Apple iPhone Xs Review: A (S)mall Step Up!

  • Published on Sep 18, 2018
  • Everything you need to know about iPhone Xs and Xs Max!
    iPhone Xs Max Unboxing:
    iPhone Xs skins:
    The wallpaper:
    MKBHD Merch:
    Video Gear I use:
    Tech I'm using right now:
    Intro Track: Voices by 20syl
    Phone provided by Apple for review.
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  • Bajrang Sharma
    Bajrang Sharma 2 days ago +1

    Mind Says Samsung
    Heart says apple
    But pocket says Nokia

  • Life Game Changer
    Life Game Changer 3 days ago +3

    Watching after the iphone 11 release😁

  • Harshavardan Arvind
    Harshavardan Arvind 4 days ago +1

    Sorry buddy
    Looks like u didn't get that fingerprint reader underneath the screen in the iPhone 11😂😂

  • Maroš Póč
    Maroš Póč 5 days ago +2

    Upgraded from 5s 16GB to Xs 256 ... hopefully it’ll last as long not even longer as the old guy. But so far all goooood :) peace from 🇸🇰

  • Adarsh Reddy
    Adarsh Reddy 5 days ago

    Where to get wallpaper

  • Leo Enduro
    Leo Enduro 7 days ago


  • nexySigga
    nexySigga 7 days ago

    "The iphone x cameras look wierd"
    Iphone 11 pro: hold my beer

  • James Nickel
    James Nickel 7 days ago

    Great review! Thanks!

  • Honest Mike
    Honest Mike 9 days ago

    I'm a lifetime android/windows user that's thinking about switching to apple. The new 11 seems like it's barely an upgrade from the xs. Should I just get the XS instead?

  • Zohair Ajmal
    Zohair Ajmal 10 days ago +2

    4:19 "it definitely performing big..."

  • Tumbl3leaf
    Tumbl3leaf 10 days ago

    Iphone 11 didn't have it...

  • Michael Gralnick
    Michael Gralnick 10 days ago +93

    “XS Max is a bad name”

    IPhone Eleven Pro Max:
    Hold my beer

  • Olivia Anderson
    Olivia Anderson 10 days ago

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  • Hriday Chhabria
    Hriday Chhabria 11 days ago

    Looking back at this video, I remember last year I decided I would wait out switching to a new phone since X -> Xs had an incremental upgrade. Flash Forward One year, im stuck in the same position with Xs -> 11 Pro. I am now in a state of depression, do I wait out the next iPhone, or do I switch now.(I have a 3 year old iPhone 6s).
    Thanks, Marques.

  • makenzi guidry
    makenzi guidry 11 days ago +1

    No one:
    Absolutely no one:
    Not even Area 51 memers:
    Dog ar 2:29: LET ME BE IN THE VIDEO

  • bharat thapa
    bharat thapa 12 days ago +4

    who else came here just to read jokes about apple products

  • K173743 Syed Ramish Hussain

    anyone here before the keynote for iPhone 11 today?

  • 100 000 subscribers without video

    How is watching on iPhone xs?

    Read more

  • Nathanael Aldred
    Nathanael Aldred 15 days ago +2

    IP68 is a 3m rating with a general unspecified length of time

  • karthik srikanth
    karthik srikanth 19 days ago

    And now iPhone 12 is coming out, not a big deal!

  • Memzie Tech
    Memzie Tech 19 days ago +2

    I really wanna switch to iPhone but it's so hard to leave my S10 with 8GB of ram for a 4GB ram phone. My S7 from 2016 almost have the same specs as the iphone xs..

