How Much Will Eco Atm Machine Give Me for Box of iPhones?

  • Published on Aug 21, 2018
  • I have a few boxes of broken phones from all my past videos so I decided to put them in a eco-atm machine to see how much money I can get!
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  • Gaming With Devin
    Gaming With Devin 20 hours ago

    Bro your getting money for phones that don’t even work and your complaining because you don’t get very much🙄

  • 1701gijoe
    1701gijoe 2 days ago

    Try to get those prices on eBay.... You got money for trashed phones. I wouldnt complain.

  • I post random videos

    $235 for phones that are completely broken, what a deal.

    • Oblivion[2]
      Oblivion[2] Day ago

      With $235 you could buy a very good mid-range phone.

  • I post random videos

    Money for phones that are completely broken, is amazing and a good deal.

  • Boy gamers
    Boy gamers 5 days ago

    I have two questions
    1)You need 5 dollars for Starbucks?😂
    2)it's a poor thing that you purchased an expensive phone and broke it and sell it like 10 just wasted a lot of money just for an expensive phones and broke it 😒

    • S Mac
      S Mac 5 days ago

      Boy gamers but they made waaayy more money by breaking the phones and uploading it to RU-clip you dumbass

  • Brawl Stars with Sunix
    Brawl Stars with Sunix 6 days ago +1

    Me: eco, its my new iphone 11 max, 1 tb space gray. How much money youll give?
    Eco: umm, i can give 20 dollars and my bag of peanuts.

  • Rainah
    Rainah 9 days ago

    1:07 ok that snatch just made me mad lol

  • Peeyush Upadhayay
    Peeyush Upadhayay 9 days ago


  • Gamer4209SG Petrlić
    Gamer4209SG Petrlić 10 days ago

    That is 1 day earlier

  • butterfly kisses
    butterfly kisses 11 days ago

    Its sad to see these phones broken 😞

  • Angel Saldana
    Angel Saldana 13 days ago

    My brother is going to upload iPhone 6s selling

  • Funny memes YT
    Funny memes YT 14 days ago +1

    I love ur vids!

  • Sword
    Sword 15 days ago

    Легче на запчасти продать, чем сдавать этому кидале зеленому

  • Oscar Hadebe
    Oscar Hadebe 16 days ago

    What on earth happened to these phones? 😂

  • Angel Cardona
    Angel Cardona 17 days ago

    2:50 LOL

  • Hitler Rants Parodies
    Hitler Rants Parodies 17 days ago

    This is why he got a box of phones and he used an eco atm machine and he got $150.

  • i miss you
    i miss you 17 days ago

    He protecc
    He attacc
    But most importantly
    He give cash bacc

  • Mike Mair
    Mike Mair 18 days ago

    Your rich if you got all of them phones

  • Anya Wesley
    Anya Wesley 19 days ago

    The phones are so broken up they are not even fixable i doubt you could of sold them for more

  • DinisPlaysGames
    DinisPlaysGames 19 days ago

    What's the use of keeping the phone instead of recycling it ffs

  •  20 days ago

    Title: a box of iPhones
    Box: random cellphones
    The title is rebel to the video

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    Eleni Toys Review 21 day ago +1


  • Eleni Toys Review
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  • Eleni Toys Review
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  • Ashley Cutbirth
    Ashley Cutbirth 21 day ago

    What does big hero phone

  • Ashley Cutbirth
    Ashley Cutbirth 21 day ago


  • Vike001141
    Vike001141 22 days ago

    The galaxy s8 has a usb type c and you pressd micro usb. Thats the reason its not register that as a s8

  • Dylan Cifuentes
    Dylan Cifuentes 23 days ago

    I have an iPhone X, back and front screens are cracked, but still functions as a normal phone. How much will I get for it? I might check out and see if there’s an ecoATM nearby.

  • Gamerto Pagliei
    Gamerto Pagliei 23 days ago


  • That’s a Good boii
    That’s a Good boii 25 days ago

    You can’t sell those phone anywhere else lol

  • Strawberry Angelic
    Strawberry Angelic 26 days ago

    Do u keep the sim card? Or leave

  • Kangaroo Joey
    Kangaroo Joey 26 days ago

    “covered in glitter” lol
    Edit: 5:23

  • Jennifer Spencer
    Jennifer Spencer 27 days ago

    U all shouldn’t get mad at what it is giving u, all the phones r broke!

  • Dan
    Dan 28 days ago

    Putting a device that has compiled caches of my personal data into a machine with a creepy robot voice sounds like a great idea.

  • CStarz
    CStarz Month ago

    you can NOT sell that trash on ebay for way more..those machines are scams but your phones are doo doo.

  • Lumi and Family
    Lumi and Family Month ago

    Say its in good conditon and get 300 bucks lol

  • Cami Howe
    Cami Howe Month ago

    No one would buy these on eBay unless they wanted to buy the bragging rights about how they purchased a phone from a RU-clipr that does "What will happen to this phone" videos with their exorbitant amount of cash on hand.

