Joe Rogan Experience #1051 - Duncan Trussell & Christopher Ryan

  • Published on Dec 12, 2017
  • Duncan Trussell is a stand-up comedian, and host of his own podcast "The Duncan Trussell Family Hour". Christopher Ryan, Ph.D. is a psychologist, speaker, and author of New York Times best seller Sex At Dawn, and also host of his own podcast "Tangentially Speaking"

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  • Helio Czech
    Helio Czech Day ago

    We all have a little Duncan inside

  • G Dizzle
    G Dizzle 5 days ago

    Please don’t have him on again. That voice is too shrill. Like nails down a chalkboard

  • Michael A
    Michael A 8 days ago

    Yes! Please have David Greaber on the show! He will better explain anarchism and the history of debt. He's an Anthropologist btw.

  • kevykevsportspicks wooten

    Interesting stuff

  • j fun
    j fun 10 days ago

    this white haired cuck is fucking stupid or a pedo

  • Lynne Davis
    Lynne Davis 11 days ago

    What a great podcast !!!!!

  • Gadamn Hussein
    Gadamn Hussein 11 days ago

    Go along with the joke Rogan

  • Miranda Randolph
    Miranda Randolph 12 days ago

    Prostitution is legal in some cases AND even where it isn't it is much less risky and shitty than rape. Dominating women is a means to and end. Not every man that does it, is doing it because it is directly connected to their sex drive. For many men I'm sure it starts with the thought that they could bust a nut if they just say out loud what they will do if a woman doesn't fuck them.

  • Sue Lee
    Sue Lee 14 days ago

    OMG what a fucking spread of MSM disseminated misinformation! That "brain destroying" sound at the Cuban Embassy was actually Crickets!!!

  • Broccoli Rob
    Broccoli Rob 14 days ago

    "But, getting back to your rape thing..."
    - Christopher Ryan

  • bizkitgto
    bizkitgto 14 days ago +3

    Christopher "I'm a Cuck" Ryan

  • gcxred4kat9
    gcxred4kat9 15 days ago

    Hey Joe, plenty of top flight scientists disagree with climate change (AGW), like cofounder of Greenpeace Dr Patrick Moore. MIT prof Richard Lindzen. Princeton profs William Happer and Freeman Dyson... have some balls and have one of those guys on!

  • Edward Martinez
    Edward Martinez 15 days ago +8

    Props to the guy who spit shined Joe's head before this episode.

  • sjcthrn5
    sjcthrn5 16 days ago

    For fuck sake Joe saying God bless America is not proselytizing. Not even close.

  • sjcthrn5
    sjcthrn5 16 days ago

    It says USA on the bomb fragments, really? Is he fucking serious. Someone with a PhD should be a lot more careful about what he claims is truth without doing any research.

  • sjcthrn5
    sjcthrn5 16 days ago

    I like listening to these guys together but it's incredibly irresponsible for Chris Ryan to describe the Albuquerque police shooting the way he did, given that he was entirely incorrect. First off why would he make it seem like more black men are killed by police and it occasionally happens to white people, which is completely wrong. And the shooting example he gives is a white guy. He wasn't sleeping when he was shot, he'd already been in contact with police for hours prior from threatening two officers with knives that he would not relinquish. After putting the knives away one cop decided to send a k9 to attack then guy pulled the knives out again then got shot after he wouldn't put them down and a taser was deployed and did nothing. Furthermore they were not acquitted, it was a mistrial because of a hung jury and the prosecutor chose not to recharge again. He really should retract what he said and set it right because the way he described it is a dangerous lie.

  • sjcthrn5
    sjcthrn5 16 days ago

    The two worst presidents on modern history and he thinks they are the good ones. Wtf?

  • Dsi1ver
    Dsi1ver 16 days ago

    Why doesn't Duncan do Sober October?

  • Dsi1ver
    Dsi1ver 16 days ago

    2:12:40 nailed it

  • Nichole Petrie
    Nichole Petrie 17 days ago

    Duncan and i have the same personality archetype and im pissed 😂

  • Nathan Folkerts
    Nathan Folkerts 18 days ago

    Is it just me or does Duncan Trussell and Steve-O sound a lot alike?

  • Cary Chilton
    Cary Chilton 19 days ago

    Duncan Trussell : Respects all Eastern Religions, New-Age Cults and Atheists; yet avidly (strangely) mocks any form of Christianity.

  • Rich Johnson
    Rich Johnson 20 days ago

    Camgirl worm? I need a link please. Lmfao

  • Rich Johnson
    Rich Johnson 20 days ago

    If man is created in God's own image, and God got hussled by his first creation of equal diety; it only makes sense that people are so fuckin stupid at time, but can still turn out well.
    This has to be one of my favorite open random talks i have heard to date.

  • AllShaaaallPerish
    AllShaaaallPerish 21 day ago

    Christopher Ryan idk who he is but he seems like a socialist liberal duesh

    JONATHAN BURT 22 days ago

    Dude...sounds sorta like Steve-O ...

  • orion9k
    orion9k 23 days ago

    3:05:37 this is why I love listening to these guys.. So great awareness of other peoples ignorance.
    3:31:30 and this is exactly why drugs are illegal, cos they make people experience reality for what it is and sees the corruption in the financial world, big corporations, politics, law and lobbyism, military - hell even amongst your family, friends and colleagues.

