Delicate - Taylor Swift (Gay versio) || [Center of my world]

  • Published on Jul 25, 2018
  • Music video of Delicate by Taylor Swift made with films from the German movie "Centre of my World".
    Please enjoy and share.
    I do not own anything. All credits go to the right owners. No copyright intended.
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    Music Videos For You  4 months ago +231

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    • Kaneishi Sungalee
      Kaneishi Sungalee 2 days ago

      @DJ Frites xxxxxxl by the hrs, and I will be 7

    • DJ Frites
      DJ Frites 2 months ago

      Why a « gay » version

    • 余承軒Edmond Yu
      余承軒Edmond Yu 2 months ago

      Listen my advice, men and women is the true love.
      I hope this following song make you understand the truth:

  • nap cruz
    nap cruz 13 hours ago

    This movie is tragic yet beautiful.

  • Mohamed Meliani
    Mohamed Meliani Day ago

    why are you gay?

  • cheesecake_24
    cheesecake_24 3 days ago

    I dont wanna be alone anymooooooore 🎶🎶🎵🗣️🎶🎶🎶🎶🚹🚹🚹🚹🚹🚹🚹♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  • alexis lightbourne
    alexis lightbourne 4 days ago

    esa guiñada de ojo me mató

  • Amit Thakor
    Amit Thakor 7 days ago

    i have one question ...why a gay person would fancy his/her crush naked...i mean they already have the same stuff right

  • Huzaifa Imran
    Huzaifa Imran 8 days ago

    What is the name of this drama

  • Repatacodo Jamhil
    Repatacodo Jamhil 8 days ago

    I really love it as a gay😍
    I hope I can find out someone like that👬.
    #Jhay Repatacodo Librando @facebook

  • Arsenius Capitan Jr
    Arsenius Capitan Jr 12 days ago

    He is sooo beautiful love your edits.

  • катя хентай
    катя хентай 13 days ago


  • Zeus Villanueva
    Zeus Villanueva 13 days ago

    2:46 Pause

  • MíhMíh Alves
    MíhMíh Alves 15 days ago

    1:43 essa cena destruil meu coraçao💔
    1:50 aii como eu queria ta no lugar do loirinho🔥🔥🔥

  • Rafael Gustavo Torres Herndadez

    Tan triste final que tiene la película no manchen 💔

  • Natalie Martinez
    Natalie Martinez 16 days ago +1

    Jonas, is that you??

  • North Wilson
    North Wilson 16 days ago

    #westantaylor with lgbt

  • Touihri maher
    Touihri maher 16 days ago

    I'm proud to be bisexual

  • FA CT
    FA CT 18 days ago

    Love is love

  • Bablu Pal
    Bablu Pal 19 days ago

    This song is very beautiful

  • ramon martinez fernandez

    how can I watch the movie, I do not get it on RU-clip?

  • Karim Safi
    Karim Safi 20 days ago

    Can anyone tell me what is the name of this movie

  • light
    light 20 days ago

    so exciting

  • نونو البصراوي

    فلم كلش حلو انه كملته بس نهايته حزينه

  • Fredy Swift
    Fredy Swift 22 days ago

    Sad ending 😢😢 so sad

  • Aless Pena
    Aless Pena 22 days ago


  • Freddie Mercury Official

    they’re sexy.

  • Victor Whatever
    Victor Whatever 22 days ago

    Cute until you remember what he did to him at the end lol

  • JB
    JB 25 days ago

    Odio esa película
    Pobrecito la major amiga lo traiciona,se acuesta con el novio

  • Trinity
    Trinity 25 days ago

    Steer clear of bisexuals, is what this movie is telling us

  • A l e xx
    A l e xx 26 days ago

    No he visto la película pero se ve buena. Me gusta escuchar estas canciones porque me dan algo de apoyo y me ayuda a dejar de pensar cosas malas sobre mi orientación sexual 🌈

  • iDavid _Fire
    iDavid _Fire 26 days ago

    2:46 😏 Pause xd

  • Jerimy Vernon
    Jerimy Vernon 26 days ago

    I’m gay and love this video

  • Mansão Da Pocs
    Mansão Da Pocs 27 days ago


  • a s s t h e t i c
    a s s t h e t i c 27 days ago

    Temporary happiness

  • DepressedHedgehog
    DepressedHedgehog 27 days ago

    What movie/series is this from??

