Most Durable iPhone X Cases Drop Test! Top 12

  • Published on Jan 28, 2018
  • Which iPhone X Case Is The Most Durable? Top 12 Best iPhone X Cases Drop Test From 50 Feet! Most Protective? UAG, Pitaka, OtterBox, LifeProof, Spigen, X-Doria & More!
    Part 2 HERE:
    Last Version HERE:
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  • EverythingApplePro
    EverythingApplePro  Year ago +315

    Part 2 is now up! Even more crazy cases like Mous, Pitaka heavy armor & more!

  • Jacob Klaire 🔌
    Jacob Klaire 🔌 4 hours ago

    What screen protector did you use

  • Brayden Anderson
    Brayden Anderson 9 hours ago

    Let me get one before you brake all of them

  • Cluck Cluck
    Cluck Cluck 16 hours ago +1

    Sponsored by otterbox

  • J. K.
    J. K. 20 hours ago

    Dude what screen protectors do you even use? These things are beast

  • Hadi Alhassan
    Hadi Alhassan 21 hour ago

    i feel very bad because i have iphone 5s and it get dammage and your dammiging iphone x😠

  • Gu4Rna 146
    Gu4Rna 146 Day ago +1

    There is only one problem....... THE PRICEEEEE
    ps: like like like

  • Tanner Johnson
    Tanner Johnson Day ago

    so not fair i have one phone in the iphone 4 and its cracked to bits

  • Argiro-Manolia Zenetzi

    Can I have one of those ?

  • YT_KalinGames
    YT_KalinGames 2 days ago

    The second drop test phone actually bend

  • Molly Floyd
    Molly Floyd 2 days ago

    He drops a 1k phone from 50 ft and it doesn’t even have a scratch.

    Meanwhile I drop my phone 2 ft and i crack the bottom of my screen

  • Mad-Man 5207
    Mad-Man 5207 2 days ago

    Can I have one

  • Josh Manley
    Josh Manley 2 days ago

    i want a phone

  • קורן חג'בי
    קורן חג'בי 2 days ago

    Give me one😂

  • Windows 7 doctors r
    Windows 7 doctors r 3 days ago

    Iphone 10’s

  • Musthofa Slowz
    Musthofa Slowz 3 days ago

    mubadzir goblok, mending kirim ke gua

  • Marica Bost
    Marica Bost 3 days ago

    Omg I’m bout to cry

  • Pleo Plays
    Pleo Plays 3 days ago

    What about mous

  • slauter king
    slauter king 4 days ago

    this is hard to watch lol

  • Abdul Hadi Adnan
    Abdul Hadi Adnan 4 days ago

    Please give me one iphone

  • Kelly Hankins
    Kelly Hankins 4 days ago

    Can i have one idc if its broken

  • Ma. Angelita Lintag
    Ma. Angelita Lintag 4 days ago

    Why don't you just give it to me I can't even afford one

  • Caden Kellner
    Caden Kellner 4 days ago

    do a case drop test from 50 ft for iphone xr

  • Caden Kellner
    Caden Kellner 4 days ago

    do a case drop test from 50 ft with iphone xs

  • Lazan 214158
    Lazan 214158 4 days ago

    Merhaba İn Turkey

  • Mohteshim Sultan
    Mohteshim Sultan 5 days ago

    Man you have so much iphonex give one to me

  • Suhail
    Suhail 5 days ago

    *cries in poor*

  • Oyedeji Joshua
    Oyedeji Joshua 5 days ago

    please give out this iPhones to we your viewer's instead of destroying them

  • LoanLeaf
    LoanLeaf 5 days ago +1

    Having a glass back phone is not ideal for me. 2x the glass to break.

  • Dustin Lee
    Dustin Lee 5 days ago

    That has to be the single most douchiest jacket, or whatever you call it, I have ever seen in my entire career as a human being.