  • Rasta America
    Rasta America 24 days ago

    1:25:30 To be fair, police are trained to shoot while a person is reaching for their waist. The guy was drunk, and the cops shouldn't have played simon says. The sad thing is, the whole thing could have been avoided with just a warning.

    • sjcthrn5
      sjcthrn5 16 days ago

      I'm all for cops maintaining their safety but that situation was handled completely wrong. They were behind cover with plenty of firepower telling the guy to do shit that was counterintuitive to begin with. The area was secured and they had already cleared the hotel so there's no reason they didn't have him lay face down with his hands out then secure him while being covered. For fuck sake they could have talked to him on the phone prior to them leaving the room.

  • Deadeyes
    Deadeyes 25 days ago

    Christopher ryan explaining outkast lyrics sounds like William Shatner's spoken word recital of hey ya. 😂

  • johnny431
    johnny431 28 days ago

    pepe is my favourite rapist

  • Dan Ference
    Dan Ference 29 days ago

    Who are these 2 hippy goons? Smh

  • David Tee
    David Tee Month ago

    I was listening to this with my screen dimmed to zero. I just turned it up to see what the chick looks like and turns out it's a MAN WITH A FUCKING BEARD

  • Aaron Higgins
    Aaron Higgins Month ago +1

    Sounds good theoretically....but people hate people haha

  • bstiles2088
    bstiles2088 Month ago

    As a massage therapist, I can assure you we do not care about boners as long as the person isn’t creepy! In school were taught the several reasons for it and its no apology necessary, we get it :) I think what’s lost a lot in our culture is simply touch (in a non sexual way)

  • Endless Ambition
    Endless Ambition Month ago

    This anal parasite is the equivalent of smoking DMT. Poking your head into an entirely different dimension far more complex than your own.
    We are the anal worms of an alien dimension.

  • Kevin Fairweather
    Kevin Fairweather Month ago

    Good guests these two :)

  • Tina Fabulous
    Tina Fabulous Month ago

    JRE was better before TDS.

  • Mama Monkey
    Mama Monkey Month ago

    shrimp parade

  • vehmic
    vehmic Month ago

    You’re a salmon river, Joe. I just thought you should know this.

  • Christopher Aaby
    Christopher Aaby Month ago

    Fucking great talk boys, fav line: "If I'm gonna get dominated, I wanna be paying for it" - Duncan

  • Pretty Mommy
    Pretty Mommy Month ago

    Goodbye Yellow Brick Road is the best

  • pyongyang gang666
    pyongyang gang666 Month ago

    The Esalen Institute agenda podcast.

    • vehmic
      vehmic Month ago

      pyongyang gang666 You’re an obese kid masquerading as a North Korean; case dismissed.

  • meow7809
    meow7809 Month ago

    top favourite episode

  • Shaun McCormack
    Shaun McCormack Month ago

  • James Algovary
    James Algovary Month ago

    Did Duncan come out in that movie lords of Salem?

  • Cap Dinero
    Cap Dinero Month ago

    Joe “we’re in infinite, hurling through space..” Rogan

  • Anthony Hewitt
    Anthony Hewitt Month ago

    1:26:02 1million $ reward to anyone who can find out where this slime lives.

  • Tao Jones
    Tao Jones Month ago

    This is Anon12345 reporting from the Center of the Cyclone!

  • Cashen
    Cashen Month ago

    i clicked like just for the simple fact joe became obsessed with this "Denise" LOLOL

  • puppets of the realm

    Anarchy would never work, the first thing people would do in the absence of any kind of structure is build alcohol stills and plant a bunch of Mary Jane, sit in the sunshine, drink and smoke untill the end of time.

    • Holden McMurphy
      Holden McMurphy Month ago

      that's quite a hopeful prediction. the types of individuals that crafted the immense power structures we live under today would just kick back? we'll always live among apes that seek to hoist themselves above the rest, whether it's through building bureaucracies or armies or consumerist desires. nonetheless, i'm all for the citizenry taking responsibility for it's well-being.

  • Eric Loyd
    Eric Loyd Month ago

    The bridge between the meatheads and the potheads

  • Kristina Smallhorn
    Kristina Smallhorn Month ago

    I have no idea why this was recommended to me today but I’m glad it was. That “Hey Ya” rendition was amazing.

  • jesu cristo
    jesu cristo Month ago

    How thick could they withhold the video of the murder from the jury. That's the what the fuck happened evidence. Madness 🤡

  • Lestat Sewald
    Lestat Sewald Month ago

    No need to watch speculation podcast

  • Nick D
    Nick D Month ago

    Duncan "Orapeatangs" Trussell

  • Some Guy
    Some Guy Month ago +1


  • robert perrotta
    robert perrotta Month ago

    Some squirrels are omnivores. I own two southeren flyers. They are native to the US. They eat birds eggs, bugs, nuts, greens, all types of stuff lol.

  • Jack Murphy
    Jack Murphy Month ago

    Why did Joe play the clip of Bob Dylan that Duncan specifically said he hated in a previous podcast that was the reason for telling his girlfriend to take down the bob dylan poster in the guest room??

    • Holden McMurphy
      Holden McMurphy Month ago

      purely for lulz. why does mr. truss not like Dylan?

  • Farshad Nm
    Farshad Nm Month ago

    Joe "gut biome" Rogan

  • Robert Lally
    Robert Lally Month ago

    thank you