Day in the Life of a Typical Japanese Office Worker in Tokyo

  • Published on Apr 5, 2019
  • Living in Japan and working in a Tokyo office - This is a Tokyo day in the life of a Japanese Office Worker, 24 year old, Emi. This is also a tour of her Japanese office, Pasona. We start this typical day in her Japanese home, commute via train to her Tokyo office in Otemachi and spend a day in the life of Emi at her working place. We see her typical working hours in Japan and how it is working in Japan as a female in her position. Her day in the life in Japan may be a bit different than some Japanese salarymen, but her experiences in the office with chorei, senpai / kouhai, and kenshu is a very typical in experiences in many Japanese offices. If you want to know how work in Japan or want to know how work in Tokyo, this could be how your job in Japan could be like. The Tokyo office itself, is probably an above average Japanese office in terms design and the business culture a bit more progressive than most traditional Japanese companies, but this Japanese company still maintains a very traditional Japanese office environment. So all in all, this is an example of Japan life as well as Tokyo life if you were to work in a Japanese company. You should always be aware of Japanese culture when working in a Japanese office. This Japanese office has a gym, English school and even a farm all in the building. Pasona is one of the largest staffing services company in Japan. There’s about 4000 staff in her office alone and about 9000 in total worldwide.
    Pasona Office - Map Link
    - Japan: 113 Pasona Group offices (even more if we include our subsidiaries)
    - Worldwide (including Japan): around 400
    Global Locations:
    - 58 sites in 15 regions.
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  • Paolo fromTOKYO
    Paolo fromTOKYO  6 months ago +1441

    Find me on Instagram: PaolofromTokyo & Toe-Kyo Merch -
    As a Typical Japanese Worker in the video, you'll see that Emi:
    - still lives with her parents (very common)
    - still works for the same company she started with after graduating university
    - takes baths at night
    - doesn't have a lot of time for breakfast before work
    - commutes to work 1 hour one-way everyday by train
    - arrives to work early before company hours
    - sits in an open seating environment with co-workers and mangers all sitting together
    - attends the traditional company morning meeting, called Chorei (very Japanese)
    - receives Omiyage from co-workers who came back from trips
    - performs regular desk and PC work throughout the day (as you would expect)
    - attends planing meetings as required for her job throughout the day
    - takes a 1-hour lunch break with co-workers
    - respects company seniority and uses the appropriate language to address her superiors
    - leaves the office when she finishes her work. On this day, she finished her work on time when on other days she may have to stay you can see other people in the office still remained since they didn't finish their work yet.
    - meets up with the girls after work to have a dinner / drinks
    - All of the above is what you could expect to see in a day of a "Typical Japanese Office Worker" or "Salarywomen in Japan"
    Let me know in the COMMENTS if you DISAGREE.
    LIKE if you want to see more Day in the Life Japan videos.

    • Amin Pant House
      Amin Pant House Day ago


    • Tactical Shinobi
      Tactical Shinobi Month ago

      Can you also post, how to get a job in Japan's work force?

    • Tactical Shinobi
      Tactical Shinobi Month ago

      Thanks for the help, keep it up

    • Gacha Gamer
      Gacha Gamer Month ago

      Paolo fromTOKYO, Would you mind telling me what office she works at? I want to work there in the future

    • Volvo Polo
      Volvo Polo Month ago

      What about Emi's Instagram? Can i haz?

  • Abram Lyosha
    Abram Lyosha Hour ago

    huh?? x mandi?

  • Erynxx
    Erynxx Hour ago

    My name is Yoshikage Kira, I'm 33 years old. My house is located in the southeast section of Morioh, where all the villas are. I am not married.

  • Jessica
    Jessica 2 hours ago

    Okay, I'm off to check out if this Pasona office holds one in my country. Gotta send my CV

  • NakkiPeruna
    NakkiPeruna 4 hours ago

    Putting away your own trash is pretty common in finland aswell.

  • Jameson Sahariah
    Jameson Sahariah 7 hours ago

    Typical Office as an Indian office worker for me its a Disneyland :P

  • フィックス
    フィックス 7 hours ago


  • Bear Mom
    Bear Mom 7 hours ago

    Wow~ japan~ so misteriouse🔆 no its not.

  • ファンビンビン
    ファンビンビン 7 hours ago +2


  • Ankush YMD
    Ankush YMD 10 hours ago

    I'm 24 and i do a lot of things, like eat sleep and repeat ... Peace for life ☮️

  • T S
    T S 11 hours ago

    0:12 that sound gives me PTSD

  • Alex Olsson
    Alex Olsson 20 hours ago +1

    This was really interesting! Thanks for sharing

  • Shumoka F
    Shumoka F Day ago

    I need a blocked off cubicle...away from my boss and coworkers. Please reach me by email 😂

  • Pio
    Pio Day ago

    Don't everyone clean after they've finished eating tho... I mean here in Sweden that's common sense

  • Bubblegum Channel
    Bubblegum Channel Day ago +1

    How about typical Chinese office? What's the suicide rate these days?

  • Steve Davenport
    Steve Davenport Day ago

    Cleaning up after yourself is commin practice in US as well

  • ばるくはうぜんじゃんぷ


  • Leonel Remille
    Leonel Remille Day ago +1

    I was like "well it's kind of a common top notch office". Then the farm came.

