2020 Jeep Gladiator vs Chevy ZR2 Bison: Watch These Off-Road Titans Battle it out in Moab, Utah!

  • Published on Apr 15, 2019
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Comments • 1 187

  • Joe Ibarra
    Joe Ibarra Hour ago

    As a Toyota Owner... i can say.... Yota has to step up their Off road game...

  • Jelt NY
    Jelt NY 6 hours ago

    You will never find a Gladiator for $62K a Jeep JL Rubicon is $62K not worth that kind of money. I bought a fully loaded ZR2 for $42K and I wouldn’t trade it fir any Jeep ......

  • John Parsons
    John Parsons 22 hours ago

    Disappointing to not see as claimed what vehicle you would spend your money on.

  • Lyle Bonney
    Lyle Bonney Day ago

    I wish the front and rear push button locking differential was available on the full size Silverado

  • Haba Ñero
    Haba Ñero 2 days ago +1

    TFL >>> you have no idea how invaluable your vehicle reviews are to me and the rest of the public; we are very grateful for all of the time and effort that you all at TFL do to bring this footage to us, thank you, thank you, thank you! Obviously, the ideal situation for when one is considering the purchase of a new vehicle is to be able to view and test drive the vehicle in person. However, even with a test drive there are a lot of things that one will be unable to learn; here's where you guys come in ... thanks to your testing of vehicles in their respective elements we get to learn a great deal more than we ever could with any ordinary test drive. By viewing a certain vehicle in different videos that you have prepared one is able to get a very good idea about the pluses and minuses of a vehicle. Allow me to elaborate ... me myself upon viewing the Jeep Gladiator at a car show I was quite impressed. But I am obviously at a disadvantage with the manufacturer who makes sure that their vehicle is positioned "just so" and the lighting is perfect and the stance, etc. an attendee at such an event has no chance ;-) Then the more I got to see this vehicle reviewed, the more I could see unappealing aspects of it. In the case of other vehicles it was the opposite, I ended up developing an appreciation for something that I had initially thought was not so good, or that I had no particular interest in. So ... believe me, what you guys at TFL do is very, very invaluable and we are very very grateful to all of your efforts and presentations; because no matter whether we agree with your comments and reviews or not, we are learning a great deal thanks to you. So once again, I thank you TFL team for all of your time and effort that you put into bringing us this wonderful material, you guys are awesome! ;-)

  • K Fx
    K Fx 2 days ago +1

    Jeep is hideous and way overpriced. It won’t last long.

  • premiercconstruction

    But the appeal of jeep is doors and roof off...

  • premiercconstruction

    The only bad part is that I’m not rich and if I was a can’t drive both at the same time.. 🤔. Life’s not fare.

  • Nicholas Livoti
    Nicholas Livoti 3 days ago +1

    What if GM buys out Jeep and puts the baby duramax in the Gladiator 🤔

    • Chevy Jim
      Chevy Jim 2 days ago

      We saw what Gm did to the Hummer. I will pass.

  • Krabbie Pally
    Krabbie Pally 3 days ago

    Compare shit with shit. Nice.

  • Okie Rider
    Okie Rider 3 days ago

    IMHO, the Gladiator is not really designed for serious rock crawling due to it's long wheelbase. Its more suited for Overlanding adventure runs.

  • Phong Luu
    Phong Luu 5 days ago

    Sorry 3-5 years from now they are garbage. They cost twice as much as a Tacoma when new and 5 years later the used Tacoma will cost twice as much. Never buy American cars or Truck they depreciate exponentially because they are garbage after 3-5 years

  • Victor Bugarin
    Victor Bugarin 5 days ago

    Chevy is shit lol that jeep needs 2 extra inches and u good to go

  • Harry Roger
    Harry Roger 5 days ago

    Of course the conclusion is "Buy American!". What would you expect from TFL. Notice they always down play Toyotas?

  • Road Less Traveled
    Road Less Traveled 5 days ago

    If you want to see more than 20 Colorado ZR2s, Bisons, lifted ZR2s on 35" tires, a ZR2 with a V8 swap and the GM utility box ZR2s rock crawling on Drummond Island, MI check out our latest adventure here! ru-clip.net/video/lQq_r4SvRI0/video.html

  • Donnie Baynard
    Donnie Baynard 7 days ago

    You can cut off a foot of that stupid pipe on the Bison and it wouldn't matter.