  • Wellintonsantossilva Santos

    Q lindo 😍😍😍

  • alisha combolla
    alisha combolla 28 days ago

    Como se llama la peli??

  • Gaetano Russo
    Gaetano Russo 29 days ago

    Che bello 😉👍🏼

  • Arión Theobaldo
    Arión Theobaldo 29 days ago +1

    La diferencia entre el amor y la calentura

  • Eduardo Portillo
    Eduardo Portillo Month ago

    podria decirme alguien como se llama la pelicula=

  • Phoenix Tears
    Phoenix Tears Month ago

    Omg got butterflies from this 🖤💜

  • ashh rodri
    ashh rodri Month ago

    Ese es Jonas?

    • xd tch
      xd tch 22 days ago

      Si es el mismo actor

  • Sarbur Gideg
    Sarbur Gideg Month ago

    Gays are so fucking disgusting

  • Alexandra Rennie
    Alexandra Rennie Month ago +2

    love this. now i wish i knew spanish

  • ruben Garcia
    ruben Garcia Month ago

    Too all my gay and bisexual don't worry about what people if they don't like say oh yay well I like my self and I'm comfortable in my own body so if you don't like it then don't to I'm comfortable in my own body but the things is that it's hard being gay a lot of people bully me just because I'm gay sometimes I cry or sometimes I feel like committing suicide but I tell me self everyday it's ok I'll get through it and of course I have some people who support me like my mom and my friends and that's what keeps me alive every day and I'm so happy to be who I am

  • hannah russell
    hannah russell Month ago


  • ChezFeroce
    ChezFeroce Month ago

    Did you see that thirsty af kiss lmao

  • Shadowed Moon
    Shadowed Moon Month ago +7

    The meme:
    *Guy:* Oh what does this do?
    *presses button and sees this video*
    *Guy:* Oh, I’m gay now. Huh.

  • Christine Halley
    Christine Halley Month ago

    Is this a movie?

  • Domo _loves
    Domo _loves Month ago

    I am as straight as a pen, but i would date a ftm male, But i forever support the lgbtq community. My big sister has a girlfriend, been together for a while. And my by big brother is gay, 3 of my friends are openly bisexaul and or gay. I live in California soo i see a lot of males in female clothing or something but I'll never judge or say it's wrong. You be you, regardless of people opinion.

  • Ilyz 2002
    Ilyz 2002 Month ago +9

    IM PANSEXUAL🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈💗💛💙

  • inday badiday
    inday badiday Month ago

    title ??

  • ian uwu
    ian uwu Month ago +3

    Llore con esta película :')💕

  • Brian Nicole
    Brian Nicole Month ago

    This song it’s all about me

  • Leann Swift
    Leann Swift Month ago +3

    Lloré con esa peli, fue bien feo lo que le hicieron :"v

  • Russ Clay
    Russ Clay Month ago +1

    Love the song/music and footage.

  • Ahmed Madridista
    Ahmed Madridista Month ago +1

    بسكلته يا ابن الجزمه

  • Silver Julians
    Silver Julians Month ago +6

    Where can I get the link to this movie? It's seems beautiful.

  • Emır Han
    Emır Han Month ago +1

    What is Nicholas's real name ?!

    • Dream boy
      Dream boy Month ago

      @Emır Han You're welcome 😊

    • Emır Han
      Emır Han Month ago

      Dream boy
      Thanks for you 😘🌸

    • Dream boy
      Dream boy Month ago +1

      Jannik Schümann

  • Bryan tv.
    Bryan tv. Month ago +2

    Me puedes decir donde la encontraste con el sub. En español? Por FA!!!

  • steven503 bike
    steven503 bike Month ago +4

    Is that a movie or what ? I wanna know

  • Rick Goedegebuure
    Rick Goedegebuure Month ago +6

    That's the dude from dark

  • Lio Joz
    Lio Joz Month ago +1

    Being gay is fun and its ok we love who we want its our lives. Suck it homophobic peps

  • How Many
    How Many Month ago +1

    I just want him to punch that hoe at the end.