    • Jasim Zoobi
      Jasim Zoobi 15 days ago

      @lemon diesel I'm gonna have to disagree with that one chief. After the S7, Samsung stepped up their game both with hardware and software. My dad used an S8+ for about 6 months then handed it to me. I used it for 1 and a half years before handing it down to my brother after I got the S10+. During that time, the phone was about, idk, 5% slower and the battery lasted about 30 mins less, but that's just the life cycle of any device. I do agree that the lag problems were major before the S7 but that has changed

    • lemon diesel
      lemon diesel 15 days ago

      @Jasim Zoobi Your S10+ just came out dude give it one year and it will be ~20% slower, even with factory resets. I've had three Galaxys, the last one was the S7 and they all did the same thing. If Nova Launcher didn't exist I would've gotten rid of it.

      iOS isn't perfect there's a lot of stuff I miss from Android but I don't trust Samsung/Google anymore so I couldn't risk getting the S10. I think my XS will last me 3 years easy, and will perform just as good as it did out of the box, if not better.

    • Jasim Zoobi
      Jasim Zoobi 15 days ago

      @lemon diesel I have an S10+. I use Google maps every day. I experience no lag. I am typing this on Google Gboard. There is no keyboard lag, and this keyboard is more capable than the iOS keyboard. When it comes to settings, yes, there is a bit of a problem with the separation of Google settings and default settings. But the only settings that are in the "Google section" are related to Google accounts and services. Every other setting is in the default OS settings. It's not a cluster fuck as you say. If my middle aged dad can manage to buy an S8+, set it up and use it without trouble or help, I think non tech savvy people can do the same. You're blowing this way out of proportion

    • lemon diesel
      lemon diesel 16 days ago

      The lag isn't the only problem either, Google's settings are a huge mess. Half the settings are on the app itself, and the rest are either in the Android OS, or you have to mess around with the Google App. On iPhone 90% of the phone's settings are inside of the Settings app where they should be.

      Google is trying hard to create an iCloud experience but all of their apps are way too bloated for it to be user-friendly. I can't even imagine the mind-fuck non tech-savy people eperience with higher-end Androids...Having to jump through 10 loops just to get the the Sync settings.

  • 7even theman
    7even theman 20 days ago

    Cring brownlee i fuck everything you love

  • Ali Mahmoud
    Ali Mahmoud 22 days ago +1

    I have you dog

  • Vivek Nair
    Vivek Nair 24 days ago +4

    The new iOS update made my old iPad a lion

  • NitroBullet
    NitroBullet 24 days ago

    I don’t like how the title is yelling at how poor I am

  • Freddie Slaughter
    Freddie Slaughter 25 days ago

    You have a very good review on this phone

  • Bakare Michael
    Bakare Michael 27 days ago

    Wow iPhone is cool I love it

  • Andreas P
    Andreas P 27 days ago

    im sorry. google pixel is still better camera wise.

    • lemon diesel
      lemon diesel 17 days ago

      Not like the human eye can even tell the difference. iPhone XR proved how irrelevant spec sheets are

  • Royell Petterson
    Royell Petterson 29 days ago +1

    Even though second time I'm watching this, still got me laughing on that IP67-68 water resistance satire.

    • Fizby Fizzy
      Fizby Fizzy 29 days ago

      You only laugh because you can't afford it

  • Clare Weitzel
    Clare Weitzel Month ago +4

    Thinking of upgrading to the XS Max from 8 Plus. Gonna have to wait until my house sells though lmao.

  • Ali Chhimy
    Ali Chhimy Month ago

    People always compare apple to Samsung but let me tell u something I was a Samsung fan, but now I love both. So if you want a good phone that is not too expensive just buy a Samsung phone. Otherwise if you have money just buy the xs max

  • Troy Nganga
    Troy Nganga Month ago

    Your good with cameras

  • Talk ID
    Talk ID Month ago

    Apple should use all of its own money to buyback all its stock, make it private again

  • IntoTech
    IntoTech Month ago

    Next apple iphone would be called iphone Xi

  • semgil1
    semgil1 Month ago

    Most youtubers see the very tip of their phones; because they have all that xpensive equipment; but iphone XS is a solid work station capable of editing video and picture, also is very text edditing capble... I can do everything my pc make... I carry like 20 movies tons of music dozens of games and is still butter smooth.. no lags or hipcups in any task...

