The Ultimate iPhone (2019)

  • Published on Jun 26, 2019
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    I’ve been wanting to do a video about what my dream iPhone would be for a while now. You know, if I got to be or work with Jony or Phil Schiller, or Joz for a cycle and do everything I’ve always wanted to do with and for the iPhone.
    Now, I’ve done videos before about this and that hardware feature I’d like to see Apple grab from other manufacturers and bring over to the iPhone, and MKBHD just did a video on what his dream phone in general would be cobbled together from all the different manufacturers.
    But, for this, I kinda want to do the opposite. Instead of looking out or going out, I want to turn in. I want to try to come up with what I think would be the ultimate expression of the iPhone by Apple.
    And hey, if you like the idea and want to see me try and do the same with Samsung’s Galaxy, Google’s Pixel, Huawei’s P-series, or any other phone, let me know in the comments.
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  • magicth
    magicth Month ago

    I know this is from a few months back, but with the new U1 chip in the 11/Pro series, I wouldn’t be surprised if we move towards a trust threshold system for a security option. Cool idea!

  • Dennis Lim
    Dennis Lim Month ago

    Ultimate iPhone:
    1. Change the notch on top into a full black bar. Use the additional real estate for duo speakers.
    2. Introduce a identical size chin, with another 2 speakers at the 2 corners. embed a solid finger print scanner in the middle. Bottomline, SOLID SOUND and have Face + Touch ID to work in sync for double the security.
    3. I like some bezels - the XR's sides are pretty good, let's keep it that way, but on the XS Max size screen. While we are at it, maybe build in 2 additional buttons, one on each side, that users can program to launch any app or feature. I want real buttons, not those squeeze the phone shit.
    4. I like thicker phones that comes with a better textured surface and stupidly large battery. I think a phone should start with a 6000mAh battery that features wireless charging and reverse wireless charging, with dedicated spots for AirPods and Apple Watch.
    5. With the new thicker design, remove the camera hump. Give me 4 solid cameras at the following focal lengths (in full frame cameras terms) a. 12mm, b. 28mm, c, 50mm, d, 90mm that double as a 1:1 macro lens)
    6. Allow for pairing with external flashes/strobes. On the phone itself, i see no reason why we cannot have 4 LED Flashes with the 4 cameras. The idea is to turn all on as a torch light so powerful it is like the freaking Sun when it is dark.
    7. 12MP is just not cutting it. I will always want more, but i will settle for a SOLID 16MP with superior low-light performance. How superior? Basically there should be a visible difference when compared with Pixel 3XL and P30
    8. 120p screen refresh rate at a 19:9 or 21:9 ratio. That is also a much brighter screen when out in the sun, and the option to lower the screen brightness even more at night when i am in bed in the dark.
    9. Software-wise, i would like to get rid of the swipe up step once the phone is unlocked with a double Face+Touch IDs verification. Naturally everything needs to be faster, and with a much bigger screen, why not provide a keyboard that adds a few extra rows of keys beyond the alphabets? Let's have a row for numbers, another row for most commonly used symbols, and one more row for emojis (the symbols and emojis rows are dynamic, and will evolve to suit each user's most commonly used symbols)
    10. Thunderbolt 3, not Lightning. And while we are at it, why not give us TWO Thunderbolt 3 ports? one at the top, one at the bottom.
    11. Special Siren Mode, for those moments of emergency. The phone can crank up to super bright and super loud to stun would-be robber/rapist for a couple of seconds.
    12. I know i will have to pay more. I am prepared to pay up to US$1600 for a 1TB model. I don't ask for discount, but i want a 5 years Apple Care built in with no questions asked, full repair/replacement policy.
    - - - - -
    Yes... this phone will be so massive, it will need its own seat on a plane. But it is my kind of big. It would be the one phone to rule all phones. It would be legendary. It would never happen.

  • Jeff Furlong
    Jeff Furlong 2 months ago

    What ground breaking feature would I add to my dream iPhone? Make it FREE 🤣

  • 11I1I11I
    11I1I11I 2 months ago

    Rene Ritchie makes so much sense, but Apple is so greedy they will use the lowest cost configurations. They've optimized 3GB to be enough, but why not put 4 all these years. Questions I have always wondered: Why did Apple take so long to add a draw feature into Photos? Why do the LED Phones displays have the lowest ppi than competitors?