  • Junior Oliveira
    Junior Oliveira Month ago +2


  • Brallan Munguia Alvarez

    Gay people are so hot to give ugly people a chance

  • Viyet Roy
    Viyet Roy Month ago +1


  • Rene Lemus
    Rene Lemus Month ago +1

    Como se llama la peli

  • R.H. Dominguez
    R.H. Dominguez Month ago +1

    When a guy generates realley intensive reactions inside another guy... 😎

  • Maarlon Paixão
    Maarlon Paixão Month ago +1

    What name this movie?

  • Hoese Mnrz
    Hoese Mnrz Month ago +3

    Can I just say I’ll never find anything like this 😂😣

  • Vondy Duke
    Vondy Duke Month ago +1

    Vengo a hacer un spoiler: el novio lo termina engañando con su mejor amiga

  • Nolah Mazet
    Nolah Mazet Month ago +1

    Die Mitte der Welt 😍

  • Maldivas
    Maldivas Month ago +2

    WTF 0:27 😂🤣

    HAMARITv Month ago +4

    I wish i can get anyone as my bf

  • kimaya panash
    kimaya panash Month ago +1

    Well this didn't go well with the song

  • Massing August
    Massing August Month ago +1

    All I could understand from the subtitle was
    -"Te amo" which obviously means I love you
    -And "Lo siento" which means sorry
    So I'm guessing that man was just a fuckboy.

  • Ahmed 🇴🇲
    Ahmed 🇴🇲 Month ago +1

    😐 Omg

  • Yo y Tú
    Yo y Tú Month ago +4

    They are so hot and gorgeous!!!!
    I don't believe they didn't finish together 😭

    CHANDRA MAULANA Month ago +1

    Ciri ciri kiamat

  • Jonnor Foster
    Jonnor Foster Month ago +1

    Shit!!! Nicholas is an asshole and his best friend is bitch!!!!

  • Jerimy Vernon
    Jerimy Vernon Month ago +1

    Love this video

  • D I E G O G
    D I E G O G Month ago +1


  • Lailton Oliveira
    Lailton Oliveira Month ago +1

    Isso é um filme?

  • Pablito Man
    Pablito Man 2 months ago +1

    Como se llama la pelii

  • Tít 1999
    Tít 1999 2 months ago +1

    What is the movie?

  • its_Zariyah_ tho
    its_Zariyah_ tho 2 months ago +1

    And why is he writing at his back jeez buddy chill😂😭

  • its_Zariyah_ tho
    its_Zariyah_ tho 2 months ago +1

    My fav song ayee xD

  • nmarley
    nmarley 2 months ago +2

    i love this

  • Vitana fly
    Vitana fly 2 months ago +3

    Как на русском название будет?

    • Dik/Дик
      Dik/Дик Month ago

      Vitana fly центр моего мира

  • Darwin Rowell Prado
    Darwin Rowell Prado 2 months ago +5

    One of the best gay films I've ever seen. German boys are just 🌡🔥

  • Youcef Hadi
    Youcef Hadi 2 months ago +1


  • Rainbow pancake
    Rainbow pancake 2 months ago +1

    Нихуя себе

    Пы.сы. Русские вы тут?//

    • Dik/Дик
      Dik/Дик Month ago

      Rainbow pancake дааааа

  • Amazing Show Hot
    Amazing Show Hot 2 months ago +1


  • gilang rb
    gilang rb 2 months ago +2


  • Francisco Santos
    Francisco Santos 2 months ago +2

    Mas, para alguém que se diz que se amas mas não tem as palavras nos lábios que se diz amor.🔺♥🔴 🔺 ♥ 🔷 🔴 🔺 🔷 🔵 ♥ 🔺 🔷 🔴 🔺 🔷 🔵 ♥ 🔺 🔴 🔷

  • Soy Martinz
    Soy Martinz 2 months ago

    I love that movie

  • Chris Martinez
    Chris Martinez 2 months ago +1

    Why could I see this as a movie

  • •Ray •
    •Ray • 2 months ago


  • World Avakin
    World Avakin 2 months ago +3

    I don't know why people hate so wonderful video like this❤