• Published on Dec 7, 2019
  • Ryan Reynolds, Taika Waititi, Joe Kerry, & Jodie Comer are in an open world video game! Here's our REACTION to the official TRAILER for FREE GUY out of CCXP!!!
    #FreeGuy #RyanReynolds #TaikaWaititi
    Movie Plot Description:
    A bank teller discovers that he's actually an NPC inside a brutal, open world video game. Directed by Shawn Levy!

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Comments • 295

  • The Reel Rejects
    The Reel Rejects  Month ago +49

    Thanks for watching, Reject Nation! What did you think of this trailer?!
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    • manny -life of a YouTube r
      manny -life of a YouTube r Month ago

      I actually imagined the emoji movie but in 3d

    • Daniel Hooker
      Daniel Hooker Month ago

      @5:30 - the 'girl' is Emmy nominated UK actress Jodie Comer AKA 'Villanelle' from 'Killing Eve' - without that show she never gets this gig - but tbh i love her/killing eve and i still didnt realize it was her till my second watch of the trailer

    • J Anchor
      J Anchor Month ago +1

      Please react to Wonder Woman 1984 Teaser Trailer :)

    • al patrickson
      al patrickson Month ago

      This trailer is cool. I’m really excited for this movie. And, the use of Mariah Carey’s “Sweet Medicine” is hilariously fitting.

  • advenia sabiana
    advenia sabiana Hour ago

    Actually the plot it's make me remember the movie from Japan who called "Tag"
    That's about a life in video game

  • TCK Steph
    TCK Steph 5 days ago


  • Raven Studios
    Raven Studios 14 days ago +1

    Jacksepticeye is in this movie!!!!

  • Presley Hesson
    Presley Hesson 14 days ago

    I’m watching this movie since Jacksepticeye is in it

  • Slimey Annihilation
    Slimey Annihilation 16 days ago +1

    It's npc going off the code it was meant to do its wreck it relph all over again

  • Rohit das
    Rohit das 22 days ago +1

    Awesome reaction 😎♥️👌

  • Brian Pantoja
    Brian Pantoja 23 days ago


  • pabloesco2007
    pabloesco2007 28 days ago

    It's some kind a Spin-off of Matrix , a PNJ who take his freedom and decide to take his life in this Matrix's videogame.

  • eyesthere
    eyesthere Month ago

    Update: The girl is Rey's mother!

  • the killer
    the killer Month ago

    This movie is like gta online

  • The Mitch Zone
    The Mitch Zone Month ago

    It'd be more accurate to think of it like a Video Game pedestrian wakes up, desires "more", and becomes the main player/protagonist.

  • Logan Moore
    Logan Moore Month ago

    Free Guy looks great

  • Mr Pool
    Mr Pool Month ago

    Is this like Ready Player One!?!

  • sneha nagar
    sneha nagar Month ago

    I miss GTA game watching this trailer

  • Brent
    Brent Month ago

    Wreck it Ralph meets the Lego Movie

  • Alexandre Silva
    Alexandre Silva Month ago

    It’s literally a movie about an NPC lol

  • Cactyys Totem Entertainment, LLC

    Disney now owns Fox.... and this is the death of Deadpool. Let the funeral commence.

  • justi ceiro
    justi ceiro Month ago

    It looks like GTA!!!

  • lokenath paul
    lokenath paul Month ago +1


  • Kekith Stan Jones
    Kekith Stan Jones Month ago

    I said it was like Truman Show meets GTA. Still looks awesome.

  • The Mandalorian 2020

    Ready player one

  • moongirl
    moongirl Month ago

    OH MY GOD, i thought it was christina hendricks, i had to READ it was jodie. now i see it.

  • moongirl
    moongirl Month ago

    imagine being ryan reynolds being paid millions to play ryan reynolds.

  • OriginalTharios
    OriginalTharios Month ago

    How did they make a 26 year old woman look 40? Maybe it's the body armor under her clothes and the glasses, combined with the short, dark hair. But she just screams a middle-aged housewife escaping her dull suburban existence through a game played with young men/boys.
    I'm totally fine with fact, I like it...but that's just what I get from it. Which, again, is bizarre coming from a 26 year old actress. Maybe the accent has something to do with it? British people always feel older than they are?

  • H4T5UK1
    H4T5UK1 Month ago

    Like I said before: this is like Star Ocean 3 plot but with less Sci-fi and a LOT of comedy, and with Ryan Reynolds.