  • Artistic Wolf Prints
    Artistic Wolf Prints 2 months ago

    I would love to have an iPhone with a glowing Apple logo but I know how that can drain the battery. But maybe use the logo as a flash and as a flashlight. I also would like to see a camera on there that could replace a DSLR camera. Maybe have more color options. Screens that don’t crack or scratch, so I don’t have to use a screen protector. As well as a durable body that won’t get dented, bent, scratched or cracked. Want to be able to use it w/o anything protecting it. Maybe more UI improvements. Like something I didn’t know I wanted. I know the technology is getting close with the foldable screens. How about a pull out one from the sides. For like way in the future iPhones I would like to see a complete unbreakable glass iPhone with like an L shape bezel with tech in it to project iOS through the glass. Would have dual biometric authenticity with face and finger scanner on the whole screen. Maybe it could be charged by the electricity your body creates. Ok now I’m going into geeky sci-fi lol.

  • Vexcarius
    Vexcarius 3 months ago

    The ultimate iPhone has notch on all sides. Lol

  • Kerrie Redgate
    Kerrie Redgate 3 months ago

    A slightly larger iPhone SE with a camera that works well in dimmer light and has better focus taps. The SE is the most beautiful and Zen style I think Apple has ever designed, aesthetically speaking. My first was the 4S, so the SE was an obvious next choice for me. I don’t want to upgrade, as I think the more recent iPhones with the rounded edges and the (!)notch are ugly. But, then, I like the simplicity of “Zen” essentials in design. And that was Steve Jobs’ original priority.

  • Buster Smith
    Buster Smith 3 months ago

    Also, I can’t believe I just recently came across your channel. This content is A1

  • Buster Smith
    Buster Smith 3 months ago

    Instead of the notch I would 100% be okay with that part just being black, slap an always on clock since it’s oled

  • medic main
    medic main 3 months ago +1

    IPhone dream 6.5 hd screen oled a13 chip 6gb ram two speakers HEADPHONE JACK in the top of the phone 48 hour battery life and 120 hz display refresh 4 camara and quick. charger in his 1500$ cause it will last 7 years and 2 year warranty

  • Christine Roy
    Christine Roy 3 months ago

    I’ve always loved color and will even pay a little more for my car or a bicycle to get the color I want over a “1 at this price special “ because I have to live with it every day for years. So my favorite iPhones were the 5C (but I didn’t buy one, plastic) and the XR which I just bought the coral. So I hope the XR line continues. I do agree that your ultimate model should be menacing Jet Black, but give me fun at a good value.

  • nikrox88
    nikrox88 3 months ago +5

    A little note on your security wish; this is more than possible. My lab worked on this 5 years ago using sensors of the top phones at the time (including iPhone, jailbroken of course). It can also be done quite accurately even then. This is implicit biometric security and the implemenation is quite close to what you describe. :)

  • Dejenny Pilipovic
    Dejenny Pilipovic 3 months ago

    I've been liking your videos more and more recently, thank you for uploading, loving the new long form content with the interviews as well, I really look forward to those!

  • Howard Davidson
    Howard Davidson 3 months ago

    They are all much the same to me..You talk about it as if it’s the most important thing there is..Talk Talk Talk..Like a child’s new toy..I have a headache now..

  • Saif
    Saif 3 months ago

    He is so gay

  • daboss mista300
    daboss mista300 3 months ago

    I hope they do a product red 11 max

  • Shaleen Mundra
    Shaleen Mundra 3 months ago

    i like your content but.. in general in all your videos your voice is very monotonous throught. no exclamations, no stops, no loud bangs. just plain simple talking using good vocabulary but that is boring to watch over a long time. bring some feel please.

  • Chris Jennings
    Chris Jennings 3 months ago

    Do the Apple TV.