  • Premnath
    Premnath Month ago

    Just got an insider leak apple is now supporting horizontal Face ID for iPhone 11

  • Alexander Jarvis
    Alexander Jarvis Month ago

    What’s better?
    iPhone X or iPhone XS

  • Nicole Ayubo
    Nicole Ayubo Month ago


  • AryanDoesGaming YT
    AryanDoesGaming YT Month ago

    Give meh iPhone XS plzzzzzzzzzz

  • Ibrahim M Tanbir
    Ibrahim M Tanbir Month ago

    Can you deliver me one ☝️ iPhone 📱 xs

    • bigmaxcc
      bigmaxcc 13 days ago

      Ibrahim M Tanbir no lol

  • Saad Anees
    Saad Anees Month ago

    The resolution bug is not a bug. The applications developers needs to update their apps according to new iphone design. I hate when people blame weird resolution problem cuz of mobile manufacturer.

  • Ak Kr
    Ak Kr Month ago

    XS as in excess

  • シ「Blossom」
    シ「Blossom」 Month ago +2

    I kinda forgot that XS almost meant Extra small....ANYWAYS-

  • Block Plays
    Block Plays Month ago

    Like the intro

  • Apnatime Ayega
    Apnatime Ayega Month ago

    Im indian
    Who love your videos 🇮🇳

  • Tom
    Tom Month ago

    This is hugely overpriced! Why get this when you can get the galaxy S10e so cheaper and the galaxy is so much better!

  • Jumbomuffin13
    Jumbomuffin13 Month ago

    You would think they would have the decency to add more ram and better camera for the Max for what they’re charging... ridiculous to spend more of my hard earn money on sht that has no difference than the smaller version. I have a 8 plus because I couldn’t wait for the unlocked iPhone X and I’ll hold onto it

  • Francis Zhao
    Francis Zhao Month ago

    I just wanna say...u don't have to hold the nitro button and actually u should press it again when it reaches the blue area...

  • Gregarious Solitudinist

    talking about speed is a waste of time. have not had a phone with lag. ever.

  • focused
    focused Month ago

    2:58 😂

  • getmeme'd d
    getmeme'd d Month ago

    For a 1k phone it should at least have 128 gb base storage

  • raju star
    raju star Month ago

    How to set up the new wallpeper

  • Brinto George
    Brinto George Month ago

    app at 6:00 ?

    • Juster
      Juster Month ago

      Brinto George soundcloud

  • Bell Adams
    Bell Adams Month ago

    That title was smart 👏

  • Mr. Batman
    Mr. Batman Month ago +1

    I’ve had a bad experience with my old XS because I put it in water for less than 30mins and it got water logged and the screen completely Dont, the fact is if you don’t want to break your phone don’t put it in water for more that 20 mins

  • Poor Username
    Poor Username Month ago

    Needs a case to protect that protruding camera but that spoils the look, why can you not just buy a stick-on part just to protect the camera like a plastic ring around, it only needs to be 1 mm higher is all you need.

  • Marianne Salcedo
    Marianne Salcedo Month ago

    My phone is the iPhone 7. Is it worth it to buy the iPhone XS rather than the iPhone XR?, I'm going to buy one of those when the iPhone 11 comes out, therefore, the iPhone XS or XR will be way cheaper.

    • Pusfilth
      Pusfilth Month ago

      Marianne Salcedo no just keep the 7 and stop being weird

  • AppleTricks
    AppleTricks Month ago +1

    The iPhone XS review as well as the comparison between iPhone X and XS Max all done in one video. Great review, thank you.

  • Arkar Heinn
    Arkar Heinn Month ago

    Who else addicted to these videos even though u already have the phone?

  • Mikihiro Osada
    Mikihiro Osada Month ago

    amazing intro!!!!!!