Osmosis | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

  • Published on Feb 28, 2019
  • Paris in the near future. A new dating app is appearing on the market. It helps people find their soulmate by collecting data from their brain. But finding true love comes at a price. Are you ready to pay for it?
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    Osmosis | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix
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Comments • 791

  • oni man
    oni man Day ago

    Can someone help me find this song?

  • The Feeling Is Mutual

    ANYONE!! HELP! Is it worth the time?

  • Timbo Quintus
    Timbo Quintus 3 days ago +1

    I don't want to see dudes fucking each other you shit liberal Netflix. You are sick and I don't give a shit you people are offended!! Gay is only being promoted to cut down population.

    • Timbo Quintus
      Timbo Quintus 18 hours ago

      +Ven gomez Just because your liberal propaganda shit brainwashes you it does not make you the normal one. I don't give a shit you fuck dudes in the ass but teaching kids at school that it's natural and brainwash teenagers with movies isn't normal.

    • Ven gomez
      Ven gomez 21 hour ago

      So ... you are supposed to be the truly normal person???

    • Timbo Quintus
      Timbo Quintus Day ago

      +Lala land Fuck you shithead, gays are sick in the head. Your only "defense" is to call normal mentally healthy people homophobe. This is all you got? lol.

    • Lala land
      Lala land Day ago +1

      Timbo Quintus homophobe

  • Jafet Vargas
    Jafet Vargas 4 days ago

    Thank God not another American series. I like that Netflix gives other countries the chance to come up with cool stories

  • David herreros fernandez de sevilla

    What's the name of the song??

  • Hamwamaangezockt
    Hamwamaangezockt 10 days ago

    Strange show

  • Izzibel09
    Izzibel09 10 days ago

    The thumbnail on Netflix reminds me of a Gobelins/Sun Creature short animation called Myosis. Coincidence?

  • tomthehobbit 117
    tomthehobbit 117 11 days ago

    Osmosis is the movement of water molecules across a semi permeable membrane from a dilute solution to a concentrated solution

    TITRIT 13 days ago +1

    La série avait l’air bien... mais ce n’est pas le cas. Elle est vraiment lente et pénible. On n’y accroche pas du tout. Le montage son est horrible et l’histoire a du mal a tenir. Et dire que j’espérais que la France allait commencer à se faire connaître dans le domaine de la SF...

  • Anna Ari
    Anna Ari 14 days ago

    Cool! Need to watch it :) But what if I've already met one and lost?(he was french btw:=)) Will there be another one for me anywhere else or I gonna die surrounded by cats?)))

  • Thug Life
    Thug Life 15 days ago +1

    0:32 Bruuhh look at this dude
    No no no


  • Angel Lopez-Martinez
    Angel Lopez-Martinez 16 days ago

    Anyone else hoping it was gonna be Osmosis Jones when they saw the thumbnail

  • Angad Khokhar
    Angad Khokhar 16 days ago


  • hardfolk
    hardfolk 16 days ago

    I love that song

  • shy87
    shy87 17 days ago +2

    1st episode was kind of boring. Anybody watch the whole season? Does it pick up?

    • Tenshi Akuma
      Tenshi Akuma 15 days ago

      The amount of plot twists near the end makes up for it.

    • unepicmanv
      unepicmanv 16 days ago

      I watched it and is pretty good, you should continue

  • LMMS tutorial Official

    franch is the big shit of the world -from algeria

  • Guy
    Guy 17 days ago

    God damn it, I was psyched to watch this, I didn’t know it was in French

  • TheZapan99
    TheZapan99 17 days ago

    Congrats on producing a french series that even the french public radio France Info didn't like (even if they usually support anything with gay and trans actors).
    The journalist said you should not watch past episode one and the trans professor reminded him of "Captain Spock" (yeah I know, journalists are dumb).

  • Jaylene Jeong
    Jaylene Jeong 18 days ago +1

    Is this background music made just for this trailer? I wanna listen to the whole music and cant find anywhere 😭

    • Jaylene Jeong
      Jaylene Jeong 16 days ago

      Mickaël Redon OMG thank you so much 🥰🖤🖤 kind of you!

    • Mickaël Redon
      Mickaël Redon 16 days ago

      Message Personnel-Françoise Hardy

  • Enxi Yu
    Enxi Yu 18 days ago


  • Claudio Vittorio Carta

    Which is the name of the piano song pls?

