Dads React To Try Not To Cry Challenge (Father's Day)

  • Published on Jun 15, 2019
  • Share or watch with your Dad & try not to cry! Happy Father's Day.
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    Dads take on the Try Not To Cry Challenge. Watch to see their Reactions.
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    Dads React To Try Not To Cry Challenge (Father's Day)
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Comments • 11 566

  • Mr. Blasphemy
    Mr. Blasphemy 29 minutes ago

    Bruh stop cutting unions!!

  • HailKing Cheezitz
    HailKing Cheezitz 44 minutes ago

    Lmao they have a loving dad

  • Yoik Membra
    Yoik Membra 58 minutes ago +1

    You know even though not having a dad for my whole life I still kinda got emotional because of this

  • Courtney Stewart
    Courtney Stewart 58 minutes ago +1

    I wish I had a dad..

  • Ethan Flores
    Ethan Flores 4 hours ago +4

    They should do stranger things season 3 last episode. Last minutes.

  • Tokyo Ghoul
    Tokyo Ghoul 6 hours ago +1


  • Natalia Robertson
    Natalia Robertson 8 hours ago +7

    That hit hard

  • panda Roblox Gaming
    panda Roblox Gaming 8 hours ago +2

    Please help me i need toilet paper

  • Skylaaa Moreno
    Skylaaa Moreno 9 hours ago +13

    Bruh I cried so much what the hell

  • Lola Peraya heart
    Lola Peraya heart 10 hours ago +9

    All people who say they don't have a dad, my heart is breaking for you. I have a crapy one, but at least I have a dad. Stay strong people. Hugs.

  • X A I N E T Y
    X A I N E T Y Day ago +30

    I don’t have a dad 🥺

  • lily felice
    lily felice Day ago +24

    dang i wish i had dad

  • caitlin nichol
    caitlin nichol Day ago +37

    The fresh prince scene always kills me. I cry every time

    • Thomas Telgenhoff
      Thomas Telgenhoff 8 hours ago

      caitlin nichol that is fact that scene always is a heart strings puller

  • Logan Gow
    Logan Gow Day ago +33

    That scene from the fresh prince has always stabbed me in the heart because I know the exact feeling this scene captures

  • Fuq Everything
    Fuq Everything Day ago +31

    Asian dad is strong af.

  • You don’t know me


  • Kianna Bryant
    Kianna Bryant Day ago +30

    I don't have a dad so I can put myself in the position of that lady 😭♥️

  • Matthew C
    Matthew C Day ago +28

    I remember that episode of fresh prince way back when. Will Smith is an amazing actor.

  • Cleo Jacobe Fox-Jerry

    Used a whole box of tissues

  • juanito barcelito
    juanito barcelito 2 days ago +39

    i wish i had a dad

  • OG Creative
    OG Creative 2 days ago +42


  • Young Finesser
    Young Finesser 2 days ago +74

    I was boutta cry but the ads saved me

  • Alex Guerrero
    Alex Guerrero 2 days ago +35

    I had 13 good birthdays without my dad and I'm 17, but I did wish my dad would come for father's day and not my mom

  • The Dark 410
    The Dark 410 2 days ago +11

    O my god I most cry and I I’m know for the gay how didn’t cry for s$&@!

  • F Wilson
    F Wilson 2 days ago +11

    Ain’t this one of the sweetest fucking things ever! Omg!

  • Chara Dreemurr
    Chara Dreemurr 2 days ago +7

    This is so cute

  • DarkNight
    DarkNight 2 days ago +8

    The first time I’ve been early 😂😂😂

  • Cool Blur123
    Cool Blur123 2 days ago +24

    When people ask about my dad I would just say Fuc that guy he can burn in hell and change the topic

  • Chloey Simmons
    Chloey Simmons 2 days ago +21

    I wish I had a dad. I’ve never seen or known him. Kinda hits me in the heart.

    • Cool Blur123
      Cool Blur123 2 days ago

      Chloey Simmons ya everyone should but that’s doesn’t me they would😔

    • Chloey Simmons
      Chloey Simmons 2 days ago

      Cool Blur123 that’s the sad part about it😖everyone should have a dad that loves them

    • Cool Blur123
      Cool Blur123 2 days ago

      Chloey Simmons your not the only one

  • Marvin lance Daculan
    Marvin lance Daculan 2 days ago +11

    I wish my dad was here with me right now😢😭

  • XxMaria BunnyxX
    XxMaria BunnyxX 2 days ago +13

    I had 12 great years without my dad and the 3rd one got me

  • truth seeker
    truth seeker 2 days ago +8

    Sexist fascist patriarchy I can't believe all the Male dominance and male only representation.

  • Sha My
    Sha My 2 days ago +15

    watching this here in China ... i recently moved here for a job and i really really miss my parents after watching this 😭😭😭😭😭 crying in the office 😓

  • Anthony Pousini
    Anthony Pousini 2 days ago +13

    Mom: How Do I Look ?
    Dad: With Your Eyes

  • Alicia Zamora
    Alicia Zamora 2 days ago +20

    I haven't seen my dad since I was 9 , now I'm 18 I have a job and soon gonna graduate high school

  • Solomon Bardalez
    Solomon Bardalez 3 days ago +48

    Im still crying for Will

  • Kimberly Cherry
    Kimberly Cherry 3 days ago +16

    When the kid started asking I started getting so emotional 😂

  • Mouna Faci
    Mouna Faci 3 days ago +22

    I started crying at 1:20 wow

  • Cjay Alfonso
    Cjay Alfonso 3 days ago +29

    All fathers are just soft hearted 😢❤

  • Millie.x
    Millie.x 3 days ago +26

    divorced parents cheeeeckk!!

