iPhone X Back Glass Replacement

  • Published on Jun 11, 2019
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    Tools used in this video:
    Heat Gun Station
    Rotatory Tool
    Scalpel Knife
    B700 Adhesive
    Plastic Razor
    Music: www.bensound.com

Comments • 33

  • User 376258
    User 376258 15 hours ago

    I broke mine 😭

  • Sohail Mughal
    Sohail Mughal 8 days ago

    Not satification.... to much tipical and riskey way

  • Francois Blair
    Francois Blair 15 days ago

    sigh i don't have the patience to do that

  • Dave Montague
    Dave Montague 17 days ago +1

    Putting a glass backing on a mobile device is the most stupid thing ever conceived. The engineers who put glass on the back of a phone should be drug out on the street and shot. Their posterity should be shot as well so that the stupidity does not propagate.

  • TheIceyKidd
    TheIceyKidd Month ago


  • Jay Leslie
    Jay Leslie Month ago +3

    This is amazing. But I have to say. My iPhone X will be my first and last iphone. Purposely puts glass on back that is next to impossible to replace and it’s easy to break. So you have to fork up and buy another phone. Bad business plan, I’m sure people will just buy another brand phone. I know I am and I’m going to stay far away from iPhones. You have to be a complete dumbass to buy one

    • Matt Lobo
      Matt Lobo 3 days ago

      Take care of your phone and you won’t have to worry about this

  • Avon Barksdale
    Avon Barksdale Month ago +2

    Hello, thank you for the great video. Can you please let us know exactly what those standing clamps are. The ones that you used when eating the glass and removing it. Please and thanks!!!

    • Cell Phone Repair Academy
      Cell Phone Repair Academy  Month ago +2

      The clamps are called Omnivise PCB Holder. Here is the link for purchase straight from Hakko: www.hakkousa.com/products/accessories/pcb-holders/omnivise-pcb-holder.html

    • Robyn Charlton
      Robyn Charlton Month ago

      @Skeleton547 weird. mine does. anyways, its not that simple as its made to look on that video. by all means bash on and give it a go but its a nightmare.

    • Avon Barksdale
      Avon Barksdale Month ago

      @Skeleton547 Agree, mine also had no etching on the back and mine is also 100% stock.

    • Skeleton547
      Skeleton547 Month ago

      Robyn Charlton actually iphone x has no writing, check your facts just looked at the back of my stock iphone x

    • Robyn Charlton
      Robyn Charlton Month ago

      King Tittley honestly don’t even bother trying it pal. Look at the back of your phone it’s got writing under the Apple sign there’s doesn’t. There just taking the glass of there own shit housing again and making it look easy. The glue apple used isn’t meant to come of it needs to go mad cold.

  • BL St
    BL St Month ago +1

    Thank you sir. Followed this and worked great for me.

  • Black Phillip
    Black Phillip 2 months ago +8

    This is the best way to remove the glass. Other tutorials are messy.

  • NWS Repiars
    NWS Repiars 3 months ago +4

    Its not that much hard work that you showing us my friend no need to take out the logic board. just remove the Face ID with camera and back camera thats all

    • VoiceSriLanka
      VoiceSriLanka 2 months ago +1

      NWS Repiars lol it’s easy to say. I don’t think you have ever opened an iPhone X or 8 back

  • NWS Repiars
    NWS Repiars 3 months ago

    If you guys want the easy way so watch this.

  • DJ W
    DJ W 3 months ago +15

    I think I will just save money and buy a new phone!

    • real4everh
      real4everh Month ago +2

      That is exactly what apple wants you to do
      They design the phone in way so hard to repair

    • Black Phillip
      Black Phillip 2 months ago

      Lachzlo yt Yes if you’re a poor welfare scum.

    • Lachzlo yt
      Lachzlo yt 2 months ago

      Do not buy iphone

    • Black Phillip
      Black Phillip 2 months ago

      I wouldn't touch it. It adds more character to your phone.

  • William Muff
    William Muff 3 months ago +3

    At this point why not just replace the frame?

    • AdnanBakht91
      AdnanBakht91 2 months ago +2

      It’s a lot more money to get the whole housing instead of just the glass

  • M M
    M M 3 months ago +4

    What temperature are you heating the glass with?

  • Yahiya Ameer
    Yahiya Ameer 4 months ago +1

    Who much iPhone backs glasses

  • ZWX LCD repair equipment factory

    HI,dear, Are you intersted in the laser machine to remov the back cover ?

    • ZWX LCD repair equipment factory
      ZWX LCD repair equipment factory 4 months ago

      @Ariel Ramos hi,dear. there are three models. do you have wechat or whatsapp,dear? i send you the details and the price

    • Ariel Ramos
      Ariel Ramos 4 months ago

      ZWX LCD repair equipment factory hi how much is the laser machine