Conan One-Ups The "Double Elvis" Art Auction - CONAN on TBS

  • Published on May 16, 2012
  • Andy Warhol's "Double Elvis" sold for a whopping $37 million at an art auction, so naturally, Conan is getting in on the action.
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  • kramcas2
    kramcas2 7 years ago

    Ive been watching since 1997. What now bitch?

  • Duke Pepper
    Duke Pepper 7 years ago

    So true.

  • animagrin
    animagrin 7 years ago

    You let that escalate quickly huh.

  • Clovilah
    Clovilah 7 years ago

    Sorry you're apparently just another person with issues I don't care to deal with but thanks for the laugh.

  • Clovilah
    Clovilah 7 years ago

    Droller Droll is actually a big Conan Troll. If you see a lot of the top comments on a bunch of the Team Conan videos are people telling them they are an idiot. Everything Droller Droll says is an attack on Conan for one lame (usually made up) reason or another. Just black them. Everything they do is an attack on Conan or the Team CoCo team.

  • Chelsea Railing
    Chelsea Railing 7 years ago

    He ruined Buscemi :( I would own the Warhol piece AND the one of Steve Buscemi. This is all very sad.

  • Louie Alequin
    Louie Alequin 7 years ago

    kind of messed up :(

  • Dogmastine
    Dogmastine 7 years ago

    @Droller Droll are u kidding?money? tbs is basic cable so compared to pretty much any other network he could have gone to, he is getting paid nothing.

  • Gregor Collins
    Gregor Collins 7 years ago

    !!!!!! Andy, you just did the most unlikeable thing I've ever seen you do - in fact, the only unlikeable thing - why did you ruin that? An audience member would have cherished that for a lifetime. Seriously. If you thought you'd get laughs from ripping that apart, you failed miserably. And I love you, Andy. Still shaking my head.

  • Vortigern99
    Vortigern99 7 years ago

    "No one is happy with your decision."
    "I like it."

  • LLambert
    LLambert 7 years ago

    Glad others are starting to take notice...he should step down and let someone else take over...someone funny!

  • Paxxlee
    Paxxlee 7 years ago

    Having that painting on the wall would freak me out.

  • Magnus Sjöstrand
    Magnus Sjöstrand 7 years ago

    Thank god

  • laktosmiffo
    laktosmiffo 7 years ago

    That painting was actually pretty cool..?