Joji - TEST DRIVE (Lyrics)

  • Published on Oct 16, 2018
  • 88rising, Joji & Jackson Wang - Walking (ft. Swae Lee & Major Lazer)(Vertical Lyric)
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    Joji - Sanctuary (Lyrics)
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    Joji - TEST DRIVE (Lyrics)
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Comments • 152

  • La Belle Musique
    La Belle Musique  Month ago +3

    88rising, Joji & Jackson Wang - Walking (ft. Swae Lee & Major Lazer)(Vertical Lyric)

  • яєвσяи
    яєвσяи 25 days ago

    0:53 *taunt

  • Cynthia Ward
    Cynthia Ward 26 days ago

    New talent that the world will love one day.

  • BebeGaming YT
    BebeGaming YT Month ago +3

    This song is very related to me as well, like when you try to understand the lyrics by each word and you’ll get to remember times that you’re afraid of the world to see the true colors of you.😭😭💔
    For all those people who impacted me the most, thank you so much, I lied so many times when you thought that I’ve never been to problems and because I just wanted you to see the outside of me and not the innermost of me

  • Red reminisce
    Red reminisce Month ago

    Few lurics are butchered m8

  • ari xoxo
    ari xoxo Month ago +1

    im coming back to this song because it comforts me even tho im not going through the situation the lyrics describe.

  • evenstar
    evenstar 3 months ago +4

    1:03 power stance, t-pose tribe assemble.

  • Black Rain 黒雨
    Black Rain 黒雨 3 months ago +1

    This sounds like a post malone music lol.

  • kiki quan
    kiki quan 3 months ago +1

    This is actually my favorite music 🖤❤️🖤❤️🖤❤️

  • Marius Joko
    Marius Joko 4 months ago

    I ' m looking for a long ride (when the man want serious relationship) .she just want a test drive(but the girl just wanna be friend with benefits) :D ..haha jenious lyrics.

    • \Lily\
      \Lily\ 2 months ago

      @Marius Joko you spelled mother wrong

    • Marius Joko
      Marius Joko 3 months ago

      sponge man yeah like your identity ..very very wrong mothrr fucker

    • sponge man
      sponge man 3 months ago

      you spelled genius wrong

  • Joseph Jennings
    Joseph Jennings 4 months ago

    me and the boys in the lobby

  • Walter Liao
    Walter Liao 5 months ago +1

    1:03 me and the boys singing the halo theme song

  • Mikuro
    Mikuro 5 months ago +1

    hwerhewhere ? Pinkguystfu ?

  • UntouchableReflex
    UntouchableReflex 5 months ago +1

    these lyrics are wrong btw.

  • Rossdudy 280
    Rossdudy 280 5 months ago +1

    Pobre del furriel ):

  • La Belle Musique
    La Belle Musique  6 months ago +12

    🖤 Mellow R&B jams every Tuesday

  • Walter Liao
    Walter Liao 6 months ago +5

    1:03 T-pose squad

  • Joseph Jojo
    Joseph Jojo 6 months ago

    wrong lyrics

  • Ephemeral Eternity
    Ephemeral Eternity 7 months ago

    This is such a good video though. Like the bikes are really cool

  • Irene Sanchez
    Irene Sanchez 7 months ago

    wrong line or wrong names

  • elle rldsy7
    elle rldsy7 7 months ago

    Where is the video from

  • Glo 1030
    Glo 1030 7 months ago


  • Kashan Mustafa
    Kashan Mustafa 8 months ago +11

    I'm looking for a long ride
    She just wants a test drive 💔

  • GachaGirl Ivy
    GachaGirl Ivy 8 months ago


  • En P
    En P 8 months ago


  • Garfield
    Garfield 8 months ago +4

    S h e. J u s t. W a n n a. T e s t d r i.v e

  • LW Champagne
    LW Champagne 8 months ago +1

    Bela canção Sad 🎶🎼

  • Blue Gluee
    Blue Gluee 9 months ago

    Pussy boss???

