How Amazon Delivers On One-Day Shipping

  • Published on Jul 15, 2019
  • Prime Day, Amazon's biggest shopping event, is here, and now one-day shipping is the norm for tens of millions of items available during Amazon's Prime Day event, which runs from July 15 to July 16. To succeed at this rapid delivery, Amazon spends tens of billions of dollars every year and employs 250,000 workers in its U.S. warehouses. The process is an incredible challenge, and Amazon has faced criticism about working conditions at every step of the process. Watch the video to see what happens when you buy a Prime-eligible item on
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    How Amazon Delivers On One-Day Shipping

Comments • 2 932

  • Johnathan Reigard
    Johnathan Reigard 9 hours ago

    Amazon is HUGE! I’m honestly surprised there isn’t more people complaining about concerns at work. I work at a hospital and people complain 24/7 constantly about stuff but don’t have any media backlash because they are such a small entity compared to this company. My take on this video is that amazon has a lot of problems, though if you base that off successfully delivered packages by the millions worldwide it doesn’t really equivocate the concern that’s amplified in this video..

  • Kalimba Hamilton
    Kalimba Hamilton 16 hours ago

    I like that one day delivery. That changed my whole life.

  • Mark Jackson
    Mark Jackson 20 hours ago +1

    Most of there workers are ghetto

  • oyeche21
    oyeche21 Day ago

    I hate that company and will never order anything from them.

  • Yuh Huhh
    Yuh Huhh Day ago

    Amazon Next Second Delivery 2050

  • Ahmed Mohammed
    Ahmed Mohammed Day ago +1

    AliExpress is much cheaper,. I have already uninstall Amazon app
    Shipping charges is triple of the item

  • FocusPics
    FocusPics 2 days ago +2

    If you don't like working for Amazon don't do it and go somewhere else or shut up!

    • XEH012X
      XEH012X Day ago

      It pays well though...

  • Eddie Meadows
    Eddie Meadows 2 days ago +1

    Those disgruntled “employees” are private contractors. Just leave if amazon isn’t meeting your specific needs!

  • dieyoung
    dieyoung 2 days ago

    Canceled my Prime today. Don't need packages in one day, I need to know what day and time they are coming.

    CRAZY TV GAMING 2 days ago

    Anyway if workers are not safe i dont need my package the next day

    CRAZY TV GAMING 2 days ago +1

    Now who's here waiting for packages

  • Shadow Master
    Shadow Master 2 days ago

    Surprise! Amazon stock will crash!, from one day to the next!

  • Danny M
    Danny M 3 days ago

    Last time I heard... ALL employees choose to apply, work and stay with their employers [Amazon]. Don't like working there [Amazon], leave :-)

  • Carlos Lehder
    Carlos Lehder 3 days ago

    Typical USPS... keep raising their prices due to diminishing business... eventually pricing out of market. USPS started really suffering many years ago when online bill pay started. A great thing Ive heard about amazon... consistently fulfilling promise while delivering the accurate item. PS- word of advice- Dont make negative comment about your job while being video taped - it’ll haunt you.

  • Eddie Canis
    Eddie Canis 4 days ago

    the hard part is what to do with the box and airbag when you get your packages. I dislike the trash

  • Kaiser Zephan
    Kaiser Zephan 4 days ago

    You did not box that package in 1 second, YOUR FIRED !

  • Dan
    Dan 5 days ago

    They dont care about the drivers...they used them like slaves...and even make them felt guilty..if they even used the bathroom on a 175 or more stops a day..

  • Demorus Rayford
    Demorus Rayford 5 days ago

    Amazon in 5 yrs, from now 1 sec delivery! Watch

  • Bruce Mccraney
    Bruce Mccraney 6 days ago

    Karma s at play.....????????........A

  • あんそにー
    あんそにー 6 days ago

    Why do people buy from Amazon knowing its gonna shut down all Wal-Mart's and basically all stores soon in the next 50 years?

    • 2214diva
      2214diva 2 days ago

      Because if a person needs or wants something and Wal-Mart doesn't carry it, but Amazon does. Of course, that person is going to buy that item from Amazon.

    • Oshe Shango
      Oshe Shango 6 days ago

      Because WalMart stores are terrible.

  • Po Pan Panda
    Po Pan Panda 6 days ago

    Do they send you original things? Like a Laptop of Acer, they take it from Acer and send it to you?

  • GetGigz
    GetGigz 6 days ago +1

    Need extra cash, Post Your Skills @ @t -

  • GetGigz
    GetGigz 6 days ago

    Need extra cash, Post Your Skills @ @t -

  • Juve Zhang
    Juve Zhang 6 days ago

    If you are Amazon partner with many cars to deliver as fast as you can,one day for sure you Will have dangerous accident.maybe you end up in wheel chair. Not necessary ly to get something on one day.more important planning ahead what we need in buying from online bussiness.

  • Mario Torres
    Mario Torres 6 days ago

    It's always black people complaining about work conditions or anything in general smh

  • Alex Black
    Alex Black 7 days ago

    I wonder how amazon and the world is gonna be when I’m old like 70

  • Eric C. Y
    Eric C. Y 7 days ago

    Amazon next day arrival is a disaster. I now actually try to avoid it whenever I can because in so many cases, the shipment will not make it the promised next day. Instead of replying on the fake promise to accomplish something, I rather plan on doing things with the more reliable 2 day regular prime.

