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  • fun with jiyad
    fun with jiyad 3 days ago

    I have 1947 model

  • Moonshine
    Moonshine 8 days ago

    Old but gold.

  • Saqib Anbalvi
    Saqib Anbalvi 17 days ago

    I have same 1 but convert to 8x33

  • Muderail Manggong
    Muderail Manggong 19 days ago

    I like ak 47 original.

  • art peasant
    art peasant 20 days ago

    Mihail Kalashnikov knew main thing that many constructors wont understand, its all about mechanism not those mambo jambo aesthetic details that should be last not first.

  • capgains
    capgains 24 days ago

    You selling ?

  • warrior 786
    warrior 786 26 days ago

    Ak is God

  • نجاح البصري
    نجاح البصري 29 days ago


  • نجاح البصري
    نجاح البصري 29 days ago


  • Mrs Best of luck
    Mrs Best of luck Month ago

    My Crash💖💖💖💖

  • qazi ali mohay ud din

    Enough of these silly tests.. Don't prove anything.. The massive gas operated piston is the only thing that make an ak a reliable platform over the AR series rifles

  • A P290
    A P290 Month ago

    Why would you do that to such a beautiful rifle

    • TOMSoCaLA
      TOMSoCaLA Month ago

      that ak is a work of art, beautiful.

  • Daniel Gavarrete
    Daniel Gavarrete Month ago

    No le hagas daño :(

  • صمت الرحيل

    روح جلب

  • Вася Рогов

    Soviet, not Russian.

  • Kane6676
    Kane6676 Month ago

    I just bought one and it’s stamped 1967. Anyone know about what they are worth ?

    • Kane6676
      Kane6676 Month ago

      Sorry I just realized your video is on a Russian not Romanian gun

    • Kane6676
      Kane6676 Month ago

      WillScaryForCandy Romanian ak 47 wasr 10 but yes it has stamp saying 1967

    • WillScaryForCandy
      WillScaryForCandy Month ago

      @Kane6676 You bought a Russian AKM stamped 1967?

    • Kane6676
      Kane6676 Month ago

      WillScaryForCandy actual gun

    • WillScaryForCandy
      WillScaryForCandy Month ago

      You bought a kit or a real gun?

  • علاوي الباشا

    روسي وبس

  • Muderail Manggong
    Muderail Manggong Month ago

    I like 2019

  • Abdu Sofia
    Abdu Sofia Month ago

    ak 103 it's the best

  • فارس بلا جواد الصعيدي

    النموذج الأصلي

  • David Vado
    David Vado 2 months ago +1

    Nothing can be better than ak 47 in the world

  • Tommy Davenport
    Tommy Davenport 2 months ago

    Lucky sob I would kill to have that AK!!! God I would have it in a display case!

  • Brasil Williams
    Brasil Williams 2 months ago

    That's why Ak 47 is The Best

  • Archangel 15
    Archangel 15 2 months ago

    Russian women are like this too.

  • Kyle Murphy
    Kyle Murphy 2 months ago

    From the test I’ve seen, no rifle is reliable once gunk gets into the trunions, action, or bolt. Even if it’s a little.

  • العياشي المسرحي


  • Antu Black
    Antu Black 2 months ago

    This is a Chinese type

  • Walter Alvarenga
    Walter Alvarenga 2 months ago

    Como consiguió una aka 47

  • Lelen Kom
    Lelen Kom 2 months ago


  • Basarga Loran
    Basarga Loran 2 months ago

    WTF? Where is the bluing?!! What idiot erased it?

  • Leopoldo Reyes
    Leopoldo Reyes 2 months ago

    Saludos desde Guerrero
    Bonito arma
    Éso es todo

  • suraj amom
    suraj amom 2 months ago


  • Fahad Hassan
    Fahad Hassan 2 months ago

    InRangeTV lol.

  • Haleem Ur Rashid Bangash

    No weapon and no country can beat the RUSSIAN AK-47.

  • Khan
    Khan 2 months ago

    This AK would be remembered forever for playing its significant role in freedom struggles in this century.

  • Burak DİNÇ
    Burak DİNÇ 2 months ago

    Vodka power

  • Влад
    Влад 3 months ago

    АК эт такое оружие, которое если и грязным будет, то почистить его можно в ближайшей речке - это и есть надёжность.

  • sergei6572
    sergei6572 3 months ago

    Зачем старика мучаете?

