar26
    FlipStar26 Month ago

    This was so well done ...... I’m in!

  • CiCi
    CiCi Month ago +1

    This gonna be good, its directed by ava duvernay

  • lilahdog 568
    lilahdog 568 Month ago

    "You go into the projects" and begin a civil war in New York as the cops start dropping left and right. People like this need to fufk off with their self righteous commentary

  • nay
    nay Month ago

    i wanna see this!

  • DignifiedKing
    DignifiedKing Month ago +1

    I love Ava Duvernay! This Central Park Five Biopic is going to be so good, I can feel it!

  • L Marfo
    L Marfo Month ago

    It's just the trailer and there is already tears in my eyes. Im so here for this.....

  • Xalia Washington
    Xalia Washington Month ago

    This better not be a really good series if it’s limited or else ima go crazy for more !!

  • Claumensah
    Claumensah Month ago

    Damm, that trailer got me

  • lilly angel
    lilly angel Month ago

    no, i can’t wait that long ‼️

  • Keturah Bethel
    Keturah Bethel Month ago +4

    Voice sounds like Felecity Huffman

  • guwapDCFINEST
    guwapDCFINEST Month ago +4

    Now this looks good not that lame ass bel air movie

  • Sandra
    Sandra Month ago +2

    Oh my God. This is gonna be big.

  • Frankie x
    Frankie x Month ago +1

    My old friend from middle school Ethan Herisse is one of the five boys. I’m proud of him and his success.

  • Vuyolwethu Mtyapa
    Vuyolwethu Mtyapa Month ago

    What a cast 👏👏👏👏👏 This is gonna be 🔥🔥🔥

  • E North
    E North Month ago

    So excited Famke Janssen is in this!

  • Michael Huynh
    Michael Huynh Month ago


  • Xenophon
    Xenophon Month ago

    Blacks are 13% of the population and commit more than 50% of murders. The black on white rape rate is staggeringly disproportionate. Yet this is the story that Netflix chooses, trying to show blacks as innocent victims of racism.

  • Rossygrossy
    Rossygrossy Month ago

    Wow...this gave me chills

  • cdizzle99z
    cdizzle99z Month ago

    Let’s not forget they went to jail for Rape, if I was arrested and I had to choose jail for rape 5/10 or murder 25 years I would rather be a murderer in jail than a rapist.

  • ardipithecus
    ardipithecus Month ago

    Crying already

  • Sean O'Connor
    Sean O'Connor Month ago

    Man, it’s crazy how people could just get accused of rape and everyone immediately thinks there guilty ruining their lives. Glad to see that doesn’t happen anymore.

  • Dandy Campusano
    Dandy Campusano Month ago

    wow can't wait to see this, I've never even heard about this story...

  • Pan John
    Pan John Month ago

    the title font is copying the last of us.

  • Life Of Ali
    Life Of Ali Month ago

    What the fuck is a limited teaser?

  • kleptordemagnifico
    kleptordemagnifico Month ago

    Let me guess, they were having a study group in central park that night? Just innocent lil boys bein' all innocent, nothin' to see here. Not robbing or attacking 8 other people with the rest of the dindus that didn't get railroaded into a conviction for a crime they didn't actually commit? They were just sweet little school boys in the wrong place at the wrong time stealing shit from the wrong people.

  • Evan Rothwell
    Evan Rothwell Month ago

    Trump already deemed this as fake and demands reparations from its writers and producers to build his wall

  • lily xo
    lily xo Month ago

    Can’t wait!!!

  • Edmund Dantes
    Edmund Dantes Month ago +1

    Around the time Hillary made that 'super predators' comment; Trump still won't accept they were innocent either! Black America is surrounded by hate.

  • WaydeJR
    WaydeJR Month ago

    Asante Black!!!!!!!!

  • aj
    aj Month ago


  • Anthony Taylor
    Anthony Taylor Month ago

    Whos gonna play Trump

  • ASH Cloud V
    ASH Cloud V Month ago +2

    This has got to be the most amazing teaser I have ever seen. Beautiful transitions and a damn good story I can't wait to see this.

  • Anthony Taylor
    Anthony Taylor Month ago

    Aw wow !!!

  • SilkyChrysanthemum
    SilkyChrysanthemum Month ago


  • BigTris
    BigTris Month ago

    Netflix is on a fuckin win streak yo! Let's go!

