Samsung Galaxy Buds - Better AND Cheaper?

  • Published on May 5, 2019
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    We take a look at the new Samsung Galaxy Buds to see how they stack up to Apple's AirPods...
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Comments • 3 447

  • DayLight
    DayLight Day ago

    Do you think they will be releasing a improved version soon? like the galacy watch active. Or should i just get this one ?

  • Mashed Tomatoes
    Mashed Tomatoes Day ago

    One time i was eating popcorn and then but down on something hard. I pulled an airpod out of my mouth and it was gross

  • Aouad HQ
    Aouad HQ Day ago

    How does it compare to the speed and range of wifi 6?

  • Jesse Shoemaker
    Jesse Shoemaker 2 days ago +1

    Droid Master Race

  • Abhimanyu Bais
    Abhimanyu Bais 2 days ago +4

    Anything will fit in mens pants try testing this is woman's jeans. I can fit a 40 oz water bottle in my jeans pocket

  • Alex Mercer
    Alex Mercer 3 days ago

    The gear icon x worked on anything with Bluetooth. Not only Samsung.

  • Paul
    Paul 3 days ago

    Anyone else experience low volume when connecting to a TV?

  • AJ Pilkey
    AJ Pilkey 4 days ago

    Anyone else watching this with galaxy buds in??

  • Kenneth Donnelly
    Kenneth Donnelly 4 days ago +1

    im listening to this using my Earbuds on my MSI laptop.......grate sound.

  • Adrian Grygorowicz
    Adrian Grygorowicz 4 days ago

    Rot in h*** you Apple nazi

  • Reavere
    Reavere 4 days ago

    I wish they would atleast add the option to pause music when you take them out with a software update or something.

  • MrYoungfox23
    MrYoungfox23 5 days ago

    Listening with galaxy buds on a s7 edge i feel u on the not so good end of these buds but i barely charge them now that's what i love

  • Diane Harrison
    Diane Harrison 5 days ago

    Youre great..good vid x

  • Rey John Tantay
    Rey John Tantay 5 days ago

    it's painful to my ears.

  • But We
    But We 6 days ago +1

    Why would Samsung not make an app for iOS. So poor! Very disappointed. Lost a sale

  • Just Kailyn
    Just Kailyn 6 days ago +4

    Clearly everyone knows this just beat Apple

    • Just Kailyn
      Just Kailyn 3 days ago +1

      @Muhammad Sohail hahaha true

    • Muhammad Sohail
      Muhammad Sohail 3 days ago +2

      Except the iphone users who like an apple with a bite taken out of it on their products

  • Kari Krummi
    Kari Krummi 8 days ago

    that fucking spit at 02:49 mlaoea

  • Shane Fernandes
    Shane Fernandes 8 days ago

    2:52 He sprays saliva.

  • Majesty
    Majesty 8 days ago

    They have a galaxy bud manager on desktop to update the buds which can solve latency issues

  • Verne Arase
    Verne Arase 8 days ago

    You do know that AirPods also have a "find me" chirp too, right?

  • TheJudge
    TheJudge 9 days ago

    They are awsome. Love them.

  • Zane Miracle
    Zane Miracle 9 days ago

    08:37 From the people that brought you the naming scheme of Sony's headphone line, introducing:

  • Angry Capsicum
    Angry Capsicum 9 days ago

    what wired headphones you use?

  • Manuel novoa
    Manuel novoa 9 days ago

    Did anyone see him spit?

  • toorop111
    toorop111 9 days ago

    Do these read out your text messages

  • Dan Beißwenger
    Dan Beißwenger 9 days ago

    I use them on the Blackberry Key2 LE and there's zero latency.

  • Randy
    Randy 11 days ago

    Apple made 1.5 billion dollar selling EarPods by removing the 3.5mm jack.. 🤷🏽‍♂️

  • Ganesh Prabagaran
    Ganesh Prabagaran 11 days ago

    I don't know about that coffee, is pretty good, good enough

  • stevae wei
    stevae wei 12 days ago +3

    Your point around the 4:11 mark is the absolute best point that soooooo many people miss about these buds. Sound quality has EVERYTHING to do with how well they seal to your ears. So if you are using the wrong size tips, you will never hear their best sounds. So it is definitely worth a little trial and error to find out which set fits the best and makes the best seal. I use mine every single morning in the gym, where I am sweating my ass off, and they still stay in my ears, and sound excellent the entire time. Also of note is they are louder than any other buds I've ever used. PRO TIP: Go to the Play Store and get POWERAMP PRO!!! It's worth every penny, and you can make these sound any way you want!
    BTW, not being available for ios is NOT a problem, it's a feature. You have to be a f%#*!@g moron to use ios, so they don't deserve the app. I could write a dissertation on what isn't available on ios, or CRapple devices...

  • Armands Eglitis
    Armands Eglitis 12 days ago

    WHAT HAPPENS IF YOU LOOSE ONE EARBUD? can you buy one separately just like with airpods?

  • H4RRYxj
    H4RRYxj 13 days ago

    all i want from tech to day is 3:44

  • Aithor Castillo
    Aithor Castillo 13 days ago

    Thank God for the chirping thing I always loose my galaxy buds so it's very convenient

    • Aithor Castillo
      Aithor Castillo 12 days ago

      @stevae wei I just misplaced them sometimes cause I always have em on me and I forget where I put em sometimes

    • stevae wei
      stevae wei 12 days ago

      I've NEVER lost one, or even misplaced one of them. So I have no idea how you lose an earbud. You must be extremely careless with them.