  • inrainbows08
    inrainbows08 5 days ago


  • Harry Singh
    Harry Singh 6 days ago +1

    make slow motion video while dropping the phones

  • David gamming Official

    4:41 "Salut,, in Romanian

  • Shashi Raj
    Shashi Raj 6 days ago

    Nibba u use the same broken iphone again and again how r we supposed to know whether the phone works after taking the impact dumbfuckin shit

  • DARK figi
    DARK figi 6 days ago

    What screen protectors were those

  • ThatOneGuy
    ThatOneGuy 6 days ago

    I liked the look of the catalyst

  • FaZe Burrito69
    FaZe Burrito69 6 days ago

    12:47 “oH sHoT”

  • Lucas Wraa
    Lucas Wraa 6 days ago

    Cringe level is over 9000!!!

  • Dark_shadow
    Dark_shadow 6 days ago

    9:51 its a rlly god case i havs one but on iPhone 7 and its not cracked i resonend That case

  • Fan of Lorenzo Iñigo Valera Tik Toky Fan page

    I am never gonna do that

  • javixm
    javixm 7 days ago

    7:17 goes to show why rubber is better than hard plastic to protect from falls. Rubber bends and absorbs impact, while plastic just passes the impact through to the phone.

  • Kunal Goswami
    Kunal Goswami 7 days ago

    UAG is the BOSS

  • Kunal Goswami
    Kunal Goswami 7 days ago

    Hy guys should i go for flip cover

  • Daniel Hedger
    Daniel Hedger 7 days ago

    Hey, Racking up a lot of Afterpay debt

  • BraxtonComix
    BraxtonComix 7 days ago

    This was the video that turned me onto your channel man 😂😂 I’ve gotten really into learning the insides and BTS knowledge because of you man. Great “influencer” as the algorithm says. 🤣

  • Ireland R
    Ireland R 7 days ago

    6:02 how is that a win I-

  • Sophia Ayala
    Sophia Ayala 7 days ago

    Almost 2000 on each iPhone X wasted

  • Toxickaizer
    Toxickaizer 8 days ago +1

    Damm my boy be balling North face X supreme 👍👍👍💪

  • Fahm Halimi
    Fahm Halimi 8 days ago +2

    Dude I hate it when my phone keeps dropping from above 50+ feet. 😡

  • Aalayah Nevins
    Aalayah Nevins 8 days ago

    Tech 21 is where it’s at

  • Claire Duhon
    Claire Duhon 8 days ago

    My friend has a speck case and she dropped hers and it cracked

  • Nathan Grenz
    Nathan Grenz 9 days ago

    pause at 10:19 and its disturbing

  • Tyler Harris
    Tyler Harris 9 days ago

    let me get a phone

    JOSEPH BRADFORD 10 days ago

    like if he should have used a mous!

  • ItsSiebe
    ItsSiebe 10 days ago

    It's painfull to see it cuz i have no one and i want that really bad

  • ColdBoltz
    ColdBoltz 10 days ago


  • Jacob Lees
    Jacob Lees 10 days ago +1

    Imagine if the iPhone bounced over the fence and into the river 😂

  • Chevy want To play
    Chevy want To play 11 days ago


  • Nightmare Mischief
    Nightmare Mischief 11 days ago

    At 2:40 skip to 3:00 and it looks so funny 😂😁😂

  • Lucy Lopez
    Lucy Lopez 11 days ago +2

    I’m just gonna stick with my otter boxes😂

  • Mobeen Mehmood Mughal
    Mobeen Mehmood Mughal 11 days ago

    You should also try anti-shock case

  • Mobeen Mehmood Mughal
    Mobeen Mehmood Mughal 11 days ago

    UAG is the best

  • Bilal Masood
    Bilal Masood 12 days ago

    Best iPhone cases can also be seen here !

  • Lachlan Withers
    Lachlan Withers 12 days ago

    I should test mous cases

  • Madison DeShayla
    Madison DeShayla 12 days ago

    Where’s the back showing for the Apple Leather Case??

