Is This Guy’s Boss Even Real? - Key & Peele

  • Published on Nov 18, 2019
  • An office worker begins to question whether or not his boss is a real person.
    About Key & Peele:
    Key & Peele showcases the fearless wit of stars Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele as the duo takes on everything from “Gremlins 2” to systemic racism. With an array of sketches as wide-reaching as they are cringingly accurate, the pair has created a bevy of classic characters, including Wendell, the players of the East/West Bowl and President Obama’s Anger Translator.

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    Comedy Central Stand-Up 17 days ago +658

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    • Raul Santos
      Raul Santos 10 days ago

      Comedy Central Stand-Up

    • My Dick
      My Dick 16 days ago

      @Eliminate I don't believe this one was ever uploaded before. No they moved onto different things.

    • Eliminate
      Eliminate 16 days ago

      @My Dick do key and peele still make videos or are these like re uploads

  • Jordan demetri
    Jordan demetri 13 hours ago

    Plz do a beyond scared straight episode....and use the line " ur look dusty" with a lisp

  • M U S I C is L I F E
    M U S I C is L I F E 15 hours ago

    What a plot. 😂

  • Kris grizzard
    Kris grizzard 16 hours ago

    “Why would he give a fuck about where we park” 😂

  • 오예찬
    오예찬 16 hours ago

    I like the way camera move

  • H. G.
    H. G. 19 hours ago

    Ok that was fucking terrifying.

  • Patrick Johnson
    Patrick Johnson 19 hours ago

    And I just fucking pissed myself be right back

  • AsianSmartAsh
    AsianSmartAsh 19 hours ago

    A bit of the darker humor i see lol

  • Mittuh Mittuh
    Mittuh Mittuh 21 hour ago

    Lol... mahina

    YUNG SLATE Day ago


  • Lawsin
    Lawsin Day ago

    I'm a real real person in here hahahahhahahahahahahahaaa

  • Kita Kal
    Kita Kal Day ago

    Why does Mr. Mahina remind me of a Tim Burtons movie ... was it Coraline ? No... it cant be

  • p uk
    p uk Day ago

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    p uk Day ago

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  • reginald56000
    reginald56000 Day ago +1

    MAHINA means WEAK in our country

  • harMoney
    harMoney Day ago

    Mahina means month in hindi

  • Daniel Rollins
    Daniel Rollins Day ago

    Yom.. THAT scare me

  • Jess has a tribe

    Used to have a reverend come into my school with that haircut. I can't stop laughing. His was grey but exactly the same. 😅

  • Steo 420
    Steo 420 Day ago

    Thing is pretty creepy

  • Gabriel Gibson
    Gabriel Gibson Day ago

    “And what” 😂😂

  • PickleJar251
    PickleJar251 Day ago

    Niggas head look like a globe

  • R.O.T.C SEEM
    R.O.T.C SEEM Day ago

    Why the fuck would he care where we park 😆

  • OV
    OV Day ago

    & he never questioned anything since that day.

  • Louis
    Louis Day ago

    GOOGLE andrew yang

  • Jason Yahtman
    Jason Yahtman Day ago

    Key kinda looks good in that beard

  • The Viruz
    The Viruz Day ago

    Plot twist haha that shits gold

  • Atut Tamrakar
    Atut Tamrakar 2 days ago

    Mr. Mahina sounds like the announcer of Epic Rap Battles.

  • Virtual Stripperz
    Virtual Stripperz 2 days ago

    Keegan slays that role

  • CheesecakeLasagna
    CheesecakeLasagna 2 days ago +1

    Classic Jekyll and Hydeing. LMAO

  • CheesecakeLasagna
    CheesecakeLasagna 2 days ago +3

    The worse thing that can happen would be that the boss is recruiting him for an MLM.

  • Smokeout Atlanta
    Smokeout Atlanta 2 days ago

    that's some low-key spooky shit when he comes from behind that desk!