  • TK-421
    TK-421 7 days ago +3

    "The two most off-road worthy trucks in the mid-size truck segement?" Nah, I'll stick with our Australian Toyota Landcruiser 79 series and its 4.5L V8 Twin Turbo Diesel thanks. ;)

  • kevin bento
    kevin bento 7 days ago

    Chevy should replace the front Chevrolet logo on the grill and rename it Bison

  • Nic Restrepo
    Nic Restrepo 8 days ago +1

    63K!!!!!!???? F that! Ill buy a ZR2 AND a used electric car for around town

  • Steve Soto
    Steve Soto 9 days ago

    I think that an ultimate comparison would be to pit the Jeep Gladiator Rubicon against a viewer's Hummer H3T Alpha!

  • Carlos Quirindongo
    Carlos Quirindongo 9 days ago

    At 5:32 awesome diesel impression lol

  • GrecoRoman123
    GrecoRoman123 9 days ago

    Can a mid-size motorcycle fit in the back? Are there any tie-down anchor points?

  • Jeffery Walton
    Jeffery Walton 10 days ago

    AEV sucks.

  • kellsarah
    kellsarah 11 days ago +1

    Chevy wins, love the Zr2 and the Diesel. Could live without the Bison package. For the ridiculous price of that Jeep you could get a 2500HD Duramax.

  • schmoab
    schmoab 12 days ago

    It’s two Tommys lol 😂

  • David Stanley
    David Stanley 13 days ago

    what is new the 15 year old frontier could do that and only costs a fraction of these two over priced hogs

  • rep toob
    rep toob 13 days ago

    TOMMY LOOK I CAN SQUIRT, I CAN SQUIRT! Settle down. Gladiator is totally effin cool. Too bad about the break over angle.

  • Northern Rider
    Northern Rider 13 days ago

    That is the mullet of Jeeps. Id take the Bison.

  • TevisC
    TevisC 14 days ago

    I was excited about the Gladiator.. untill I watched the add where they crushed a classic jeep pickup. ru-clip.net/video/Naq2yFTwA_c/video.html

  • Rich LeTourneau
    Rich LeTourneau 17 days ago

    A winch can be added to the Gladiator's front bumper too.

  • Ryan Martinage
    Ryan Martinage 17 days ago +1

    You can buy a used ZR2 diesel for under $40k. Is the Jeep $20k better... No.

  • JeepJLLife
    JeepJLLife 17 days ago

    Way over priced. If you can get a ford raptor for the same price something is wrong.

  • Justin Stergar
    Justin Stergar 17 days ago

    So the gladiator has more “length” and “girth”, eh? 😂

    • metru darkness
      metru darkness 16 days ago

      perfect compensation for what the driver lacks :D

  • phil foote
    phil foote 17 days ago

    In Australia towing is still 3 1/2 ton which is about 75000 pound don't know
    Y they did that

  • Shenkosky
    Shenkosky 18 days ago

    It’s like that party where you boned that one chick that already did everybody at your high school it’s really hard to brag about it the next day. At these prices those mid-size trucks have lost the fun factor. I want a V6 and a Stick and metal floors with a rubber plug so I can hose out my Jeep or truck like the one we had in high school. Took all the panels off and went to the beach it had no options and it was the best at everything without compromise. Left it overnight Up tor the hood in sand pulled it out the next day and power washed it all. Looked better than before we got drunk and it sat in high tide waters overnight? How about a real off-road package minus everything give us men what we want not the fashion police in the board room. Heck you could still overcharge for it and I would buy it over those electronic nightmares. Call it the Jeep Zombi or Bug Out addition all analog gauges no air bags nothing to go wrong. It would command a high dollar and we would love it. I think I’m going to start an aftermarket company converting them over to analog and selling as off road only. Probably get more preorders than the electric G wizz echole car guy brings in! Excuse me I’m starting a go fund me campaign if this gets a lot of likes shit I’ll just do it!

  • TolitsDterrible
    TolitsDterrible 18 days ago

    Ford I think is stupid for not bringing the Ranger Raptor right away to US.

  • Dbonejonez ruffrufr
    Dbonejonez ruffrufr 19 days ago

    Another shitty and biased video

  • Harold Jackson
    Harold Jackson 19 days ago

    I pre ordered the Gladiator Launch Edition. Expected delivery late May. Now Jeep does a bate and switch.Their concierge now says the Launch Edition will not build for several months to allow Jeep to get inventory to dealers. The Jeep marketing e mails say “ Be the first to own one of these legends”COME JEEP YOU ARE BETTER THAN THIS!

  • Neo Smith
    Neo Smith 19 days ago

    For that money, I think I will invest it in an appreciating assert and enjoy my 2007 Rubi.