    • Mickaël Redon
      Mickaël Redon 16 days ago

      Message Personnel-Françoise Hardy

    • Jaylene Jeong
      Jaylene Jeong 18 days ago

      Claudio Vittorio Carta I wrote the same comment lol

  • Disney Gamer
    Disney Gamer 19 days ago

    Fantastic. I just uprgraded my Netflix to watch it in 4k again...

  • Alex Williams
    Alex Williams 19 days ago +5

    Trailer song >> Chilly Gonzales | Message Personnel

  • BlueBell
    BlueBell 19 days ago +2

    This is everything Maniac wasn't it. Maniac was supposed to be this but fell short.

  • cutejennya
    cutejennya 20 days ago +2

    Can't find the exact piano version of the background music/soundtrack. This is killing me. (I know the song is 'Message Personnel')

    • Disney Gamer
      Disney Gamer 19 days ago +1

      cutejennya its online now. At Netflix France.

  • Tharinda de Silva
    Tharinda de Silva 20 days ago +1

    What's the soundtrack to the trailer?

      WOLFBLOGZ STUDIOS 19 days ago

      Tharinda de Silva Message Personnel - Françoise Hardy

  • Dan B
    Dan B 21 day ago

    Black Mirror already did this.

  • Debbie Garces
    Debbie Garces 21 day ago +3

    Ok season 2 pls

  • Hyun Yi
    Hyun Yi 21 day ago +2

    Sound Track on the season1 trailer - ''Message Personnel' by Michel Berger or Francoise Hardy

  • Sem Rumo
    Sem Rumo 21 day ago


  • Mickaël Redon
    Mickaël Redon 21 day ago +21

    Musique au piano : Message Personnel--Françoise Hardy

    • Salvatore Scaletta
      Salvatore Scaletta 15 days ago

      Thank you very much! I was searching it!

    • krrisis
      krrisis 18 days ago

      Indeed - recognized it & then found it via the soundtrack of 8 femmes from where I know it :)

    • Juan Escudero
      Juan Escudero 19 days ago +1

      Was looking desperately for it. Thanks!

    • Sunshine Courtney
      Sunshine Courtney 20 days ago

      Yes!! 😂😂

  • mercyCGI Mercy
    mercyCGI Mercy 22 days ago

    This trailer sucks ARS.

  • gaelle demonet
    gaelle demonet 22 days ago +3

    pouvez vous me donnez le titre de la musique?

    • Hyun Yi
      Hyun Yi 21 day ago

      Monsieur! 'Message Personnel' by Michel Berger or Francoise Hardy.

  • Sr Shree
    Sr Shree 22 days ago

    This one give me a trauma sorry but not my type

  • Yasmara Cuevas
    Yasmara Cuevas 22 days ago +1

    More episodes!!!!!!!!

  • Loreley 2
    Loreley 2 22 days ago +1

    One more gay thing Netflix?? Promoting LGTB.. Etc

    DUDE DESI 23 days ago +2

    a single episode of black mirror is better than this

  • Allemand Russe 31
    Allemand Russe 31 23 days ago

    Je n'ai pas aimé cette série juste parce que y a Isabelle Naëla Savidan dans le deuxième épisode. On s'est déjà fâchés, et en plus, sur sa propre chaîne RU-clip. Et sa chaîne RU-clip est vraie, j'ai découvert sa chaîne RU-clip grâce à une autre chaîne RU-clip.

  • Kevin Ball
    Kevin Ball 23 days ago

    I don’t support homosexuals

  • Thay Rocha
    Thay Rocha 23 days ago +1

    It's amazing, i me already waiting by 2 season

  • Papillonch'onch
    Papillonch'onch 23 days ago

    Putain je suis le seul à rien comprendre à ce qu'ils disent ? Les français n'articulent jamais dans leurs films

    • Allemand Russe 31
      Allemand Russe 31 23 days ago +1

      Moi, j'ai compris que dans cette série, on ne choisit pas l'amour de sa vie.

  • VandalAudi
    VandalAudi 23 days ago

    I find Billie quite unsettling,... I thought it was a cgi character, until I found out that is what Yuming Hey looks and sounds like. I thought this was gonna be some posthuman aesop, seeing Billie on the screencaps.

  • Romulo Benedetti
    Romulo Benedetti 23 days ago +7

    I expect this music to be released in the OST in future...

    • Hyun Yi
      Hyun Yi 21 day ago +1

      'Message Personnel' by Michel Berger or Francoise Hardy

    • Hyun Yi
      Hyun Yi 21 day ago

      There's an original version of french song, but I couldn't rememver tho. :"(

  • Marcel.
    Marcel. 23 days ago +8

    What’s the official name of this song? The piano feel in the background is real nice

  • Sher Khan
    Sher Khan 23 days ago

    Any sex scenes there?