  • Akshay Mk1 rabbit
    Akshay Mk1 rabbit 3 months ago +1

    He even put the plant inside

  • Rick P.
    Rick P. 3 months ago +1

    This Fool doesn't deserve to own that rifle, To throw such a rare, collectible and Irreplaceable item in the swamp and fill it full of shit only to see if itll malfunction

  • Sueb Nissa
    Sueb Nissa 3 months ago

    Dangerous weapons

  • Said I.
    Said I. 3 months ago +1

    Зачем автомат кидаешь в грязь сволоч

    • Said I.
      Said I. 3 months ago

      kila, это был сарказм

    • kila
      kila 3 months ago

      Чтобы показать что он может стрелять в любых условиях,после чего угодно

  • PhramaharAmphol MaharpunyhaPartimokpikku

    งี้สิ! ฮึด!! ทน! ของจริงๆ

  • Mohamed Roshdy
    Mohamed Roshdy 3 months ago +3

    سيد الاسلحه الخفيفه للأفراد
    الروسي الخمسينات من 1950حتي 1956
    (حجاب وصاروخ) سلاح الأباطرة(صعيد مصر) تحياااااتي من المنيا

  • Van Helsing
    Van Helsing 4 months ago

    Oryginal stalinium maiden AK doesn't jams

  • Thu Nguyen
    Thu Nguyen 4 months ago

    Legendary gun

  • Luck p47
    Luck p47 4 months ago +1

    Its a akm 1958-1974

    • Johnny too bad
      Johnny too bad 4 months ago

      A piece of history.. She don't need to prove herself to anyone any more. Please let her rest.

  • Nora D
    Nora D 4 months ago

    Mines Is Still Better Then Yours Sorry😊

  • Dropit
    Dropit 4 months ago +2

    These are proper AK, type 1-2 and 3 ... All the rest, are just some cheap guns made for the US market

    • This Guy
      This Guy 4 months ago

      Dropit Yes, the modern Cugir stuff had been very bad after the 2008 election because people were buying so much here, but recently has gone back up in quality though it’s still not as good as the military rifles from the 1960s and 70s years.

    • Dropit
      Dropit 4 months ago

      @This Guy Maybe , I.m from east Europe, Romania to be exact , belive me when I tell you, a military issued AK from the 70s is way nicer than what the factory from Cugir is producing right now. Here in Romania if you are a collector and you have the money , you can buy a military issued AK but you can't take it out from the country even if you pay 1 million dollars .

    • This Guy
      This Guy 4 months ago

      Arsenals and WBP are extremely high quality. The milled arsenals are top of the line semi auto versions of their military rifles. And rifles sent to the US are usually better than the military versions because U.S. customers cry like babies at every little imperfection.

  • Meesum Ali Abbasi
    Meesum Ali Abbasi 5 months ago +2

    Proud moment for Ak lovers...proud owner.

  • Alberto Pino
    Alberto Pino 5 months ago


  • ReaPer
    ReaPer 5 months ago

    yo tf why is there bubbles? this fucking AK is alive!

  • y lendo y lendo
    y lendo y lendo 5 months ago

    AK 47 great great

  • Kiramat Khan
    Kiramat Khan 5 months ago

    All are good but ak47 1975 is not the answer

  • Kiramat Khan
    Kiramat Khan 5 months ago

    i like russain ak 47 1975

    • Kiramat Khan
      Kiramat Khan 5 months ago

      @MHT And you're also very good

    • Kiramat Khan
      Kiramat Khan 5 months ago

      @MHT I like Turkey and its Prime Minister very much

    • Kiramat Khan
      Kiramat Khan 5 months ago

      @MHT I was also very happy

    • MHT
      MHT 5 months ago

      @Kiramat Khan I'm turkish, nice to meet you, Pakistan is very good.

    • Kiramat Khan
      Kiramat Khan 5 months ago

      And where do you belong

  • Ahmed Al Qehtani
    Ahmed Al Qehtani 5 months ago


  • S C
    S C 5 months ago

    I would love to have that Ak and I a arsenal milled

  • Owen Petrie
    Owen Petrie 6 months ago

    This is a beauty of a firearm
    I would never sell that masterpiece

  • Death trooper
    Death trooper 6 months ago

    We approve ,my community ,is setting up building specs now

  • បង ជាង
    បង ជាង 6 months ago

    l LOVE AK7