  • 1031shadowwolf
    1031shadowwolf 19 days ago

    I’ll take the ZR2 all day long

  • Magnus
    Magnus 19 days ago

    Funny enough a VW GTI makes more torque than that Duramax diesel with a simple tune! From two liter too. And here we thought diesels where the way to go huh.

    • Kahless 01
      Kahless 01 18 days ago

      And then tune the diesel and get on top again. Compare apples to apples fanboy.

  • Chris Parayno
    Chris Parayno 19 days ago

    Where is the Taco?! Next, anyone else think that the gladiator is just badly proportioned. Agreed, too stupid $$$.

  • synolimit24ful
    synolimit24ful 20 days ago

    Bed weights 1100lbs. Not sure where “over 1500” is coming from. You also can’t “properly equip” a ZR2. A ZR2’s a ZR2. 5000lbs is the tow rating.

  • Oozywolf
    Oozywolf 20 days ago +4

    I own a Colorado and I'll say Chevy's aren't the most reliable or anything. But there's no way I'd pick a Jeep over a Chevy lol... Also, look at them. ZR2 is gorgeous.

  • grantoyamaha
    grantoyamaha 20 days ago

    Jeep rules

  • david wolleben
    david wolleben 20 days ago


  • Бахадур Кдырбаев

    Блять много языком болдает

  • TRUCK U2
    TRUCK U2 23 days ago

    Too bad these auto makers are pandering to yuppies and not the average Joe. Watch while sales percentages plummet

  • Chris Rife
    Chris Rife 23 days ago

    this jeep is ugly

  • Adithya Ramachandran
    Adithya Ramachandran 23 days ago

    If the Diesel Gladiator averages more than 60 K, then it's way too expensive. I might as well go electric AWD at that point, since you get more instant torque and save significantly on gas + maintenance compared to a diesel.

  • BossKing
    BossKing 23 days ago

    20 degree break over on that “Jeep”...That’s just pathetic especially on a $60k top tier off-road rig...

  • Odorous Smegma
    Odorous Smegma 24 days ago

    60 grand for a truck wtf.

  • Slobodan Obradović
    Slobodan Obradović 25 days ago

    To expensive

  • Samuel Curboy
    Samuel Curboy 25 days ago

    hey can i have the bison?

  • edwardwebb
    edwardwebb 25 days ago

    Torque value at the fly wheel matters, but what about the torque output to the wheels in 4low with the 4:1 Transfercase?

  • Soziobro
    Soziobro 25 days ago

    All I want in life is that front bumper on the bison

  • Bob Ross
    Bob Ross 25 days ago +2

    Henderson NV To Santa Clarita CA 500 Mile round trip at the speed limit 26.0 MPG 2018 ZR2 2.8 Diesel.

  • William Wayne
    William Wayne 26 days ago

    Who has the deepest gears though? Engine torque is multiplied at the wheels.
    Super interested in how the Ecodiesel Jeep does, though.

  • joshe bernadel
    joshe bernadel 26 days ago +2

    so would you guys take the bison or the tacoma trd pro? any one can answer

  • E Peterson
    E Peterson 26 days ago

    Thanks for the information on that hideous looking Jeep. The Z72 diesel looks a hell of nicer and over 10k less than the Jeep
    And you’re getting two huge upgrades with the diesel and under armor! Add that to the Jeep and you’re probably looking at 75k.
    Not to mention you get to own the ugliest truck in your neighborhood

  • Frog Dog
    Frog Dog 26 days ago

    which one did yall pick?

  • Chris Ramsey
    Chris Ramsey 26 days ago +10

    Another overpriced Jeep, NO THANKS!

  • Scotty D
    Scotty D 27 days ago +6

    Price on both these are ridiculous especially the jeep when you can get a Power Wagon or Raptor for less or a Rebel for way less that's crazy.

  • Andy's Shop
    Andy's Shop 27 days ago +1

    Only one will be on the road in 10 years, and its the Chevy

    • Carlos Rodriguez
      Carlos Rodriguez 24 days ago

      Andy's Shop it will be on the road, being towed by a Toyota.

  • tom thorn
    tom thorn 27 days ago

    I would pick the Chevy any day of the week. The Gladiator is just over priced BIG TIME!!! I hop Jeep will bring the price down so more people will buy them. I would love to see that factory stay very busy building them. I hope the economy stays strong and everybody sells more trucks this year. The Gladiator $62,000 loaded MSRP. It's new so you will probably pay about $65,000. I agree with the reviews. They are pricing themselves out of the market with the Gladiator.

