WEIRD Things Only AMERICA Does

  • Published on Nov 7, 2019
  • WEIRD Things Only AMERICA Does! Does the rest of the world thin Americans and the USA are weird when it comes to these things? Leave a Like if you enjoyed! Subscribe to SSSniperWolf to join the Wolf Pack!

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  • Cheap life
    Cheap life 4 minutes ago

    it is Zed since The Roman alphabet ends with Zeta (ζῆτα -greek)
    the actual English Language knows Zed only americans want to rewrite the English language and even alphabet same as only Americans use the inferior Fahrenheit measure instead of Celsius and uses the inaccurate outdated unpractical imperial system instead of Metric

  • Abbie darnley plays roblox

    I say Z not ZED

  • AddictedGamer
    AddictedGamer 2 hours ago

    Im in usa 😠

  • xXTuanaXx XD
    xXTuanaXx XD 3 hours ago

    Evrybody SAYING zed or zee but the netherlands ZZZZZZZ

  • Kiki NoneYa
    Kiki NoneYa 4 hours ago

    Customer service employees can actually get in trouble for not having small talk tbh

  • Tiger Jensen
    Tiger Jensen 4 hours ago

    Meh in Ireland we just talk like weird lol

  • LilyAngryFilmsGachaLife

    I like my house like 65 degrees

  • LilY_rOsE Is_Meh¿
    LilY_rOsE Is_Meh¿ 11 hours ago


  • Cadeyberry TV
    Cadeyberry TV 13 hours ago

    I say (z)

  • Max Animations
    Max Animations 16 hours ago

    Australia has just recently got cosco

  • レモンLemon
    レモンLemon 17 hours ago

    3 are wrong! And it's Z, not zed. (For Americans)

  • SaVic Cat
    SaVic Cat 19 hours ago

    New Zealand

  • SuperCatKitty Aguinaldo

    Lia: I already have ice in my booty crack
    Me: I know right!

  • Vivienne Osborne
    Vivienne Osborne 19 hours ago

    I live in America and I've had black currents.

  • Lydia O.W.
    Lydia O.W. 20 hours ago

    I know someone British and they say "zed" not z

  • Catherine Francis
    Catherine Francis 21 hour ago

    I'm a Busser at a restraunt and I'm supposed to help the servers refill waters I try to go with the halfway mark but servers get mad when they aren't full I get why people sometimes get mad at me when I go over to them too much but like it my job

  • Yesly Reyes
    Yesly Reyes Day ago +1

    Also deep fried oreos

  • Sophie D
    Sophie D Day ago

    0:03 to0:04 lucky

  • Reagan Walker
    Reagan Walker Day ago

    I say "z"

  • Fruity fruit
    Fruity fruit Day ago +1

    In Canada we also have purple Skittles💜💜💜

  • Ilva Ivanova
    Ilva Ivanova Day ago

    The only one normal for me is the eggs in the refrigerator

  • Deborah Ratsep
    Deborah Ratsep Day ago +1

    Rude very very rude👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿

  • Smol Cheze Quen
    Smol Cheze Quen Day ago


  • Milly La Trobe
    Milly La Trobe Day ago

    “Zed” is the English way 🇬🇧

  • Demon Cat Gaming 22

    So America doesn’t have Ribena!??
    America’s evil

  • Christie Hulbert

    I have grape skittles in Canada

  • Eevee Girl
    Eevee Girl Day ago

    Hear in Washington we get coffee to go(probably because most people are busy)

  • Louise KC
    Louise KC Day ago

    what even is Walmart. Is it like Coles or Woolworths or something. I'm confused

    As you can tell, I've never been to America

  • Shinica Saint Louis

    thats how u say it in creale

  • mr 1050
    mr 1050 Day ago

    It is zed

  • crafmaker films
    crafmaker films Day ago


  • Natasha Brauner
    Natasha Brauner Day ago

    I say Zead in canada

  • Divine Love
    Divine Love Day ago


  • Jayda hoeben
    Jayda hoeben 2 days ago

    i am an australian and i say Z not zed

  • Shan Loxton
    Shan Loxton 2 days ago

    In south africa we have the same thing as cosco its just called makro

  • celine0913
    celine0913 2 days ago +1

    Canada and America are almost the same

  • PearlLOL
    PearlLOL 2 days ago

    why yall hating on america

  • Peppa wyd in My bed?
    Peppa wyd in My bed? 2 days ago +1

    In Finland we don't have tax 😎

  • Addisen Bodette
    Addisen Bodette 2 days ago

    I say z

  • Brandy Woods
    Brandy Woods 2 days ago

    I love black skitels

  • shawn isawesome
    shawn isawesome 2 days ago

    I say Z

  • shawn isawesome
    shawn isawesome 2 days ago

    And most of the kids wears pj's outside

  • shawn isawesome
    shawn isawesome 2 days ago

    I keep my BOOTIFUL eggs in the fridge

  • Alicia Bates
    Alicia Bates 2 days ago


  • Vanessa and Maura Potter head life

    Comment Zee
    Like Zed

  • Tricia boodoo
    Tricia boodoo 2 days ago

    I say Z not zed

  • Amy Yoshpe
    Amy Yoshpe 2 days ago

    Yes the z thing is real it drives me crazy

  • UwU Soup
    UwU Soup 2 days ago

    Try being in russia, the toilet door shows youre legs and youre head too. But thats in my school sooo... :/

  • Victoria Perry
    Victoria Perry 2 days ago


  • Evelyn Crail
    Evelyn Crail 2 days ago

    In South Africa we say zed

  • Patricia Gunnells
    Patricia Gunnells 2 days ago

    Wow we DON'T >:(

  • Kookie Paris Moonlight Aquila

    Who lives in America cause I do and please like if your in America and some stuff snipper wolf said we’re lies cause I would know

  • NightWing The_Dragon

    Ok so where I live (not the US) but we wear pjs everywhere one time I went to a concert and the person beside me was wearing pjs. Honestly people wear pjs everywhere!!

  • Brianna Bailey
    Brianna Bailey 2 days ago

    How I talk:
    Tomato- Tamato
    Pecan- Pacon
    Milk- Malk or Mulk
    Please don't judge me, it is just how I say things. I do spell them WAY diffrent than what I say, so I tried to spell them how I say them lol.

  • Blood Hound
    Blood Hound 2 days ago

    How you gonna talk about skittles but not say da meme TvT

  • Jessica Collier
    Jessica Collier 2 days ago

    I say zee but I live in Canada and get made fun of because Z is in-fact pronounced zed

  • Owen Cedar
    Owen Cedar 2 days ago +5

    "I'm surprised they didn't just put a hole on the ground and call it a day"
    Explains every public bathroom in Ukraine...which is legit a hole in the ground, it's also disgusting and you have to pay a few cents to pee in that hole with little to no toilet paper, lmao.