  • Abul Khair
    Abul Khair Month ago

    do you have a s3

  • Abul Khair
    Abul Khair Month ago

    Tayser is the only person kla

  • Cinnamon Bun Games
    Cinnamon Bun Games Month ago

    iPhones? You also have some Android phones in the box too.

  • Hristo Semovski
    Hristo Semovski Month ago

    This is a rip off. You will get more if you sell them for parts

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    was invited to work on a project at one of our hubs in China and he did very well.
    this hacker can be trusted!

  • cleopatra boss
    cleopatra boss Month ago

    I wish this machine will be in nederland

  • Matthew Holthouse
    Matthew Holthouse Month ago

    Those look nothing like ZTE majesty pros. That was my first phone, it was junk though.

  •  Month ago

    Hei, what if you sell an brand new iphone to thats machine,would you get more than 500 dollars?

  • Ethan Richardson
    Ethan Richardson Month ago

    Omg 10$ I beat it up with a hammer then chopped it in half that's worth so much more IM GONNA DIE

  • ElmoBomber
    ElmoBomber Month ago

    The title says box of *iPhone's* when there is Samsungs also

  • GamerZ True
    GamerZ True Month ago

    hOw tO mAkE pRoFiT 2018 edition

  • Amel Bouchair
    Amel Bouchair Month ago

    I feel sad because dont have a good phone
    All this phones are smashed

  • Amel Bouchair
    Amel Bouchair Month ago

    In m'y country i will by those phones from you

  • renren renren
    renren renren Month ago

    Stupid moron. You want a good price, but the phone is broken.

  • Cat Meow
    Cat Meow Month ago

    You wasted your phones like that and insulting the machine for assessing it cheaply? You should be thankful you sold your junk phones for $150. If I were the machine I won’t dispense a penny for those garbage.

  • Evan Hollinsworth
    Evan Hollinsworth Month ago

    It kinda pisses me off that he didn’t do the whole box and show how much he got in total

  • I Am Gawd
    I Am Gawd Month ago

    The guy who collects from that machine must've been like wtf is up with all these fucked iPhones this week

  • Emma Jones
    Emma Jones Month ago

    This was made on my bday

  • Allrhen Cerillo
    Allrhen Cerillo Month ago +2

    buys phones (100x) that cost hundreds of dollars*
    breaks it and uses it for youtube for views (gets money for it)*
    complains because selling broken iphone to an eco atm and only get $10 *

  • James Fullerton
    James Fullerton Month ago +2

    Yeah, That's B.S
    *Inserts Next Phone*
    I Bet That I Would Make More Money For Selling Them On Ebay Boi THERE BROKEN 🤣🤣🤣

  • Noraini zainal
    Noraini zainal Month ago +2

    5:59 you want to sell all the junk on eBay? So you're one of the scammers? Tf

  • XxHaley GachaxX
    XxHaley GachaxX Month ago +1

    You should do an iPhone give away

  • Zachary Hewlett
    Zachary Hewlett Month ago +3

    Watching this guy irritates me sometimes. Guy expects a lot of money or acts surprised when it offers him such a low amount. Dude, it's either burnt or just totally beat up. Get over yourself.

  • JustNickXD
    JustNickXD Month ago +1

    * reads title *
    * sees thumbnail *
    I thought it said a box of iPhones

  • Colton Lien
    Colton Lien Month ago

    I like you the first phone didn’t work at all but he thought it was whorth a lot

  • Idk
    Idk Month ago

    Got scammed?? But all the phones looked demolished 😂

  • Ankit das
    Ankit das Month ago

    Where can I found this machine ??

  • Kristijan Petrovic
    Kristijan Petrovic Month ago

    All the phones are broken and your complaining wtf

  • Vimala Manjunath
    Vimala Manjunath Month ago +1

    Jerry rig wants to know that location

  • Juvoisean Mathena
    Juvoisean Mathena Month ago


  • Reggie Johnson
    Reggie Johnson Month ago

    That 4th phone looked like a bear got a hold of it...damn.

  • Zaku Eku
    Zaku Eku Month ago

    Lol, send me al the broken phones

  • Ruhaan Bagga
    Ruhaan Bagga Month ago

    Bro there was a Samsung phone in you thumbnail

  • جواد الحازمي

    samsung s8 just the screen is broken : no money
    iphone have i frcking shot in the back :20 dollar

  • Aussie Boys
    Aussie Boys Month ago

    I would put on a cracked but working phone and say it’s in awesome and hasn’t been touched condition

  • Madhav Cherengotil
    Madhav Cherengotil Month ago

    Box of iPhones
    Tech Rex:*samsung note 4 and Samsung s8*

  • mtb kid
    mtb kid Month ago +1

    No one:

    Tech rax: 10 dollars is enough for a phone

  • シIt’s._.Pumpkin

    “Some of my phones”.............”only 50 of my phones”