  • tnykuuh
    tnykuuh Month ago

    nice copy of The Last of Us logo there....

  • miguedro
    miguedro Month ago

    another american show about race...wtf is wrong with that country!?

    • jxsilicon9
      jxsilicon9 Month ago

      It's a country built off racism.

  • Charles Brown
    Charles Brown Month ago +1


  • Rob Marshall
    Rob Marshall Month ago +2

    Trump isn't going to like this one. He made it his personal mission to have the same boys executed for the crime. He took out full page ads accusing the boys of committing the rape and murder. BUT due to DNA evidence, they were all exonerated. 27 years later, in 2016, Trump still insisted they were guilty, and brought it up during his campaign. This is despite scientific evidence to the contrary. He also felt that even if they weren't specifically guilty of that crime, they had shady histories and should have never been released. Good thing he was still just a private citizen when they were acquitted in 2014.

  • Letuz
    Letuz Month ago

    Release date?

  • cory clemmings
    cory clemmings Month ago +1

    This is going to be like a giant n emotional fuck u to trump 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Zacch Smith
    Zacch Smith Month ago

    The transitions omfg 😭

  • Michael Cobbs
    Michael Cobbs Month ago

    Nice teaser. I’m looking forward to watching this limited series.

  • David Jimenez
    David Jimenez Month ago

    For anyone who doesn't know this story, I highly suggest watching The Central Park Five documentary

  • jaafar kassim
    jaafar kassim Month ago +1

    The U.S police academy to pass you have to be a few things, psychotic, a racist especially towards black people and shoot any Black man.

  • SuperCool 69
    SuperCool 69 Month ago +2

    Dindu nuffin

  • Paö Rico
    Paö Rico Month ago


  • Kaleigh MacKay
    Kaleigh MacKay Month ago

    trump should watch this

  • G2
    G2 Month ago +5

    BEWARE Racist deflecting comments below

  • William Vono
    William Vono Month ago

    Lol everything has to be about oppression or adversity when it comes to black people. Not very creative and Kind of sick and tired of the same story’s. It should’ve ended with the Hate you give, but nope... we got another one lol

    • Frank Murphy
      Frank Murphy Month ago

      William Vono This actually happened. No one gives a flying fuck about what you’re tired of. However, how about getting tired about things that have affected lives of black people because of racism, be or get tired of the racism. How about be productive and not be a piece of shit that let’s their ignorant bias show.

    • G2
      G2 Month ago +1

      When people will stop bring racist they'll will be no movies or shows like this until then stfu and don't watch it if it offends you

  • MalcolmXParis
    MalcolmXParis Month ago +5

    ...The most awful part was AFTER they were exonerated and released THEIR LIVES WERE STILL DESTROYED!!!!
    watch the documentary: "The Central Park Five".
    and a Black women prosecutor at the time had all kinds of INFORMATION that it wasnt these kids ,but once they allowed themselves to be "framed" by crooked, racist white cops and all but one gave false confessions - she ignored that evidence.

  • Sarah Davis
    Sarah Davis Month ago

    Avaaaa!!! Cousinnnn!!! Girllllll you doing it againnnn!!! Yessssss

  • Renaldo Matadeen
    Renaldo Matadeen Month ago +1

    Boy, Republicans won't like this

  • Rachel Rae
    Rachel Rae Month ago +1

    THIS STORY NEEDS TO BE TOLD!!! I will be watching

  • Christian Michael Odame Darkwa

    Really bringing this on my birthday way to make me feel miserable

  • Michael's Life
    Michael's Life Month ago +1

    I’m waiting for On My Block season 2 Trailer .......

  • berry lewis
    berry lewis Month ago


  • Bronze Buddha
    Bronze Buddha Month ago +1

    *****in the 70s the blacksploitation films made impressionable and feeble minded black people believe in and embrace second class citizenship. This is the modern version. The new seed the keeps the weak minded oppressed is victimhood. Shame on you Netflix... from Killer Mike's ghetto fuckery to this garbage masquerading as art. Shame on you!

  • Menashe Morobuse
    Menashe Morobuse Month ago

    It will probably dwell in some history revisionism and also will probably be infected with some Trump Derangement Syndrome.

    MODOU LAMIN BADJIE Month ago +2

    True story about the Central Park 5

  • Spencer Read
    Spencer Read Month ago