  • WLF_ MiTrE
    WLF_ MiTrE 3 days ago +4

    I am a daddy 😳😉

  • Xhelloxshane X
    Xhelloxshane X 4 days ago +64

    That will Smith scene always gets me

  • P R little B
    P R little B 4 days ago +38

    I wish my dad loved me.

  • Isaiah.
    Isaiah. 4 days ago +22

    Love my dad even if he’s in and out of my life

  • BlitzWV
    BlitzWV 4 days ago +22

    It’s August

  • Clarence Hudson
    Clarence Hudson 4 days ago +14

    My dad is my best friend

  • _sophieopiniano _
    _sophieopiniano _ 4 days ago +18

    I wish that I could meet my dad

  • SurerRain 20
    SurerRain 20 5 days ago +37

    I wanna be a dad rn

  • Sneaky Drums
    Sneaky Drums 5 days ago +66

    Me as a 21-year-old: Yes, I totally lost it ..

    And I'm not even a father yet ...

    JAYDEN GAMING 5 days ago +28

    The last 2 got me. I LOVE MY DAD

  • Check Mate
    Check Mate 5 days ago +94

    Man Will got me on the line “How come he don’t want me man”

  • Pratham Dighe
    Pratham Dighe 5 days ago +23

    try adding the end part of "The Happyness of Pursuit" when he gets the job atlast

    • Darnisha Hall
      Darnisha Hall 5 days ago +3

      The Pursuit of Happiness with Will Smith and Jaden Smith

  • MïSHA N D
    MïSHA N D 5 days ago +24

    I cried pretty bad in the first one lol

  • MannyCk
    MannyCk 5 days ago +30

    my dad still getting milk true story

  • Ryan Fogle
    Ryan Fogle 5 days ago +26

    Good Will Hunting "It's not your fault" scene. Always brings tears

  • Lunar Wolf 13478
    Lunar Wolf 13478 5 days ago +25

    My dad left me with my mum😢😭

  • vlog on a buget
    vlog on a buget 6 days ago +56

    soooooo who else here has dad issues haha.........

  • Kimberly H
    Kimberly H 6 days ago +18

    The last video upsets me bc my dad left my life 4 years ago

  • robert costello
    robert costello 6 days ago +59

    Fresh Prince of bel air always gets me

  • Sonic Maniac :]
    Sonic Maniac :] 6 days ago +21

    Happy fathers day dad!

    Oh wait

  • Jacqueline Higuera Venegas

    The first video made CRY CRY

  • Blackwings19 r
    Blackwings19 r 6 days ago +13


  • XYHC
    XYHC 6 days ago +20

    Why didn’t I cry at all? Those videos were adorable but I didn’t find them emotional tho. Guess I’m a heartless beast :(

    • CrazySoul Gaming
      CrazySoul Gaming 5 days ago +2

      I bet you are an amazing person and definitely not a beast.

    • XYHC
      XYHC 6 days ago +3

      @FoodIsKindaLife uuu aw thanks

    • FoodIsKindaLife uuu
      FoodIsKindaLife uuu 6 days ago +4

      XYHC awwww just because you didn’t cry doesn’t make you heartless

  • Catherine S
    Catherine S 6 days ago +18

    First one went from 0-10 in a second
    They should have shown the present at the end of Fresh Prince, that breaks me even further

  • jimmy blurr
    jimmy blurr 6 days ago +14

    If your father cryng it's means a lot

  • Ben Haushalter
    Ben Haushalter 6 days ago +12

    The kid who used IMovie 😎

  • Lizzy Rawlins
    Lizzy Rawlins 6 days ago +12

    I am sitting here with my 2 year old daughter and 6 month old son just telling them mommy loves them while I am crying ❤️❤️😢

  • VP MAN lel
    VP MAN lel 6 days ago +15

    I lost my bad they all are lucky

  • Israel Mata
    Israel Mata 7 days ago +11

    I actually Cry even the last video they’re watching #Emotion

  • InpuT-Youth YT
    InpuT-Youth YT 7 days ago +30

    The fresh prince of bel-Air had me 😭 💔

    • Rudy Pachecano
      Rudy Pachecano 4 days ago

      Man the madea live and the fresh prince of bel air always get me

  • Freyja Love
    Freyja Love 7 days ago +10

    Fuck I cried! ;-;

  • Saga Kristiansson
    Saga Kristiansson 7 days ago +28

    Omg i cried for the entire video especially when Scott talked after the fresh prince scene

  • Jeff Neal
    Jeff Neal 7 days ago +21

    Augh, why do I watch videos that make me cry. Serious tears here

  • dimpledwonder
    dimpledwonder 7 days ago +24

    It gives me so much hope when I see men cry out of pure love

  • Alaina Shea
    Alaina Shea 7 days ago +4

    I am Apollo amoshanel