Bee Gees - How Deep Is Your Love (1977)

  • Published on Oct 27, 2009
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    I know your eyes in the morning sun
    I feel you touch me in the pouring rain
    And the moment that you wander far from me
    I wanna feel you in my arms again
    And you come to me on a summer breeze
    Keep me warm in your love and then softly leave
    And it's me you need to show
    How deep is your love, how deep is your love
    I really need to learn
    'Cause were living in a world of fools
    Breaking us down
    When they all should let us be
    We belong to you and me
    I believe in you
    You know the door to my very soul
    Youre the light in my deepest darkest hour
    You're my saviour when I fall
    And you may not think I care for you
    When you know down inside that I really do
    And it's me you need to show

    From the album 'THE ULTIMATE BEE GEES'
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    © & ℗ Barry Gibb, The Estate of Robin Gibb and Yvonne Gibb, under exclusive license to UMG Recordings, Inc.

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  • Marc Power
    Marc Power Hour ago

    My daddy came back one day and listened to this song 45 times...

  • Rebeca Albuquerque

    E olha eu aqui de novo... Oh época que não vivi e tenho saudades... 😍😍😍

  • Rose Okore
    Rose Okore 2 hours ago

    My favourite old school song..i can listen to it all day long without getting tired n it remind me of my late parents coz it was their favourite song n i just love it the lyrics and the words are touching

  • Charles Rhodes
    Charles Rhodes 4 hours ago

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    In 1923,

  • Елена Шкуратова

    Палец вниз, это все дураки.

  • Elaine Decimo
    Elaine Decimo 5 hours ago

    The "ahhhh…." is so satisfying. I can't imagine listening to this song without hearing it. Love Barry's trademark falsetto.

  • Selefuti Toso
    Selefuti Toso 10 hours ago

    These guys Deserve a movie

  • Tom Holden
    Tom Holden 10 hours ago

    Tommy loves you, Jackie.

  • linda handley
    linda handley 10 hours ago

    'Saturday Night Fever' is one of my all-time favorite movies. It wouldn't have been the same without the Bee Gee's music. John Travolta was breathtaking! I have listened to the songs from that movie a thousand times! Who's singing with me now?

  • angelbby
    angelbby 10 hours ago

    My fav song

  • Beby Lintang
    Beby Lintang 12 hours ago


    JD ULTRA 12 hours ago

    Que tan hondo es tu amor? Pq el mío no tiene fin.

  • Vika Alvarenga
    Vika Alvarenga 16 hours ago

    Maravilhosa, a afinação é genial.

  • Mu Yhtna
    Mu Yhtna 17 hours ago

    I like

  • animalero666
    animalero666 19 hours ago

    La pm que melancolía 😢

  • Ana Lúcia Pires
    Ana Lúcia Pires 19 hours ago

    Música boa nunca envelhece 2020 linda demais

  • Юлия Радченко

    except spiders and snakes?

  • Gary Cash
    Gary Cash 20 hours ago

    Poetry in motion

  • Paulinha Souza
    Paulinha Souza 21 hour ago

    Isso cura até depressão lindo demais

  • The Happy Life
    The Happy Life 22 hours ago +1

    🐝 gees Are magnificent!

  • TimeLess
    TimeLess Day ago +19

    2009: what this is song from 70s So old!!!
    2020: man this song better than music today. I own an apologize

  • sahil khaati
    sahil khaati Day ago

    i love bee gees.........from new delhi, india

  • Lopes Lopes
    Lopes Lopes Day ago +1

    This band is amazing ... good times that unfortunately don't come back anymore.

  • Mastertouch Bullard

    Perfect Harmony

  • ר. פ.
    ר. פ. Day ago

    Timless hit one of the biggest love song ever.............

  • Luiz Dias
    Luiz Dias Day ago

    Linda demais inesquecivel e inamitavel.