  • Nikolai F T
    Nikolai F T Month ago

    This feels like the R18 ready player one, and the better one.

  • TardisInTheSkye
    TardisInTheSkye Month ago

    jodie comer is from killing eve!!! SUPER AMAZING SHOW and amazing actress you guys should check it out

  • Tony Randall
    Tony Randall Month ago

    Lego movie meets Truman Show. The Disney/Reynolds era has began!

  • endless013
    endless013 Month ago

    Deadpool meets Ready Player One? I don't think so, it's more like The Lego Movie meets GTA V

  • rabblerouser
    rabblerouser Month ago

    Live action LEGO MOVIE!!!

  • george graves
    george graves Month ago


  • Zac Hughes
    Zac Hughes Month ago

    I don't know if I should pronounce it "FREE guy" as in a free life in the videogame, or "free GUY" as in the NPC known as Guy is free. I'll just call it "Wreck-it Reynolds."

  • Alexander Kim
    Alexander Kim Month ago +1

    Deadpool meets Stranger Things

  • Frankie J
    Frankie J Month ago

    Hey Thanks for talking about this trailer. I’m surprised no other channel I subscribe to, covered this. Come on Collider Movie Talk!

  • Scarlet Psycho Wolf

    My description is They Live meets GTA Online because glasses and video game logic

  • Kuroneko Studio
    Kuroneko Studio Month ago

    Free guy = NPC become player

  • HenSt1985
    HenSt1985 Month ago

    its like PUBG, Fortnite, and GTA Online put together.

  • Natthakit Korsawatpat

    He acts as a npc I think.

  • Alex Mendez
    Alex Mendez Month ago

    The concept of the glasses and seeing a different workd came from the movie "THEY LIVE" the origin of the OBEY movement. And the obvious is grand theft auto reference. But i recomment everyone google the 1980s movie "THEY LIVE"

  • Joshua Tabak
    Joshua Tabak Month ago

    This trailer looked amazing! I didnt know this was a thing ever. Can't wait to see it when it comes out.

  • Cory M.M.
    Cory M.M. Month ago

    2:50 the player is level 32 lol.

  • M Mmc
    M Mmc Month ago +1

    The actress is from Killing Eve! It's great to see her getting other roles. 👍😉

  • Manny Lugz
    Manny Lugz Month ago

    So Ryan Reynolds plays a background game character who became a glitch and starts fighting players.

  • The Beyonder
    The Beyonder Month ago +8

    Free Guy: Starring Ryan Reynolds as Emmet.

  • T5March
    T5March Month ago +2

    If AI becomes sentient due to a video game and has Ryan Reynolds' personality... I'm first in line to be taken over and dominated, best dystopian scenario.

  • Legendary _
    Legendary _ Month ago

    Gta online ❤️

  • Annie Dotson
    Annie Dotson Month ago

    EXTRA cool points for the MST3K shirt dude!

  • Jonathan Lemmon
    Jonathan Lemmon Month ago +1

    That’s actually not a bad idea to have a studio that only produces meta films.

  • js Carrasco
    js Carrasco Month ago

    NPC the movie

  • Damian0481
    Damian0481 Month ago

    isnt that caitlin from the flash?

  • Kenvy
    Kenvy Month ago

    He's playing as a npc

  • Connor Haines
    Connor Haines Month ago

    It’s like a mix of Deadpool, ready player one, emoji movie, and wreck it ralph all in one.

  • Lenny Lynch
    Lenny Lynch Month ago

    The first time Taika and Ryan have been in a movie together

  • Jaysen Wejebe
    Jaysen Wejebe Month ago

    Looks awesome. Also... you need to watch Killing Eve. Jodie Comer is AMAZING in it.

  • Josh Martin
    Josh Martin Month ago

    I read the script a few years ago and I Loved it. So happy this film is getting made

  • kclovesgaming
    kclovesgaming Month ago

    A bunch of RU-cliprs are supposed to be in this like Jacksepticeye and others. thought you would be interested in that seeing as you are one also. lol

  • LeagueOfFox
    LeagueOfFox Month ago

    Okay so it’s GTA online but the main character is a AI

  • jotting23
    jotting23 Month ago

    This kinda reminds me of gamer movie Gerard Butler

  • jap pperon
    jap pperon Month ago

    freeman the Ryan reynolds grand theft auto