  • Flomotion
    Flomotion 24 days ago

    absolut hyper-melo-melodramatisch agierende Schauspieler. Kein Stoff für französische Akteure. Die sollten sich an die lustigen Sachen halten, sonst wird's schnell "läscherlisch"

  • zama zima
    zama zima 24 days ago +1

    Is this worth watching

    • zama zima
      zama zima 18 days ago

      Lee John Moore ok thanks for the review

  • raviell29
    raviell29 24 days ago

    Ok but why do you place gay in almost every movie you make? it's not natural and it will never be natural. hate that political correctness

  • kajcsapapa
    kajcsapapa 24 days ago

    ew. disgusting

  • shah shah
    shah shah 24 days ago

    please don't tell me this is under Eros.

    CHROME CAFE 24 days ago

    ..TIRED OF netflix series always in spanish or french

    • Sarah Kanj
      Sarah Kanj 23 days ago

      What about the non english speaking people ? Don’t they hate that everything’s in english ?

  • mawoulin
    mawoulin 24 days ago

    What's the name of the song they used in this trailer?

    • Sunday Commute
      Sunday Commute 22 days ago

      I would really like to know this too. It’s not used in the series.

    • mawoulin
      mawoulin 22 days ago

      +Sunday Commute Thank you. I already knew that, but I'm curious where I can find this trailer version :)

    • Sunday Commute
      Sunday Commute 22 days ago

      mawoulin it’s a cover of Message personnel, by Françoise Hardy. The piano part is taken from the end of the original song.

  • Fábio Eira
    Fábio Eira 24 days ago +1

    What's the name of the soundtrack?

    • Fábio Eira
      Fábio Eira 23 days ago +1

      Okay, it's "message personnel" but where can I find this version?

  • Professor Baltazer
    Professor Baltazer 24 days ago +27

    The OA season 3 pls

  • Grvoda _
    Grvoda _ 24 days ago

    Yo they forgot the Jones at the end

  • punisher2247
    punisher2247 24 days ago +7

    Man, the french really can sexy anything up huh? What is the name of the song? This would be perfect for my next orgy....I mean, baugette class. :)

  • Tom Thomas
    Tom Thomas 24 days ago +2

    good idea for Sci Fi..but done wrong..drama ..stupid//to bad I stop watching

  • GiGixx621625
    GiGixx621625 24 days ago

    Um .... what the fuck?

  • Lynn-aurore Tchinda
    Lynn-aurore Tchinda 24 days ago +2

    French people are hating so much on this show and I don't undestand why, I loved it as a French person. So I wanted to know what did you guys, from other countries think about it ?

    • Polly Ann
      Polly Ann 23 days ago

      Looks dreadful self important crap!

  • Zyvera
    Zyvera 24 days ago +1

    Thought it was pretty good. Not 'great', but it was good :)

  • Ishaq Moutanabi Benaissa

    I say no

  • Tinde Eriksson
    Tinde Eriksson 24 days ago

    Is it any good?? Thinking abt watching but the trailer didnt really tell me anything

  • Ariko Subumo
    Ariko Subumo 25 days ago

    I'm seeing Dolores again from Umbrella Academy

  • Mike wooz
    Mike wooz 25 days ago


  • Elon Musk
    Elon Musk 25 days ago +1

    looks like gay matrix

  • William Brandon Davis
    William Brandon Davis 25 days ago

    This movie is horrible in English. Getting tired of all these B movies on Netflix. Only about 1 out of 10 new shows and movies I watch on Netflix turn out to be decent. This one got turned off after 20 minutes.

  • Jean-Paul Sartre
    Jean-Paul Sartre 25 days ago

    Qui a la version de la musique ? Je sais que c’est message personnel de Françoise Hardy mais ce remix je ne le connais pas.

  • Diane Binnings
    Diane Binnings 25 days ago

    Damn, I was hoping it would have a lot less negative vibe. Programming BS

  • YouCanCallMeMich
    YouCanCallMeMich 25 days ago

    Pewds what are you doing in this???!!!

  • Disney Gamer
    Disney Gamer 25 days ago +14

    Just watched it. simply great

    • Lucky Lex
      Lucky Lex 20 days ago

      What would you rate it?

  • Andrea Lori
    Andrea Lori 26 days ago


    • Aimee Taffy
      Aimee Taffy 23 days ago +1

      Why not? Can't you read subtitles?

    • sosotess
      sosotess 25 days ago +2

      Why not in French ? Get off your high horse and learn to read subtitles, "FFS".