  • A. Julian
    A. Julian Day ago

    I work in the US we have a gym here too and a nurse office . Some corporate company's give good perks

  • Aeya Olaran
    Aeya Olaran Day ago

    I’m just glad my workplace does not require me to wear heels. She looks great though.

  • Mishika Halder
    Mishika Halder 2 days ago +1

    I don't know if it's a typical Japanese office or not since I don't belong to Japan but this has to be some sort of corporate heaven. Who wouldn't want to work here? I mean just watching them makes me so excited, imagine actually working there!

  • Cranley Jason
    Cranley Jason 2 days ago

    Can you do the animation artist version of this?

  • xoxolove you
    xoxolove you 2 days ago

    Wow she is super lucky. I don't know when will i have a job.
    Sorry for bad grammer.

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    HOTAKA 00 2 days ago


  • Galaxy S9plus
    Galaxy S9plus 2 days ago

    I love u

  • ho ma
    ho ma 2 days ago

    She is lucky!
    because almost all Japanese hate doing job.

    TRAVEL SRI LANKA 2 days ago

    Amazing Waterfalls in Sri Lanka (The wonder of Asia)
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  • mike joness
    mike joness 2 days ago

    I have the red circle on my right leg :) Omar Ja'ali

  • Taru Chi
    Taru Chi 2 days ago

    It is a nice office, but is definietely not "typical" so your title is misleading.

  • Paul Hill
    Paul Hill 2 days ago

    I can't stay here for one day

  • Paul Hill
    Paul Hill 3 days ago

    Why Japanese office No private space??All people share one desk and everyone is sitting very close and many eyes looking at you,i really hate it

  • Michael Lectival
    Michael Lectival 3 days ago

    Man, you can have all stuff that provide your needs in this office, such rare office here...

  • NiKhil GarakaPati
    NiKhil GarakaPati 3 days ago

    This guy is scary AF.

  • 1111 1111
    1111 1111 3 days ago

    I want to work there..

  • Irene Ward
    Irene Ward 3 days ago +1

    that work place is awesome!...don't have to worry about what to eat for lunch..

  • Metalkura mercado
    Metalkura mercado 3 days ago

    she’s very pretty

  • Skye Mcnaughton
    Skye Mcnaughton 3 days ago +1

    I wanna work there it seems so fun and cool

  • Freddy Lee
    Freddy Lee 4 days ago +1

    That's a lot better than my office lol, even though my office itself is good enough

  • Viki Evendri
    Viki Evendri 4 days ago +2

    How lucky employees at that company, you can see the zoo too 😂😂

  • 三兵
    三兵 4 days ago


  • RexXflash
    RexXflash 4 days ago +1

    Is this heaven?

  • ういろう-M
    ういろう-M 4 days ago +3


  • Attentive Chap
    Attentive Chap 4 days ago +1

    A farm at an office! Lol only in Japan

  • uma selvam
    uma selvam 4 days ago +1

    She didn't have bath and brushed after having breakfast. What nonsense is this?

    • Sebastián Gaete Domínguez
      Sebastián Gaete Domínguez 2 days ago

      @Ja Ba Wow that's new to me. Where I'm from, you are told throughout all your childhood to always brush after your meals. Of course, not until 15 min. after eating so that you don't damage the dental enamel and stuff. I don't know but ive never had caries nor any kind of complications due to brushing

    • Ja Ba
      Ja Ba 2 days ago

      Sebastián Gaete Domínguez you always have to brush teeth before eating. Not after .

    • Sebastián Gaete Domínguez
      Sebastián Gaete Domínguez 4 days ago +1

      So you brush before breakfast??

  • Eclectic Cerebro
    Eclectic Cerebro 4 days ago +1

    Do most japanese women shuffle on the floor when they walk? Its cute lol

  • Ajinkya Bhosale
    Ajinkya Bhosale 5 days ago

    shift makoto to this company .........

  • 物事の本質を見抜く


  • Kelvin Sudin
    Kelvin Sudin 5 days ago

    Amazing guys

  • 留学生バンクーバー

    This company is special lol. Most of Japanese companies aren't like this.
    She was really fortunate lol.

  • 。『Hつきいい』
    。『Hつきいい』 5 days ago +1

    well.... i'm being slaved on my workplace :)

  • いみ
    いみ 5 days ago +1


  • your sleep paralysis demon

    If everyone everywhere no matter the restaurant cleaned up after themselves I think the world would be a much better place

  • Earth Dreams
    Earth Dreams 5 days ago +1

    I don't think it's a typical Japanese company

  • Alvin
    Alvin 5 days ago +8

    How did you manage to go to her office too? Did you paid entrance fee? :O

  • Blaine Cruz
    Blaine Cruz 5 days ago

    Yo she is attractive as fuk

  • johny Cage
    johny Cage 5 days ago

    dunia terossssssss.....hmmmm

  • Davishing Mundo
    Davishing Mundo 5 days ago +1

    Enjoyed this video ...nice to learn how other countries live...would love to visit Japan

  • Kadum Tapok
    Kadum Tapok 5 days ago

    Madafucker japanes are fuckin .........................................................................................................................

  • Ashley Bowden
    Ashley Bowden 5 days ago

    Wow, she's got it *good*

  • flowerpower
    flowerpower 5 days ago

    I know this is irrelevant but she's so skinny....I wish I were genes/diet/my one year old who's rolled on top of me and isn't asleep yet (11.30pm) just turned 27 and wondering What is life???