  • Granticus
    Granticus Day ago

    I don't believe all that BS with that Ronald Selle. His song "Let It End" sounds nothing like this masterpiece.

  • The Starman
    The Starman Day ago

    The best song

  • Im Broke
    Im Broke Day ago

    Clara ich liebe sie!

  • Have Fun
    Have Fun Day ago

    2020 anyone? )))

  • wilor guzman
    wilor guzman Day ago

    Oh god, i love this song so much... i want to cry :')

  • Carlos Gardon
    Carlos Gardon Day ago


  • The lDxRz
    The lDxRz Day ago

    Tantos Recuerdos Me Trae Está Canción, Recordar Mi Infancia Escolar 🥺
    La Mejor Etapa y Sin Darse Cuenta Uno 😔

  • Marvin Manto
    Marvin Manto Day ago +1

    Its 2020 i still love the of beegees..

  • Stacy Stalstone
    Stacy Stalstone Day ago

    When I listen to this I'm thankful know I was, in fact, born in exactly the right decade

  • Mitch Schouten
    Mitch Schouten Day ago

    A favorite song of my late grandmother we suddenly lost to pancreatic cancer four and a half years ago. Miss you dearly grandma. ❤️

  • Claudia Beatriz
    Claudia Beatriz Day ago +3

    Quem tbm ama essa linda música deixa o like😍🎶

  • Good Game - Happy Player

    follow me on my instagram skygge_bruh i need new friends:(

  • Mike Ritter
    Mike Ritter Day ago

    and keep it on the down low

  • Mike Ritter
    Mike Ritter Day ago

    just fuclem listen

  • Jules Quintero
    Jules Quintero Day ago +1

    Andy Gibbs my dad

  • Stefany Caldas
    Stefany Caldas Day ago

    Estas si son canciones 👏👏👏 nunca pasará de moda

  • Sanzeth sem rotina
    Sanzeth sem rotina Day ago +4

    momentos que ficaram na estória,um abraço a todos.

  • Viral Tunes
    Viral Tunes 2 days ago

    Chris Tucker brought me here

  • Herawati Aries
    Herawati Aries 2 days ago

    Song for good sleep 🌜

  • Lenny Price
    Lenny Price 2 days ago +39

    There's some music in the world that is just truly timeless.

  • mertens -
    mertens - 2 days ago

    this is crazy addictive. can never get enough of this song

  • Juli Hime
    Juli Hime 2 days ago

    I honestly still love this song even if some people are going into modern pop

    XBOX RAREPUG321 2 days ago

    2020 anyone??

  • sin pata
    sin pata 2 days ago +1

    Memorias de secundaria 1992

  • Luvy
    Luvy 2 days ago

    a la fecha 42695 personas que dieron dislike.

  • Amelie Valentine
    Amelie Valentine 2 days ago +1


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  • adriana souza
    adriana souza 2 days ago +6

    Viajo nessa música, alguém em 2020?

    • Conce de Moraes
      Conce de Moraes 17 hours ago

      Em todas dos Bee Gees! No momento atual não temos músicas tão boas quanto as deles . São maravilhosos!

    • jhonatas Pericles
      jhonatas Pericles Day ago

      Eu meu amor

    • Roberto Serna
      Roberto Serna Day ago

      Que bellos recuerdos mami
      Saludos mty n.l mex..😙

  • Nii Banfro
    Nii Banfro 2 days ago +12

    Real music right here and the writing of this song was pure genius!

  • miguel perez
    miguel perez 2 days ago

    allillan chay chauwador

  • Alvaro Silva
    Alvaro Silva 2 days ago +1

    Muy buena música

  • namibianodetombua
    namibianodetombua 2 days ago


  • Love & Live
    Love & Live 2 days ago +5

    I’m planning to dance with my beautiful fiancé on our wedding June 2020.

  • Darryl Tirona
    Darryl Tirona 2 days ago

    Youre the light in my deepest darkest hour , youre my savior when i fall. ❤❤❤