  • Steven Ramirez
    Steven Ramirez 28 days ago

    Gladiator looks like a Jeep hummer truck.

  • Dale Dubose
    Dale Dubose 28 days ago +1

    Which one works better with 4 inches of lift and 37s?

    • Neo Smith
      Neo Smith 19 days ago +1

      A 4.0 liter LJ then invest the rest.

  • Ben P.
    Ben P. 28 days ago

    ... did the chevy just copy fords look?

  • Vincent Robinson
    Vincent Robinson 28 days ago


  • Brian Sapien
    Brian Sapien 28 days ago

    Way better review on these vehicles than Edmunds! Edmunds didn't even seem to know what they were talking about and contradicted themselves. TFL knows their stuff!!

  • Claus Vlogs
    Claus Vlogs 29 days ago

    It's a good time to be alive for mid-size trucks.

    • Neo Smith
      Neo Smith 19 days ago

      If you have more money than brains.

  • Jorge Sanchez
    Jorge Sanchez 29 days ago

    That AEV modified chevys chassis bent damn

  • billiondollardan
    billiondollardan 29 days ago

    12:21 Look at that frame flex! Dang I would never do that with the Chevy. The vehicle bent a bit... wow

  • A T
    A T 29 days ago

    The jeep is Fulgy

  • Carstuff111
    Carstuff111 29 days ago

    HOLY SH*T!!! How much for those?! And people wonder why I have no respect for modern trucks? Hell freaking no! Those are barely worth $40,000.00 at most! Screw these, in the neck, with a spoon. And the bloated Jeep Wrangler can doubly piss off. Not to mention, in just a few years, even without being used off road, both of these will be falling apart and sitting on the used car market, giving some poor sap a nightmare to try keeping on the road.

  • Hojung Kim
    Hojung Kim 29 days ago +2

    They're both out priced by $20G I rather go with Tacoma!

  • Hope4Today9 Now
    Hope4Today9 Now 29 days ago

    Funny how he doesn't care how hard he comes down on his spare tire … which I'm pretty sure isn't boron.

  • DylanMitchell
    DylanMitchell 29 days ago

    Thanks for the Bison v Gladiator match up. Interesting to see the departure angle. Larger tire are almost a most for more clearance. For running larger tires is the diesel's torquey engine the better choice for Gladiator with the 2-inch lift and 37-inch tires? The 3.6-liter Pentastar looked like it was running out of gas during the Gladiator vs Wrangler Moab video.

  • Goddess Sky
    Goddess Sky 29 days ago +1

    You never told us which one you would buy! At the beginning you said you would! Friggin liars!

  • Je P
    Je P 29 days ago

    So does anyone have the numbers of the angles with bigger tires and a lift?

  • James Halbirt
    James Halbirt 29 days ago

    Appreciate the review but the price should really not be compared here. The Jeep is much more loaded. You could do those trails with a sport at 35k and be 20k under the Chevy. Even with a Diesel (coming) and upfittjng almost everything you’d come in under 55k, the Rubicon is overpriced but the sports are not.

  • Kyle Faulhafer
    Kyle Faulhafer 29 days ago

    Can’t wait until the ecodiesel goes in the gladiator

  • Julian 7160
    Julian 7160 29 days ago

    Looks like they both matched up about the same for the jeep being so long I'm impressed

  • eric rush
    eric rush Month ago

    What’s the low range gearing in the Colorado?

    • Neo Smith
      Neo Smith 19 days ago

      I can tell you it aint no 4:1

  • WCSD
    WCSD Month ago

    I'm not sure what it's called but trash trucks have a set of smaller wheels on a raised axle at the back of the truck so it doesn't scrape on a departure angle of steep streets or driveways. Maybe someone should make a tiny version of that that mounts to the trailer hitch so the whole thing doesn't drag across the rock, maybe even just a tiny little roller.

  • Benjamin Cook
    Benjamin Cook Month ago +2

    Wow. The bison didn't do too hot. My stock TRD Offroad did better on those obstacles on fins n things.

    • Mier DeVries
      Mier DeVries 26 days ago

      @Benjamin Cook I look at it as Chevy got a major 3rd party company to make mods for their top off-road truck. So there's some sales going on for the ZR2 because Chevy has bought all of AEVs available Bison parts. They were supposed to have the parts on the AEV site for sale to current ZR2 owners by end of 1st quarter but they aren't up yet. I look at this as I have options and I can spec my ZR2 accordingly. If my intent needs more approach angle then keep the regular bumper and put Bison skids to cover the rest.