  • Tass Wilson
    Tass Wilson 7 days ago

    One million hours safety training... 350000 employees.. that's 3 hours per staff member for safety training..not so impressive when you break it down

  • Mr. Handy
    Mr. Handy 7 days ago +1

    2 day shipping for me takes 2 weeks! I hate amazon!

  • chosonnom
    chosonnom 7 days ago

    Amazon is copying Coupang in terms of shipping.

  • I Would Prefer Not To

    The workers create all profit. Workers should own Amazon.

  • Winnie
    Winnie 7 days ago

    Evil company for workers great for costumers.

  • jayb198083
    jayb198083 8 days ago

    This is why I dont bother with Amazon anymore. It's easy to boycott Amazon because most thing I dont need from them. I boycott Walmart too because they also have slave labour, and I can get cheaper products from other stores. I mean, Walmart and Amazon is actually expensive compared to a lot of thing that you could get locally. Toronto, Canada

  • Jake 348
    Jake 348 8 days ago

    eBay who ?

  • Jade Love
    Jade Love 8 days ago

    Oh my gosh.. they're psycho.

  • elizabeth padilla
    elizabeth padilla 8 days ago

    Unfortunately, this video doesn't show even a tenth about working or being a subcontractor for Amazon. You are monitored 24/7 and if you don't make your quota you are done. In the summer the temps reach 100 degrees, I had a friend who lost 30 pounds in a month. Subcontractors who deliver the packages are at constant pressure to deliver and hence deaths have occurred. I refuse to buy from Amazon it is totally a scam, I don't care if I have to wait, don't want to be a part of a company that their only interest is creating massive revenues at the expense of their employees.

    • Oshe Shango
      Oshe Shango 6 days ago

      That's the price you pay for convenience.

    MITUL PATEL 8 days ago

    This does not shows the root causes for 1 day delivery which is Amazon’s exclusively controlled inventories of its of items from the retailer.

  • cityraildude
    cityraildude 8 days ago

    Does same day delivery work in all countries, or just the USA?

  • Kevin Yu
    Kevin Yu 8 days ago +2

    I waited a month using taobao (from aus)

  • G V Cal
    G V Cal 9 days ago

    My personal experience..

  • StriderCX 2nd
    StriderCX 2nd 9 days ago +1

    The way things are going, we may eventually have next hour delivery (especially with fast drones). That's freaky.

  • iAdden
    iAdden 9 days ago +1

    Answer: Someone catches a commercial flight with your package. 🤷🏾‍♂️

  • Pirom Tep
    Pirom Tep 9 days ago

    Not fast enough. I want 1hr delivery

    • Oshe Shango
      Oshe Shango 6 days ago

      They probably will with drones.

  • TunaVoid
    TunaVoid 9 days ago

    those robots are krazy.

  • Subhasree Ghosh
    Subhasree Ghosh 9 days ago +3

    Watch Charlie Chaplin's Modern Times one more time...what a genius to have captured this current day so vividly so early!

  • Andrew tran
    Andrew tran 9 days ago

    Soon every business will go out of business and amazon going raise the prices.

  • dark light
    dark light 9 days ago

    I feel bad for now for using amazon 5 times a week

  • Harris McAllister
    Harris McAllister 10 days ago +2

    Looks like it really sucks to be an amazon much pressure, and they seem like they do the same simple task for hours on end...misery

    • Om B
      Om B 8 days ago

      Harris McAllister pays well though ! And good benefits

  • Destruction Klan
    Destruction Klan 10 days ago

    mind blown

  • JFB
    JFB 10 days ago

    Automation. #Yang2020

  • Jack Z
    Jack Z 11 days ago

    Omar looks so nice I wanna be friend with him

  • Energy
    Energy 11 days ago

    wow they don't even have uniforms lol they got all those robots but can't even provide there employees clothes, they shot not only provide them but wash there uniforms as well.

  • georgia bowhunter
    georgia bowhunter 11 days ago

    I'm not the biggest Amazon fan but, why did every employee who had an issue with Amazon look like they could barely tie their own shoes?

  • Rein Pinebook
    Rein Pinebook 11 days ago

    amzn did not answer the question here

  • Donna Daly
    Donna Daly 11 days ago +2

    What does Amazon excel at? Leaving your delivery in the BIN!!

    • Oshe Shango
      Oshe Shango 6 days ago

      Maybe the delivery person hates you lol

  • MrKelra
    MrKelra 11 days ago

    1 Day? Same Day is the way to go^^

  • Bailey Crawly
    Bailey Crawly 11 days ago

    ...they don’t! (At least in Canada)

  • Large Churro
    Large Churro 11 days ago

    Still 2 Days :(

  • Miguel Leon
    Miguel Leon 11 days ago

    Amazon has gone too big to Handel

  • Livid Ramen
    Livid Ramen 12 days ago +8

    They should get the flex drivers amazon vests with amazon's colors and logo, help keep them safe