  • pbsfinest2004
    pbsfinest2004 2 days ago

    Double fucking swerve. I Knew what was coming but then I didn't

  • eric Fuchs
    eric Fuchs 2 days ago

    What the fuck bro 😂

  • Black 7T Asta
    Black 7T Asta 2 days ago

    Man hell nawl 😂😂😂

  • Kim Roney
    Kim Roney 2 days ago

    Step 1. Go to Google
    Step 2. Search this keyword: 123moviestoday
    Step 3. Enjoy!
    Is This Guy’s Boss Even Real? - Key & Peele
    fleeting reality. It's at that precise moment that mastering an image becomes a great physical and intellectual joy.” “She had a Dr. Pepper, my favorite...” “I have noticed that even those who assert that everything is predestined and that we can change nothing about it still look both ways before they cross the street” “You may not control all the events that happen to you, but you can decide not to be reduced by them. Try to be a rainbow in someone's cloud. Do not complain. Make

  • Qua The One
    Qua The One 3 days ago +12

    “No, THAT’S OK, ILL DO IT”💀💀💀

  • Dink 9582
    Dink 9582 3 days ago

    Don’t know if I should laugh or cry? Seems too real to be honest.

    You work hard and get treated like shit 🙂

  • King Dolo
    King Dolo 3 days ago +1

    Bra I could of sworn I've seen all the skits, it's like a new one pops up every other day😂

  • USA Life
    USA Life 3 days ago

    If this is not a reference to god, Idk what it is...

  • Garrick Miller
    Garrick Miller 3 days ago

    That ended tho wtf 😂

  • USA Life
    USA Life 3 days ago

    If this is not a reference to god, idk what it is...

  • Michael Lieberman
    Michael Lieberman 3 days ago +1

    Bro this shit had me cryin on gawd why he get up out his chair so quick!

  • Jake McCarty
    Jake McCarty 3 days ago

    Did they snag Mr. Mahina straight out from Coraline that was so scary dude

  • Dries du Preez
    Dries du Preez 3 days ago

    I'd recognize Robot Chicken's style anywhere

  • GoProJoe
    GoProJoe 3 days ago +2

    They really lost their edge. I didn't even smile.

  • Sebi One
    Sebi One 3 days ago +4

    I never imagined I would utter these words, but... that mop is pure nightmare fuel.

  • Moe Moe
    Moe Moe 4 days ago

    that's some baby forest type shit

  • sightinsight
    sightinsight 4 days ago

    dang they're great at these short sketches, would be cool if they were as good at making full length movies

  • Mobashshir Fz
    Mobashshir Fz 4 days ago

    How's that?

  • Raouf Fare
    Raouf Fare 4 days ago

    At first i was thinking classic Key and Peele switch, mr Mehina is going to be a real guy who talks funny and prefers the dark and whatnot. Then the door opens and its a mop wearing clothes and i was like, "huh, i guess they didnt switcheroo", and then the mop came to life and basically what we witnessed was a new Key and Peele triple (possibly quadruple) switcheroo and im just shocked tbh that they can still surprise me after the a million skits...

  • Miki
    Miki 4 days ago

    Its crazy mahina means weak on tagalog

  • Samreen Fatima
    Samreen Fatima 4 days ago

    Mahina means a month in Hindi.

  • whateverlolawants
    whateverlolawants 4 days ago

    This legit feels like my job. My boss and I are always running around following *his* bosses' latest ridiculous whims. Yes, he has multiple bosses. I have worked there 3 years and have only met 1 of them face-to-face; they're all at our HQ in Asia. If I ever go there, I am now prepared for it to go down like this.

  • Mike Beck
    Mike Beck 4 days ago

    Shit blew my high 😂😂😂😂😭😭

  • JayZtunning
    JayZtunning 4 days ago

    Wat a twist lo

  • James L
    James L 4 days ago

    And the plot thickens...

  • Jonathan Kelly
    Jonathan Kelly 4 days ago

    Watch this shit it's funny as hell someone sent it to me it a Fake reality TV show Making fun of love and hip hop, called real rappers of Chicago this shit is dumb as hell
    Subscribe to my channel like and share it for me please

  • BaStAgE
    BaStAgE 4 days ago


  • Lil Steffy
    Lil Steffy 4 days ago +1

    I wanna succ Mr. Mahina 🤤🤤

  • Tpring90
    Tpring90 4 days ago +1

    Peele is looking good with that goatee