  • Firstname Lastname
    Firstname Lastname 3 months ago

    I hate this guy so much... He always speaks like he is crying and miserable... creepy

  • Amit kumar
    Amit kumar 3 months ago +1

    what would be the optical zoom in 2019 iphone. 2x zoom or more then 2x zoom?

  • Bad Luca
    Bad Luca 3 months ago

    “Let me do me” ..........awesome

  • riccccccardo
    riccccccardo 3 months ago

    iPhone 7 here don’t want to upgrade to pay Apples rip of prices for newer phone hence why Apple not selling well with their iPhones now.

  • Adhil Naufer
    Adhil Naufer 3 months ago

    why are you bumping while talking?

  • John M
    John M 3 months ago +2

    That framing with dark to both sides perfectly hides my phone's notch. Is that intentional? Looks good.

  • jorgeshss
    jorgeshss 3 months ago

    You don't have a clue about design

  • Mrkindalegal TheBagopaniest

    Please do another video about the google pixel.

  • Eric Sonnen
    Eric Sonnen 3 months ago

    I like your ultimate iPhone

  • Yela Entertainment
    Yela Entertainment 3 months ago

    iPhone SE body type but with a screen size between 5-5.5 inches. With OLED, edge to edge screen. 1 handed use capability. Google like camera/software. front firing stereo speakers. Dedicated nvidia GPU. 8-10 gigs of ram. Dual boot IOS and android. 4000 mh battery. Waterproof, wireless charging, reverse charging, Moto mods-like capability.

  • Haikal Abbas
    Haikal Abbas 3 months ago

    what's the app at 5:35?

  • Sean T
    Sean T 3 months ago

    Yeah nah.. Hole punch/cut is so much better than the notch.

    • Loki27
      Loki27 3 months ago +1

      Sean T eww. I hate hole punch design.

  • Sean T
    Sean T 3 months ago

    Oh man.... My Nexus 6p OLED had more burn-in than Micheal Jackson filming a Pepsi commercial.

  • Freddy Jason
    Freddy Jason 3 months ago

    Do Samsung Fold please

  • Steven Dunn
    Steven Dunn 3 months ago

    If my watch can unlock my MacBook Pro why cant it unlock my phone?

  • Tony C
    Tony C 3 months ago

    I wish it was more about specs and features.

  • Sam Well
    Sam Well 3 months ago

    Dude, you gotta breathe...

  • SKR Imaging
    SKR Imaging 3 months ago

    I loled a little at the Tabarnak remark that many might not catch. MTL represent!

  • Chance Windham
    Chance Windham 3 months ago

    Why does this dude look like he's taking a shit when he's talking? The statement that tech should always be getting cheaper and cheaper is asinine. I can't watch this fucking guy anymore.

  • Casper S�
    Casper S� 3 months ago

    I don’t want to see you do this with Galaxy or anything like this. But iMac, Mac Pro, MacBook (Pro/Air). Going into the PPC and Motorola days too.

  • JbrockPony
    JbrockPony 3 months ago +2

    iPhone of my dreams: whatever apple device that lets me run side loaded apps like dolphin emulator so I can play Kirby Air Ride on the go.
    Oh and the iPhone SE in the modern iPhone X aesthetic 👏🏽

  • 1Riperl
    1Riperl 3 months ago

    For me; I want the durability of phones to improve by such an extent that to look back on the necessity of using a case is as absurd as it is for us now to learn they used to allow smoking on airlines.

  • dhaszek
    dhaszek 3 months ago

    Is there a video coming why iphone X SS is hard sell?

  • HUNTER_ BOY12zx
    HUNTER_ BOY12zx 3 months ago

    Price 99999$

  • The Road To Mars
    The Road To Mars 3 months ago


  • Horseshoe Overlook
    Horseshoe Overlook 3 months ago

    An iPhone I can afford would be nice. My iPhone 7 is getting long in the tooth.

  • Duncan Baines
    Duncan Baines 3 months ago +1

    Well done Rene for specifying a 120fps display

  • Karma 59995
    Karma 59995 3 months ago

    Complete 3D renders would be much appreciated..!!

