Every iPhone Speed Test Comparison 2016!

  • Published on May 7, 2016
  • Comparison of ALL iPhones EVER Made! 2016 Edition. iPhone SE vs 6S Plus vs 6S vs 6 Plus vs 6 vs 5S vs 5C vs 5 vs 4S vs 4 vs 3Gs vs 3G vs 2G!
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  • Meuricio Romero
    Meuricio Romero 10 hours ago

    I was watching on my iPhone 4s

  • Mike Kanoff
    Mike Kanoff Month ago


  • Frank Goldcamp
    Frank Goldcamp 2 months ago

    The iphone 7 is missing it came out in 2016 too!

  • Peter Oseka
    Peter Oseka 2 months ago

    I want iPhone 4 give me 1

  • jay obara
    jay obara 2 months ago


  • The Gaming LORD
    The Gaming LORD 2 months ago +2

    0:45 hey u did not edit properly🤫🤫🤣🤣🤣

  • real cartoon girl
    real cartoon girl 3 months ago +1

    i have phone se

  • dexter Hall
    dexter Hall 3 months ago

    I went a iphone 8

  • Samantha Newland
    Samantha Newland 3 months ago

    I’m watching this vid on I phone se

  • Charlie Davies
    Charlie Davies 3 months ago

    The iPhone se came after the 6, 6s, and 6+ didn’t it ?

  • Joshua Beaver
    Joshua Beaver 4 months ago

    I have a 6s plus

  • ponyo Denny
    ponyo Denny 4 months ago

    iPhone xr

  • Nznz Bzbzhbz
    Nznz Bzbzhbz 4 months ago

    Hey bro sorry to say but I have worked at apple for 10 years and there is no iPhone 2g it’s just called the iPhone

  • Logan T
    Logan T 5 months ago

    Watching on my iPhone SE

  • Meuricio Romero
    Meuricio Romero 7 months ago

    I am watching this on my iPhone 5s

  • lil Jesus
    lil Jesus 7 months ago +1

    iPhone XR

  • let's get creative with emma

    There is an iphone 1 cos my mama had one

  • Meuricio Romero
    Meuricio Romero 8 months ago

    I am watching this on the iphone 5s

  • Meuricio Romero
    Meuricio Romero 8 months ago

    I am watching this on a iphone 4s

  • Meuricio Romero
    Meuricio Romero 8 months ago

    I am watching this on a iphone 3gs

  • Matt Man
    Matt Man 9 months ago

    I have an iPhone 8

  • sora sugimoto
    sora sugimoto 9 months ago +1

    My phone is IPhone 6s Plus

  • Thememeboi 68
    Thememeboi 68 9 months ago

    In my “revolution” of iPhones there are no home button and headphone jacks

  • XFusion- Banter
    XFusion- Banter 9 months ago

    Hah I got an se

  • Ahrens Cat
    Ahrens Cat 10 months ago

    2018 and i still use 5c

  • Sebastien Geminiuc
    Sebastien Geminiuc 10 months ago +3

    0:49 the iPhone 6S is bent (they said the aluminum was stronger lol)

  • John Paul Vlogz
    John Paul Vlogz 10 months ago

    The iPhone 4 and 4s is fake

  • jack5718 gaming
    jack5718 gaming 11 months ago

    Reasons I got iPhone SE:
    1. It is a 4 - inch screen which I like
    2. It runs iOS 11
    3. It has a Touch - ID censor
    4. It is the best iPhone ever (my opinion pls do not have a go at me every1 is untitled to there own opinion)

  • XxalexkillerxX13
    XxalexkillerxX13 11 months ago +1

    SE is the best if you agree like this post

  • Brandon 1289
    Brandon 1289 Year ago

    Posted it on my bday

  • Mariam Coulibaly
    Mariam Coulibaly Year ago +1

    I habe the iPhone 7 plus

  • Daliia Belen
    Daliia Belen Year ago

    is test the ipod 2016

  • Dylan
    Dylan Year ago

    this video must of been a real bitch to make. thumbs up from me!

  • mona lisa on crack


  • PewDieMika
    PewDieMika Year ago

    I Love iPhone SE and iPhone 5S

  • Jeremiah Contreras

    Come with the charger could it come with the Charger and a earphones and the plucker bye

  • Jeremiah Contreras

    Could you keep it on for like to call but delete the people that you have the call say yes or no if I can keep it okay

  • Jeremiah Contreras

    Can I get a iPhone 4 send it to Bryan

  • Gv1relic
    Gv1relic Year ago

    6s gang

  • SmogeX
    SmogeX Year ago +2

    2018 anyone?

  • mike Smith
    mike Smith Year ago

    Can I have one of your iPhone please

  • spooka770
    spooka770 Year ago


  • Hegan Theprankstar

    5c team

  • ZΣΣKΔY 99
    ZΣΣKΔY 99 Year ago

    A thing that is funny is the se has the 5S touch ID so the 6s has the new one and it can do more things like in settings it can make live and it is good i can see the se is very good! I altso have a 6s :)

  • Daniel Carpenter
    Daniel Carpenter Year ago +1

    iPhone SE is the best iPhone

  • Yellow Skittlezzz

    I have an iphone se

  • Breyen Hackwood
    Breyen Hackwood Year ago

    Cool video

  • Ƙȋϯϯÿ Äñgrys Gangs

    11:8 i saw a Fly

  • CookieLover 101
    CookieLover 101 Year ago

    Who loves iphone 6s plus?

  • Gamer Pro
    Gamer Pro Year ago +1

    Getting iPhone 6s plus and that phone is almost no different from the SE and plus it has a bigger screen so of course i am getting the iPhone 6s plus PS:Thanks now i know what phone i am gonna get!

  • Adrian Sandoval
    Adrian Sandoval Year ago

    This is extreme

  • ツzyphvfx
    ツzyphvfx Year ago

    Ok I have I question.. I have an iPhone 5s and when IOS 12 is officially released, should I get it?

  • David
    David Year ago

    Love you vids

  • Enni Fan
    Enni Fan Year ago

    ~ smily face ~

  • xSwift468
    xSwift468 Year ago +1

    I have an iPhone SE Rose Gold, like if you have one too

  • Michele Bedell
    Michele Bedell Year ago

    I have the SE

  • That Diep Ton
    That Diep Ton Year ago

    Startup (2016 Part 1)
    2G: 7
    3G: 12
    3GS: 8
    4: 11
    4S: 13 (Everybody always tells me they regret updating iOS 9 on this phone, particularly and its certainly shown to here that it is the slowest phone out of all 13 currently existing)
    5: 10
    5C: 9
    5S: 6
    6: 4
    6+: 5
    6S: 3
    6S+: 2
    SE: 1

  • Luisfernando Piamba

    Quiero uno

  • Juan Lopez
    Juan Lopez Year ago

    That intro iphone unlock slide's , you got the magic touch ! , keep doing what you do , thumbs up

  • Rejane Cruz
    Rejane Cruz Year ago

    Me dá um kkkk