    CASTER 9 months ago

    I´ve done a cover and music video of this song, would love if you guys check it out. Thank you so much!!!! 🙏

  • osmanヅ
    osmanヅ 9 months ago


  • Shamil
    Shamil 9 months ago +8

    what do u mean by ' You'll be there, I'll done for you' I think it is incorrect in grammar.

  • Josh Bert
    Josh Bert 9 months ago +43

    Joji sounds as if Khalid and Post Malone had a baby💯

  • Lil blurr
    Lil blurr 9 months ago +2

    2:15 woah...

  • PROJECT「スカイ」
    PROJECT「スカイ」 10 months ago


  • HunterThunderSlayer
    HunterThunderSlayer 10 months ago

    These lyrics are beautiful

  • Ahhh Mm
    Ahhh Mm 10 months ago

    2019 anyone??

  • FoxBoltHero
    FoxBoltHero 10 months ago +1

    Basically what I'm dealing with now thanks Joji.

  • Crilbus Bowlingfaggot
    Crilbus Bowlingfaggot 11 months ago +5

    not enough people have listened to this.

  • Razan Alz
    Razan Alz 11 months ago

    I’m in love

  • adam's songs
    adam's songs 11 months ago

    Just uploaded an acoustic cover of this song if anyone is interested!

  • Nevada Stiegelmeyer
    Nevada Stiegelmeyer 11 months ago

    If I tried to do that I would die.

  • Itsyaboi199
    Itsyaboi199 Year ago +1

    It’s not dump me it’s taunt me

  • xXJW ASXx
    xXJW ASXx Year ago

    We live in a society

  • Ashlee Finch
    Ashlee Finch Year ago +1

    These are just the wrong lyrics lmao idek what else to say about it

    • Eth3re4LGames
      Eth3re4LGames 10 months ago

      What do you mean? Do you have proof?

  • High Cat
    High Cat Year ago

    I thought I was totally straight, nope. Gonna go ahead and admit, I'm bi for Joji because of this song. Fbsjfjsjfjskkfkskdkksjfjd

  • Manggala Alliez
    Manggala Alliez Year ago +33

    IM JOJI'S FAN. from Indonesia...

  • hashter4g
    hashter4g Year ago +3

    Some of the lyrics were off but whatever doesn’t matter

    • sponge man
      sponge man 3 months ago


  • bee beep
    bee beep Year ago +1

    T POSE

  • Alyssa Walker
    Alyssa Walker Year ago

    These arent the right lyrics

  • Splugie
    Splugie Year ago

    this is exactly whats happening to me and its scary this song is getting me though it

  • Memestealer696
    Memestealer696 Year ago

    Trash channel

  • Pablo
    Pablo Year ago

    dying dude he say dying

  • The crazed gamer
    The crazed gamer Year ago

    love joji and doing covers of him check e out

  • Marlu
    Marlu Year ago +1

    this is the type of music I be listening to in the car😂😂

  • TheSkateNomad
    TheSkateNomad Year ago

    waiting on a sacrificial life
    waiting on the ones who didn't fight
    I told you not to wAste my fUcking timE
    I told you never song that song, you lied.
    His voice at this point was the emotion of the entire fucking song.

  • ColgateUser
    ColgateUser Year ago

    This is why i don't like joji lyric videos, Most of their lyrics are wrong.

  • Carolyn
    Carolyn Year ago +25

    Post Malone vibes?

    • jarvis
      jarvis Year ago +2


  • AyEm
    AyEm Year ago +22

    Im so savage that i put on auto generated captions

  • Kevin Andres Ortega

    Is it correct to say "she don't"?

    • freezeme360
      freezeme360 Year ago

      Not technically, but it’s common slang, especially in music

  • Annoying Knight
    Annoying Knight Year ago +2

    the best lyrics song video i seen for this song