  • D3M0N _
    D3M0N _ 14 days ago

    0:13 where is ur s pen?

  • Matt Voldness
    Matt Voldness 14 days ago

    Apple is trash

  • JohnDoe
    JohnDoe 14 days ago

    Excellent review. I was planning to buy and came here to hear your thoughts. I have decided to buy coz I also have a Samsung phone 👍

  • R4SH
    R4SH 15 days ago

    samsung buds just make u look like the robot emoji only reason i dont like em

  • Victor E
    Victor E 15 days ago +1

    How is latency with huawei mate 20 pro? Anyone know?

  • Jacksen Chan
    Jacksen Chan 15 days ago

    Cheap 1:1 Airpod replicas AlIExpress?

  • Super Saiyan 3
    Super Saiyan 3 16 days ago

    at $130 the case gives 7 more hours charge??? meanwhile sounpeats at $33 and give an extra 35 hours

  • Sneha Gomez
    Sneha Gomez 17 days ago

    While using this buds the person whom we r talking can listen to properly

  • hacks hacks
    hacks hacks 17 days ago

    2:52 he spit

  • Amir Amran
    Amir Amran 18 days ago

    No buy due to call quality. Next!

  • wes
    wes 18 days ago

    Why would you get galaxy buds for your iphone?

  • Roger Larson
    Roger Larson 18 days ago +2

    "Galaxy Buds come in white, black, and yellow. Just like the Ear Buds." 3:29

  • Sean Renzi
    Sean Renzi 19 days ago

    iOS needs to get this app

  • Mesut Baysan
    Mesut Baysan 19 days ago

    6:31 anyone made a GIF of this already? :P

  • Benjamin Samson
    Benjamin Samson 20 days ago

    The iconx (2018) did work with iPhone

  • lefty795
    lefty795 20 days ago

    what keyboard is that?

  • DarKCroX
    DarKCroX 21 day ago

    mic suck
    time for twm
    truly wireless mic

  • Sandy BoleYT
    Sandy BoleYT 22 days ago

    Why does nobody review the Nokia true wireless

  • Samuel Contesse
    Samuel Contesse 22 days ago

    So would you buy it or not???

  • Sensei Yeet
    Sensei Yeet 23 days ago +1

    Sorry i dont speak broke

  • Steven Dunn
    Steven Dunn 23 days ago +2

    I appreciate the review of the product and usefulness itself. Other reviews concentrate on supposed quality of sound, but not practicality. Great review 👍👍👍

  • gavinator
    gavinator 24 days ago +2

    If it's Android, it's better. Who's with me?

  • Connor Oud
    Connor Oud 24 days ago

    This review is useful, mine are coming in today.

  • Erik Vank
    Erik Vank 24 days ago +3

    It comes in white, black, or yellow, just like the earbuds...

    Did anyone else get it?

  • eric planting
    eric planting 24 days ago

    rowkins > all

  • Zimbabwe
    Zimbabwe 24 days ago

    The pasonomis are actually good and cheap. Idk what he was talking about with the Google assistant problem bc long pressing gets the assistant and volume

  • CROFIN Slow-mo
    CROFIN Slow-mo 24 days ago

    Linus looks like a cat

  • Niko Holic
    Niko Holic 25 days ago

    * Editor: an AI Maschine * xD

  • Ayman AIS
    Ayman AIS 25 days ago

    8:22 What's that headphone he pulled in the end?

  • Javvy
    Javvy 25 days ago

    And this CuRiOuS black dot

  • Scott Murray-Anderson
    Scott Murray-Anderson 27 days ago

    Harman/JBL brought amazing AEC too. Only true nerds know this.

  • Eito零式
    Eito零式 28 days ago

    I'm using iPhone XR. I find that Samsung earbuds to be very nice, and I dig that ambient control feature. I'm not a fan of bass or things like that but don't really mind. I do prefer the sound the apple earpod has, and I think they sound similar to Airpod? and it is comfortable on your ears. Too bad Samsung doesn't have that app on AppStore. I would totally buy them.

  • Snow_ Playz
    Snow_ Playz 28 days ago

    Do they work on A70

  • Rogue Shadow
    Rogue Shadow Month ago

    Should I get this or Bose soundsport free

  • Mc Stevens
    Mc Stevens Month ago

    so its kinda worthless for iphone users because we cant get the app?

  • محمد الهلالي

    Am I the only one who watch this with galaxy buds on?

  • David Diehl
    David Diehl Month ago

    Your skits always crack me up. Keep up the great content!

  • 20quid
    20quid Month ago +2

    Riley being "very happy" is my screensaver now.

  • skizzarz
    skizzarz Month ago

    6:31, someone please gif this

  • Sir Eric
    Sir Eric Month ago +1

    If anyone happens to know, is there a latency issue with Oneplus 6?

  • MalarkeyMan
    MalarkeyMan Month ago

    AND they don’t fit well in my ears

  • Retronic
    Retronic Month ago +1

    2:52, Linus, you spit all over my screen.

  • Luke Marcoon
    Luke Marcoon Month ago

    Has anyone used these while wearing a hood? I had a problem with an old pair of earbuds that my hood would pause the music if it just taps the earbud, how sensitive are the touch buttons?