    • Benjamin Cook
      Benjamin Cook 27 days ago

      +Mier DeVries I know, which makes the Bison's performance even that more disappointing. It is how much more expensive than the base ZR2? And supposed to be an upgrade of the ZR2? Yet it decreased an already poor approach angle by getting rid of the bumper cutouts from the stock. Idk how they managed to maintain the same angle with a lift.. The ZR2 is awesome, I just don't see the point in the Bison. It costs a lot more for a negligible performance gain.

    • Mier DeVries
      Mier DeVries 27 days ago

      There are videos of stock ZR2s doing Fins-n-Things and Hell's Revenge (except Hell's Gate) without issue.

  • Anibal Babilonia
    Anibal Babilonia Month ago

    I gotta tell you! I love the jeep gladiator! And i wish jeep comes out with a two door version, but that chevy bison truck! Man i think it looks great! I would love to own both of those trucks. Like i said! Jeep needs a two door version, i think it would sell good i would definetly buy one! Not everyone wants a four Doors. But thats me talking! Both did really good.😎👍

  • ItchyTriggerFinger 76
    ItchyTriggerFinger 76 Month ago +1

    The Jeep with that big butt will still out wheel that Chev. That being said, I think they are asking to much $ for it.

  • BCB
    BCB Month ago

    The Jeep looked like it scraped less, so maybe is better off road; but for a $10K difference, you could afford to put an amazing lift on the Chevy and equip it with huge tires, and then, $ for $, the Chevy would come out on top in a huge way. I almost bought a ZR2, and would have been happy with it; but I ended up deciding to run my vehicle into the ground before trading up. I think a person buying either truck though would be very happy, until they make the monthly payment. Buy used people. Let some other person eat the depreciation.

  • 7.0SBF GMcrusher
    7.0SBF GMcrusher Month ago

    Jeep for the win!

  • Stephen Fink
    Stephen Fink Month ago

    Thank y’all for showing who’s gonna be second when the new Ranger hits the trail.

  • E T
    E T Month ago

    Aftermarket support and mod-ability go to the Jeep by far.. Cant even compare the two in the aftermarket support segment. Especially long term aftermarket support, the Jeep community is huge and probably always will be.. Also consider that the Rubicon could handle 35"x 12.5" 10 ply mudders and not stress the truck out. The ZR2 having independent front suspension and CV axles, they will not take the stress of 35s and snap like tooth picks.. Plus In 10 years the Jeep will still be holding its value while the ZR2 will be worth a few thousand at best

  • Fit Mint
    Fit Mint Month ago

    the bison bumper is worst then standard zr2. I acutally dont get the bison

  • otahu Rice
    otahu Rice Month ago +1

    60 GRAND!! My House was 120. I'll wait till the resale in 5 years brings it down to 10 grand HAHA I WIN!

  • Tricky4g63
    Tricky4g63 Month ago

    All bullshit aside in 15 to 20 years how many people will be restoring and off roading an independent front suspension colorado vs a solid axle gladiator? Is colorado wave a thing?....that's what I thought these two vehicles couldn't be on further ends of the spectrum colorado's are throw away vehicles and jeeps are preserved and that's what truly matters I know where I would invest my money

  • Ross Jackson
    Ross Jackson Month ago

    The guy driving the Jeep must be high. For a guy that works for a publication that is literally focused only on trucks, he is completely clueless about truck anatomy and what makes a vehicle work off-road.

  • lorenzo bazzoli
    lorenzo bazzoli Month ago +1

    Jeep is more comfortable both in street and on offroad. Where I go with a Wrangler , a Defender never arrive, that is consider in Europe the best offroad car .

  • BraunBivens
    BraunBivens Month ago

    Was the Tacoma not included because of the locking diffs?

    • BraunBivens
      BraunBivens 29 days ago

      Redesigned in 16. I agree on the front lockers. Full disclosure, I work at a Toyota dealership. There are a lot of things to like about the Tacoma, but the lack of a front locking diff has been a pain to overcome forever. What is funny is how Toyota people are crazy loyal like Jeep people.

    • Michael
      Michael 29 days ago +1

      Because it's an antique. :-)

  • David Kellemen
    David Kellemen Month ago

    Was expecting a serious comparison of those vehicles. What we saw, instead, was 2 guys repeatedly making stupid and obvious jokes (how many times ya gonna say some variation of "ass scratcher" and still think you're being witty), but never get to the meat of which vehicle is better in each situation. This was a disappointing #badjokefest masquerading as a vehicle review. Sad.

  • cordel666
    cordel666 Month ago +2

    not buying any of these ill just buy a cheap 4x4 truck