  • Jason Willis
    Jason Willis 3 months ago

    I would have an option that have not seen since my Treo. My Treo had an option to assign a ringtone to any caller not in my address book. If the phone rings and the caller I’d is not in my address book I would get a certain ringtone and I would not have try find my phone to answer......just let it go to voicemail. I miss that option a lot.

  • Overlord
    Overlord 3 months ago

    Do a Galaxy Note Video Please, idrc about any other phones.

  • Ziyad Malibari
    Ziyad Malibari 3 months ago

    Design: iPad Pro design
    Horsepower : 6 cores cpu - 8 cores gpu - advanced neural engine and ISP for video stabilisation
    Camera: wide, telephoto and ultra wide with big sensors and larger pixel size
    Display: pro motion pro motion pro motion but hard for OLED

  • bb1111116
    bb1111116 3 months ago

    iPhone XS / XR with a fingerprint reader under the entire screen. The 3 camera setup as described with better photo AI (low light). For the future; someday having the notch under the screen. I like the current ports/buttons.

  • Terrence Benjamin
    Terrence Benjamin 3 months ago

    My ultimate iPhone or my perfect iPhone rather would consist of the following:
    iPhone 8/ 8 Plus chassis with its bezels
    Quad HD LCD display ( still prefer it over OLED)
    A12 or A13 chip or the next latest chip to be had in an iPhone
    6 GB of RAM
    Dual lens camera with image stabilization in both with up to 1.6 F-Stop and an improved FFC that includes portrait mode and a bump in aperture to allow more light
    A 3400 mah battery,
    Improved stereo speakers,
    If possible a finger print scanner that uses both optical and sonic wave technology hoping it increases security
    Wireless charging
    512GB hard drive

  • SumoRugby
    SumoRugby 3 months ago

    Deep trench insulation is not a jargon of the year. It’s a silicon manufacturing option, aimed at reducing noise/x-talk, that’s been in use for years in the silicon industry

  • Thamsanqa Mvayo
    Thamsanqa Mvayo 3 months ago +2

    I would definitely buy your version. The all screen SE would be an amazing edition

  • Snuff
    Snuff 3 months ago +3

    10:05 that indian accent when saying ”wondering” 😂😂😂😂

  • Ashley Lahm
    Ashley Lahm 3 months ago

    I think you're mostly right. FFS Apple, U S B God Damn C!!!! (or even a sneaky Thunderbolt 3?) lol

  • ArchThaBoss
    ArchThaBoss 3 months ago

    I see that subscription count growing rene

  • Mark Brienza
    Mark Brienza 3 months ago

    I’m sorry but it’s stupid not to include 5G and your list. You’re a smart guy and you realize that people are keeping their phones for three or four years now tell me that you won’t be using 5G in three years from now. Future proof that dream phone of yours. I know it’s not a necessary 2019 technology but the sooner it becomes the norm the better for those who we recycle our old phones to.

    • Rene Ritchie
      Rene Ritchie  3 months ago

      The modems that we’re going to get this year aren’t going to be very good. If you really want a 5G phone, you’re better off waiting for a second or third generation modem that is way more power efficient and doesn’t demand the compromises in design the current ones do.

  • Cade h
    Cade h 3 months ago

    Trust ID would be a great idea but I'll place it in the realm of science fiction for now bc of how much battery that would take up. Imagine having a screen sized fingerprint sensor always on and a camera always on and your device always comparing your current location to known locations. Don't get me started on all the situations for letting someone borrow your phone. For now it's only a dream.

    • Rene Ritchie
      Rene Ritchie  3 months ago +1

      I think the way to make it power officiant is to make everything a convalescence. You’re touching the screen anyway, the camera is seeing you anyway, the motion processor is recording anyway, the voice processor is waiting for a trigger word anyway. If you can piggyback on most of the current events, the requirement to run the trust threshold, probably wouldn’t be significant. Though I realize I say that as someone whoIs not an engineer and is not responsible for the products :-)

  • Tristan Turner
    Tristan Turner 3 months ago

    Where did you get that shirt Rene? Looks like a great material.

  • distinctdim
    distinctdim 3 months ago

    Just do it for Samsung