    • Disney Gamer
      Disney Gamer 25 days ago

      Andrea Lori on my channel there is the english version

  • Demoth
    Demoth 26 days ago

    Thought it a sequel to osmosis jones...the disappointment is real

  • bbygrlpt2
    bbygrlpt2 26 days ago +1

    Can The Rain season 2 start already??!!! Pleaseee

  • Dragon Fox
    Dragon Fox 26 days ago

    I’m sorry I can’t say osmosis without jones

    FROZEN EMPIRE 26 days ago +7

    50 Shades of Skynet

  • Andre van Jaarsveldt
    Andre van Jaarsveldt 26 days ago

    Great more gay stuff

    • Andre van Jaarsveldt
      Andre van Jaarsveldt 21 day ago

      +Luca Savino believe me I won't. I'm still sick in the stomach from Sense8

    • Luca Savino
      Luca Savino 21 day ago

      Just don't watch it. Nobody forces you.

  • robert wong
    robert wong 26 days ago

    Bullshit movie. Another one of those gay agenda garbage.

    • Michael Scott
      Michael Scott 26 days ago +5

      Nice grammar. By the way, it is a tv show.

  • TheWesnik
    TheWesnik 26 days ago +1

    this is some downright mark of the beast shit...

  • Vanakmom
    Vanakmom 26 days ago

    J'était grave chaud et quand j'ai vu que c'était Français ça m'a refroidi direct !! :'D

  • Rascal W.
    Rascal W. 27 days ago

    Ughhhhhhh... Not for me. Love, ughhhh... One for the snowflakes me thinks... haha..

  • fly
    fly 27 days ago


  • Jade Lee
    Jade Lee 27 days ago +1

    So basically Her on acid

  • Arthur Nallow
    Arthur Nallow 27 days ago +2

    On dirait un mélange entre maniac et le court métrage de Cyprien "La science de l'amour"

  • Deli Gönül
    Deli Gönül 27 days ago +6

    Like a "Hang the Dj" in Black Mirror ♦

  • Juan
    Juan 28 days ago

    Can this be english dubbed? Or just english text?

    • Disney Gamer
      Disney Gamer 27 days ago

      Juan yes, there’s a synchro. Look at Netflix now, it‘s out!

  • Al Va
    Al Va 28 days ago

    putain je voulais y croire!!!! pourquoi ça marche pas quand ça parle français et que la réal est française!!!! laissons aux anglais ce talent netflix please! là ça fait trop cheap :(

    • Al Va
      Al Va 26 days ago

      +Disney Gamer je suis désolé j'ai pas pu tenir plus de 10 mins

    • Disney Gamer
      Disney Gamer 27 days ago +1

      Al Va non, c‘est pas vrai. Regarde-le sur Netflix. Tu verras

  • Disney Gamer
    Disney Gamer 28 days ago

    2 Days

  • Martin Langstrumpf
    Martin Langstrumpf 29 days ago +1

    if i had watched this trailer muted i'd say it looks interresting, but the "hon hon hon je suis une baguette" made me abort the video

    • Disney Gamer
      Disney Gamer 28 days ago +2

      Martin Langstrumpf you‘re dumb

  • Alyson Dias
    Alyson Dias Month ago

    any bio students? haha

  • Super Lumbago Man
    Super Lumbago Man Month ago +6

    O M E L E T T E D U F R O M A G E

  • econojon
    econojon Month ago

    How do I select English? Overdub, please!

    • Michael Scott
      Michael Scott 26 days ago

      You click Audio and Subtitles in Netlix and.... well you know the rest.

  • msergio0293
    msergio0293 Month ago +1

    Why french people is so edgy?

  • ChrisMC
    ChrisMC Month ago

    This sequel of Osmosis Jones looks a bit weird

  • Diego Gibert
    Diego Gibert Month ago


  • J-Hoope
    J-Hoope Month ago

    C’est quoi le nom du piano? Svp

  • huldu
    huldu Month ago +1

    The more you want to find a "soulmate" the less likely you are to ever finding one. It's just the sad truth. Stop trying to find mr perfect because he doesn't exist and let's just be real neither are you.

  • Twisted p
    Twisted p Month ago

    whats the song?

  • AlvaroCr5
    AlvaroCr5 Month ago

    Which is the trailer's song?

  • TerryThe Gammer
    TerryThe Gammer Month ago

    Do you know the meaning of osmosis

  • Zatinuu_
    Zatinuu_ Month ago

    b u t w h a t d o e s i t h a v e t o w i t h *o s m o s i s ?*