  • Johnny Jo
    Johnny Jo 12 days ago +2

    Thank you for this insane drop Test. A real drop test with so much cases

  • corpix 1
    corpix 1 12 days ago

    Next time please try the blackweb series cases please

  • blue heart 101
    blue heart 101 13 days ago

    I hate when people do drop test from above head level. I’m not gonna be standing from the top of a huge playground and accidentally drop my phone over the ledge everyday

  • Micah Varela
    Micah Varela 13 days ago

    Please send me a iPhone x it was my birthday a couple of days ago

  • Micah Varela
    Micah Varela 13 days ago

    Can you please send me a iPhone x please my birthday was a couple of days ago

  • Micah Varela
    Micah Varela 13 days ago

    Can you send me a iPhone x

  • Harshan Gill
    Harshan Gill 13 days ago +1

    What if it didn’t record?😆😆😆

  • Alisha21210
    Alisha21210 13 days ago

    What screen protectors are you using on those phones??

  • Pigzilla
    Pigzilla 14 days ago +2

    So happy the UAG Monarch survived because I just bought one for my Note 9!

  • Knight VI
    Knight VI 14 days ago

    Really impressed with the Apple leather case to be honest.

  • Dylan G
    Dylan G 15 days ago +4

    Screen: FREAKING out
    Him: Screen is perfectly fine.

  • pokemonDOMINO99 pokemon cards fun

    Salut is Romania

  • Grefixx
    Grefixx 16 days ago +1

    Y aren’t you gonna do giveaways

  • Zetix FN
    Zetix FN 16 days ago

    Its a Fake iPhone

  • I dont post
    I dont post 16 days ago

    Tbh ever since apple changed how they made iPhones they have been really fragile..Like they changed the back to glass

  • Keith
    Keith 16 days ago +2

    I'm sure 100% I'm getting Mous Case.

  • YGF Gaming
    YGF Gaming 16 days ago

    Outterbox and UAG the goat cases

  • Shàdôwś
    Shàdôwś 16 days ago


    ZEZOTHEGAMER 390 16 days ago


  • Grow BG
    Grow BG 17 days ago

    Bro can you give me case number 3

  • Candies R6K
    Candies R6K 17 days ago

    Can you give me iPhones since you can throw them and break them I mean you could technically buy me an iPhone

  • Gerardo Ortiz
    Gerardo Ortiz 17 days ago

    No sea mamon wey

  • GrawnMC
    GrawnMC 17 days ago

    Speck is the best case but rip screen

  • GrawnMC
    GrawnMC 17 days ago

    I use speck too !

  • GrawnMC
    GrawnMC 17 days ago

    Corner shot = survive with a case

  • Black out
    Black out 17 days ago +1

    I have one of the phone cases but for a Samsung Galaxy s10

  • Tea Time
    Tea Time 17 days ago +2

    Watching this makes me sad bc I am using a 5 rn bc my xr stopped working randomly and I took it to a place to get it fixed but they don’t know what is wrong with it

  • Z4raa
    Z4raa 17 days ago +2

    Dang how many iPhone X’s do u have??

  • Erdbeere sein Vater
    Erdbeere sein Vater 17 days ago +1

    Cuz it’s normal to drop his phone from a 50 feet tower XD

  • Pepe is_dabest xD
    Pepe is_dabest xD 18 days ago

    You should try this iPhone XS case in amazon

  • Download Summit
    Download Summit 18 days ago +1

    Would be nice if we could get more than one drop per case. I'd think atleast 10 drops per case would be needed to get a better idea of its protection. Still cool idea and video 👍

  • Chelsea kerdel
    Chelsea kerdel 19 days ago +1

    This killed my heart

  • Austin Dovenbarger
    Austin Dovenbarger 19 days ago +2

    I had an otter box case on my iPhone 6s and it shattered

  • Lily Davis
    Lily Davis 19 days ago +6

    Who else was looking at the screen waiting for him to Choose a language on the phone

  • KidWanderer07
    KidWanderer07 19 days ago +1

    appreciate this! the tech 21 i was surprised! i’ll definitely get one now 😂 the leather case was awesome too